Prayer Requests on Facebook

Not much to say about this… just pathetic. These people believe that god answers prayer… and he decides what prayers he answers. I guess the more people you get yelling your requests to god, the better your chances… wow. I don’t see how so many people believe in an omnipotent god that sees the future and controls all things, but yet somehow asking him for help on a test or for a raise at work is somehow on his to-do list.

Don’t they realize that god probably doesn’t check Facebook much (maybe Twitter). The bible says, “Give ear, O Lord, to my prayer; and listen to the cry of my supplications.” Psalm 86: 6. It doesn’t say he will read your messages on Facebook or, “The more ‘friends’ you have praying the better chance you will have getting your prayers answered”. Does this mean that people in poor countries with no internet access are subject to waiting for god to get through his notifications first?

Of course, these same people believe “For this reason I am telling you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe (trust and be confident) that it is granted to you, and you will [get it].” Mark 11: 24. But, they don’t seem to mind when the majority of their prayers never get answered. They just praise god for the ones that, by random chance or their own personal hard work, come to fruition. Sad.

You’d think that with the amount of time that these people spend posting their prayer requests… they could just PRAY MORE!!! Maybe these site administrators have an e-mail to god all typed out and ready to send. They just don’t know his e-mail address. If anyone finds it, let me know. I have a few questions for him (and a funny picture of him and Zeus playing a game of “touch the tips”).

  • PeeJ

    I don't want them to stop believing that god answers prayers. I want them to believe that answers ALL prayers. And that the answer is almost always "No."

  • Peggy R. Henderson

    I saw a post in just the past few days from a lady asking for prayers for her DOG. . .not a type-o. . .not GOD. . .Dog!

  • meg

    I want that picture of God and Zeus!

  • Adam

    @ PJ – Isn't is amazing that god uses the same statistical probability when answering or not answering prayers as those that didn't pray at all. That's pretty incredible. He must have to watch those numbers pretty closely to be careful not to reveal his divine authority and tip the scales in favor of those that pray – LOL.

    @ Meg – Sorry, I don't actually have that picture (I lied – guess I'm going to hell). But, I might get around to photoshopping that image someday… the internet is severely lacking a "Jesus/Zeus Homoerotic" image collection!

  • Iris

    Please pray using these prayers:
    Let me know the results… .

  • Joseph Bishop

    The only thing pathetic here is your blatant hatred for other peoples faith. We are free to believe what we want and who are you to redicule us for it?

  • Jeff Jones

    Trust me in order to find peace and joy beyond understanding you have to have faith. A incomprehensible new found live and acceptance comes with it for your fellow man. Yes there are radical Christians with creeds and doctrine which almost are counterintuitive to this very belief but that isn’t the faith I am speaking of. Whatever ever you feel and do I wish you good luck.