The bible has never been proven wrong, eh?

I get several invitations from religious people to go somewhere secluded and talk about god.  Years ago I learned that this was generally not a good idea because the lack of an audience allowed the theist to sit there and drone ‘nuh uh’ over and over again without losing face.  So when I receive such requests now, I always insist that our conversation be filmed and that I post it unedited to my blog.  This is generally enough to dissuade even Jehovah’s witnesses and I recommend it to everybody.  It’s amazing how their tactics change when accountability is introduced.

Anyway, during my last week in Springfield I was feeling generous and elected to indulge an MSU student who wanted to meet up and talk god (I didn’t demand video on this occasion).  The argument to which she kept falling back was, “The bible has never been proven wrong about anything.”  It occurs to me that she’s probably not the only person using this argument, so I guess I should blog about it.

The bible has been proven wrong about a great number of things, not the least of which is its central idea: that a man rose from the dead.  We know this is impossible.  The bible makes a magnificent glory about such an event’s impossibility: otherwise, why would god be required?  The problem is that there’s no evidence that it occurred.  The same can be said for walking on water, living in the belly of a fish, staffs turning into snakes, people turning into pillars of salt, etc.  This is not even mentioning ‘prophecies‘ like the city of Tyre never being rebuilt (Ezekiel 26:14…Tyre is still around to this day) or a global flood (which was completely missed in the historical records of civilizations like Egypt’s Sixth Dynasty, which should have been destroyed.  What a hearty bunch they must have been…).

Of course, this doesn’t matter to the believer because they can just say that god suspended the consistency of the universe to allow things that ordinary humans like us would consider to be proven false.  The problem is that there is no event so ludicrous, so wildly unbelievable, that it could not be defended by such an argument.  Even Christians realize that faith traps Muslims, Hindus, and followers of every other faith within grievous errors (errors that could be quite costly in terms of eternity), and makes those errors immune to assault by the world of evidence.  Yet in the hands of Christians faith is not the means to maintain erroneous beliefs (as it is everywhere else), but a way to grasp the deepest conceivable truth, even as the evidence around them contradicts it.  In this way, they can think that we’ve not proven that people do not rise from the dead.

This is the problem with faith: it destroys our reason by removing all our standard checks for proof and accountability.  This unmakes our ability to converse fairly and, in doing so, destroys our connection to one another.  This is the faith they tell us is necessary to redeem humankind.

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  • dj_ginsu

    You skipped a few easy ones. Like – the 10 plagues of Egypt. There is no record in any Egyptian document of any catastrophic plague – let alone 10 in succession, the last of which (passover) would have wiped out most of the Egyptian economy. Yet all historic records appear as if nothing of the sort happened – not even an increase in the price of cattle, or a poem about a dead son. Secondly, most of Genesis has been proven scientifically impossible. Earth before light. 6 day creation period. Age of earth. Like the flood story, most of the bible is just folklore and mythology taken entirely too seriously.

    • Truth

      Actually there is record of that. The great prophet magi, musa. Sounds strikingly familiar, eh? In one corner of Egypt there is record of a man who performed great miracles after which anthropologists describe was a great exodus of people. Hmmmm coincidence of course, right?

    • DJ Double D

      Actually, those days weren’t literal, “DAY” can mean an unspecified amount of time, like “back in my day.” And science said nothing could go faster than light, look what we found last year, particles that went faster than light.

      • Procras108r85

        Wrong. Science says nothing can ACCELERATE faster than light. In other words: Light moves at light speed. Anything moving under light speed will never reach nor exceed light speed. Anything moving above light speed cannot decelerate to, or move slower than light speed.

        You should actually know about something before you look stupid arguing about it.

  • colluvial

    Of course, this doesn’t matter to the believer because they can just say that god suspended the consistency of the universe to allow things that ordinary humans like us would consider to be proven false.

    Theists can't afford to stray far from their refuge of unfalsifiability. In fact, the ability to churn out unfalsifiable claims is one of the few requisite talents of the professional theist.

    • Truth

      And do thou consider there to be such a thing as fact? If so, then do you believe that everything that is known as of now is fact? If indeed you believe the latter then it is imperative that you have succumbed to an incredible ignorance. Even Einstein said that the only 2 things he knew for certain was that the universe is infinite and that man’s ignorance is Infinite… Which he followed saying: “and Im not too sure about the whole universe thing, either”

      • Badreams

        Fact, Einstein gave humanity our greatest weapon of destruction.

        I find that people who don’t believe in the bible, haven’t really read it. If you were to ask someone, hell bent on scientific principals, about the bible; Nine out of ten times they won’t be able to help you in that area. With that being said they haven’t really opened the book and read it, obviously. Now I’m 25 years old, and I haven’t even read the whole book, I’ve been lost in this world a few times. I’ll tell you one thing, the times I was lowest, was when I didn’t believe. The good in your life has only come from the good your parents taught you, which in turn got it from their ancestors. Who in turn learned it from this book. Good and Evil had to be taught from some perspective. We as people need to believe in something or else the word “belief” wouldn’t exist. Whether it be Christian, Muslim, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheist, or whatever. We as people need the answers, the only reason I still believe in the bible is because it’s true, and nobody has proven otherwise. Go and ask someone without a religion how there organs, brain, eye sight, ears made for hearing, and sense of direction got here. When they tell you monkey’s you ask them how in the hell a monkey who resembles a human being so much got here. Then you ask them to give you the FACTS on how the universe came up. BOOM BANG! PRESTO!

        • Thetruhoss

          Technically No, we didn’t come from monkeys we came from the same ancestors. The different chromosomes is what makes us different from a simpler animal. Just as the HIV virus evolved to attack us as it is in chimps and monkeys as well. .. It doesn’t prove it false but look at the epic of Gilgamesh.. It’s an older stories from an earlier culture. Shared Adam and Eve and Noah.. The relation with Jesus and Horus is similar too.. Along with Other pagan religions similarities(Greek heaven or hell)And with Constantine editing with his council picking and choosing what gospels went into it.. With this I’m skeptical of the bible. I can’t believe something that seems like it could be a waste of time to my life. If god is all knowing.. He doesn’t know me well enough or doesn’t want me to believe.

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  • Jakob

    I sometimes mention that the same is claimed of the Quran- a book that also contradicts the divinity of Jesus. Sometimes this devil's advocate approach can coax a theist into making an argument that also undermines their own assertions about the bible. Of course getting them to acknowledge that this has happened is another battle entirely.

    • Truth

      Fair enough, however Mohammed’s interaction with “Gabriel” is described as the Old Testament would describe demonic possession. also, the Quran’s terms for God also coincide with several Hebrew terms describing the devil. It is known that the Quran took Judaism and Christianity and combined it with the pagan Persian religions to gain popularity. After all Mohammed was outcast from the Jews in Mecca for claiming to be a prophet, in which he rounded up the pagans who prayed at the altar in Mecca to slaughter those that outcast him. His teachings are in direct conflict with the rest of the Quran. This is why it is wrong. The H
      Christian Biblr, however, does not have this conflict.

  • Deavon Reye

    I posted, on a christian forum, the facts about the 6th Egyptian Dynasty and its counter to "a global flood", and I believe they were stating that those histories were incorrect. Never got them to get into that much. The thread kinda died quickly.

    I will have to bring up the fact of absolutely no historical accounts of the Egyptian plagues.

    • Truth

      Absolutely wrong. There have been hieroglyphs deciphered using kumeric as the base language that describe a mass exodus in Egypt around the time of Moses, and at the helm was “The great prophet magi Musa”

  • The Metaphysical Det

    Just to add to the lack of historical accuracy in the bible, just mention to a theist that there is not one shred of evidence that the Exodus took place or, furthermore, that the Jews were held in Egypt as slaves–they go nuts. For that matter, is there any evidence that moses existed outside the bible?

  • Frankly

    I think atheists just try to argue existence with creationists our of sheer entertainment. Most of you are trying to argue, with scientific evidence, against people who believe in a Bible that has a scripture describing how quail and mana fell from the sky to feed the Israeli population while they wandered in the desert. The Bible also described how God led his people through the desert with a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. Is there science to describe how a pillar of fire would randomly form during night hours in the middle of a desert? No, that's absurd. Science follows the laws of the universe. A simple argument against scientific explanations (or lack thereof) is that the laws of physics didn't exist until God put them there, therefor he can manipulate them as he sees fit. Like, if I build a castle out of Legos, then decide to take it apart and build a spaceship instead, I can do just that. Just because it was one thing before doesn't mean I can't change it. I'm the Lego god.

    Atheists also take that same scientific approach when it comes to proving or disproving events in the Bible. That's funny too, because just because He did something in history doesn't mean he had to leave evidence, even if it were a local or global flood. Atheists cry, "Where's the evidence and where'd all the water come from?!" Again, mana, quails, and pillars of fire people. What gets me is how such intelligent people think they can explain away religion in the first place. God isn't based on science in any way, shape, or form. Science would be best described as God's creative expression.

    It just makes me laugh. How could the God that created everything in existence and set the laws of physics in place possibly flood the whole earth and not leave evidence?! Lol. I'm not trying to mock, I'm just putting that out there as why most religious people don't really give atheists any real effort in argument. You're argument is about fire when we're talking about water here lol.

    Basically, you will NEVER get an answer to why even some completely logical people choose to believe in something intangible and sometimes scientifically unbelievable. You might get a better understanding, however, if you seek the "why" of things. Why did this all happen in the first place? If there is an all-powerful God, what's he need us for?

    Start there, and maybe the rest will make some sense.

    • Doug

      That is the point; He does not need us. Anymore than I “need” my kids in the literal sense. However, I will do anything for them, including die for them!

    • kk

      i agree with you Frankly, and to JT, rising from the dead is possible, because it did not only happen to Jesus. even nowadays there are people who rise from the dead, look it up. but the whole thing of this argument between Christians and Atheists is never going to end because were all human so neither one of us can answer every question. not many people have read the Bible from cover to cover, but it is correct though. there is actual historical evidence found from the biblical days such as letters, etc. but im not about to sit here and argue because you are entitled to your opinion and i am not going to stand in your way. but all i ask is that you dont make us look stupid or dumb or take things out of context, that is very rude and disrespectful because we do not do that to you guys. thank you and have a blessed day

      • Truth

        If god is all loving all perfect and all knowing and watches down on everybody seeing everything than why is he allowing so many horrible things happen to so many innocent people. Also if christianity is really about helping and giving than why do the church ask for money? To help people? If that is the case why does the pope not give all his gold and money to help more people. Also how many deaths have occured because of the bible. How many cultures and languages have been destroyed by missionaries?

        • Truth

          Have you ever heard of the wolf in sheep’s clothing? People are capable of lying. Just because people say they are Christians does not make it so.

          This is indeed a perfect world, however it is not a perfect society. The Bible teaches the outline or constitution for the perfect society. However, at this stage in humanity it is irrelevant for God to intervene because if he does then that would undermine the ability of people to have true intentions to follow the teachings of the bible. If you are so distraught over the atrocities of this world then tell me what you have done to fix it? The power of speech and persuasion is great and by those means the word of God has surpassed any good deeds imaginable. So then where is you doubt? Your doubt lies in your want for the nonexistence of God. You love sin, and desperately want it to be right. See how the world is changing to suit that selfish notion and you will come to know Christ as I have.

          • Bible Quotes

            The bible a “constitution for a perfect society?!?”
            Nice try. The bible condones slavery, bigotry, murder , and rape. There are many verses that are simply degrading to women. Try reading the bible in its’ entirety and not just the verses you like.

            Since you have such an amazing relationship with Jesus, I can only ask you this: please provide any evidence that a god (any god) exists.
            A Nobel prize awaits you.

            • Reserved

              To grasp better understanding of his laws you have to understand the original creation of Paradise was perfect, with sin came more laws & orders, and with each new sin came additonal laws, the more one greedy person tries to take from others and live by their own rules the more laws must be created to create some balance in the society, the laws, no matter how unfair they may seem to us simple minded humans, are there to keep the whole thing from unraveling. Where is your Nobel Prize from proving there isn’t a G-d?

              • Bible Quotes

                Wow. So can you first prove that fairies, elves, unicorns or spaghetti monsters don’t exist? #think
                So nice that you have such an understanding. Now provide evidence that your god exists and you may be up for a Nobel Prize yourself.
                Oh, the bible is not proof… It’s the claim.

                • CesarG.

                  How is the Bible not a proof? instead of saying nonsense involving science and criticizing the Bible and Christians, read the Bible yourself, and try to prove the bible wrong, and lets see how that turns out. Many people don’t like the Christian life because “it doesn’t permit all the fun” r they don’t like reading the bible because it defies their lifestyle, or they feel offended by the truth… just try reading the Bible and you’ll see why it is a big deal

                  • CesarG.

                    One other thing, you ask yourselves, “if God is so loving and caring, why does he allows all these deaths of innocent people” well, its not God who is doing all that, its us, Human, our creator is not guilty, the guilty ones are us, can’t you see that? you have to be dumb for not to see that…

                    • Jerry Winkler

                      I thought god had a plan for everyone. Does he plan for some children to die of cancer?

                  • Jerry Winkler

                    Is the book “Peter pan” proof that neverland exists and children can fly?

                  • Amanda Estes

                    Same with the Quran and any other religious writing. Are they all right? Are they all wrong. None can be proven either way. How many people can honestly say they have made an exhaustive research of every religion to finally land on something. By and large, people believe what they were raised to believe or what they were exposed to. Do people believe they were just blessed to be placed in the “right” one because of where they were born? A couple of my big questions have always been, If God is omnipotent, why would he have weak human emotions likes anger and jealousy? Why would he have a need to be worshipped and thanked? If hundreds of people pray for two different people to defy an illness and one still dies, does that mean the dead one’s friends didn’t pray enough? If it is just God’s will that that person was to die, what good was the prayer? It makes it seem more like “luck of the draw”.

                    • CriticalOverload

                      Well Said…..

              • Jerry Winkler

                Why would there be a Nobel prize for proving there isn’t a god? The people who give that prize out already all know there isn’t. Also, why would god give us free will if he won’t let us use it? Why does he make so many rules prohibiting free will? Do we have freedom or not?

            • Isaac

              You are talking about the Old Testament. In the Old Testament, there were things written for the time being. Back then, Women were not as high in like as men. The Bible cannot be proven false by an opinion.

              • Bible Quotes

                So, the Old Testament doesn’t count? Do you abide by the 10 Commandments?
                And you may want to read the entire book. Full of errors. Want examples ?
                My FB page is full of them. Just searc biblequotes526.

                • Shark Island Revolt

                  “Read my FB page?” I think the Bible is a little more interesting bro.

                  • Shark Island Revolt

                    And you spelled search wrong.

              • Jerry Winkler

                What you are implying here is used often in Christian arguments. Are you then saying that back when the old testament was written, it was morally good to rape women as long as you paid for them later?

                • Shark Island Revolt

                  No, men will never stop raping women, men, children, foreign lands and the indigenous peoples, and whatever else they can get their hands on. Its called human nature. The Bible just documented it. Atheists aren’t better because they’re godless just like Christians aren’t better because they believe. We’re all humans and many of us lack respect for human life. It’s just funny to me how atheists blame religion when in reality it was wealthy Europeans who believed skin color and skull shape was a good foundation for persecuting, raping, and murdering who they considered to be lesser people. Yes…some of them claimed to be Christians, but science and money is what they used to divide, manipulate, and conquer. We can pick each other apart all day on the flaws of man, but don’t blame Christians who had nothing to do with 14th century bc. Christians can evolve too.

                  • Jerry Winkler

                    You can’t read, can you? You obviously haven’t read the bible. It didn’t just document rape, it encouraged rape. Read your bible you dumb shit. Christians can’t evolve, they have a book with a dogma that tells them to rape, you can’t change the book. Do you disagree with the bible? Do you think rape is bad?

                    • Shark Island Revolt

                      Do I think rape is bad? Yes I do. Do I also think you’re more capable of it than I am? Totally. You can’t even have an intelligent conversation without throwing an insult and a clearly stupid question in it. That’s what I mean by evolving. You obviously haven’t matured past thinking internet name calling has any affect on another adult. Its almost a waste of time responding to you but I will for the sake of those readers with a working mind.

                      In Sodom and Gomorrah the men of the city tried to rape the Angel if the Lord. The place was full of rape, incest, bestiality, and every form of sexuality there is and ever was, (kinda like what the world is now but much worse). God was clearly against that so the city was destroyed. Everyone likes to pick out the homosexual aspect of it but that’s for hypocritical preachers. The city was infested with everything wrong.

                      And that’s just one instance. Then you have the woman at the well in the new testament, Samson losing his eyes behind his debauchery, Solomon losing the kingdom for his multiplying wives, David not being able to build the temple for his bloodshed and multiplying wives, and a man being murdered for raping a woman in the old testament.

                      Point out to me where God declared rape to be ok. What I read was one man, one woman, let HER body please you. Cater to her and vise versa. It even says that God comes first before marriage then after marriage the wife is the focal point.

                      Anyway, you’re a child so I doubt these truths will reach you. But Lord willing, more mature people can see that God’s intent was freedom and what man DID with that freedom is rape it. You should read the Bible too buddy. Its history at its finest.

                    • Jerry Winkler

                      Prove Sodom or Gomorrah ever existed. Don’t we have free will? Why would god punish us for using the free will he gave us? Why even give us free will if he isn’t going to let us use it?
                      Also, here are all of the bible quotes that promote rape, would you like incest quotes next? Or ones about killing children?
                      intelligent conversations about imaginary friends don’t exist. also, I’m a minister.

                    • Shark Island Revolt

                      I already answered why life was like that back then. But in true atheist fashion you’re gonna keep beating a dead horse because it isn’t able to defend itself. But you seem a little dense so I’ll oblige you one last time.

                      Minister Winkler, look in a mirror and tell me what you see. God doesn’t HAVE to judge you. You’ll judge yourself eventually and death is the sentence you’ll give. Think of Sodom and Gomorrah as a state of mind because along with facts the Bible is full of lessons, metaphors, smilies and life comparisons.

                      But I digress, disease and sexually transmitted disease isn’t a new thing. Its been here and we’re finally finding out just how deadly STD’s can be. That city that you believe didn’t exist would have perpetuated such a thing. Free will is exactly what they had and they misused it completely.

                      Sure, be free, go have sex with everyone and do it unprotected too. That’s what life is supposed to be right? You ask me if I’m ok with rape then insinuate that obscure promiscuity is what God intended for mankind when he said to be free. You’re a clown. And I don’t know if it’s white guilt that has you up in arms against God, hatred for yourself, or if you’re a closeted homosexual who thinks God hates you? But God accepts all flaws bro. Just let it go. Don’t be so angry. And next time you preach, Tell everyone what you really believe. That God is a fairy tale and there is no life after death.

                      In fact, proclaim right now that Jesus Christ is fake and the Holy Spirit is a myth and I’ll applaud you because that takes real guts. But you getting tough on the internet just makes it clear Just how small you think YOU are.

                      but I’ve got better things to do so farewell to you Minister. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

                    • Jerry Winkler

                      I claim those things almost every day. Jesus never existed. Noah never existed. If you can show me proof otherwise, I will change my opinion. But I don’t believe in fairies or gods or unicorns or any other BS you claim to be the inerrant word of god. I have found what I’m looking for, I found it a long time ago, it’s called personal responsibility and true happiness. Maybe you will grow up some day, stop believing in Santa, and find some personal responsibility. But then again, you probably have the same amount of personal responsibility as Josh duggar.

                    • Shark Island Revolt

                      Lol…Josh Duggar. Good one. He got away with that because he’s the same color as you not because he’s a Christian.

                      Most white people are personally responsible for most if not all the corruption in this country and like you they try to blame religion so people look else where. Personal responsibility would be white people owning up to all the evil they brought on people of color in this world. Personal responsibility would be white people explaining why they shoot unarmed mentally unstable men of color, rape women of color, and keep other races from becoming a part of this country’s workforce even though they migrated here just like everyone else.

                      Yes white people are Christian and many are good honest people. But on mass, the problem isn’t the old testament. Its how white people, atheists, and false prophets STILL use it to try and control what people do. Whether you believe in Jesus or not is irrelevant. But he said love God and love one another. You have a problem with that because in reality you’re full of hate. You’re even more judgemental than Christians bro. You should get that checked.

                    • Jerry Winkler

                      No sir. He got away with it because his parents covered it up. Just like the Catholic church covered up their molestation cases. It’s a trend in Christianity.

                    • Shark Island Revolt

                      You’re in denial minister Winkler. You say I can’t read but you refuse to read the truth. You’re willfully ignorant. Go read about how people like you manipulate religious text to enslave people. Don’t just read the Bible. I read more that Just the Bible but it seems like your obsession with it leads you to read nothing BUT the good book.

                      My name itself is a moment in history that explains what the real motives of mankind are but you know nothing about it. You say you’re a minister then talk about the Catholic church covering up molestation. That’s you you’re talking about. Those predators don’t believe in Christ. Just like you. That’s why I said look in a mirror. You are those men.

                      Even still, I have no hatred for you. I see you everyday. Manipulators, creators of loop holes to eradicate the middle class, men who love to kill hope. And to you that’s true happiness. Take responsibility for what your people did and stop blaming God. Do something to change the negative you see. Don’t call all believers stupid. You’re immaturity is a sickness. But the only one it hurts is you because Christ’s message isn’t going anywhere.

                    • Jerry Winkler

                      Lies and slander.

                    • toni

                      You do realize that christianity was given to blacks by slaveowners, right? Go read some Frederick Douglas. Also, you say that whites are the cause of most of the evil in the world, but statistics show that black men commit most of the crime in America, and black on whites rapes and murders are a DAILY thing whereas white on black rapes/murder are virtually non existent. And let’s be really honest here, without the help and handouts of whites, black communities would collapse.

                    • Gary

                      You don’t even know that Jesus warned us of false prophets and false Christ’s just like the one of the Quran you must believe in Allah I pray thatthe REAL JESUS CHRIST will touch your heart one day and you convert and study some modern archeological proofs they are there and quit blaming the truth

                    • Jerry Winkler

                      You have to be a pretty pathetic excuse for a human being too look in the mirror and constantly hate yourself like you say you do. Like a typical Christian you ignore the question and go on some insane, off topic rant about how Jesus is watching you masturbate. Prove Sodom and Gomorrah are real, if you can’t, then everything you say about them is as useful as information about Hogwarts.

                    • Gary

                      They have found archeological evidence of sodom and gomorrah my friend gt your head out of the clouds and investigate n learn about the bible and Jesus Christ you will be much happier brother

                    • Truth

                      An atheist is more likely to rape someone than a christian is? I’m atheist and I have no interest in rape, even if I did, I would have to live with what I’ve done. Christians on the other hand can clear their conscience by asking an imaginary friend for forgiveness. In addition christianity’s holy book sets guild lines on what actions should be taken after rape. I think if any rape is going to take place, it’s from you sick superstition believing fuckers

                    • Gary

                      I totally agree they think because it’s in the bible that the bible promotes it the bible doesn’t promote it the people that the bible writes about promotes it trying to show us how to live and not do those kinda of things maybe 1 day he’ll get his head out of the clouds n into reality

                    • Gary

                      The bible doesn’t encourage it my friend the people that the bible wrote about encouraged it get your head out of the clouds and into reality

                • Clayson

                  No, hes no saying that they paid them as in money but with there life as seen in Sodom and Gomorrah when they started raping and marrying the same gender and when God saw that they where doing this he wiped them out with fire and brimstone for what they had don.

                  • Jerry Winkler

                    Uh, no. It says specific numbers and amounts. At one point, the bible tells you to sell your daughter to her rapist for 50 shekels specifically. Is not metaphorical.

                    • Marissa

                      Historical events occurring in numerous segments in time, not just biblical, is not the message of Christianity.. Just as what happened in Germany, cerca mid 1930′s wasn’t German Jew ideology! ..time period, yes. To correct such acts we must face up to them actually happening! You bringing it into an argument questioning God’s love for mankind is like blaming the Jews for Hitler. You’re backwards, my friend.

                • Gary

                  No he was trying to allow them to turn to him and do his will not there’s study buddy

                  • Jerry Winkler

                    What? The bible specifically says that if you rape a woman, you must pay her father 50 shekels then you must marry her. how is that ever a good thing? that is a law from god, it is despicable, and you defend it. who was he trying to get to do his will? did you even read my post? his will was that if you rape someone you have to pay their father, that’s the will you defend and even worship? you’re sick then. that’s sick.

                    • Marissa

                      Payment to her father was punishment. No one had that kind of money & far worse came if debt wasn’t paid! Our government now only imprisons rapists up to what, 8 years?! That’s not justified either! Only because people believe in redemption are these acts treated as such.. Rape is used throughout history as power & spoils of war. Never right! The Old Testament isn’t overlooked, it’s used to reassure the beauty of The New Testament! God created man & when man lost view of his commandments, God being a jealous Creator showed us his capabilities! Christ is not only our link to God but His to us!! God’s love created us & made us anew.. Sin of mankind is your only defense.

              • bob goldbergstein

                So back in the old testament God was pissed back then but in the new testament god thought man Im a real dick. I shall improve my image!!! Do away with the old now lets promote a new testament where Im lovy dovy. Yeah thats the ticket!!!! Give me a break!!!!!

                • Chewy

                  Go kill a cop in Texas and what do you think the consequences will be. There are consequences for our actions. God is the judge. God never changed. He just gave us a way to be forgiven. We still have to pay consequences but forgiveness works eternally. Old testament people did bad things and the consequences were paid. Don’t post ignorant things please without at least trying to find an answer.

            • Shark Island Revolt

              God exists because people acknowledge him. When you die, only those close to you will acknowledge you ever existed. So if proof of existence is the basis of your claim, God is even more real than you.

            • Chewy

              Provide any evidence that he doesn’t. Evidence is everywhere. The fact you will one day give your life to God is evidence. Let’s get realistic. All other theories with the main one being evolution have been made to look ridiculous. They will continue to make their excuses for why they are continuously proven flawed but fact is the Bible, though not proven 100 percent true, has never been proven to have any flaw. The opening post here said basically that Bible is proven false because man can not walk on water or live in a fish or be raised from the dead. So prove it. Things happen everyday that blows the minds of scientists and doctors where they can not find any explanation for what happened. Do we just say therefore it has never happened because they can not explain it. Here is my issue. Evolution and all of the above has resulted to desperate measures to try and make it sound scientifically proven and unflawed, but that just is not true. So ultimately it comes down to the fact that everything has a proven flaw except creation. So unless there are more theories to come without flaw, then the only logical thing to do is to believe in the one that has yet to be proven to have a flaw. This means that there is a God because nothing else explains the reason we are here without having been proven flawed. Logically God is the only plausible answer to that question. So now it is a matter of which God. To everyone else that are asking these questions about why God is so mean and letting bad things happen and blah blah blah. Just do what you do to find out every answer you don’t know the answer, Google it. It is all there with scripture to back it up and I’m not about to write a book when it is all right there. And you might say why should you believe scripture. Because it is the only book in history that never changes and never been proven to have a flaw.

              • CriticalOverload

                Um,Actually the bible was edited by men with their own best interests in mind………There in case is a KEY FLAW with the bible

            • Chewy

              Do you condone rape and murder just because you posted those words in this blog? Come on. I never understood why people like to say ignorant things like that.

            • hingedthinker

              1.) intellectually dishonest 2.) misrepresenting the Word of God 3.) twisting meaning and context to suit your disgusting agenda

            • Gary

              The bible doesn’t condone slavery rape or any of that it is just things that has happened thru history n God doesn’t like any of it thats why he has destroyed so many nations by letting them destroy their selves because of their pride read your bible and get your head out the gutter

              • CriticalOverload

                Slaves, obey your earthly masters with deep respect
                and fear. Serve them sincerely as you would serve Christ. (Ephesians 6:5)

                Christians who are slaves should give their masters
                full respect so that the name of God and his teaching will not be shamed. If
                your master is a Christian, that is no excuse for being disrespectful. You
                should work all the harder because you are helping another believer by your
                efforts. Teach these truths, Timothy, and encourage everyone to obey them.
                (1 Timothy 6:1-2)

                he servant will be severely punished, for though he
                knew his duty, he refused to do it. “But people who are not aware that they are
                doing wrong will be punished only lightly. Much is required from those to whom
                much is given, and much more is required from those to whom much more is given.”
                (Luke 12:47-48)

                I don’t know how this could be construed as anything less than a condoned act

            • Bill

              The Bible doesnt condone slavery, or murder, or rape. Thats a misunderstanding on your part. The inability to understand context….either willfully or otherwise.

          • Truhoss

            Non believers love sin so we look for god not to exist? I’m sorry that’s BS.. I feel guilt and sorrow from my wrong doings. I don’t like to feel that way. When I forgive myself is when those feelings go away. I’m no different from you expect for the events in my life that have shaped me to think what I think and know what I know.. If there is this all knowing god, he doesn’t know me well enough or he wants me not to believe. Morals don’t need a god to be taught and followed. I know you think there is only one true way to live life but there is not.. You only think that. And this extra difference in humanity is why wars have been fought. So this all knowing god let’s is have free will to fight each other.. He knew we were going. He knows everything but yet appears to know nothing if you take a step back. I don’t want sin.. I don’t want conflict between ppl.. That’s what ur all knowing god does I know you don’t see it, because you have faith, pretend to know something you just don’t know, that’s its real and good. if morals are taught the world would be the same if not better because that’s one less difference ppl would have

        • Beks

          I know it’s been quite some time since you posted this but i just had to point out that our definition of “horrible” is not the same as God’s. While we consider the death of a small child a “horrible thing”, when looking at what the Bible says, we can see that God has taken that child to an endless paradise. It’s hard for us to wrap our minds around it because we are human and He is not and His plan is far greater than we can ever comprehend.
          Even so, scripture states that we are made in God’s image. That means we have (to an extent) the same emotions that God has. So many people think of God as this all powerful, high and mighty dictator looking down on us and killing us off for pleasure. That is not so. God feels pain. He understands our hurt, and when we cry He is there with us taking our burdens and nailing them to the cross.
          As for the money problem: we are human. This means we have a fallen, sinful nature and thus we are selfish. Sure the church does use some of their money to help people and they use some to keep the building maintenance up. But altogether, we are a selfish people and not one of us can claim to be perfect- we can only claim to be forgiven of our imperfections.
          I know there is nothing i can say to change your mind. I just wanted to pick your brain a little and maybe challenge you to look further in depth at the God that you are trying to blow off.

          • Travis

            I would like to say that the Bible proves nothing of God’s existence. The book is 2000 years old, and completely illogical. If God did love everybody unconditionally, then why does he himself damn people to hellfire and torture for not believing that he’s there? And I would like to throw in that the: Jewish, Muslims, Hindus, Satanists, Scientologists, and some (if not most) Cult believers have some semblance of belief in A FORM OF DEITY THAT IS ALL-POWERFUL. Isn’t God just that? And also, define SELFISH. Selfish is a word meaning one indulged in oneself. All people have selfish tendencies, but using the word selfish is much too broad. And another also, Atheists don’t “See the light,” or “Change their minds.” They are put in a new perspective that is highlighted in their minds (it’s always been there, chief). I know some of these topics do not relate to your comment, I’m just trying to write an insightful comment that appeals to Christians and other religions as a strong argument. Thank you for anybody who is reading this, and I hope you have a sunshiny day!

          • Jerry Winkler

            what you are talking about here is the exact same excuse Andrea Yates gave as her defense when she killed her children. That is why your ideas are dangerous, because stupid people take them and run, stupid mothers think that if they kill their kids before they commit sin, the kids will go to heaven, well now Yates is rotting in a jail cell as she should be.

          • Bentley

            Yet religion has caused so much hurt and death and pain out there? Gay people committing suicide? None has been proven and not only has none been proven but things have been proven AGAINST it. You were made from your moms egg, and your sperm just happened to be the fastest and got there first and all the others died. (Be thankful for that duh) Life has natural good and bad things and coincidences. Quit giving god the credit for good and praying for bad and forgetting how often he ignores you. (Cause he doesn’t exist) also , there’s over 3,000 religions. Science gives you proof and evidence and reasons and can show you again and again. :) you don’t just have to have this “faith” that isn’t really faith just stupidity since it’s been proven wrong. Me surviving through a surgery is something I would have faith for , and it would be praying to the doctor not some made up dude in the sky. Science people ;)

          • ravi teja

            So, If I kill you then am I helping you in entering the paradise? So god uses mass killings and terrorist attacks in order to send people to earth? Separating mother from child, child from mother. Killing innocents who have dreamed of achieving something great in their life. Is that his plan? and lets see someother side effects of god’s plan.


            Is this part of god’s plan? If he really feels the pain, why would there be worst diseases like leprosy and elephantiasis.
            And should we be forgiven for our imperfections?? How stupid is that? How about making something without imperfections? Forget about minor imperfections. Why are there such a huge differences within people? Some are born great. Some look as if they are just down from hell.
            Coming to the so-called word of god. When disproved. People start reinterpreting it. People in Galileo’s time used the same bible to disagree with his idea that earth revolves around the sun. Today they say that it was wrongly interpreted by the people at that time. Now, I ask you. What makes you so sure that the current interpretation of god is the final one? May be in hundred years, gay rights would be legalized and people will start saying “Bible is the only book which gave homosexuals, the true rights”. What if the verses which say that bible itself is the word of god are actually misinterpreted?

            • Shark Island Revolt

              In the Bible God always sympathized with man and gave him what he wanted. All the bad things you’re talking about are what we all did to this planet together. God or no God, stop asking Christians why the world sucks and do something other than shaking your fist at a being you don’t believe in.

            • Gary

              I guess you don’t really understand who really controls this world since the original sin. That would be satin cause,he wants so much to be God he deceives people to make them think they don’t need the 1 TRUE GOD my SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST. Read your bible Jesus himself tells us this he said test the spirits to see if they are of God. And he told us there would be many false prophets and false christ study your bible. Your probably don’t eve know the unforgivable sin of the Quran bible? It is definately not the same one of the HOLY KING JAMES BIBLE

        • obrienpro98

          God gives us free will witch causes evil in this world

          • Tyne Porter

            Then by your logic, since there is no sin in heaven, there is no free will in heaven :)

        • Samsroid

          Who are you to question God? Plus, your answer is in the Bible – read the section of Adam and Eve, and how paradise was lost by mankind. Then read the part of Jesus, and how he came to allow us to get back to that paradise – perfect world you so desire. It takes work, you gotta earn it back….
          As for the Pope giving gold… The Catholic Church gives away over $170 Billion in donations a year just in the US alone. That’s more than Apple has cash…

          • Jerry Winkler

            You’re stupidity shows when you start using numbers. Apple makes that much money in one year.

        • ofbutnotin

          I know I am really late to this, but here I am to give this a shot. God created the world- but the world is no longer God’s. Many people have used the argument of “oh, if God is real and loving, why does he let so much bad happen here?” He lets us choose what we wish to do. We are given the choice to live lives as the elect and the outcasts of the world- two completely contrasting statements, by the way (will explain later)- or; we can blend into the sin and suffering of the world and mankind that rules it.
          So: about “elect” and “outcasts”- Christians are the “elect” because after we accept Christ we no longer belong to the world. We may be in the world, but we are not of it. Our true home is in heaven. “Outcasts” comes into play because of how deeply we are hated by the people of the world. The world despises anything remotely different from it. When something bad happens to Christians, we can feel defeated and forget our place as elect and our home in heaven, or we can act as a rich man does when a vase is broken- “no problem, I can just buy another one.” Whatever suffering we endure on earth will be compensated infinitely in heaven.

        • Misheru Tachibana

          The question can also be: “Why is God allowing so many good things happening to bad people?” He gave us the ability to reconcile and to get to heaven.

        • Misheru Tachibana

          One more thing, not everyone interprets the Bible correctly, and that is what leads to deaths, for example the Crusades.
          Even though the Catholics claimed that their was purgatory, and that you needed to pay indulgences to get out of purgatory, it was never written in the Bible that there even was a purgatory.

          • Jerry Winkler

            How can a perfect being write a book that can be misinterpreted? Wouldn’t he have seen that coming and done something about it to prevent confusion?

        • Caleb

          The Church need money to survive. Have you not heard of electrical bills, and water bills? The bible says he who teaches the word should live on the word. A man who doesn’t work doesn’t eat. Preachers need to be paid for the work they do.The Church also need to fund the missionaries they support. Churches don’t ask for money for profit. God doesn’t let bad things happen to anyone, people bring destruction on themselves. That’s like a dad saying don’t do that or you are gonna get a spanking and you do it and get a spanking is that your dads fault or your fault? It yours because you know you shouldn’t have done it and you knew there were gonna be consequences. People die. It has been appointed unto men to die once on this earth. We have no say over when we die. Everything that happens, happens for a reason. When a culture here’s the word, it’s their choice whether to change or to stay the same. Its a Christians job to spread the word. he who has ears let them hear. Christians cant be blamed for doing their job because like i said it is there job!

        • actually

          all religions do this and although I do not believe this is any sense of proof that religion is false, I still am not religious. the main error that relates to this is the contradiction between what religious scriptures say are true and the legitimate truth

      • thorgil

        I just a random browser looking for answers in not faith to say but the fact I have to hear utter bullshit from the Christian faith is wht bothers me ur jesus was jewish moses was jewish more than half the people in the bible were jewish there it would seem that gods chosen ones would be those of the jewish faith not the Christians wich by the way if u look at the history written solid proof its built off blood there is nothing holy about it it is disgusting to think how many people have dide over that bullshit
        it hurts me to say im not a Christian but my love of my life is and it hurts me every time she tells me that she cant be with me because she tells me that god tells her she cant that upsets me and don’t miss read what im saying as if she leaves me that that is the reason why I type this its beacause I want answers to life

        • Samsroid

          You are blaming God for the errors of man. God is not responsible for the sin man commits.

        • Kenzie

          Well, first of all, the Jews were God’s holy race, whom he gave the law and whom he made a nation out of. They weren’t ‘Christians’ because Christ hadn’t come yet. The people who still stand as Jews claim that Jesus wasn’t the Christ. That’s how there are now separate faiths that emerged from the same background.

          Second, you’re right that Christianity brought forth much blood. Thousands of martyrs have died horrible deaths throughout history, favoring torment over renouncing their God. That’s because of the love people have for their faith. To a Christian, to die for the sake of the faith is gain. We believe in a perfect afterlife for us with our creator after we finish the work He has laid our for us.

          At the time of the rise of Christianity, it spread throughout Rome rapidly– never by force, but because of the love Christians had for each other and for the people. God worked through His servants in this way. The conversion of Constantine also marked a turning point in the spread of Christianity– but he never forced conversation on anyone. He supported religious freedom– even of pagans!

          There were some bloody battles fought by “Christians” (e.g., the Crusades, the Inquisition). This does not speak for the faith as a whole. As you can see, the faith caught momentum by freedom of choice and never by the sword. Anyone who forces anyone to convert cannot be of Christ, because the Bible teaches freedom of choice.

          I understand your dilemma with the girl you love, as well. I am sorry to hear that this is the situation you are in, but I think God wants to use it to draw you closer to Him. God uses our struggles to draw us nearer and to develop us spiritually. I pray that you will continue to investigate Christianity and find the answers you are looking for.

        • Christian Takou

          Hello, let me try to help you really briefly. First of all, it’s not that God decided that Jewish will be his people, but God notices that these people were the ones who love him. So, he wants them to persist by sending them Moses, and the others. It would not be fair if the prophets were coming from the people who don’t care about God, instead of those who die for him!!!!
          Second, the solution for your problem is simple. The love of your life should stay with you if he/she loves you because God want people to love each other. But you should do something to prove to your love, that you care about this problem, this difference, his/her beliefs: you should read the Bible. This is the answer of life and you don’t even need to be a Christian.

      • Johnny59

        People rise from the dead? Look it up? Where, enquiring minds want to know.

    • Truth

      Hmm well considering that the laws of physics are really just observations based on what we currently know, it is irrelevant. It is like arguing that the Earth was flat because nothing was found yet to prove otherwise, in the 1300′s. Guess what? There is still much to be discovered with regard to the scope of the Universe. To say that science is pure fact is complete ignorance.

    • OutThnk

      Ridiculous statement. The laws of the known universe just happened to change to suit the needs of a book written 2k years ago? We non-believers have a duty to spread truth over fantasy. The world is plenty delusional without us teaching our kids to believe in dragons and unicorns.

      • Samsroid

        I agree with him, and so does this man:
        About Dr. Gerald Schroeder
        B.Sc. Chemical engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.)
        M.Sc. Earth and planetary sciences, M.I.T.
        PhD Earth Sciences and Physics, M.I.T.

        Read away:

    • Michael Swenson
  • Renifer

    Good article. You left out a few things though. Here’s some help.

    Science says “I don’t know, but here is the proven method for discovering the answers.”
    Religion says, “Here are the answers. Trust me.”

    And here is a long list of just 428 things that the Bible got dead wrong:

    Science and History in the Bible

  • disqus_DvhkNfXU1z

    God is real, and the bible has some truths, but also a lot of fantasy.

    • Truth

      Not quite. You must read and study diligently to understand the full context. Don’t be mislead. Those who take what they want out of the bible and throw away what they dislike, believe not in God but themselves.

      • AlmostaCowboy


    • AlmostaCowboy

      Everything in the Bible is true, but it does not contain all the truth that exists. It does not contain “fantasy”.

      • Bible Quotes

        So bats are birds? The bible says so.

        • Kurtis Prosser

          They seem like birds. They fly. Why would God, or his word, care about the difference between a hairy milk drinker and a lightweight puke swallower.

      • SampsonJones

        “Everything in the Bible is true…” Just stating that everything in the bible is true, doesn’t make it so. I strongly disagree with you as would many others.

      • Constantine

        A reality show minister handled poisonous snakes and was bitten. This man refused medical attention and placed his fate in the hands of god, and died. Perhaps there is a god because the world would be a better place without you stupid fuckers.

    • Bible Quotes

      Evidence if this god please? Evidence of any god would suffice?

      • jen

        Look up the Phi ratio. or the Goldon ratio. If that doesn’t prove to you that there is a God, I don’t know what will.

  • Randi

    If God is the Author of all truth and untruth, then the very text of Scripture is purposefully and supernaturally inspired and trustworthy, even on matters of science. The Scriptures are consistent. God verifies, augments, describes, and cites His creative power without alteration throughout thhe Bible. To the naturalists, this life is all that there is. There is no future, no afterlife. When you’re dead, you’re dead! Teenage suicide is alarmingly high, and therapists themselves continue to manifest one of the highest suicide rates in civilized countries. Scandals aboud among the leaders of world buisness, politics, and even churches. There is no “good news” in the evolutionary theory. There is however, glorious wonder and life-changing power in the “gospel” presented in the Bible. The message of salvation describes an eternal conversion from a spiritually dead and physically dying existence to spiritual eternal life now and a totally flawless “new heavens and earth” in which those who are “saved” will become both immortal and holy. Indeed, man was given the authority to rule and subdue the earth by his Creator, and those disciplines that we call science and technology are the methods by which we uncover much evidence for the functioning of the creation. But the “how” of the beginnings remains far beyond finite mind. To believe that such knowledge is obtainable is to beileve man can obtain equality with the Creator. The idea that the Creator used powers, proccesses, and programming, for which we have neither current knowledge nor the ability to gain such knowledge, makes many people mad. Why? Because the Bible has insists that mans mind is both corrupt and powerless to grasp the creating power of God. Science cannot duplicate or comprehend creation. Man can merely steward or manage that which is held together by the Creator in the long suffering mercy. (2 Peter 3:8-9)

    • Randi

      -The Book of Beginnings

  • Ihavequestions

    If god is all forgiving and accepting why cant he accept homosexuals and if he indeed is all powerful why not just get rid of the devil and stop what he is doing? I also see a lot of images of jesus christ portrayed around the world. When was the last time you saw a tall pale guy originally from the middle eastern part of the world?

    • Truth

      People spread falsities about many things and as much as they’d like it would never make them true. Images of Jesus are irrelevant. Did DaVinci ever see Jesus? Of course not, Then why would you Condemn Jesus for those who came after him and did wrong by him?

      It is imperative for us to be sincere in our works as Christians, doing what is right because it is right and not for greed of an afterlife. That is why even if I could stop believing in Christ today, I would still spread his teachings because I have seen the good that it does.

      As far as homosexuals is concerned, many pagan religions stem with homosexuality and believe that it gives special powers. You can not drink from the cup of the devil and drink from the cup of God as well. Homosexuality demonstrates a love for ones selfs and lust where as a marriage between a man and a woman is giving up the love of the world for the procreation and benefit of a child.

    • ihaveanswers

      God is not all forgiving and accepting. He only forgives the sins of those that put their faith in Him. Those who he has predestined for righteousness.
      God doesn’t just get rid of the devil because it is not part of his plan yet. The devil’s actions are part of his plan to bring himself glory

  • Chris

    Isn’t the Bible alone recorded evidence that it occurred?

    • Bible Quotes

      Not at all. The bible is the claim.
      Evidence needed.

      • dosmastr

        Actually, thats untrue. Whenever archaeologists find a historical account they take it for true unless something proves otherwise… if it was all “claims” until further evidence was found how truly little would we have with regard to historical account? Hell, we could all be alincolists, those who don’t believe Lincoln actually lived and was president… we have no “needed evidence” to prove he lived, therefore…..

        • Bible Quotes

          So, what about all the recordings of thousands of gods prior?
          They “disproved” them? #think

  • Chris

    “This is the problem with faith: it destroys our reason by removing all our standard checks for proof and accountability.”

    As a faith based person i have heard many religious scholars talk about how faith is “freeing”, not trapping. People with faith still question things just like everyone else if not more.

  • Rawr

    I love this article, I’m only 13 and I know religion has stunted the growth of technologies and government through out time. Historical records have been erased, and master pieces destroyed for the sake of covering religion’s flaws.

    • AlmostaCowboy

      Ask yourself this: Were they destroyed to cover religions flaws? Or to hide the truth.
      At 13 I wouldn’t be so sure about things. You will grow and learn and you will go through many changes. And never forget, God loves you and wants only the best for you.

      • God

        At whatever age you are you should not be so sure about things either.

        • AlmostaCowboy

          I’m approaching 67 and realize how foolish I was when I was young(er). One thing about which I am absolutely positive now is that there is a God and you’re not him.

          • God

            I am and if you do not bow down you will suffer an eternity of writhing anguish. How dare you question me.

            • God

              Him? So I am male? Why would I need sexual organs if not to reproduce? So you are saying that there are many gods? I have a special place for you.

              • Kurtis Prosser

                In the languages we derive our own from, everything has a form of masculinity or lack there of. and if you are referring to something unspecified, or a mixed group, you default to the male context.

                foreign language (spanish) example:
                Ella es muy guapa.
                El es muy guapo
                Both of them:
                Ustedes son muy guapos.

  • food for thought

    People believe what they want to believe. I haven’t found anything in the bible that has been proven wrong…but multiple topics proven true by science. 1st bible states we came from dirt, well science shows the same components of the earth make up the human body. 2nd bible states the earth is round and christopher colombus proven that true as well as satellite images from outer space. 3rd the bible speaks of a massive beast that walked the earth which made the earth shake and swung its tale like a cedar tree, science shows us dinosaurs fossils. Walking on water, Jesus coming back from the dead, parting the red sea, cant be proven, or disproven, they were miracles so we as regular beings cant do these things without that superior power. But if some people can talk to the dead, or have a dream of the future where does that come from? My guess a superior power. It takes faith on some scientific theories, and more faith in God, but my question is…is it more likely a superior power or beingthat put this world together or that there was no world and something out of nothing created itself to.make matter and that matter created the stars, planets, sun and moon, the earth, water and gravity, precipitation and evaporation, rotating the earth, revolving planets and stars, the air we breathe, the distance away from the sun and the moon, the 36 degree angle, well everything needed for life to exist on earth is like a millions things that must be perfect. So what’s easier to believe if you really think about it rather than just trying to argue it?

    • Angela Lyles

      thank you for that I’m still learning about the bible no mater how much you think you know there’s still so much more and I was wondering where the dinosaurs fit in to the bible thankyou

  • GoGod

    The problem with this entire article is that you did not mention one thing that the Bible was wrong about only things that you have not seen proof of. Just because you’ve never seen me doesn’t mean I don’t exist.

    • John

      And just because a book says you exist, doesn’t mean you exist. I have a book that talks about Batman, but he’s not real either…

      • dosmastr

        then again this one’s actually a fair argument

  • Paul Overton

    I work in a hospital in an ER, several times a month we bring people back from the dead. This happens all over the world on a daily occurrence. Your article is fallable and therefore not trustworthy.

    • John

      Yes, with medical expertise and equipment people are brought back to life. Not because a figment of your imagination brought them back to life. Get real.

      • paul overton

        So then you do admit that people come back from the dead. I accept your apology.

        • dosmastr

          Yeah he’s good with the name calling… a tad light on the arguments though huh

      • Bible Quotes

        Lol. Yes, who needs medical science when there is prayer haha

      • Jo

        Three days with no expertise or equipment sealed in a tomb seems very unlikely if not impossible. Why three days? Can’t god do it faster than that? Three days is symbolic of the astrological calendar.

    • Bible Quotes

      Keep mopping the floors and let the doctors work.

      • Paul Overton

        I’m sorry I can’t hear you over all the money I make. You support spontaneous generation, my 5th grade brother knows how stupid that is.

        • Bible Quotes

          Well congrats on your fortune. And just think of how much more you’ll make when minimum wage is increased.
          Back to the issue at hand, when did I make any such claim ? #liar
          I guess the bible’s explanation is less ridiculous. Next your going to tell me that “I Dream of Jeannie” was a biography.

          • Paul overton

            If you don’t acknowledge GODs existence, then you are left with spontaneous generation. Life can only come from life. Show me one observed documented case where life came from non-life. Just one!

            • Bible Quotes

              See abiogenesis. And there is observable evidence to LEAD scientist to these theories. The great thing about science is, we can admit that we don’t know everything. But just because we don’t know diesnt mean we fill in the gaps with supernatural babble. Man has, througout history, looked towards supernatural explanations for what we didn’t understand, while science found explanations. So again, present evidence of AnY deity. Present evidence of a creator. Until then, it’s simply babble. You may as well say Santa created man.
              Ok… Those floors aren’t going to clean themselves.

      • Angela Lyles

        my father is a respiratory therapist, there was a patient who was dead like really dead and the doctor was going to call and let him be and I can’t remember what exactly what my dad did but if he really had to I’m positive he could find that patient and the doctors and nurses that were there to witness it so yea technically people can be revived

  • Paul Overton

    If you do not acknowledge GODs existence than you support spontaneous generation, something which has never been observed in nature. Where’s the science in that? Life cannot come from non-life

    • John

      So you would rather believe we are all INBRED from the same two people, than believe we evolved?!?!?! Wow, that’s creepy…

      • Paul Overton

        This post has nothing to do with belief. Where is the SCIENCE that proves life comes from non-life? There is none. I can give you millions of documented cases where life comes from life. Please show me just ONE documented occurrence where life came from non-life.

        • dosmastr

          And remember it all came from “nothing” so long as you count the quantum vacuum as “nothing”

    • John doe

      The bible has succeeded and has succeeded admirably in dividing us. The tangible, the here and now. Let evil run amuck, god will deal with it in his own time. The bible serves a function and that function is to divide us. Let evil reign and it will. Nothing will stop it but us. The bible will make sure that never happens. You selfish people are so concerned about what people believe that you fail to see the obvious. Only together can we change the world. Put aside your beliefs and focus on the greater good. You pricks.

  • Reserved

    Being an ex-atheist, I know all the arguments, all the post-Christian conversation eye-rolls, all the “scientific” & logical comebacks, I spouted off my fair share & only one truly devoted believer, in all the years, ever even made me think “maybe,” with a simple response on faith & “would you rather.” The rest of the “Christians” appalled me with their hypocrisies, lack of Biblical & logical understanding & basic stupidity, which led me even further away from our Father. The turning point came one night when after contemplating my life & in a sense “praying,” in slumber I had a one-on-one conversation with our Great Teacher in a dream. After this very real, unexplainable experience(I like to reserve the details of something that was truly divine & personal to me from ridicule from unbelievers) I dove into the Bible w/an open mind & have never looked back. The stories came alive & now made perfect sense, it’s not the Bible that’s lacking truth it’s, suppressed history and the misinterpretation of it by multitudes of “religious” folks throughout many generations.If you seek the truth with an open mind you SHALL find it!

    • John

      So you ran into a little trouble and turned to religion to solve this problem, instead of manning up and meeting this issue head on and fixing it yourself? I’ve had dreams that I’m a superhero, so should I go put on tights and a mask and start fighting crime? Typical christian, run into a little problem and run to a book and hide from the problem. You ran away from the truth to submerse yourself into faith hoping “he” would make said problem go away…

      • Guest

        LOL! You are funny. :-)

    • Bible Quotes

      It’s very clear that you do NOT know all the arguments. Try again.

  • ChazSummers

    It makes sense for God to just show himself in the clouds right? Just show? Yeah! Of course! But he does not care for proving himself, because he has nothing to prove. He isn’t proof, but faith. He wants people who have fath. Who know to trust and walk on deep waters in his name. Even as the bible says that even satan himself must have granted permission from God to manipulate people, he allows such things to happen to allow you to use your faith and test it. For example, God may allow a young man’s father to die in the military, because God knows that because of this fact, that young man will join the military, and kill the most wanted tyrant I’m the world. Remember, GOD DOES NOT DWELL IN THE DIMENSION OF TIME. Science now adapts is all fueled by ignorance, and for that reason is why science will never know all the answers. If they do, there will be no more science. Humans can never capture the entire image and reality of our universe. We’re very ignorant in comparison to all there is to undererstand. Seem and unseen things. Natural law. Churches collect money because the church has bills to pay too! Churches are self run, they pay for themselves with members. You don’t HAVE to give money, but because it was seen in the bible, it set an example. Just because someone says they are a Christian doesn’t mean they are. There are MANY perversion .Thanks for reading guys! Hope I gave a little

    • dosmastr

      There are acutally two schools of thought A theory and B theory regarding God and time, A, He is outside it, and can play it like a guitar, B he created it and then placed Himself into it.
      B theory solved the problem that God cannot learn (knows it all already) by how the tenses of things change being counted as learning (I will goto the store, I am going to the store, I did goto the store.

  • Tim

    I think Christianity comes down to living an honest life, most Christians don’t even know what parts of the bible they think is actually true versus a parable, story, lesson etc. And when you try to argue with a preacher he will always try to prove the bible with quotes from the bible, and he will say well (g)od said this and (g)od said that. Every story can obviously be proven by saying “hey it can be done because (g)od made it happen.

  • John

    Great article! This is arguments I’ve had with many christians too, and they refuse to see this logic.

  • dosmastr

    Thats it? “It contains miracles and they don’t happen so its wrong” Thats the entirety of your argument? Wow I thought you might have had something concrete.

  • chris

    I would rather be wrong believing in the gospel and exciting jesus christ as my lord and saviour in the end, then not to believe and be wrong.

  • james dearyan

    kinda cool fact about the Bible it describes how the earth is suspended on nothing like 1800 years before that was discovered by “scientists” Job 26:7 the cool thing about true Christianity is that it isn’t a religion. I’m not trying to earn my way to heaven I’m putting my trust in what God did for me on that cross. ill be honest though, i don’t have enough faith to believe i came from a theory that has no proof. Atheism on the other hand is a religion. It teaches that you are god accountable to no body and that life is over when you die which couldn’t be wronger…. yes i know that isn’t a word… show me a tribe that was cut off from civilization that didnt believe in a god at all then tell me that Atheism isnt taught i.e. its a religion then realize that every person is born knowing there is a God and the Bible talks about the heaviness of the wind, atmospheric pressure, and about how the earth is actually round! lol its really great to know my Creator and because of Him i can handle anything thrown at me…. if your looking for joy and peace in life go to Jesus

    • Teach

      People with your grammatical skills should leave the pondering to others.

  • Baconator

    Honestly, the bible is just wrong. If a bunch of religous people want to come rant on here, then please gtfo.

    • John doe

      It is people looking for something, anything, no matter how ridiculous when we cannot look to each other because of social and religious differences. Brilliant! Divide and conquer.

  • William

    //The bible has been proven wrong about a great number of things, not the least of which is its central idea: that a man rose from the dead. We know this is impossible.//

    Wow. Thanks for clearing that up for all humanity. We were all waiting on your ruling. Who is the “we” that know its impossible? Would it be the same “we” that believe that living things rose from a dead planet and then shaped itself blindly into a sentient being. Seems to me that all sorts of improbable and unlikely things happen in this universe.

    As usual you take a wooden, fundamentalist approach to the Bible. You beat your contrived strawman to death and then beat your chest in victory. It is really quite humorous. You might want to know that you cannot prove the Bible false, you can only argue rationally against an interpretation of it. Most physical things that Atheys claim are Bible claims are actually interpretative claims, and always claims that are not the lone perspective of that position.

    At any length, your primary argument is not with the Bible. The Christian Bible could be total trash and you are still left trying to explain an improbable universe. But keep dodging and pounding that strawman … maybe no one will notice. :)

  • Samsroid

    You say it is wrong because “it is”. That’s your only argument. THAT is not an argument! You need proof. Evidence to discredit it. The Bible was written by witnesses. People that saw what happened and recorded it. That is what we base our justice system in – proof of witnesses being an important part of a case. So you need to come up with a better argument other than – it’s impossible, it could not have happened, there is no proof… bla bla bla. There is proof, and it’s the countless testimonies of the witnesses, and the very many scientific evidence that has been unearthed proving the places, and life styles to be just as described in the Bible. Heck, even the Genesis has now been proven right with the Time Dilation: Schroeder takes a slightly different approach, invoking Einsteins Theory of General Relativity and time dilation to “prove” that the 6 days of creation in Genesis 1 is literally identical to the approximately 15 billion years since the Big Bang.

  • The creeping bam of truth

    I used to believe that a man in a red suit flew around the world in a sleigh powered by magic reindeer and gave presents to all the good little boys and girls. I also believed that a giant bunny laid colored eggs and hid them for us to find. Can anyone prove that these are not true? No, you can’t.
    The point is that people can be made to believe anything and I do mean ANYTHING! I find it very funny when a Christian mocks a scientologist for their beliefs to which I say,” people will believe anything”, and the Christian agrees, ” yes, people will believe anything”. Very funny indeed.

  • Bill Huningahke

    Did you have any logical arguments or actual evidence in what you stated. With all respect, your statements are nothing more than your emotional opinions without any logical arguments within them nor did you provide any evidence.

    1) There is no proved fact of science or history that conflicts with any statement in the Bible. Notice the word ‘proved’ and not your foolish emotional opinion.

    Furthermore, many discoveries of modern science have been hidden in the pages of the Bible for thousands of years. These include the roundness of the earth, the remarkable water cycle of meteorology, the rotation of the earth, the strong force of gravity, and many others.

    There are hundreds of minutely fulfilled prophecies in the Scriptures, most of which have been proved to have been fulfilled long after being written. These prophecies include the history of such nations and cities as Egypt, Edom, Tyre, Sidon, Babylon, Persia, Syria, Greece, Rome, etc.

    The entire history of the Jewish land and people was foretold, to and beyond the present. Scores of prophecies of the first advent of Christ, including the date of His coming, His place of birth, His virgin birth, His ministry and miracles, His vicarious death, and resurrection, were given in the Old Testament. Many New Testament prophecies are being fulfilled today.

    What men dislike, because it opposes their pride and lusts, they will not be convinced of; but it is easy to cause them to believe things they wish to be true. The theory of evolution (either cosmic or organic) has never been proved, but yet many will say it’s a fact. Most, if not all, the supposed evidences for it have, in recent years, been rejected even by many evolutionists. At the same time, evidence is multiplying that evolution on any large scale not only did not, but could not, take place.

    The Bible has given clear prophecies that could be fulfilled by only one person in the entire human race. Based on hundreds of messianic passages and hundreds of references from the most anient biblical writings there are over 100 distinct prophecies pertaining to the Messiah that must be fulfilled. The possiblity that even 20 of these prophecies could be fulfilled is something like 1 in 100 million. The prophecies say the Messiah will be proceeded by a forerunner. That He will be pierced without breaking a bone. The Messiah must be born in the bloodline of King David. The Messiah will travel to Egypt as a young child. The Messiah will be rejected by His own people. The Messiah must be born in Bethlehem.

    If you are able to come up with a rational objection, I’ll be happy to respond.

  • Bill Huningahke

    Did you have any logical arguments or actual evidence in what you stated. With all respect, your statements are nothing more than your emotional opinions without any logical arguments.

    There is no proved fact of science or history that conflicts with any statement in the Bible.

    Furthermore, many discoveries of modern science have been hidden in the pages of the Bible for thousands of years. These include the roundness of the earth, the remarkable water cycle of meteorology, the rotation of the earth, the strong force of gravity, and many others.

    There are hundreds of minutely fulfilled prophecies in the Scriptures, most of which have been proved to have been fulfilled long after being written. These prophecies include the history of such nations and cities as Egypt, Edom, Tyre, Sidon, Babylon, Persia, Syria, Greece, Rome, etc.

    The entire history of the Jewish land and people was foretold, to and beyond the present. Scores of prophecies of the first advent of Christ, including the date of His coming, His place of birth, His virgin birth, His ministry and miracles, His vicarious death, and resurrection, were given in the Old Testament. Many New Testament prophecies are being fulfilled today.

    What men dislike, because it opposes their pride and lusts, they will not be convinced of; but it is easy to cause them to believe things they wish to be true. The theory of evolution (either cosmic or organic) has never been proved, but yet many will say it’s a fact. Most, if not all, the supposed evidences for it have, in recent years, been rejected even by many evolutionists. At the same time, evidence is multiplying that evolution on any large scale not only did not, but could not, take place.

    The Bible has given clear prophecies that could be fulfilled by only one person in the entire human race. Based on hundreds of messianic passages and hundreds of references from the most anient biblical writings there are over 100 distinct prophecies pertaining to the Messiah that must be fulfilled. The possiblity that even 20 of these prophecies could be fulfilled is something like 1 in 100 million. The prophecies say the Messiah will be proceeded by a forerunner. That He will be pierced without breaking a bone. The Messiah must be born in the bloodline of King David. The Messiah will travel to Egypt as a young child. The Messiah will be rejected by His own people. The Messiah must be born in Bethlehem.

    If you are able to come up with a rational objection, I’ll be happy to respond.

  • Angel

    God is real. How many of you in this conversation do not believe in God??

  • Bridgettr1221

    Religion research
    Genesis chapter 1 says the first man and woman were made at the same time, and after the animals. But Genesis chapter 2 gives a different order of creation: man, then the animals, and then woman.
    So which is it?

    . Genesis chapter 1 lists six days of creation, whereas chapter 2 refers to the “day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens.” Genesis 1:2-3 claims that God created light and divided it from darkness on the first day; but Genesis 1:14-19 tells us the sun, moon, and stars weren’t made until the fourth day
    Which is it?

    Chapter 1 reports that the fruit trees were created before the man, while chapter 2 indicates they were made after him. Genesis 1:20 says the fowl were created out of the waters; Genesis 2:19 alleges they were formed from the ground
    Which is it?

    Genesis 6:19-22, God ordered Noah to bring “of every living thing of all flesh, two of every sort . . . into the ark.” Nevertheless, Genesis 7:2-3 relates that the Lord ordered Noah to take into the ark the clean beasts and the birds by sevens, and only the unclean beasts by twos.
    Which is it?

    Genesis 8:4 reports that, as the waters of the flood receded, Noah’s ark rested on the mountains of Ararat in the seventh month. The very next verse, however, says the mountaintops could not be seen until the tenth month
    Which is it?

    Old Testament is contradictory as to whether the Lord commanded the Israelites to sacrifice animals to him. At Jeremiah 7:22, God denies he ever gave the Israelites commandments about animal sacrifices. In contrast, Exodus 29:38-42 and many other verses depict God as requiring the Israelites to offer animal sacrifices
    Which is it?

    . In the New Testament, there are contradictions between the genealogies of Jesus given in the first chapter of Matthew and the third chapter of Luke. Both genealogies begin with Jesus’ father, who is identified as Joseph (which is curious, given that Mary was supposedly impregnated by the Holy Ghost). But Matthew says Joseph’s father was Jacob, while Luke claims he was Heli. Matthew lists 26 generations between Jesus and King David, whereas Luke records 41. Matthew runs Jesus’ line of descent through David’s son Solomon, while Luke has it going through David’s son Nathan.
    Which is it?

    Matthew 2:13-15 depicts Joseph and Mary as fleeing to Egypt with the baby Jesus immediately after the wise men from the east had brought gifts. But Luke 2:22-40 claims that after the birth of Jesus, his parents remained in Bethlehem for the time of Mary’s purification (which was 40 days, under the Mosaic law). Afterwards, they brought Jesus to Jerusalem “to present him to the Lord,” and then returned to their home in Nazareth. Luke mentions no journey into Egypt or visit by wise men from the east.
    Which is it?

    . Concerning the death of Judas, the disloyal disciple, Matthew 27:5 states he took the money he had received for betraying Jesus, threw it down in the temple, and “went and hanged himself.” To the contrary, Acts 1:18 claims Judas used the money to purchase a field and “falling headlong, he burst asunder in the midst, and all his bowels gushed out.”
    Which is it?

    . In describing Jesus being led to his execution, John 19:17 recounts that he carried his own cross. But Mark 15:21-23 disagrees by saying a man called Simon carried the cross.
    Which is it?

    Matthew 27:44 tells us Jesus was taunted by both criminals who were being crucified with him. But Luke 23:39-43 relates that only one of the criminals taunted Jesus, the other criminal rebuked the one who was doing the taunting, and Jesus told the criminal who was defending him, “Today shalt thou be with me in paradise.”
    Which is it?

    . Regarding the last words of Jesus while on the cross, Matthew 27:46 and Mark 15:34 quote Jesus as crying with a loud voice, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” Luke 23:46 gives his final words as, “Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.” John 19:30 alleges the last words were, “It is finished.”
    Which is it?

    The resurrection.. Mark 16:2 states that on the day of the resurrection, certain women arrived at the tomb at the rising of the sun. But John 20:1 informs us they arrived when it was yet dark. Luke 24:2 describes the tomb as open when the women arrived, whereas Matthew 28:1-2 indicates it was closed. Mark 16:5 declares that the women saw a young man at the tomb, Luke 24:4 says they saw two men, Matthew 28:2 reports they saw an angel, and John 20:11-12 claims they saw two angels.
    Which is it?

    . Acts 9:7 states that when Jesus called Paul to preach the gospel, the men who were with Paul heard a voice but saw no man. According to Acts 22:9, however, the men saw a light but didn’t hear the voice speaking to Paul.
    Which is it?

    • Kurtis Prosser

      It’s a common jewish writing form to summarize a story, begginning to end, then immediately retell it with the full details, reread Genesis with this in mind.

  • Kenzie

    Just a remark about Ezekiel 26′s prophecy being ‘disproven’…

    “The insular Tyre recovered partly, after seventy years (Isa 23:17, 18), but again suffered under Alexander, then under Antigonus, then under the Saracens at the beginning of the fourteenth century. Now its harbors are choked with sand, precluding all hope of future restoration, “not one entire house is left, and only a few fishermen take shelter in the vaults” [Maundrell]. So accurately has God’s word come to pass.” (Jameison-Fausset-Brown Commentary)

    Also, you say that living in the belly of a whale for three days is impossible? It has been proven scientifically that it is indeed possible, even without supernatural influence.

    Your lack of study on your arguments shows.

  • Doug Chivers

    You said the bible has been “disproven” many times. Yet, not one of those events you mentioned has been disproven or is even impossible. You may want to re-think or at least re-write your comment.

  • Chris

    If God made man how can man make a God and make claim that God has to be confined to fit within a frame. The point of justicfication is not for Christians to argue, it is just more to defend in a biblical way, no where in the bible are we suppose to draw people away from God due to arguing, no discoveries have proved the bible to be wrong only to support it, ancient civilizations have been dug up, this may help with non-biblical accounts of the bible.

  • One Time Argument

    Research the Kalam argument for creationism. It is my favorite, and in my opinion the most powerful case for how God, or at least a god, exists. The Kalam argument has never been proven wrong, as of yet.

  • Jed Frye

    I would like to point out something that is very important.
    You wrote this blog to show that the bible has been proven wrong in many different situations, yet each time you name one of these events you don’t tell us how they have been proven wrong.
    You simply name a bunch of events claim that they are wrong and continue as if you have actually proven something.
    If you really wanted to prove the bible wrong you would show us through logic and evidence in each situation how these events can’t have happened.
    No scientist can disprove the existence or happening in history in one sentence.

  • Chris

    I think its pointless to argue around supernaatural events. But concerning the flood and the city of tyre, you clearly are ignorant of scripture and history.

  • Chad

    I see that you have not realized that there is a mud layer around the earth, meaning that the entire earth would have been flooded in order for there to be the world-wide mud layer. It is something that scientists don’t often mention in the books because it can be used to prove the great flood. Meaning the a world-wide flood did happen. Look it up.

  • 敬太郎

    Is it Faith that destroys your Reason, or is it your perception of reason that destroys a “fair” connection with the Bible. and because there are people who can, it’s those whom you can’t connect with. lol see it from a different pov

    Blaming the bible for irrelevance or inability to prove what you are willing to believe is of no consequence really

  • Proverbs 31 ~ Bella

    Only in ignorance would one say the Bible is not truth , not without fault . Funny. Isn’t it , that if you hold a science degree then you know science and you are knowledgeable about it . So it’s safe to say that many people claiming God’s word is not truth and without error probably slept through Theology 101 . Ignorance , hate bigotry lol please ~ Atheists are great at one thing for sure making me laugh . Not all Fundies like me are without great wisdom and knowledge of all things science and all things God , Archaeology, Ancient History , Semantics , Arabic and Greek and searching outside the Bible for eye witness accounts of those who were adverse to Christ and His mission . There are many countless truths you just have to actually work for it lol !! Good day to you , and by the way you have never got an invitation to speak with me but then shall I waste precious moments I will never get back arguing with someone who definitely has no true Biblical knowledge or degree . Just keep your faith in your dearly departed Darwin a man who was a med school drop out lol with no science degree of any kind , drank to much married his first cousin and had many children that did not live. Well well and you say you have no faith lol I call you a liar all of you who follow the ” theory of lies ” ..

  • Russian1980

    If God created man and wants us to live good lives and travel to the Kingdom of heaven then why give us the mental ability to disprove his entire existence thus giving us the ability to never fulfil what we’re meant to do , the bible was written by the few to control the many with fear , it’s an invisibility cloak for the weak and evil people that need it

  • Russian1980

    Jesus from Bethlehem was nothing more than the first street magician with talent , no one denies that the bible was first spread by word of mouth , every tongue Jesus tricks passed it was altered , I’d also like to give praise to his mom Mary , she had a one night stand got pregnant and invented the worst story till this present day , I bet she would laugh if she could see she not only blagged joey but 2000 years later most of the planet would believe her lie hahaha history best ever slag n bullshit award for that woman hahaha

  • Anonymous

    First of all, faith is an action. Hope is a belief. The things you speak about, you have no complete knowledge of. If you could read the bible every day, you would see the things that most people would not argue about. The fact that you don’t believe these things suggests that you’ve never encountered the holy spirit in a way that convicts your heart to live a life for him. I challenge you to study the bible like you would study for a college degree. Really dig deep into the words. When you read the words on the surface, it is hard to believe because it doesn’t match with the conventional laws of this world. But every day scientist find things that boggle the mind in the same way to be true. Today, you can use magnets to make an object float in mid air. That would’ve been seen as only an illusion 100 years ago. Really search for the meanings yourself. Don’t let someone else’s words be your deciding factor of weather or not you believe. If you date 5 women that are horrible, that doesn’t mean that all women are horrible. You just haven’t talked to the right person about what you are searching for. The bible has been taken in many ways and not a lot of people get the things that matter because our small minds are always focused on the wrong things. The fact is, the only thing that holds existence together is love. Without love, this world would be destroyed. We are close to destroying this world already. The message of the bible is to find love and to give love. I read this message and I can only know that you and everyone on here is searching for something. That something is peace and wholeness. These arguments will keep us in the same place forever. Please don’t take parts of the bible, without reading the whole story. It wont make any sense. Just like reading parts of a book or watching the end of a movie, you will never understand the full story. You can debate about why and how, but until you say, ” What if it is true?” and make a move into actually learning the truth, then you will never find it. I challenge you to pray with your whole heart and Pray that you can connect with him and learn the truth about all of your questions. You can also pray to be filled with overwhelming peace about your existence. I have “Faith” that he will do this for you. My faith is in my action to write this down and believe that you or someone will eventually read this. Faith without works is dead. We hope for things that we don’t have, because it is impossible to hope for things that we already have. Belief and faith are two different things. I pray that you will have the faith of a mustard seed to take 20 seconds out of your day to try and communicate with the God of the bible. He’s always there. It may not be what you normally do, but I challenge you to give it a try.

  • jesse

    So you would blindly believe there is a giant man in the sky treating us like legos? Do you treat your legos with respect s sentient beings? I didnt think so, so why do you beilieve in him because? Not because you want to because you were either brainwashed as a child like most of us or you are just scared to face the fact that once you are dead its over. And another thing aetheists may fall back on scientific proof but christians are just the same with their hokus pokus bullshit were oh god can just do whatever so what they teach you in school is just pointless cause he will just change the laws of the universe. Your arguement contradicts itself and you pointed out the fact that you are also a hypocrite

  • just some dude

    Okay, after seeing all this banter on this discussion board, I come to ask myself how people could be so single minded. I’m not an atheist nor do I believe in your bibles and other religions “god”. But the way every single religion is portrayed, is that it all starts out with some sort of creator or higher being of sorts that somehow created every single thing we see and have ever seen. Which leads me to the question of, “why are we here, and how did we come to exist?” And as I look, I come to the same exact answer every time… humans being the complex machines they are hate for things to be unsolved or incomplete, so in this case, it would come to the unproven problem of our creation. No one actually knows what happened exactly. Science and religion are just there to answer what we can’t answer. we being humans, all we want is something to believe in or something that makes the most sense to us. So that is where religion and science come into play. They both have there own respective reasons to why we came about to exist. Trying to answer an unproven question…

  • Steve Harvey Oswald

    You claim you’re reason based, logical, believe all the shit you listed did not happen simply because you disbelieve in this.religion, and believe in a different religion called atheism. If you were about logic, would you not then be agnostic, since God can not be proven NOR disproven? You mention things can not happen since they contradict man’s scientific discoveries, concepts, theories etcetera and form beliefs, another thing that is illogical, as if man is infallible. You are so stooped in beliefs and bias that you don’t realize how fucking retarded you are. How about quantum mechanics? How about astronomical discoveries that contradict your scientific “truths” that man can’t even comprehend? You experience cognitive dissonance and think that its just your absolute correct knowledge and.wisdom disproving it. You’re an idiot. Like Christians, Catholics, hippies, republicunts and democraps, anarcho capitalists, Stalinists, Darwinists, Jehovah’s witnesses, klansman, hate edge kids, and Zionists and so on.

  • Sharon Badgerow

    You forget the whole fact that Jesus is part of the trinity which is God. So rising from the dead was not an issue. Stop putting God in your little atheist box.

  • CoffeeH

    Believing a thing is not possible is NOT evidence or proof against that thing.

  • Michael Swenson

    Actually what I find astonishing is those who think these things have not been verified, sites that can be visited on earth to this day. and such that atheists actually THINK they are being reasonable, when in fact they are denying empirical evidence! and and by denying the obvious Divinely Inspired leaves them in ignorance of what can be plainly observed as cited above in those links and even in the stars that shine above nightly. and events taking place all over the world TODAY before our eyes that were plainly written of millenniums ago. so really the blogger and all those claiming that the Holy Bible is in error in any way are factually presenting themselves as in

  • Nicholas

    Just a comment from a friend through Christ… the article was going well until you actually started to go into reasoning. You see, when people say the bible has never been proven wrong, it simply means there is no hard “evidence” to go against it. In your argument you said it is physically impossible to raise someone back from the dead… while that statement may appear to be true, your words alone do not “prove the bible wrong”. A more legitimate claim may be saying i have documentations stating jesus wasn’t even alive at the time for example. But we all know that no such evidence exists. But no even to mention what raising back to the dead even means for you? time and time again the world happens to stumble across modern day medical miracles in which people are proclaimed “dead” and are brought back to life… Moreover the bible has only been proven accurate through the historical facts and evidences hence why its titled the most historically accurate book in the world, and has yet to been historically proven wrong

  • Famiel

    All I’m going to say is that evolution can be believed by faith, and the Bible can be believed by faith. Everything is just a matter of if you believe it or not. People will argue things false in evolution and people will argue things false in the Bible. There will always be two sides to this ever lasting argument, but I choose to have Jesus in my life because I have faith in God.

  • Dylan Tucker

    There is more proof of Jesus Christ’s existence than there is of Julius Caesar who was a King. How would an ordinary man, who was a carpenter, have such a reputation? To be known better than a King back then would mean that you weren’t ordinary…trace the places that the Bible takes place and when you can without a doubt tell me all stones turned over that something doesn’t add up then I’d love to invite you to my church and you can record whatever you’d like….even better attend a Ravi Zacharias debate and try to stump him….I challenge you who obviously saw with your own eyes that Jesus was fake for you to post such outrageous accusations…

  • Gledr

    Many people have read the bible cover to cover and it made them atheists because of the hypocracies and contradictions. Lke this stuff was okay because it was back then ( ex killing and polygamy intolerance. Old testamentt.) jesus said old testament is still relevant. Plus the bible says god relinquished control of the earth to satan so he can’t do miracles. Plus if you say jesus did those god couldn’t have birthed jesus.Can’t say killing was ok back then because people didn’t know otherwise god did plus he punished cain for killing able. He himself killed 2 citys sodum and gamora. Plus if he is clairvoyant enough to prophisize the future as in the bible, wouldn’t he have been able to tell satan was gonna betray him and eve would eat the fruit. If he couldn’t even see that how is he credible. Now if you used some logic proving god exists, example nothing comes from nothing that is a model people came up with to fit our fragile minds. Plus a guy proved it lawrence krauss. Even if its true nothing comes from nothing so god isn’t the cheif somebody or something created him.