Eberhard vs. Schuldt: Tactics

This Tuesday in St. Louis I will be debating my long-time friend Ben Schuldt (who blogs over at War on Error) on the question of tactics in dealing with religious people.  I will be defending (and doing my best to define) the noble and enemy-crushing firebrand approach while Ben, ever the diplomat, will do his best to defend the approach of catering to the fragile ego of their opponents.  Ok, that may be a bit of a biased assessment, but I’m sure you get the gist.

I have the utmost respect for Ben, which was why we have teamed up before during the amateur debate at Skepticon 2, so we know each others’ styles.  The really interesting thing about this debate is that both Ben and I have played both sides of the field on this question.  When I first met Ben, he was undeniably a firebrand whilst I was undoubtedly a diplomat.  And now the tables have turned.  So we both should have a really good perspective on this, which should contribute to a solid debate.  It will also be a personal privilege for me to actually engage a friend and peer of Schuldt’s caliber.  I have learned a great deal from Ben over the years and have employed a myriad of his arguments in my own debates.  He is extremely intelligent and a somewhat intimidating opponent.

If you’d like to show up, the event will be held at the St. Louis Ethical Society Tuesday night from 7pm-9pm.  The address for the Ethical Society is 9001 Clayton Rd.

Good as Ben is, if he even thinks about dropping the line that my type is ‘harming the movement’, his ass is mine!  :P

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