Brian Brown gets it wrong

I followed the link in Ali’s post on religious anti-gay organizations being labeled as hate groups to the National Organization against for Marriage’s response.  It contains a myriad of arguments I often see from religious people, each one of which makes me want to vomit blood.

It starts with NOM president Brian Brown lying.  Imagine that.

“This report is not an attack on NOM but on the majority of Americans who believe that to make a marriage you need a husband and wife,” said Brown.

I can’t believe I failed to rebut this one yesterday (a mistake that will soon be mended).  For one, Brown is lying.  He is not misinformed, since the polls on marriage equality are easily accessible to anybody with access to google.

What’s more, it wouldn’t matter even if he was telling the truth.  There are some concepts that are outright unconstitutional, and the judiciary is there to bat them down.  If the majority of Americans voted to make carrying a bible illegal, for instance, the idea would never fly and rightfully so.  In matters of equality and liberty for all the constitution reigns supreme, and it protects minorities from the will of the majority.

So Brown begins with an irrelevant lie – not a very auspicious beginning.  He follows it up with a couple sentences containing so much purely distilled wrong that I have to break them up into parts to suitably refute them.

It is also further proof of what NOM has been saying: today’s gay marriage movement is no longer about tolerance, live or let live…

The gay rights movement isn’t about live and let live?  Are they attempting to remove anybody’s right to marry?  Are they asserting that straight people are a blight to society and a corrupting influence on children?  Are they attempting, in any way, to graft their moral values onto the lives of others?

Fuck.  No.  The gay rights movement is the epitome of a live and let live mentality.  It’s NOM attempting to constrain the personal lives of other people, not the gay rights movement.  Brown’s declaration to the contrary is either projection or a magnificent inversion of reality.  Personally, I think it’s both.

Moving on…

…it’s about driving out dissenting voices from the public square.

I hear this in the religious right’s battle against science as well, that all they want is for their voice to be heard.  Again, Brown draws steel against a non-existent adversary.  Nobody is trying to silence NOM or any of the other hate groups.  What we are saying is that their arguments suck and that their position is not only wrong, but it is also hateful.  Speak up all you want, but expect accountability when you do.

Gay marriage now serves as the tip of the spear to a new campaign to demonize and generate hatred against those who adhere to traditional views of sex and marriage.

Because something is traditional does not make it good.  My brother once established this beautifully by saying, “I hear there are some voodoo hoodoo tribes in Africa where it’s a passage to manhood to rip some poor sap’s still-beating heart out of his chest and eat it raw while prancing about on a bed of hot coals and whacking off with their free hand. I hope they get rid of that tradition – that one sucks.”  If your tradition is hateful or discriminatory (or otherwise at odds with societal health), to hell with it.  What’s more, Brown’s ‘traditional’ view of marriage is the product of people breaking with tradition over a few thousand years.  It seems a tad hypocritical to convict someone of the same mindset that produced your own values.

Brown continues…

I’m very proud of the message that NOM has carried consistently and with great love and courage…

Love?  Love is not a synonym for special privilege.  Look at the list of hate groups from Ali’s post and take notice of the buzz words these organizations have been disingenuously using since their inception.  It’s very telling how, in the hands of people who consider themselves followers of the most loving religion, words like ‘tradition’, ‘truth’, ‘family’, ‘love’, and even ‘American’ become interchangeable with discrimination, and how the notion of equality becomes oddly similar to religious traditions receiving special privilege above all others, which tramples all over the idea of equality.  It is yet another way in which my belief that religious people are are not in sync with reality is confirmed on a daily basis.

The rest of Brown’s response is full of equally fetid sludge.  But that doesn’t matter.  The people who agree with Brown don’t agree with him because his arguments are sound – they agree with him because they think god has decreed that homosexuality is an abomination as it so clearly says in their scriptures.  Even after Brown’s flimsy justifications for his pious prejudice have been demolished into their component atoms, the disdain for the victimless crime of homosexuality will remain so long as belief in that god remains.  The solution is not to shred the arguments of people like Brian Brown – it is to assault the foundations of faith with all of the evidence and reason at our disposal.  The sooner gay rights organizations realize that religion is their enemy and stop worrying about alienating the people who subscribe to the Abrahamic faiths, the better.