Faith-Healing kills another child. Parents found guilty.

Another article hit the news this past weekend from Philadelphia in the Kansas City Star. The title was  ”Jury finds faith-healing couple guilty in child’s death”. I am always saddened when I read these stories. I feel a sense of anger too. In this particular case,

Herbert and Catherine Schaible told police and a city social worker shortly after 2-year-old Kent Schaible died in January 2009 that they prayed for his recovery rather than seek medical help because they believed in faith-healing… Herbert and Catherine Schaible could face a maximum of five to 10 years in prison on the manslaughter charge when they are sentenced early next year

What upsets me most is that the article finishes by saying, “Their faith in God is intact even though the persecution is as heavy as can be. They depend upon God for the answer, they depend upon God for the victory – and we shall overcome.” Really? After all this drama, you still have faith in your god? What is wrong with these people? My first guess is… a lot.

But, I know where they are coming from. I used to believe like they do. I sat in on many prayer sessions and laid hands on fellow church members and prayed diligently for their healing. Some got better. Some did not – much like the general population. One story that I always think of (and will never forget) when I read about these tragedies is from my own church as a child.

A pastor we had, John Horner, was set to be married. He was marrying the most beautiful girl in our church, Amy Payton, from an important family. Both were virgins and the ideal church going Ken and Barbie. The entire church came to their wedding. John wore an all-white tuxedo. So, when it was announced that they were pregnant (conceived on their honeymoon none the less) it was rejoiced by the church. When it was discovered they were expecting twins, it just hyped up the fervor even more.

When the time came, they opted for an “at-home” birth with their family and a Christian mid-wife. Things didn’t go so well. Shortly after the second baby was born, he unexpectedly stopped breathing normally. The mid-wife immediately went for the phone. John stopped her. He thought god was testing his faith. So, they gathered in a prayer circle and prayed for over 30 minutes for the child to be ok. No other medical attention was given to the newborn (at the pleading of his mother). After all divine attempts at normal breathing were made, the baby died. It was discovered that there had been plenty of time for an ambulance (or the parents) to get the child to the Emergency Room and assist it in it’s breathing. Medical treatment would have easily led to that child being alive today. Prayer did nothing. Their FAITH in god killed their newborn child. John was never arrested of prosecuted for any crime. Luckily, I have seen the mother since (this was almost 20 years ago). She had left John, was re-married, and had another child – happy ending (sort of) for her. I had Christmas dinner with her about 4 or 5 years ago. She was as beautiful and cheery as I once remembered.  Things seemed good. Earlier this year, Amy took her own life… no one can say if the guilt from John Horner’s neglect and the death of their child played a part – but I would be surprised if it didn’t.

John Horner didn’t stop. He went on to do much more damage. In doing research for this article, I found out more about John than I had known before. I knew he moved away from Springfield, MO (where I grew up) but had no idea his insane delusions on faith healing kept going… and killed two more people. The church basically kicked him out shortly after the above incident (which really triggered his craziness) for his teachings and ever increasingly outrageous behavior. John then moved back the KC area where he started his own home based church. John’s main teachings centered entirely upon how evil medicine was and how the “church” was an abomination.

You can read more about this story here, on a blog and on one I found from Misty’s family. This kind of practice needs to be stopped. I’m glad some judges are starting to hold people accountable for this nonsense as in the story in Philadelphia. Freedom of religion is one thing, but it shouldn’t be used as a defense when neglect leads to harm or death. The evidence on intercessory prayer is clear, yet these people just keep believing it. Let’s look at some logical arguments as to why prayer doesn’t heal.

The New York Times printed an article in 2006 that pissed off a lot of people in the religious community. It was about the study, led by Dr. Herbert Benson, a cardiologist and director of the Mind/Body Medical Institute near Boston. In this large and much touted scientific study, one group of patients was told that strangers would pray for them, a second group was told strangers might or might not pray for them, and a third group was not prayed for at all. The $2.4 million study found that the strangers’ prayers did not help patients’ recovery.The study concluded

“It is unsurprising and not a little ironic that patients in the study who were told unequivocally they were being prayed for did worse than those who were told only that they might be. When medical personnel dabble in religious practices, we should anticipate that patients might interpret this as a sign of desperation.”

My friends at have explained this very well (and loads of other topics) so, with permission, I will let you read their analysis on the subject.

The dictionary defines the word “superstition” in this way:

    An irrational belief that an object, action, or circumstance not logically related to a course of events influences its outcome. [ref]

Watch the video

We have all seen plenty of superstitions. There are the superstitions that a rabbit’s foot or a four-leaf clover bring good luck. There are the superstitions that breaking a mirror or seeing a black cat bring bad luck. And we all know that these superstitions are silly. A rabbit’s foot or a broken mirror has no good or bad influence on the course of events. This is obvious to any intelligent person.

So let’s imagine the following situation. Let’s say that you have cancer. You are lying in the hospital after a round of chemo and you feel terrible. A person pops into your room with a bright smile on his face and a horseshoe in his hand. He says to you, “This is an amazing and lucky horseshoe. If you touch this horseshoe, it will cure your cancer. But I need to charge you $100 to touch it.”

Would you pay the man $100?

Of course not. We all know that touching the horseshoe will have zero effect on cancer. The belief in lucky horseshoes is pure superstition.

It is also very easy to scientifically prove that the horseshoe has no effect on cancer (or anything else). The way we would do it is simple: we would take 1,000 cancer patients and split them randomly into two groups of 500. We would let 500 of the cancer patients touch the lucky horseshoe and we would leave the other 500 alone in a double-blind way. Then we would look at cancer remission rates between the two groups. What we would find is zero benefit from the horseshoe. We would see no statistical difference between the remission rates in the two groups of 500 patients.


Now let us imagine another situation. You have cancer, you have just finished a round of chemo and you feel terrible. This time, a person pops into your room with a bright smile on his face and a bible in his hand. He says to you, “There is a being named God who is the all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving creator of the universe. I am his representative on earth. If you will allow me to pray to God on your behalf, God will cure your cancer.”

You agree to the prayer, and the man prays over you for 10 minutes. He invokes all the healing powers of God, beseeching him, reciting verses of scripture and so forth. Afterwards, as he is getting ready to leave, the man says, “Oh, and by the way, God says that you should tithe 10% of your income to the church. Would you consider making a tax-deductible donation today?”

The question is: Is there any difference between the two men? Will the prayer have any effect greater than the horseshoe?

The answer is: No. The belief in prayer is just as superstitious as the belief in lucky horseshoes.

The fascinating thing is that we can prove that prayer has no effect in exactly the same way that we can prove that horseshoes have no effect. We take 1,000 cancer patients. We pray over 500 of them and we leave the other 500 alone. Then we look at cancer remission rates between the two groups. What we find is that prayers have zero benefit. We would see no statistical difference between the remission rates in the two groups of 500 patients.

In other words, we can prove that the belief in prayer is pure superstition. The belief in the power of prayer is no different from the belief in the power of lucky horseshoes.

These experiments have been performed many times, and they always return the same results. For example, this article says:

    One of the most scientifically rigorous studies yet, published earlier this month, found that the prayers of a distant congregation did not reduce the major complications or death rate in patients hospitalized for heart treatments.


    A review of 17 past studies of ”distant healing,” published in 2003 by a British researcher, found no significant effect for prayer or other healing methods.

An article from Live Science from March, 2006 discusses another study that confirms the same thing:

    In the largest study of its kind, researchers found that having people pray for heart bypass surgery patients had no effect on their recovery. In fact, patients who knew they were being prayed for had a slightly higher rate of complications.

A peer-reviewed scientific study published in 2001 did indicate that prayer works. According to an article from The Center for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI):

    “On October 2, 2001, the New York Times reported that researchers at prestigious Columbia University Medical Center in New York had discovered something quite extraordinary. Using virtually foolproof scientific methods the researchers had demonstrated that infertile women who were prayed for by Christian prayer groups became pregnant twice as often as those who did not have people praying for them. The study was published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine. Even the researchers were shocked. The study’s results could only be described as miraculous.”

This study was later proven to be completely fraudulent. However, everyone who cut out the original article in the NYTimes and posted it on their refrigerators still has that article as “proof” that prayer works.

This article entitled A prayer before dying uncovers another case where a “scientific study” of prayer is unmasked as fraudulent.

It’s not just prayer that is ineffective. Not even a hopeful attitude helps. According to this article:

    A positive attitude does not improve the chances of surviving cancer and doctors who encourage patients to keep up hope may be burdening them, according to the results of research released Monday.

Quite simply, prayer has absolutely no effect on the outcome of any event. The “power of prayer” is actually “the power of coincidence.” Belief in prayer is pure superstition.


Now here is the problem. We all know that people who believe in superstitions like rabbits’ feet and broken mirrors are daft. And we know that the man with the horseshoe asking for money is a complete fraud. These facts are obvious to everyone with intelligence.

It should now be obvious that the believer’s faith in prayer is just as daft, and the minister asking for donations is just as fraudulent.

This is the problem with religon. We allow daft and fradulent people to run freely in our society, spreading their superstitions and collecting their money, rather than pointing out the superstition and the fraud:

  • For a person to say “God answered my prayers today!” is just as silly as a person saying, “My lucky horseshoe granted me my wishes today!” or, “The planet Jupiter answered my prayers today!”
  • For a person to say, “God wants you to tithe 10% of your income to the church, and if you do, God will answer your prayers and let you into heaven when you die,” is completely fraudulent.

The time has come for intelligent people to stop accepting or “tolerating” superstition and fraud and, instead, to call it what it is. It is time to state clearly that God is imaginary. Religion is pure superstition, nothing more — It has been proven time and time again with dozens of scientific experiments. It is time for us to begin eliminating the superstition and fraud from public discourse, for the simple reason that superstition and fraud are detrimental to society.

READ A VERY DETAILED EXPLANATION HERE (and answers to Christian rationalizations on the subject)

CONCLUSION: Prayer simply doesn’t work. Billions of people have prayed for things. Many of them as devout and believing as they could be. Sometimes, things improve, and they thank god for answering their prayers. But, when they don’t get answered, oh well, no one’s fault. God never gets blamed for misses. In the cases of the child deaths mentioned at the beginning of this article, the parents rationalized the deaths and didn’t blame god. They went on to continue to be believers. John Horner even went on to allow his beliefs to lead to other deaths. It’s time America wakes up and tells believers it’s ok when your beliefs are personal… but we wont’ stand by and allow those beliefs to hurt other people.

It angers me to think that if you saw a child drowning, stood there, did not offer help, and watched them drown when you could have saved them, you could be charged with neglect or manslaughter. But, if you say you were praying for them the whole time and god just chose not to save them, well… then you are within your rights. I hope prayer helps these religious zealots, like John Horner, sleep at night. They at least have the choice – their victims do not.

  • Adam

    Great comment from a Reddit reader: “Eventually the idea of faith healing will die out with those who die because of it.”

    • Bryan

      I think that John Horner is very messed up in his theology and I know because I’ve worked for the guy (on and off) for ten years, but I have to tell you that its sad that you all have become so hardened that you say “I don’t believe in God.” The thought of your life meaning nothing? I believe that deep down inside you all know that God is real. The way that everything in this universe seems to work according to a specific order and design is something that even the scientists cannot understand. Adam, I would say to you that if there isn’t a God, then what is it that even causes you to be upset about this incident. If there is no God, then there is no need for morals and we might as well just live with a survival of the fittest attitude. Kill or be killed. Without God, nothing matters. There is no after life…we are all just going to be buried…why care about anything? And it sounds like Andria is a fine example of what life would be like without God. She has already said that her thoughts on sin and pornography is (yippie !) That is very sad and I bet she has no real joy in her life. Adam, I have seen people completely cured of illnesses(with out any logical explanation) through prayer. I have also been a recipient of healing and felt the very real pain leave my body at the moment of prayer. So think what you want, but hope is always better than dread. I don’t know how it works and I would never deny someone medical attention but God is real. My heart aches for you guys and I pray that God will change your hearts…You too Andria.

      • v

        People have no clue to how corrupt how evil John Horner is, You have no clue to the trauma terror or torment this man is capable of, he is not just a murder by neglect due to christian belief he is a wolf is sheep’s clothing, a friend to some, a all American looking kind of guy, Mr I help the needy, employ then have them live with me, induce them with mental manipulating through subliminal programing, Mr, trigger placer, rapist, Mr Ill use drugs on my victims, Ill manipulate through poisoning so they believe God had something to do with it and until they com fess every hurtful private part of their lives, revealing their fears, names and dates on people who hurt them, every sin the even thought about, recording secretly every word, Mr bug homes cars and stalk anyone brave enough to risk humiliation pain and even the relationships of their families to stand in public with utter brokenness in every sense of the word, only to cry out the truth, so no more victims pile up.

        Yes John Horner is the counterfeit, God has nothing to do with this mans ministry, at least not the God who is the father of Jesus Christ, and my heavenly father.

        Let me ask you Brian as you defend this criminal, are you afraid of being outed? you helped this man stalk intimidate and horas. A little clarification info for ya,

        As I Struggled to get to my feet after being drugged and raped by John, My husband came in from work, I was un able to speak, I tried to put the pieces together I could not, he assumed I was having a sever migraine and lost bladder control and that was why I had no clothing on from the waist down, He carried me to the shower and assumed I could stand, after 20 minutes passed he realized something is wrong, he came and pulled me out dried me off and placed me on the couch just below a open window, A WINDOW I will never forget, A day Burned in to my memory! I laid there still drugged from a date rape drug placed in my orange Juice by John. In shock feeling like my insides were half torn out un able to tell my husband I laid there listening to all of you!!! singing at the top of his lungs leading worship was John Horner the very person who just a couple hours earlier had spent most of that day sexually violating me, I listen in horror as the songs I love to sing to a God I worship were sung by this perverted violator,. I laid for hours tears flowing unable to speak, the next day my husband realized I was not having a migraine, he picked me up placed me in the truck and drove me past you people mocking laughing taunting with such religious piousness, and yes John him self on the front porch watching. At hospital my husband told them he thought I was having a migraine and realized this was far worse than he ever seen, I was in shock and still drugged. When the nurses came in to put a catheter in me they were stunned, they begged the doctor for a obgyn, though I could not tell them what took place, they knew, I was denied the doctor they requested because I had prior medical bills un paid. They came back and asked me to please tell them what happened to me that my private was torn and buses and swelling like that of rape, all I could do was scream in side my self for Jesus to tell them to help me. The doctor on call demanded I be given a shot and released, No OBGYN, as My husband came to get me the Doctor appears again asking my husband where did I get the muscle relaxants, My husband assured him I had non, I never liked to take prescription medication My history would show it. He Named off what he found it was the same ingredients found in date rape drugs. Now before you can say John did not do it! Just before I blacked out I saw him standing naked in my door way boldly entering my room he pushed me back on the bed hitting my left shoulder.

        Yes the very door way Christy woke in the middle of the night and saw John Horner standing in NAKEDI when she lived there, Where was her husband? Right next to her extremely groggy yet awake enough to hear his wife react and jump up, John ran and was not caught.

        The rape caused me to have a nervous brake down and could not tell my husband, John apparently though he was untouch able and could have anyones wife he chose. He pulled it again. MY husband was told everything as he had to cope with a wife now frighten to be touched or to lay in a bed.

        The bed was removed from the house given to a woman in a Olathe church, I was confident it would remain in tact with all DNA showing who was involved the second rape John did not perpetrate alone.

        So Brian have you done any steam cleaning? The mattress was dropped off at 8:30 PM in Olathe KS. By approx, 7:00 Am A white Van pulled up two guys approached their home asking to steam clean their house for $50.00 , then asked to do their MATTRESSES! Were you apart of the cover up ? You know Brian the white van you all used for your carpet cleaning business! Maybe if it escaped your mind, Yes, well Janet Cook and Robert Conway might refresh it, they loved documenting your every moves, photo by photo, recording after recording.

        By the way I might add Vienna went to the house my mattress was taken to cut out the side with the body fluids, she cut it in to sections, It was placed in safe keeping.

        Now to the women who told me they were RAPED by the demon incubus because they were holy women of God Awaken from the lies you were fed and cry out for the truth! Ask God to expose what has been hidden.

        To the people who came to us repented and returned to join Johns ministry and bare false witness against us Know this God’s word promises He will contend with those who contend un justly with us.

        To the woman who took the poison from my hand Karen Tedash had given me, with out question you probably saved my life that night, Yet knowing john raped you when you lived with them and not saying anything allowed him to pile up more victims. Several in the very place it happened to you! How do I know this? Because they came asking for help!!!! All were afraid of John no afraid is not the right word, TERRIFIED so much so one stood frozen with tears streaming down her face in front of my home with her child in her arms when she saw his truck coming down the drive. Yes where are you? those who said they would tell the truth if I went to file for a protection order, Let me see , AAAHHH Yes could it be you disappeared when you found out the County officials were covering johns crimes? I got a verse for that! When the courts of the Land fail you your God in heaven will take it up, He will bring justice. Might try praying it! Clearly God stood by those who fought for Misty. They risked all, gave heart and soul so no other babies and people die.

        It restored my view in that Justice can still be found in this corrupt world.

        Back to the poison MISS Secretary, you took it from my hand twice when Karen placed in it and told me to drink it all, exchanging it for lemonade, why? because you must have known they would be pissed I had not drank the poison so my question is looking back you clearly knew when Karen tried another time as it was handed to me in the kitchen of their tailor house , YES can you recall AMBER johns sister was there to, you were excessively nervous, I told you to wait, you were clearly wanting out the door, Karen’s exact words were, I made this special for you, I asked why she replied we liked sharing recopies, I said what is in it she said nothing, just drink it down, about that point Amber was antsy she went in to the worship meeting John was leading with her husband Mike, I tasted it it was very bitter, I asked what she did to it she said it was simply country time take another drink I must have gotten a undissolved sip, she encouraged me to take another drink, I did , she continued to try and persuade me to drink it, I put it down and left, I knew something was wrong but not understood the reality about to hit. We walked in Davids Door You became seriously distraught sobbing uncontrollably repenting for not being good to us and saying and doing things you new were wrong. You sat in a chair we gathered to console you assuring you it was ok. We gave you pure heart felt love and compassion, you gave me no warren and almost let me die, You cried and prayed all night, when My husband knocked on your door to see if you were ok the next morning you told him you were frighten I was dieing you were terrified I would die before morning, You asked my husband to load you possessions and get you out of there before John woke up. We did, we repeatedly responded to you with patience and love, you returned our kindness in a odd way, you betrayed us and every victim that followed us by not telling the truth. All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing! Ever hear of it!

        So Brian were you in the room that night when John announced he found a teaching on line that reveals if a person is in witchcraft when you pray they will manifest stomach pain?

        He told people we were witches and trying to destroy their ministry with not one shred of proof ot truth you all bought it hook line and sinker. God has assured me not one thing done will remain hidden every person involved will be held to account it will be exposed. So Horner Cult do you want to remain silent? pretty scarey thing to do in this day and age, Might want to read your bible on who will enter heaven. Is it possible when you stand before him he will say depart from me I never knew you! Those who lie! blasphemers adulators, thieves.. LOOK IT UP!

        For the 4 + years we struggled to keep our word to David and to financially find a way to get the help I needed,

        I laid curled in a fetal position in the front room floor most of the days we were there. It was like being locked in a hell by some one with out the authority to do so and not being able to find the door out. All of you terrorized stalked and intimidated everyone who came to see us. Beating on our house at night, racing vehicles through the field around our home pissing in our vegetable gardens running over our dog leaving him to dye under our home, loosening the lug nuts on our vehicles stealing from our home. Slandering us teaching the kids to throw rocks and call us evil demons and witches.

        Brian Yes I know how John works his religious corrupt criminal church and business, question is do you feel lucky? think God wont expose all this stuff! want to risk it? Why not truly own up repent and come clean, don’t just assume HEAVENS GATES ARE OPEN WIDE for people involved in this type of corruption or cover up.

        • Albert

          Did you press criminal charges against John? This is horrible!

  • Andria

    Well written. I always have this mental picture of God with his hands extended over mankind, saying: "What?..Shit happens!"

    But that's just me.

    If any member of my very churched family read this it would be like telling a four year old there is no Santa, they would neither believe me nor want to believe me. But they won't read it because they think the internet is full of sin and porn. To which I say, Yippie!

    Almost all of my family are Sarah Palin loving, Christian conservative types. Ah well… Luckily, my family still think that God in His wisdom has provided doctors with divine knowledge through which He works to heal his childrens' ills. So they also pray for the doctor to have wisdom and knowledge to diagnose and cure your sickness. And when asked I say the same damn thing to let them know that I still love them. Well…you got to give them points for moving closer to the 19th century than your former nutcase church family.

    Last time I was with one of my family I was asked why I wasn't worried about going to hell. My answer was that I did not believe in hell, thus no worries. I might as well have been talking to a tree for all that made sense to them. I find it is easier to just lie.

  • Rick Jonson

    If I were a cancer patient & someone suggested praying for a cure, my response would be: "Pray for a cure? To WHOM? To the same god who CREATED cancer….and gave it to me? Yeah, that makes sense. Because the almighty all-powerful god, who at some point decided it was a good idea to give me cancer, is gonna change his mind and say, 'Oops, my bad'. Sure, whatevs."

    The hypocrisy and illogicality of religion is staggering.

  • Paul Thompson

    I hope when that guy gets to heaven God tells him "Hey, you lived by a fucking hospital, what more do you want?

  • Springbilly

    While I am no fan of Mr. Horner either, some of your facts from Springfield are incorrect. I know, because I was there in the midst of the events in Springfield before, during, and after they went down. You might have very well gone to Rolling Hills… but I do not rememeber you at all.

  • Albert


    I was there also during the events that you described but my perspective is much different. The real problem is that people put their faith in men instead of reading the bible for themselves. It saved from me following John into his false teaching which led him to these deadly consequences. John fell into spiritual pride thinking himself unique and special unlike the example of Christ who came to serve others and was humble. His teachings did not originate from the bible but a book written by John Lake which I had bought thinking it was interesting and promising. I first started buying into the idea that faith meant not taking medication but from my studies in the bible, it was clear that we have much freedom and restrictions from medience was not in the bible. Obviously God does not want to take things that hurt our body such as illegal drugs such as meth but Paul clearly had a doctor name Luke who traveled with him who care for him. Paul also cautioned us against false teachers like John because it is on longer about Christ and his gospel but a religious falsehood that takes us off the right path. The tragic events could have been averted if people had known their bible contextually and thoroughly. The gospel of Christ is basically love God and love other trusting Christ for salvation not my self-righteous. I experienced Christ in a incredible manner being set free from addictions before even going to a church so my faith doe not rest in a religious leader or group. I love the study of science and history but it is very apparent that there a bias effort to either silence scientist who refuse to blindly follow the script given by evolutionists who fanatically still insist that nothing suddenly decided to originate in something. They are shrewd super imposing known facts to somehow tied them to their speculative theories about evolution insistence that we originated from goo which no basis. Darwin’s discovery of birds changing to different variations of the same bird does not contradict the bible account in genesis which states that God created creation to produce after their kind. This is evident with humans as well as any species and there is yet to have one solid discovery to support the gap theory or idea that we orgiantes from leaps from one species to another. I do believe in prayer and still miracles in amazing ways. We have been praying for funds so we could start a chicken farm in Africa for a orphanage. We were broke but a man came to me this week and gave the exact money to start our project which required 4000 dollars. We did not beg but waited on God to make the provision. This guy called me looking for me. This stuff happens at the time for me. Please do not misunderstand. Praying does not mean that God is a genie that performs my every wish or ensure healing for everyone. Our world is damaged by the fall of man which originated with Adam and Eve so we will experience sickness and death as part of our lives. I don’t blame a lack of faith if someone is sick and I definitely encourage everyone to get medical treatment because God can use doctors or a miraculous intervention for healing. I read over your statements referring to the bible and God, it seems still you are not very aware of what it says and the importance of context. It is written like history in the old testament illustrating the utter failure of man to save themselves by religious devotion and that Christ was predicted to come for the expressed purpose of saving us by his grace that he personally bought for us by his sacrifice on our behalf on the cross. Some are quick to say that this is all myth but most have not studied the incredible thousands of concurring text that attested to this message. It take more faith to believe in spontaneous generation or nothing inspired the greatness in our nature and the world that we humans have over time engineered and built than a intelligent being created us making us and endowing with uniqueness and dignity. James instructs us to help those in need. It is a warped understanding to think we are not do our part in being responsible in providing medical care or helping someone in practical manner because we believe in prayer. I believe that God is real and will answer prayer. It is amazing when a doctor is completely baffled when it is clearly something miraculous has transpired unquestionable especially to these professionals. Please do not look at John or men in general but at the message preached by Christ and the apostles which gives us great liberty not the self-destructive kind that the world promises. I am amazed by God’s grace in my life after 25 year of walking with Christ and he will help me overcome any hurdle in my life and has removed my fear about death.

    • Albert

      I am tired so there are some typos.