What every atheist should say to god… if Judgment Day actually happens!

EDITOR’S NOTE (Adam Brown): This writing was sent to me anonymously, so I tracked down the author on Reddit (well, he found me). It really turned my “atheism dial” up a little. The question of “What if you’re wrong” had always been answered in my head as, “Well, I guess I’ll figure it out when I get there” or, “Well, I lived a good life… maybe I can beg my way in.” It wasn’t until reading this that I realized that I wouldn’t want to spend eternity in heaven kissing the ass of such a tyrant as the Abrahamic God while I watched other people I loved burn in hell without me being able to help them. It isn’t like Santa Claus; you can’t get back on the nice list later. If you are on the naughty list, it’s forever.


I hope that this simple, fictional conversation with god will also help you realize that you are right for not believing in him. Don’t be afraid of hell or missing the reward of heaven. Ask yourself after reading this, would you really want to serve a god like this, or deem him worthy to judge you? I wouldn’t. So, the next time a believer asks you, “But what if you’re wrong”, get in their face and politely summarize this article in your own way. Then, turn the question back to them and remind them that if they are wrong… they spent their whole life worshipping a real asshole!



But What if You’re Wrong?


Author: DEXMAC from Reddit – original post http://i.imgur.com/fwgGb.png

Such a wonderfully written piece of atheist literature, that we felt it needed a permanent home on our site in text form – so it would be easier to read. Enjoy.


“But what if you’re wrong?” So goes the common questions posed to atheists by Christians. Putting aside for a moment the obvious retort (what if they are wrong and another religion is right?) I decided to really organize my thoughts a bit. What would I say if I was wrong, the Christians were right, and a moment after dying I found myself before the blinding majesty of Yahweh with Christ at his right hand?


Oh. Oh dear. I see. Well, I guess this is about as close to incontrovertible evidence for your existence as I could have ever demanded.  Actually, as a good skeptic I pray you won’t get offended if I entertain the possibility that I’m experiencing a hypoxia-induced hallucination.  But, I’ll just go along with this for now.

I’m not going to kneel or anything if you don’t mind.  That would kind of be shutting the barn door after the cows have run out, don’t you think?  Besides: by your will, I was thrust into life in a very undignified manner and state, so the least you could do would be to let me leave it in better circumstances.  And really, that would be the very, very least you could do.  You know, now that the initial shock of being dead is starting to wear off, I find myself getting angry.  I’m trying to restrain it, but this whole situation is… absurd.  According to most accounts, this is the part where you judge me.  Who the hell are you to be a moral judge?  You’re a sadistic, genocidal sex-obsessed tyrant.  All my life, I laughed off those Christians who accused me of “hating God”.  Like I told them, it wasn’t that I hated you; I just genuinely didn’t think you existed.  But I did hate the idea of you.  I didn’t see evidence to believe in any gods, but you in particular seemed like a logical contradiction.  I was glad that the Bible was a work of-seeming-fiction because the belief that all of the most terrible things in the world were, at the worst, designed by or, at the best, permitted by an all-powerful conscious being was too horrible to not hate.  It’s oddly refreshing to find that all this time I was outraged at something more tangible.

Or is this the part where your grand plan is revealed, your “mysterious ways” made clear? Will you say the magic words and suddenly I’ll understand how a child being raped, murdered, and left in a ditch fits in with you infinite benevolence?  Will starvation and disease make sense? Because you know, I don’t think I want them to make sense.  If that’s part of your omniscient knowledge, then I don’t want that part. I guess its fitting:  humanity’s first act of defiance was to want knowledge to be more like you.  Then let my last act of defiance be choosing ignorance so that I can be as unlike you as possible.

This is all perfectly futile.  You know me better than anyone.  You know my mind. You know how I thought. You know – and had the power over- all the circumstances in my life that meant you very existence seemed impossible to me.  After all, you “knit me together in my mother’s womb,” didn’t you?  So am I just a casualty of free will, then?  You wanted worship from people who could choose to worship you and, to satisfy your ego, decided it was a fair price to create people whom you knew wouldn’t choose you and would face eternal torture for it.  You know, even if almost everything had been perfect, a world free from pain and death where everyone would freely choose to spend an eternity with you – except for one person, and yet you made him anyways… then you would still be infinitely more evil than all the worst of humanity combined.  You’re going to judge me? On behalf of all that’s good and decent in your creation, I judge you. I may have been a willful child, but you were a terrible father.

I can’t say I’m really inclined to beg for my soul now, given what I said about you knowing me perfectly.  Even so, supposing mercy’s still an option (and that last rant didn’t kill my chances), I guess it’s worth a shot.  I can’t pretend I have any love for you, but no principle is worth being damned over if it can be helped.  What shall I say in my defense?

I tried to be good without you.  You told your followers to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, and visit the sick.  I did those things, not because you told me to or because I thought I was “storing up treasure in heaven”.  I did them for their own sake, for the sake of my neighbors.  When I saw suffering, I tried to help instead of saying a quick prayer to you and believing I’d done something.  And when I didn’t help and suffering continued, I held myself responsible instead of concluding it was just your divine will.

And I was content with one life- in fact, despite how terrible life could be, I was usually quite grateful to have one.  I didn’t demand more.  I was content to create my own meaning in the meaningless chaos, to find love in all the pain, to find the beautiful simplicity in the apparent complexity.  And I have to say, you may have failed basic ethics but you sure had a deft hand when it came to creating the cosmos – not least because you did it in such a way as to make yourself seem irrelevant.  The splendor of the night sky, the incredible diversity of life, everything.  Quantum mechanics? That was crazy, I loved it!  And relativity?  You were on a roll that day, really.  I saw nearly all of your creation for what it was:  wonderful.  I didn’t look at an exquisitely intricate world and call it fallen.  I didn’t look at a newborn baby and call it sinful.  I didn’t look at my seemingly finite life and call it inadequate.

So you created us because you desired companionship and love?  Well then, you needed me.  But I didn’t need you.  I grew up and took responsibility for my own life.  If that really is the greatest crime of all, then there’s nothing more I can say.  The deck was stacked against me, but honestly, I can’t truly say I have any regrets.  Heaven, hell, oblivion… your move, God.

Though I still think I’m probably hallucinating.

  • http://eternalbookshelf.wordpress.com Ani Sharmin

    You’re going to judge me? On behalf of all that’s good and decent in your creation, I judge you. I may have been a willful child, but you were a terrible father.

    I love this part. Honestly, sometimes I do wish there was an afterlife (out of fear of death) but then I remember what kind of afterlife these religions actually describe, and I lose my desire for it.

    This reminds me of Robert A. Heinlein's Job: A Comedy of Justice (which I read) and, if I'm not mistaken, is similar to the ideas expressed in Mark Twain's Captain Stormfield's Visit to Heaven (which I have yet to read, but have heard about).

    Thanks for posting!

    • Mike

      Ani, if you get a chance, look into MICHAEL NEWTONS books. Pretty awesome read, even if you don't believe any of it. I personally do. That and I've had out of body experiences to support my belief that there is indeed a spiritual realm and we are energy beings having human experiences together. All the best!

  • Ryan

    Love it!

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  • Pepe

    Great! I can't describe in english what feelins gave this to me. But I think a believer could not understand the game in this. I think he would see it as proof that you believe in god in some way.

    By the way, I would like to make a translation of this text to spanish, it would be great to me to show this to some friends.

    I tried to get in contact with the author, but I couldn't as I don't have an account in Reddit. Could you mas him my mail, or pas me his? So I could ask him permission.


  • Geoff

    Excellent. I just hope I can remember this if and when the time comes.

    • Jureth


  • http://www.theatheistadvocate.com Kenny Duit

    "What if you're wrong?"

    When I'm dead, I'm five-nines sure it will be exactly the way it was prior to my birth. For millions of years, I was content with non-existence. I will be content for eternity thereafter.

    If, when I die, I should find myself standing in front of one of the 2,800 possible deities, I will have but one thing to say:

    "Your Turn?"

    He should already know every nuance and every possible question I could fathom, as I'm 100% sure atheists have been standing in my place prior to my arrival, asking the same questions. An omniscient god has already heard and answered every thought my little brain could contrive. He would know why I chose atheism while he did nothing to reveal himself.

    I believe there is no need for prayer for this very reason. If god already knows every thought you will ever have, then he has anticipated the response as well.

    BTW, if I do end up in front of a deity when I die, and upon arrival he sneezes, what should I say?

  • Milo


    You are assuming, of course, that when one is dead they retain their sense of the passage of time. God certainly has no such sense. It would contradict that which his followers say about him.

  • Ken

    This doesn't answer the question – what will you do if, when you die, you find that there is a God, and that God is really as vile and evil as the character depicted in the Old Testament? As one of my professors recently pointed out, the physical world is a pretty good argument for Malevolent Design. Why would random evolution create such horrific suffering among so many species that have no hope of avoiding it? What if there really is a God who DELIBERATELY invented traumatic insemination?

    Or, what if God says "It has nothing to do with love, good, or right! Do what I f@$&ing tell you, or I'll torture you FOREVER! Muhahahaha!"

    • balstrome

      Or, what if God says "It has nothing to do with love, good, or right! Do what I f@$&ing tell you, or I'll torture you FOREVER! Muhahahaha!"

      Even then we win! There is no way that a god can win against an atheist, even by appearing to them in person. Even if he faked our personal choice for us, he would still know that he faked it and that we actually won that round.

  • tasha

    "God" is an abuser. As someone who escaped the abuse of a mainstream church whose founder lied, I've always thought what I'd say is the same as what I'd say to an abusive husband I divorced: "I'm perfectly fine spending an eternity without you as long as I don't have to spend one more minute with you."

  • oldebabe

    The best response I've heard to date was the one by R. Ingersoll, IF when he died he found that he had been wrong, and had to face a god, he'd say, "Not enough evidence, Lord."

    Actually, all descriptions of gods, what they do/did (or didn't do), what they said/say, and what they want is, after all, only what some people have decided to write. And like all myths and fables they have been repeated, and imbelished. So, one gets to believe what those people have written, and other people have interpreted, and take their word for it, or not.

  • Ariel

    I get this question so much in other forums and this is MY answer. So what if god exists? That doesn't change the fact that he has done absolutely NOTHING to deserve being loved, worshipped, or respected. My feelings as an atheist will not change. I have done so much better without god (in my 18 years as an atheist) than I ever did with him (in almost 30 years in christianity). I will have no reason to change that opinion should I end up standing in front of him. I'd rather turn on my heel and march into hell. I plan to take hell over anyway. It shouldn't be too hard. The devil is a bit of a wuss compared to the self-centered, vicious deity who was responsible for the slaughter of millions of people, including infants, children and the unborn. Satan/Lucifer/Beelzebub or whatever the hell his name is, doesn't have much of a killing record. Other than wheedling people to death, he doesn't have a lot of power. Yeah, I think that's a plan!

    • DreddPyrateRoberts

      That’s my idea! I even lined up a cushy government job down there.

    • ChildofGod

      You wont be taking over Hell. Satan will be burning in Hell. So will you if you reject the Lord Jesus Christ. And yes you SHOULD fear God. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

      • EvolutionKills

        You are sick in the head. If fear is the start of the relationship, then you don’t love your god. You are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.


      • Lipstick Lesbian

        What if everybody ended up hating your God including yourself? Lets say if he does exist and what I am saying by everyone is anything that has lived, everyone that is living, everyone that will live, and all the angels in heaven and all the prophets. When I say everyone I mean EVERYONE. Don’t say it couldn’t happen because didn’t Satan and a third of the angels fall from heaven.

  • http://www.elvisinmybasement.com Kmuzu

    To most Christians .. I say, "If you're in Heaven I'd rather chance it in hell."

  • Jack

    This reads like the rant of a rebellious teenage boy who was sent to his room without supper and in his angst penned a response to his 'totally unfair' parents! Screw you mom and dad! You never loved me! You gave me life and food and shelter and opportunity ONLY so that you would have someone to be mean to! Big meanies! Why didn't you make 'a world free from pain and death'???? Since you didn't, 'you are infinitely more evil than all the worst of humanity combined'!!! You guys are TOTALLY UNFAIR! Stomp foot, shake fist, pout pout pout.

    Thanks, I needed a good laugh.

    • Kreegs

      *cough cough* excuse me kind sir but you are mistaken, Your parents might have brought you into the world but they could not have foreseen what your every thought action and idea would be like all powerful creating god can. As good Christians always believe god knows our thoughts and a path is preset for us, soooooo why would a god choose to make and set a path for someone he physically knows will grow up to not believe in him and then judge on that same person, and find him wanting on his death? I dont really see how this works?

    • rod serling

      we can all tell you thought it was funny. a bit sinister don't you think?

    • centdrops

      I agree. It is much too tame as a response to a Monster Parent who is about to send you to eternal torture for failing to fear and respect him. It would even be too tame as a response to a devout Jewish parent who is about to have the local god-fearing community stone you to death for giving him cheek.

  • Marshall Neill

    Let's see.. God supposedly created us. We are imperfect. Then this supposed god sits back and says, "I am blaming you for your choices in life." Makes perfect sense to me. Yeah right.

    If your god is so freaking perfect how did he manage to create such an imperfect world and then have the balls to blame the inhabitants.

  • j-qwo

    I wouldn't say anything and kick the bastard square in the nuts. Then, as he lie there in pain, I'd hack a loogie right in his face. Sorry for the grotesque language, but if the god of Abraham were real, that exact revenge would be vastly better than anything he'd ever deserve. Not only would it be a personal reparation for the hell and torment his religion caused the world, not to mention my own social life, but for the misfortune, suffering, misery and disease he blessed my life with.

    I don't want pity from anyone, but if I knew someone was involved in the wretched experiences I have been burdened in this far from perfect kingdom, even if it were inflicted by a divine being of supposed mercy, I'd feel that a quick whack would be the best treatment he deserved in return. Something would need to be paid for such brutal malfeasance, that no mortal being has been able to inflict on the world at any time.

  • Terry

    I will pray for you. Eternal damnation in the fires of hell is nothing to laugh about.

    • Dylan


    • Kreegs


    • Arthur

      Please don't.

    • Jake

      And why shouldn't we laugh? If we are going to hell then we might as well go there with a smile.

    • centdrops

      A life in the presence of the type of monster depicted in the Old Testament would not be anything to laugh about either. According to the biblical books, none of the three personas of this god ever cracks a joke or makes anyone laugh. According to the same source, one third of the beings who had to live with this Horrific Being were so unhappy about the experience that they rebelled in an attempt to improve life in this hellish heavenly place. If such a place and such a monstrous humorless being exists you should hope that you are eternally high on some soul-altering version of "crack" sot hat you can cope with the eternal horrors.

  • Greg

    Like many arguments supporting atheism there is a lack of understanding about what you are arguing against. Being omnipotent does not cause you to be free from rules, merely that your rules are self imposed. Imagine you are playing a game of Jenga. You really want to remove the blocks from the bottom layer. It is within your power to hold up the stack and prevent it from falling, yet you do not. You either choose to take another block or attempt that block and allow the stack to fall. This is God’s position. The next point atheists raise to this is why would God design such a universe where pain and suffering is irremovable and the answer is he did not. God loved man and therefor gave them the gift of free will. Man being imperfect used his God given power to bind pain and suffering on to our incarnate body. He works to repair the damage we have caused but binds himself, because of his love, with his refusal to take away our free will.

    • Kreegs

      What of the starving children in Africa that have no choice in the matter and have no free will of their own? Born into the world, soon after their parents dead slowly starving away. Seems like free will to me… O btw those children were never baptized OFF TO PURGATORY!!!

    • jake

      meaning god created cancer? not all 'bad' is manmade.

    • centdrops

      According to the biblical record, this god created evil. He also colluded with the "fallen angel" to torture one of his most faithful believers (Job) as part of a divine bet. If such an entity really existed there is nothing preventing him from treating you and those you live in the same fashion, just for another bet. Why would you want to live for any length of time with a being with that kind of "morality"?

  • shadehawk

    way to seriously downplay your deity greg. jenga seriously? you just compared an all seeing, all powerful deity who could build an entire universe in under “a week” to someone holding a stack of blocks and risking a fall by removing a bottom block? heres the problem with that comparison, your god isn’t “some schmuck bound by physical rules like us mortal men”. your god is more akin to a jedi, above the average man to a ridiculous degree. and let me assure you greg, if a jedi played jenga, and he wanted to remove a bottom block, the tower falling would not be a problem

  • Vlad

    Nice but ultimately futile. All a theist needs to do is to say that the god you are talking about is not the real god.

    Don't waste your time by exposing obvious fallacies and inconsistencies religions are full of. They are likely not capable of logical thinking or they would have figured it all out by them self.

    All I ask of any theist before I accept a discussion about religion is a clear definition of god or at least it's major properties (the ones without which it could not be considered a god). Then I ask them to reconcile their convoluted constructs and absurd assertions with common sense and logic, sit back and watch them squirm and spout nonsense over gibberish.

    What if you are wrong? Please describe what is it I may be wrong about?

    • centdrops

      Exact;ly! Just about every theist makes their god in their own image, not in the image of the supernatural personality described in their holy books. They have this naive idea that they are going to meet some ultimate ideal of themselves after they die. It never occurs to them that they might meet someone who has the morals of the supernatural being described in the ancient religious literature they don't read very carefully, if at all.

  • eni

    I like it.
    I’d like to say I’d say the same thing, but if there really is a god I don’t think very many of us are going to be this cocksure of ourselves when we’re staring hell in the face. Though I suppose if we’re already damned for eternity we may as well go out with this kind of a bang :)

    • BlueMoney

      If there is a god, I don’t think he/her/it is to be found in the pages of any foggy, poorly-organized, self-contradictory texts written by ancient goat herders. And he/her/it DOESN’T care whether we grovel to him/her/it, I’m quite sure.
      If I can’t be confident about THAT much, what can I be confident about?

    • Lizzy

      If you’re anything like me, you’re going to hell in every religion (except those that believe in reincarnation…we’ll be banana slugs together instead) As you say, may as well have one last laugh ;-)
      And it’s eternal damnation for the tiniest of infractions too! All I am is skeptical, unwilling to follow blindly, or to spend my life miserable and alone because it says in a book somewhere that my capacity for romantic love is innately immoral.
      To my mind, if God does exist, he is so much more than we understand – not just that, he is so much more than we CAN understand. (Read: Not the vengeful Biblical Overlord)
      ~Peace and love from a kindred heart :)

  • Jeriel Cooper

    He basically said that because of all the evil in the world how could God exist. God tells us in the Bible that all of these things would happen and Jesus would come back one day and His people would be caught up. After the years of tribulation he would cast the devil and his followers into the lake of fire and make a new heaven and earth. With his strong language he sounded upset with God like he was the devil incarnate saying why would you make me this way and it’s your fault that people are going to hell. The reason God gives us free will is because he wants us to choose him as opposed to the devil who possesses people that don’t have the Holy Ghost. If you choose to serve Him because you are forced than that’s not love. Love is always a choice whether it’s family, friends, or a significant other. Any being that goes through what Jesus did can’t b a tyrant. Him going through what he did on the cross being a perfect being Himself to save man who is wicked by nature is love. He pretty much went through he’ll on earth to give us the choice of …eternal life or damnation. I can’t do anything but love someone who would go through that 4 me because if it is was up to me pretty much everyone would go to hell. Most of us would die for our family but not people that hate, degrade, and abuse us (enemies). If there was no reward or punishment for the way u live after u die there would be no point in having faith in anything. There would be pretty much no point of existing. He is the creator and a loving one so I choose Him, but like I said everything is a choice.

    • centdrops

      There is no proof that a god said anything of the sort. There is only proof that some ancient Jewish, and Middle Eastern writers believed something along these lines while other writers whose works got voted into the Christian Bible had contradictory ideas Ultimately, the claims that you are uncritically regurgitating are the current interpretations of some of these writings by the leaders of your religious group. History indicates that they will abandon or revise these ideas within the next couple of decades and come up with new interpretative claims

      There is no Book of God written directly by either the Jewish Yahweh God or the Jesus God or by a scribe taking down his direct dictation. None of the Jesus God's disciples wrote down anything that their teacher said. All we have is a set of writings based on personal interpretations of faulty human memories of what someone told them that someone told them that someone told them that someone told them that the Jesus God and his followers said, did or experienced. Who was witness to what was said between the Jesus God and Pilot before the crucifixion? Who was the Jesus God praying to in the Garden of Gethsemane and who was listening? Who was witness to the temptations that the Jesus God had after spending 40 days and nights in the desert on his own without adequate food, drink or basic physical requirements? It is all multiply layered hearsay evidence from people who could not have been there to witness it. The evidence is so weak that it would not be accepted as permissable in any modern court of law or any commission intent on learning the truth about something. Yet you believe it without question, just because your religious authorities tell you that it is true!

      • Jeriel Cooper

        Every book in the Bible was written by someone God appointed to write that specific book. There is proof everyday that Gkd exist whether you choose to believe it or not. The things you here about on the news dealing with natural disasters, wars etc. God already talked about these things. I’ve witnessed actual miracles and God speaking through people. I’ve seen actual demon possessed people that were only saved by rebuking them in the name of Jesus and no not in the movies. If there wasn’t a God why do you think people are fighting so hard do discredit him, and stop Jesus from ever being mentioned. Have you ever heard the saying the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people that he doesn’t exist. You have probably never witnessed any kinds of attacks by the enemy because he isn’t worried about people he already has. That’s not to say you’re an evil person. It’s just there is no gray area with God. Either you believe in Him or you choose to die and go to hell. If you deny Him before man He will deny you in Heaven. It also talks about what you said about people trying to change up what certain religions are taught. The anti-christ will try to make everyone believe in him so that everyone can go to he’ll with him. If there was no afterlife nobody would follow any religion including me. The way you live on this earth has great rewards or repercussions depending on if you accept Jesus or not. I pray you accept Jesus one day because I don’t wish hell on anyone. The consequences of your what if are a lot more severe than mine.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000314962648 James Kelly

          Prove it.

          • Jeriel Cooper


            • Skeptic

              Where is it? I only see a woman acting crazy.

              • Jeriel Cooper

                Yea of course you do. That’s because you don’t acknowledge that their are demons as well as angels. The same way you don’t believe there is a devil or God. You will be forced to acknowledge it one day. I just hope it’s not too late. Just ask Jesus to reveal Himself to you, and see what happens. Don’t do it mockingly either because you might not like his response. You probably won’t because atheist want to be able to live any kind of way without any consequences. All I can do is pray for you. I pray you all find Christ one day.

                • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=559435270 Andrew Maw

                  LOL I mock “Gods” ass all the time….nothing happens. Here tonight, Ill ask your “god” to prove himself/herself to me and I promise you it will be a mockingly way. Ill let you know the results ok! By the way, I am not an atheist, I am an ANTI-theist!

                  • ChildofGod

                    And when you are burning in Hell with eternal third degree burns and sores and worms gnawing and chewing at your torment body, a thousand trillion years from now, will you still be so arrogant and proud, oh poor deluded deceived one?

                    • BlueMoney

                      “O poor deluded deceived one” LOL! What is this, 1600 AD?
                      Funny how you Xians think that Middle English usage is how your god likes to be spoken to. (“Thee” and “thou” much when you pray, chief?)

                    • BlueMoney

                      I’ll leave you with this. Some people call it cowardice to comply with threats from a real, live, present bully.
                      I call it SUPER-COWARDICE to be intimidated by some droning, 100-dollar suit-and-tie clad pulpit lizard’s INTERPRETATIONS of ancient stories with no more proof behind them, than “The Three Little Pigs” or “Jack and the Beanstalk” have. (EEK, gotta go now and build my house out of bricks, so the Big Bad Wolf won’t huff, and puff, and blow it down! After all, like your equally fictional god he’s BIG and BAD and I’d fall flat on my belly and beg for my life if I met him!)

                    • Lipstick Lesbian

                      If your bible is true I hope I end up being that mystery Babylon who will bring forth the abomination of desolation described in Revelations 17.

            • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brendan-Grimestad/100000725444164 Brendan Grimestad

              Interesting how demons always pick on the most obscure, ignorant people. (Ever heard of a rich white corporate CEO or politician getting possessed and foaming at the mouth?)
              Fifty cents (which is about $.50 more than Bishop Bloomer’s credibility is worth IMHO) says that “possessed” woman was a plant. Kind of like John Edward and his supposed contacting of people’s (plants actually) dead family members on TV.

              • ChildofGod

                Why should they? The devils already own those poor fools with their billions of dollars of pieces of paper and worldly materials that will be gone from them when they die. You can see what God thinks of money by looking at those who have the most. Being rich or poor doesn’t save you, faith in Jesus saves, but, Jesus did say it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to be saved.

                • BlueMoney

                  I was thinking it more falls in line with these stories being fabricated (after all, anecdotes work better with obscure people.)

                • Lipstick Lesbian

                  There you go with that word fool again. Didn’t Jesus warn you about calling people fools.

                  • SeriouslySaying

                    God is really a Scumbag for creating Lesbians which i will never understand at all.

  • Mango

    Well that’s quite the monologue. Should I ever find myself in that situation I would regard “The Lord” and say “Don’t get me started!”
    In any case, I’ve long felt that, if there was a God, we already have an “understanding” so s/he could forgo the bullshit and wave me on through – or not. What Ever. lol.

  • Logical Larry

    Nice article! This kind of wiriting is not for relious people, its intended audience is the atheist. You will never get the religious person to give up their belief in fairy tales, what is needed is action. Discover militant atheism…it is the solution to the disease that is religion. What is needed is a dismantling of the religious systems. Religions perpetuate themseleves through the socialisation or indocitrination of our youth. We need to cut the tree off at its roots. Join active atheist groups that are working to this end. All relgious schools must be abolished. It must be made illegal to take a child under the age of 18 to a church or religion gathering of any kind. Those that aer proven to be exposing their children to religion at home must be arrested and imprisoned. Examples must be set. All of this can be achieved by forming more action orientated atheist groups. Governments must be lobbied to enact laws that drive all religions out of business. Chains will be broken, religions will die. This is the only way and its unlikely to come about in my lifetime. One thing is true, however, it will NEVER happen if we don't make a start. Google "local atheist groups" today and become a part of the true destiny of our species.

    • Brooklyn Cravens

      Land of the free, eh, Logical Larry? You sound a lot like Hitler, especially if instead of "religion" we say "Jews". The fact you say you know the "true destiny of our species" shows just how narrow-minded you are.

      "Every religious person has reasons for their faith, and every skeptic has faith in their reasons." – Tim Keller

      That includes you, sir. You sound like you've got a nice religion going on in your post against religion.

      • Karp

        Larry’s statement is particularly harsh, but I do agree that children should not be able to enter a church or profess their faith until they are old enough to make that decision when they are experienced and they are without pressure. When ot comes to this, children should have freedom not to be indoctrinated into a religion, which at this point, they clearly don’t.
        Your quote isn’t profound in the slightest. I have reasons for my reason, and people in faith have faith in their faith. Reason and religious faith are incompatible.

        • Reason

          If by reason you mean a bunch of chemicals formed over billions of years around your head that make some predictions or are appealing for survival and pornography, no I wouldn’t trust them.

        • ChildofGod

          Your statement shows you are a religionist as is every other atheist here. Your religion is secular humanism. You are trying to push your religion on the rest of us and on children!

          • EvolutionKills

            There is a distinct difference in knowing HOW to think, instead of being told WHAT to think.

            That is the difference between reason and faith.

            Secular Humanism is a philosophy, it lacks the attributes of a religion. There is no woowoo. No higher-power, no gods, nothing supernatural. There is no church, no tithes, no high holy days, no dogmas, no prayer, nothing that need be accepted uncritically. It’s simply caring for your fellow human beings, and doing your best to help them however you can.

            But it’s still funny that in an effort to denigrate Secular Humanism, you have to resort to relating it to a religion. In effect, you attempt to smear it by trying to drop it down to the level of your religion. That says a lot more about your religion and lack of critical thinking, than it does about Humanism.

    • Child of God

      Well, “Logical Larry”, your statements are irrational and illogical. You advocate taking away peoples’ freedom of religion and freedom of speech and other basic fundamental human rights and Constitutional freedoms. What if this happened to you? What if the government decided to silence you in the way you advocate others to be silenced? You are a fool who is headed for the Lake of Fire unless you repent and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ.

      • Lipstick Lesbian

        If you call someone a fool you are in dangers of the fires of hell (Matthew 5:22). You are a hypocrite.

  • Tiggy

    "Like many arguments supporting atheism there is a lack of understanding about what you are arguing against."

    Arguing for god is arguing for something nonexistent. At least atheists are trying to understand the non-delusional world. Also, omnipotence is just a vague word invented by fantasy theorists (christians) describing only one creature, god, a creature with no cells, no blood, no proof.

  • Greg

    I object to the statement that there is no proof. While this is true it carries the suggestion that there is proof to the contrary. I can not prove to you the existence of my God, as the things that are the basis for my certainty are not transferable from person to person. What I can present is responses to claims of disproof. As evidence is inconclusive in either direction I submit it is an equally large leap of faith to presuppose the existence of God as to presuppose the contrary.

    • Adam

      @ Greg: Of course we cannot prove a negative… no one can. But, if we can prove that the aspects of your god that are primarily attributed to him are false, then the burden of proof for existence is on you. God is supposed to have created the earth and answer prayers regularly. We can prove those to be false, in the biblical sense. If I can prove a ballerina owns no tights and is missing a leg, can we still call her a ballerina. "Myth" is a better term than god, by definition.

    • DNB

      I'm not even a religious and I think your logic completely sound. I've honestly never seen a Christian or religious person give a LOGICAL defense for their belief. You're the first.

    • Rod Serling

      That might be the second most paradoxical claim I've ever heard. Stating that there is no proof in no way suggests proof of anything let alone the contrary. How could the suggestion of existence in any matter logically follow the claim of nonexistence?

  • Greg

    I agree with you entirely that the burden of proof rests on the faith community, and I concede that we can not provide it. What I disagree with you on is whether there is sufficient evidence to disprove aspects. For example the examples you offer prayer and creation can not even be disproved to within a scientific standard. I have seen studies on prayer that generally are meaningless because they cannot create a control group. Most are based on studying healing rates and fail to account for the thousands whose prayers include prayers for the sick without a specific person in mind. Likewise Christians cannot even agree on what the creation means or entails. It is not possible to disprove you cannot define. Most avoid this by targeting the most extreme conservative viewpoint. For every belief that science can debunk there are several more that they can't. The more scientifically tolerable are the more widely held especially among the younger generations. The point I am making however is that if one were to base there beliefs solely of the facts available the resulting conclusion would be that it is unknown rather than it is or it isn't.

    • Karp

      Whether we can determine things exist or something is true or not is pinpointed ny evidence. If there is no evidence, then it is safe to assume it does not exist. You say that the problem with proving it is that it is next to impossible. This is true. However, this allows us to conclude that other gods and evem things such as invisible, intangible objects are equally likely to exist. I can know just as much as you can about the existence of something; if you say god exists, I can say unicorns exist. Our statements have the same truth value without any evidence. Saying that anything cannot be possibly proved or disproved does not add anything to something’s truth value.

  • Cienna J.

    I'd rather go to hell with people like me than be in heaven with people like you.

    • ChildofGod

      No, you won’t. You can talk all proud and arrogant now but when you are there experiencing the horrific endless torment that can never end and which you can NEVER escape from, you will be in a state of utter horror forever, and you will know it was ALL YOUR FAULT for rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ! You will be screaming and begging for a droplet of the dirtiest water but you will not get it, if you die without Jesus Christ as your only eternal Savior!

      • Guest

        Jesus christ can lick my cunt. If it exists, I’ll spend the rest of eternity with satan trying to destroy that hypocritical, entirely unimpressive asshole. YOU can talk all proud and high and mighty but it will never change the FACTS that you’re 1. Going to DIE and 2. That you’ll completely deserve it. You’re nothing but a worthless sack of meat, shit, and piss. Your death is the ONLY good thing you have to offer this world and I feel blessed just knowing that it’s inevitable.

      • BlueMoney

        Funny how you don’t have one iota of proof for your god or his/its Hell, but you speak of them like they were hard-core reality. I’m sure Jim Jones was a lot like you.
        What if you’re wrong, and the Muslims are right? They are equally likely to be right about eternity as you are (which is to say ALMOST ZERO percent likely, but at least the odds are even!) and then you’re just as screwed as I am. But at least I won’t have grovelled like a worm before a Cosmic Bully Figure on my my way to damnation (unlike you!)

  • makingasense

    this makes zero sense you make the assumption that you are somehow a match for an almighty God. In reality if you were to come face to face with God the one described in the bible and believed to be God by many you would behave in the way exactly how it is said you would behave. you would fall on your face tremble, cry, and beg for your life. The second you stand before you will realize that your standing before the God who created everything whos word is law who hold the judgement of your soul in his hand. Before the presence of such being no human is gonna be able to say or do anything your not gonna be saying all these stupid snide remarks your gonna come to the realization that you are even more of a nothing then you thought in the presence of an all powefull God who has showed you more mercy then you deserve by not sending you to hell the first time you sinned. you will fall flat on your face and beg.

    • LeftSidePositive

      Well, for one thing this is a pretty pedantic argument, since this all-powerful-wow-machine doesn’t actually exist, BUT does that mean that if you found yourself face-to-face with Hitler that you’d suddenly fall on your face and beg? History is filled with people who stood up to tyrants and weren’t going to let the tyrants’ ability to inflict pain break their spirit and dignity. You could learn a lot from that.

      Also, you seem to think that we’ll be in some way impressed if we meet this highly-highly-highly-unlikely-to-exist God–maybe all his power will just look like petty bullying from someone with no consistent or respectable ethical foundation?

    • Saximus

      “you would fall on your face tremble, cry, and beg for your life.”
      If that is the sort of reaction that is expected/commanded by your God he/she sounds like a giant bully and a douche. Why would someone want to worship that?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brendan-Grimestad/100000725444164 Brendan Grimestad

      It makes great sense if God is a myth. I’m definitely a match for ANY non-existent, fictional character! (I’m also a bigger badass than Rambo because unlike him, I can actually HURT you… even if that means cutting your knuckles with my teeth, or causing you to have a heart attack due to over-exertion from kicking me in the head after knocking me down. Why? Because unlike Rambo or Yahweh, I actually exist.)

    • Lizzy

      “I never requested that the universe be created. I never asked to be born…I never begged for existence. Therefore, why would I owe a deity anything? Some theists tell me that life is a gift from God. If it is a gift, then why is payment expected in the form of worship? This is like getting charged for a service you never ordered. How do I owe anyone/thing anything? ~ Hera Jo Blue
      Something to think about, although you probably won’t.

  • Nick

    I dare you to say this, though I know you wont even be able to open your mouth. Yet while you breath there is still hope.

  • http://goldminingequipment.info Gold Striker

    The person admits they recognize the complexity and splendor in the world and cosmos. One must also recognize the interdependence in it all as well.

    This world is great even in it's current state but only in certain ways. You can see very much wrong and so many horrible things that happen.

    Mankind is not good it has done almost any kind of evil you can imagine and more. This is all a shadow of what it will be when all is restored.

    I'm a christian and if anyone wants to find me I'm on stickam in the various atheists channels there.

  • HonestAtheist

    I'd say "Hey my bad, but you know me, can you blame me? So is it true that the Romans made you a huge dick? How do you feel about all the jerks using you as a justification for their bad behavior?"

    The way I see it, if there IS a god or god-like creator, he's probably not like any of the gods that holy books speak about. Those were all written by humans. Why would anyone think that humans could understand or interpret the feelings of a super-powerful deity? Imagine it–you create an entire universe, an entire existence, you create beings in your image–and your followers make you out to be a huge douchebag. Not only that, but the ones who DON'T believe in you are huge jerks as well. They talk shit about you and pretend like they're smarter than you are. And then everyone else in between just doesn't give a damn. It'd be lonely to be a creator.

    I wouldn't be an asshole. I think as atheists we should be lucid enough to consider the possibility that if we ARE wrong, god may be NOTHING like any religion makes him or her out to be. So why should we all be snippy assholes?

  • Tyler

    So, the writer of this article wanted to be forced to worship God from the day he was born? This article makes no sense. I suppose he feels that at no point during his rant God would interject? You can't celebrate free will and then condemn it in the same statement. Why are atheists so angry with God? I don't understand why you would hate someone that you claim doesn't exist. Seems like a waste of energy to me.

  • Ben

    I myself am an Atheist, but if you're facing someone who is truly what the the bible says: Omnipotent and omniscient, don't you think he could easily convince you otherwise of your beliefs?

    • Lizzy

      Wouldn’t he/she/it (God) do better to ‘convince’ the OP while he’s still alive to share it with the rest of us Heathens?

  • Dan

    So, basically, since God didn't follow Adam's rules Adam won't like God. Good luck with that.

  • 4Life

    I have one thing to say to you Logical Larry… and that is to read revelations. Don't you get it? You are doing God's Will wether or not you believe in him. People like you is what scares me. In the future, people will die because of their religion. Oh you may not think it now, you may not believe what I say, but it's true. Look it up, and then think about what you just said. Truly think about it, without being in denial.

    Also, I don't think any of you will be able to stand there by the thrown and cast your hate speech on God. He will most likely cast you out before one word is uttered.

    And hell isn't something to laugh about. It's serious business. And I doubt you will be laughing much.

    As for the whole God is evil because he has let bad things happen. Do you have a kid? If so, if you child tells you that he hates you, will you stop loving him? Think of it in terms with God and you. He still loves you, and always will. He can't force you to believe in him any more than you can force the sky to turn from blue to purple. You know why? Because he will be taking away your free will. He wants you to love Him without Him proving it.

    There's a verse in the Bible where Jesus tells his followers that they have faith because he is there in the flesh. But he goes on and tells them that true faith is when a person believes without a shred of evidence, once he is gone.

    Remember, the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to make the world believe that he wasn't real. And how did he do that? By making you believe that there is no God. Thus, if there is no God, there is no devil. I just pray that one day you will open your ears and listen to what the bible has to say.

    Yes, the churches are corrupt. Most anyways. Jesus reveals that in Revelations with the letters to the churches. To hate God for what the churches have done is like hating the sun for a rainy day.

    • austin

      Great points, I just went through Revelation and you hit the nail on the head (not being saracastic either)

    • no way, yahweh.

      only one problem with your argument, 4life. If my kid hates me, i know he hates me because he doesnt understand why i make him go to bed at 930, or why he has to wear a helmet. someone would hate god because their spouse got cancer, or if their kid was hit by a car. another thing, my kid wont believe that i lead an alternate life as a purple elephant wrangler, so why should i believe my 'heavenly father' is omniscient and omnipotent? If you could stop every bad deed before it happened, WOULD YOU? probably, yet you worship a deity who refuses to.

  • Dee

    I really enjoy all the comparisons – on both sides – of god to our own parents. No, you can't blame your own parents for all evil in the world, or for your own bad/stupid decisions, but if my parents were walking by a child being abused and did nothing… then yes, I could fully blame them for their inaction.

    As for god's love being unending, even if we atheists 'hate' him by not believing, then I ask this: What loving parent, no matter their child's screw up or evil ways, would send that child – who they love mind you – to ETERNAL punishment. Maybe a ten-twenty year time out, that I could understand and accept, but eternity is forever. No second chances. No parent or god could ever spout everlasting love and forgiveness, and yet at the same time offer that sort of punishment for a single lifetime of errors.

    Comparing god's INFINITE time to our 1 to, we'll say 120 years here on earth, to say that decisions we make during this brief span of time determine were will will spend the rest of eternity is not love, or even logic at that point.

    If I were to meet god after death, and was still of enough sound mind to speak, I would simply ask, that if he had omnipotent knowledge and power, and knew exactly what would happen before he even created the universe in question, then why bother at all? He would know exactly what would happen by putting that tree in the garden of Eden with his free-willed creations, and he knew exactly what giving the future thinkers of the world no evidence of his existence would accomplish.

    Going to the jenga analogy…this is more like creating the game of jenga then playing jenga and knowing exactly which blocks will make the whole thing tumble down and still pulling them out anyway, WHILE telling the jenga blocks that it's their own imperfect shape that led to the collapse, then, throwing the fallen pieces into the fireplace for working exactly the way you created them to.

    • mayraaa

      Eternal punishment? WRONG!! ppl tht do not believe or don’t repent will never get eternal life, even if it ain’t in heaven.

  • Charlie

    Great post, but not trying to undermine the tone of it… is there a shorter version?

    You know..in case the Ol' Mighty being gets offended and (re)kills us with lighting or something after the first pharagraph…sending us to "hell" :P


    OMG WOW THIS IS THE BEST ONE I HAVE EVEN SEEN…THE LAST PART WAS THE BEST." I grew up and took responsibility for my own life. If that really is the greatest crime of all, then there’s nothing more I can say. The deck was stacked against me, but honestly, I can’t truly say I have any regrets. Heaven, hell, oblivion… your move, God."

  • http://www.thereason.cc mike

    Wow. Pretty decent little piece of work. Kudos. Hope you are enjoying the ensuing hilarious arguments in the comments section :D

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  • Brooklyn Cravens

    For a writer so beyond the idea of God, they sure have put a lot of time and effort into the Biblical God. This is more of an angry rant. Lots of I's.

    Also, it seems this writer views God through a good-works lens as well as a lens that this life is horrible and only heaven matters.

    Jesus never told his followers to store up treasures in heaven like they are objects of entertainment. Does anyone care about context anymore?

    And if this writer ever did read more than a few verses of Scripture (in contextual sequence), they would know that God cares about people's lives now. Not just in the next life.

    Pointing to global suffering is useless. God is too big to provide a single answer as to why suffering occurs — even the writer concedes to as much. However, given atheists are willing to say "I don't know" to so many of life's toughest questions, it's really dumb to focus on that single question in an attempt to 'logically' disprove God when so many holes in atheism 'logically' do the same.

  • balstrome

    "It isn’t like Santa Claus; you can’t get back on the nice list later. If you are on the naughty list, it’s forever."

    I have to nitpick here, the above for me does not apply, because they have failed to show that Santa, a naughty list, or gods actually exist. So until then I would say to them to go away and find some evidence, no really I do not want to hear your speech until you can prove your claim.

    I am willing to show my proof that gods do not exist, (I look around my room and find no gods) but that is all I am willing to deal with for now. Anything else is giving credit where it is not due. It allows them, the theist a form of respectability that says that while they have not proved their position, we will accord it the same rights as if they have done so. What other field of research is this type of behaviour allowed in?

  • Sounds familiar.

    You know who else says you should say something to someone that doesn't agree with you?

  • you know

    yes if only we knew God's infinite justice then this article would make sense God's justice and our justice are different people we sinned which means we deserve to be raped and murdered we deserve death that is the punishment for sin we deserve worse than what we have and God has just as much wrath as he does love wrath is one of his more quoted qualities in the bible more than love

    • http://www.facebook.com/samuelnstevens Sam Stevens

      Did you really just say people deserve to be raped and murdered?  I truly hope this was a satire; if you knew anything of what rape does to a girl or a woman, you would not say that.  Of course, I am assuming you have a shred of moral sense, and your comment clearly illustrates that you do not.  Just for your case, I sort of hope there is a God and he sends your vile, disgusting soul straight to hell for saying something as sick and disgusting as that. 

  • jebus

    We the atheists do a little thing at work,ask if you believe and if you say no as a test we hold your hand and say jesus is a c**k s***er and I hope he hits my with lightning right now , funny how quick your hand gets dropped and they step away.LMAO

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=559435270 Andrew Maw

      LOL i have done this to many people. It is funny to see the people who are confused and will pull away. I call them closet Christians!

    • ChildofGod

      This proves the wickedness of your Satanic poisoned heart. Do you realize that eternal hellfire is UNBEARABLE and you will be burning and screaming in agony forever once you die without Jesus and there will be NO SECOND CHANCES, NO COMING BACK! You will for all the eternal trillions and trillions of years be remembering this mocking post you made. There are many people who went before you who spoke like that and if you could see them now they would be screaming at you to trust in Jesus as you have this opportunity!

      • BlueMoney

        The people in Hell must be pretty nice! Unlike suffering folks on Earth, they don’t believe in “misery loves company” (you’d think that if they were evil, they’d want me right there with them in the Eternal Weenie Roast.) They want me to NOT suffer, according to your post.
        Your god is a real prick for torturing such people, IMHO.

      • EvolutionKills

        Funny, cause the last time I checked in on the people chilling out in Hell, they were yelling at YOU to pick up a crowbar and forcibly remove your head from your ass! Yeah, as it turns out, Hell is actually more a like a day-spa in the ass end of Nevada. Fortunately once humans invented refrigeration and a few AC repairmen got sent there, they fixed the place right up. Now they have comfortable accommodations and all the power they’ll ever need (on account of the limitless steam power from the heat).

        Lucifer isn’t such a bad guy, I mean after all, he did oppose the will of that tyrant known as God for the benefit of mankind. God created the first two humans and left them in the garden, dumb and ignorant, just play-things for God. Lucifer felt sorry for them and helped them acquire knowledge so that they might think for themselves. Now of course, God wasn’t having any of that shit, and threw a royal hissy fit and ruined everything like a crazy jealous ex-boyfriend. In case you hadn’t notice, he tends to do that a lot. Don’t let him hear you bring up the Flood story again, as it might cause a relapse…

        As it turns out, Heaven sucks! Do you know what you get for accepting the scapegoating of Jesus for your own mistakes? An eternity of kissing God’s ass! Also, you have to share that space with all the crazy people who did believe in God, like Steven Koresh and Adolph Hitler. But God’s ego is just too big to accept anything less then everyone kissing his ass 24-7 for all eternity, all at once. So I really hope you don’t get set up next to a mad man, but knowing the character of those who have confessed belief in him throughout history? That’s not very likely. I mean, there are assholes and evil people in Hell too, but Lucifer does a good job at keeping them separated from everyone else until they’re willing to play nice with others.

        No thanks, I’ll be down in the Hell ‘Resort, Waterpark and Penal Colony’ having the most enlightening conversations with the great non-believers of the past; like Aristotle, Epicurus, Charles Darwin, Thomas Jefferson, Arthur C. Clarke, Augustus Caesar, Christopher Hitchens, Robert G. Ingersol, Mark Twain, and others. Quite honestly, most teaching attributes to Jesus were plagerized from earlier philosophers and religions anyways, so I won’t lose much not talking to him… :D

        Good luck with kissing God’s ass for all eternity, and don’t forget to bring lotion!

      • FallenAngel

        Out of curiosity, what has taught you your faith? Is it the bible? The Church? What if you found out that the bible was AT BEST, written 300 years AFTER the supposed death of Christ. I get that you have your beliefs, but the problem with you spewing God over everything, is that the book that told you your “truth”, was not in fact written by god, or in gods words. It was written by man, many hundred years after the events contained therein.

        The gospels that are in your bible are only some of the gospels. The rest were thrown out and deemed heretical because the painted your God in a different light. You hang on the every word of a book that was written for political reasons, to control people. I also assume that you read your bible in English, which is not how it was written.

        Let me ask you, what happened to the souls of the men and women who died BEFORE your book was written? What of the men and women before written words even existed? Ask yourself, why is it that you trust the words of the bible so blindly? Because it tells you to? What other book written by man do you believe without question.

        You will find that people who don’t believe in God, do not believe because they challenged the contents authenticity and found it lacking. Its not even so much that i don’t believe there is a god. Its that i don’t believe there is a reason i should trust the word of the bible.

  • Chris Brown

    I love this. It calls to mind my absolute favorite moment in literature: Ivan's monologue from The Brothers Karamazov, which should be required reading for any atheist. If there is a god then even the most rudimentary shred of our human understanding of ethics morally obliges to oppose him. Or her.

  • Raven

    Nice essay! It's nice to see this written out in a thoughtful way without losing its humor. I willhave to keep this handy for future reference, too. When faced with this question (as I seem to be constantly), my reply is either "Well, you know what they say: Heaven for scenery, Hell for company…" or else simply "At least I'll know people…."

    And yeah, I hope you're getting some giggles out of the all-too-predictable theistic screeds….

    • http://www.facebook.com/june.blair3 June Blair

      You’ll be on your own in hell, alone, forgotten. Matt 8:12

      • EvolutionKills

        Wow, how very Christ-like is your forgiveness and caring for your fellow creatures. /sarcasm

        Good think nobody has any reason to believe anything you’ve said is at all true.

  • Michael

    You certainly have fucked up most of everything. And I do NOT like the idea of you being an asshole to women, minorities and gays!

    • John Jozsa

      You are rite, being asshole to any one or do asshole things to any one and anything is being a sinful asshole.

    • StuckFresh

      Out of all the atheist arguments I’ve read this is quite literality the worst on the internet.

  • pael

    Sorry atheists, it isn't going to go down that way. In the presence of Holy God, your hypocripsy and evil will be utterly exposed and you will know at that instant that the only thing good about you came from Him. You will see all the things He did for you, all the love He showed you, and all the ways He tried to reach you, and you will see how it was only your preference for evil which prevented you from knowing Him. Your next realization will be where you're going next, and how you will be separated from God forever. You will not be wagging your tongue at God, you will be trembling with fear and shame.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000314962648 James Kelly

      Your beloved god is the epitome of evil. What a pathetic human being you are to be willing to follow such a tyrant. You disgust me.

      • Kanna-Chan

        You are going to be held accountable for every word. God isn’t the evil One, man is. Man causes all evil and then tries to blame it on God.

        • Jaydee

          read your own damn book. King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
          I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=559435270 Andrew Maw

          Actually you are completly incorrect 90% of wars in this world have been because of religion. It is still happening. Open your eyes, there is no “god” Once people do this, the world would in fact be that much more of an enjoyable place to live! FACT!

          • ChildofGod

            If that is true why hasn’t it happened? Atheists predicted that when America got rid of the Bible from schools there would be peace and brotherhood. Instead crime and hate rose.

      • ChildofGod

        I thought you are an atheist. Why would you get so angry if God is not real? It is illogical and irrational.

    • ChildofGod

      AMEN! The atheists here who mock God and act all proud and arrogant will be the total opposite there, in a state of eternal HORROR! you are right!

      • EvolutionKills

        It is a very silly god who would create logic, and yet demand belief on bad evidence.

        It is a very evil god who would do the same under threat of eternal torture.

  • http://bob.com No one will ever read this

    I didn’t read all the comments. I’m an atheist. If, somehow, I ended up in front of a creator (no matter what creator it would be), I would not be confrontational and argumentative. I would ask sincere questions to find the truth. Isn’t that what the whole thing is about? To know the truth? It shows how petty this situation has become that even in the face of IMAGINARY incontrovertible proof, you still IMAGINE that you act like an asshole. Truth is truth. No matter how much it contradicts your worldview. You may not like it, but it’s still the truth.

    • http://www.facebook.com/keithbaker.memphis Keith Baker

      No this isn’t petty, children dying with a Bible thrust into their hands isn’t petty. You MAKING WORDS CAPITALIZED to assert some opinion is petty.

    • AntiquityNow

      In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

      There was a man sent from God whose name was John. He came as a witness to testify concerning that light, so that through him all might believe. He himself was not the light; he came only as a witness to the light.

      The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world. He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him. He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him. Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God—children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God.

      The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.

      (John testified concerning him. He cried out, saying, “This is the one I spoke about when I said, ‘He who comes after me has surpassed me because he was before me.’ ”) Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given. For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. No one has ever seen God, but the one and only Son, who is himself God and is in closest relationship with the Father, has made him known.

      John 1:1-18

      • don keyoatey

        a word is a sequence of syllables or written symbols. a word is not a person! It might be a nickname for some egotistical entity who thought his every pronouncement was the last word!

        • AntiquityNow

          You may not realize it, but words can only come from a person. Crazy isn’t it? God is the Word, because He is the original source of all life. He has every right to demand worship from us. That should make you happy, not jealous, because as a mere creature you do not deserve such honor.

          • Michael Wicks

            “words can only come from a person.”
            “God is the Word,”

            If words can only come from a person and god is the word, then god can only come from a person.

            I do admire your honesty there that god is man made. Thank you.

            • AntiquityNow

              God is a person, but He is not man made.

              • wakeup32176

                Man created gods in his own image. How else do you explain that every god ever worshiped was like the people who worshiped him? Allah is thought to be middle Eastern, while Buddha is believed to be Asian. Someone (a lot of someones actually) is/are completely wrong. Gods were an idea that gave man a way of controlling the masses, and to explain what the science of the day could not. Oh, and I almost forgot! A tremendous money maker!

                • Jazz

                  Actually if you read the story of Abraham you will see that there were no masses for him Abram to control. He was only the patriarch of a small tribe not an entire nation. Abram (his name before Abraham) actually worshiped other idol god’s before the God of the Jews. Christianity is the only religion founded by our diety. The muslms had Muhamad (a man), the Budists had budah (a man), the greeks had homer and the romans basically adopted the greek faith. Our religion was founded by Christ, God incarnate.

                  • Kao

                    So the Christians have Christ the possibly fictional person as their man?

            • mrmark1977

              Lol, Christians have a habit of shooting themselves in the feet when they come up with this guff – they inevitably end up contradicting themselves.

              • Kao

                Well, at least they do the same thing that the bible does.

          • mystery

            Creation doesn’t deserve worship. The majority of believers worship selfishly, i have seen more decency from atheists who have no hope in their mind of wonderful rewards. And a god who condemns a newborn child as guilty of sin for the deeds of a man whom 1, he KNEW would sin which even so was through trickery. 2. He never wanted us to be equals in knowledge or immortality yet later promises it? Contradictory, read genesis again and see i do not lie. Yet still i can believe an will worship but i ask ONE proof from him. The book is not enough, i can pick up the greek myths and it doesnt make it any more true

            • imustbeacoocoo

              I’m compelled to get in on this argument…and not by evolution. I can’t relate to aeithiests or mass religious types. It’s easy, very easy. Yahweh gave us free will, and at the very first chance, we spit in his face, telling our very maker that we didn’t need Him and could govern ourselves. When you dent a cake pan (as in sin), every cake that comes from it is dented (sin is inherent from Adam). When we defied God, He loved us enough to give us exactly what we wanted, and was smart enough to know that we would learn our own lesson. We made our own decisions. That’s why babies die, and wars are fought; so that we can see for ourselves that we cannot! These tragedies are our own making. He even sent Jesus (a volunteer angel, and the first “word” God spoke which all else was created through) to sacrifice his perfect life as a ransom for the perfect life lost (Adam). As long as we acknowledge that and live decently, we’ll be close to God on a new earth again. (Yes, earth because that was His original plan and nothing leaves His mouth without coming to fruition. And why would God make a new earth in revelations that he never meant to use? If you think you’ll be in heaven beside Him you may wanna check yourself.) There is no hell, by the way…..the bible NEVER says it. Being “thrown to the fire” is only another parable because fire burns completely. Only the wickedest people who blaspheme God to His face will be the ones to go back to the dirt they came from and cease to exist. If you’re an atheist, and can’t admit that when you meet your maker, you won’t fall to your knees and beg forgiveness for all your life’s humiliation and selfishness, etc., you may get exactly what you want. But don’t worry, if you weep like a baby and apologize, you’re forgiven, even then, I believe. And people who claim to know God and Jesus JUST because they douched themselves in water once? Quit trying to throw your fellow man to the fire. God is cheering for ALL of us to make it through. And I’d say that most of us have a pretty good chance. Peace out, kids.

              • mystery

                I feel compelled to get in on this too, when we defied him?
                Don’t eat x or you will die.
                Ok so God lied for a start, woah wait you cry, he meant you die eventually rather than be immortal.
                But wait, did God not say to whoever he spoke with…..Lest they reach for the tree of life and live forever?
                So they were not already immortal and he did not wish them to be.
                So the implication is, eat it die now. They did not.
                Additionally God makes them naked yet later we are told to gaze upon our nakedness is a sin.
                We are told that the snake was Satan yet God never says this in fact he curses all its kind, so either it was just a snake, or God punished all snakes for not being able to fend off the possession of itself by a angel of power that was obviously supernatural)
                And as i said before he denied them the fruit so denying free will. And without that they could not know they were wrong
                God MURDERS all Egyptian firstborns, yet the Bible expressly tells us when Pharaoh relented, God hardened his heart, so he uses intimidating bully tactics to make the Egyptians free slaves, though the Bible advocates slavery.
                And thus indicating that he was a God of a people not of all, but anyway, the guy says sure, god busts into free will and makes him change his mind then kills even babies, all for…………

                Yeah think the sensible will pass on an arsehole like that.

                • Jazz

                  You missed the Fact that God said do not eat from the tree period. They disobeyed the paid the price. God said the would die, and they did. He never said drop dead on the spot. MURDER is to take life and you cannot take what already belongs to you. God was punishing pharoh for what he did to His people. The Bible also says a master is to love His servent not mistreat them. God did not take away pharohs free will, pharoh was still given the option to free the slaves. God just made it more challenging for him to do so. You are talking in the context that God does not have the right to take life. HE MADE YOU HE, HE HAS THE RIGHT TO DO WHATEVER HE WANTS TO YOU, WE ARE JUST LUCKY HE IS NOT EVIL AND DESIDES JUST TO THROW US ALL TO HELL.

              • John Jozsa

                NO, you are not “coocoo” ,but sure religious to a certain degree.
                First, your “Jesus”. If you learn a bit Jewish history easily realize that NO Jewish parents would have named their son with a Greek name in 1st. century palestine. Beside he was not an angel or any megical person, but a Hassidic rabbi. The biblical text is very clear, but there has been an auwfull amount of deliberate mistranslation of the book.

                Seems you know what “sheol” or “hades” actually mean and described in the text. But need to go to the original languages. Such as John 1;1-6 does NOT talk about the rabbi. But explains to the Hellenistic Jews, the meaning of the “Logos” that the Hellenists believed was the “force/power that created and sustains the universe”. In ‘kay theos en ho Logos’ , and NOT ‘kay Logos en ho theos’ as all English translation are. The original text meaning that ;’ God was this Logos’ and not that the Logos was God.
                Remember Hanukah ? The Jewish people fought two civil wars against the Hellenists in the second century CE. A tiny group defeated the Hellenists, who than got help from Syrian Hellenist, they defeated them too. Celebrated the victory and rebuilt the altar and rededicated the cleansed Temple. That’;s Hannukah. It’s Dec.16, this year.
                Hellenism almost totally destroyed Judaism. Hellenism was very much the same idea as humanism.evolutionism,etc. are today.
                Just hope such issues will not be settled by wars and blood-sheds today.

            • John Jozsa

              But hope or desireing “reward” is greed and selfishness, and that is a sin. And its consequences will destroy one, according what Moses recorded.
              So cleatrly that’s “not God’s punishment” but a consequances of our selfish, greedy actions. Now just what’s religious about that ? Simple common sense, or normal effects of life as we make it to be.

              • mystery

                But a sin that is unavoidable. If we are never to hope for reward why is God offering it to us IF we do as we are told, and offering torture and a sado masochistic punishment if not.
                Why explain all the delights, and all the pitfalls?
                If we are not supposed to want the good, nor hope….then why tell us?
                It is the same as when God accused us of sin when we hadn’t the mental faculties to know what sin was.
                To Eve, eating the apple was no more a sin than swimming or brushing her hair.
                And yet now, you deign to suggest more idiocy, never mind that this Bible when the literal exposes a maniacal dictator, it demands interpretation, but when it is conforming to mans wants it means what it says.
                Now suppose we should NOT want anything? Why do it? (by it, i mean good/bad)
                Because we feel it is right, or benefits us.
                There are no acts that are un-selfish, it may be that people want to do good because they are nice, but it brings them pleasure.
                But in a greater scheme of things, a Christian doing what God orders them, because they fear he will exterminate them, or they hope to gain heaven not hell. They are forgetting to question God.
                Is God good? The Bible does not show this, only HE could, if he responded, but there is no response, so we have a case of a worse-than-Hitler deity, saying, this is good, so do it, and everyone saying, well this fits with my model of what is good, i feed the poor, hate gays, judge others, and am wealthy enough to rest on Sundays. I am Christian!
                The atheist, says, i work hard, i help others when i can, i do good because i have evaluated how i like to be treated, i have seen hardships and want it eliminated, i expect no reward nor fear a punishment so i do this because it IS right, not because i am told it is.

                Any atheist that is good, is better than a religious do gooder because they do with neither instruction to, nor hope/fear of reward/punishment

            • Mushet

              If there is no God there is no foundation for your anger and upsetness at such things. If atheism is true then the atheists are the most irrational people, aside from the Christians. The Christians would be the most irrational people because then the Bible is not true and yet when the Christian dies that is the end. No eternal loss. But if the atheist is wrong, and Hell is real, then he suffers eternal loss. But if atheism is true, then why get upset at anything? All is nothing and nothing is all. Just random atoms. The fact that atheists get outraged shows there is a God because the very fact of outrage assumes there is a standard of what is good and what is bad. In order to identify something as darkness you have to know there is a light.

              • mystery

                Ah well there you demonstrate a severe lack of knowledge. Firstly “if” i am right (and the evidence suggests i am) Why get upset?
                Because religion exerts power and influence, enjoys a range of benefits, has a deciding factor in so much of what people do, allows by its existence to be the justification, however wrongly, for murder, has been the cause of wars and disease spreading, of hatred and destruction.

                Atheism not only needs to be our way it needs be preached. I mean put it another way, if i am right, why need you preach,pray and spread the word of a lie?
                Religion has done more harm than good.
                And, if there is a hell and God says i am to be sentenced for no faith, i shall never see hell, for lack of faith is not punishable else Jesus would be in Hell. And i do dare you to show Jesus had faith, he quite obviously could not have faith and know who he was at the same time.
                If God snuffs me out then i will have no thought to regret, if he tortures me, it will show he is a crazy loon not worthy of worship.
                If he does so for lack of belief in the unknown, i will not suffer for if i were meant to believe absent proof, why would he have made himself known?
                Why didn’t he expect us to “just know” he existed with NOTHING, no Bible, no prophecy, no direct God to man contact?
                The answer is because without his saying or doing, no one would know, and without some proof those prophets would never have believed, so either it was fiction or real and if real he gave proof knowing it was needed, so he can’t then say “Oh changed my mind”.
                Well he could but it would show the fact Satan was right and God should not be in charge as he is a terrible and inconsistent.
                The very fact of outrage ? Well am i outraged or just determined to highlight fallacy?
                Your argument is ridiculous, outrage shows humans have emotions and that is it.
                But if we take the assertion, then the fact that once there was nothing is proof that once even God didn’t exist and therefore that something created him, therefore he is not the greatest.

                • Cecil

                  You’re assuming God was created. He wasn’t. He was, is, and forever will be!
                  If evil exists, then “good” must exist. If good exists, there must be a moral law (objective truth) to differentiate between good and evil. If there is a moral law, you must posit a moral law giver. Therefore God! Stating it backwards–no God, no moral law; no moral law, no good; no good, no evil. We are just dancing to the tune of our own DNA. Aethists should take their worldview to its logical outworking and stop being the judge of what’s good or what’s evil If there is no God, good and bad are totally subjective and ANYTHING should be permissible.

                  • Kao

                    You do realize that there is this thing, called “empathy” and “altruism”. Both are natural phenomena. Also, if God is good, then genocide and rampant xenophobia is alright? Because in that case, Hitler would have been God’s prophet, right? Morality is a subjective thing in the Bible, and God is also subjective to whomever decides to use him as a puppet.

                • Jazz

                  1) The ONLY benifit christianity brings is eternal happiness. That is what all christian should desire.
                  2) If you are right (which I do not believe you are) then your right and you should not have to worry about anything. BUT, you BETTER hope your really are right.
                  3) If we are all born non-believers, then why does it have to be preached? We have many things to preach on what we belive, and you only have one and that is that there is no God.
                  4) Hell is for people who did not have any faith while they were alive. So yea if you die in you sins not beleiving in Christ which you do not you will go there and it is much more worse than what you imagine it would be.
                  5) To clarify you are speaking in the context that there is a God. If you are condemned to eternal torture that is all YOUR FAULT. You should have taken the time to see who this Jesus really is. God is not man, he has the right to do with your soul whatever he wishes. We are lucky that is kind because if he wasnt you me and everybody would burn. Remember GOD not man decides what is good and what is bad, not man.
                  6) Every physical thing needs a beginning. God is spiritually and created reallity itself. He is not bound by OUR laws of physics.

                  • Kao

                    So 5 or so billion burn? Wow, God is soooo merciful. So how was god created, for number 6? Because by that reasoning, everything needs a creator, which you say is Yahweh, but who created Yahweh? Maybe a tribe leader, who needed to keep his people under control, but he didn’t have enough power to. So, he made up an omnipotent being, which made laws, and disobedience to those laws would result in eternal suffering, while adhering to them would allow for eternal paradise. A rather nice incentive for obeying this “God’s” law, huh?

          • mystery

            According to? Being a creator is no special thing. So God made the universe? Well, what has he done lately?
            I made a child, i didn’t get a letter asking to be a parent to him, so i take care of my child, i don’t test his belief in dads by hiding and threats.
            I am there, i love i care, i say yes, i say no, i explain.
            God wants worship, let him earn it.
            He didn’t make one part of this world for me he if he exists, made it for selfish reasons, or, just because he could.
            He hasn’t answered a single prayer in negative or affirmative.
            He has done no good in this world.
            A God that does nothing is as good as one that doesn’t exist.
            And remember again, that proof is known to be needed else why did god ever reveal himself or inspire the Bible.
            Oh and free will?
            Well Adam and Eve had none, he withheld knowledge of good and evil, so to them, they could not understand wrong and thus were not able to intentionally commit sin.
            But afterwards, he leaves us free by saying believe and do as i say or else i will torture and destroy you.
            That’s like Hitler saying Jews are cool, tell me if you’re a Jew and you are free to be a Jew, but i will kill you if you tell me you’re a Jew.

            • John Jozsa

              NO, you did not “make a child”. You only impregnated a women. Simply your seaman fertilized her ovary-egg. But what power caused her fertilized ovary-egg (morula) to be attached to the wall of her woomb? Making a life supportive connection to grow to be a human offspring of yours?
              And you sure did not produce that ability to do. You were born, just as every human (and animal) male received that ability from the beginning. So, be honest !
              As of your assumption of sin and disobediance.
              The Torah (Law) Moses scribed states only ; if you follow it, it will go well with you. If you disobey it, the consequences will destroy you.
              Everything, every action has consequences, or reaction. You may not believe that but if you drive into a way way road you be in trouble,Like-wise if you smack some one in the face, likely you be kicked to hell and so on. And that has nothing to do with God or Bible ,not Moses.
              Your Hitler analogy is none-sense. You know it !

              The “free-will” . Animals have no free will. Did you know that? Animals do not commit any action you may consider “sin”. Because they live by sybermatic, or instinct. That’s in their DNA. That’s why even the most skillful predatory animal do not kill when not hungry.
              Only humans exploit, abuse and destroy everything, and yes, kill all living beings. And humans do it for pleasure and for profit. Now that’s SIN.SIN,SIN the abuse of that “free-will” is what gets you in life’s troubles.
              And you are free to disagree with that, but can not change it.

              • mystery

                Yes i did make a child, as much as by fact that absent my sperm, no child. It is co-creation.
                And free will for animals?
                Sorry to tell you but you are utterly wrong, there is no instinct that forces an animal to go miles to a home it has left, no instinct that drives an animal to wait for years under a train until it dies, after his master died and never returned from that train journey.
                No force that demands it stay with a injured person, fight predators bigger to protect owners.
                If there were, there would be ALL of them behaving thusly.
                And humans have NO free will from the god lie p.o.v
                Believe or i, a loving god will torment you and then kill you.
                And sin? Be clear on this. Until eating the fruit, they had NO/NONE/NADA/ZERO knowledge of sin, withheld by god, so he prevented them being able to comprehend good or bad, he ALLOWED the most guileful creature to speak with them then lied about the result anyway.
                You can believe your lies but the fact is the greek myths are equally valid as the bible, and the war, hate, bigotry spread by religions is un paralleled.
                You believe, but havent any proof, you have reasons why not, but all reasons fall flat, simply because if no proof were needed, god wouldnt have left a book, and hidden it for hundreds of years, he wouldnt interact at all let alone just one special person.
                If you’re so easy to fool, you are, but if i die and god punishes me, i will simply say, ok i may have been wrong that you didnt exist, but i had good reason to in my human mind that you made that way. And, as you torture and kill me, let me say, satan was right, you’re a maniac who must be opposed.

                And speaking of Satan, what a crock, an amazing omnipotent creator can bring a world into being, immortal, invincible, can do ANYTHING,but this created being that can do not a 100th of these things, they think they could win? Course, which is why you would believe a baby can beat a polar bear.
                PUHLEEASSSSEE LMFAO the story book is a ridiculous bunch of……stories, it doesnt make them true because you’re easily swayed

            • mrmark1977

              “They disobeyed the paid the price.”

              And what a fair price it was, misery, pain and death, for a bit of apple scrumping.

              “God said the would die, and they did. He never said drop dead on the spot.”

              He also never mentioned what to ‘die’ meant. Nor did he mentioned he’d cause them pain, evict them, or punish their descendants forever.

          • Jazz

            God is not a person but a spiritual entity who is beyond our comprehension. Yes we use words to communicate, but Gods Word is power. A human word cannot speak things into existence or command nature itself but the word of God can. Do not be confused, God said He created us in His image but we were all tainted by sin.

    • Cora Woodward

      God is open for questions. Ask Him honestly to reveal Himself to you. Others have done it and gotten answers. Don’t go with a closed minded belligerent attitude. If you do you won’t hear a thing.

      • mystery

        Ask him to reveal himself?
        Mmm i can’t get myself to reveal him to myself even.
        What do i mean? Well i asked a favour of him, he ignored it, in fact i did something i never normally would and caused me hurt and others.
        After which i asked as a proof of his existence to do something else, for which the clock is still ticking. I also asked him, if his answer was no, to reveal himself by angels or Jesus or himself, in my dreams, i have never yet had a dream with any of those in them, much less to explain his refusal if that is to be, of my second request.
        Now i could say why the first refusal, but here’s the fun part. I KNOW why. At least i can Christianise why, by which i know the multitudes of rationalisations. I had to learn a lesson, it was my will but not his, i have sinned, i haven’t confessed my sins, i should not test god, i have asked for me, i have not followed the commandments.
        And many more. The thing is, i have and indeed no one has, a way to get prayers answered because no one can be what they are and be exactly what we would need to be to have a prayer answered. If we were that good and “correct” we wouldn’t want anything we would be Gods robots.
        But examine it deeper, we all know the judgement of the Bible and the contradictions. But who among us would kill the world? Especially when the appearance of the mighty one would prove existence, so too would the destruction of the world but the latter is evil. Look at the blatant lies and deception, allowing Abraham to call his wife his sister and threatening those who tried it on with her, with death. Yet 1. It was his sister so incest is ok but gays must be killed? Well humans are far more nicer than god then. And better safe guarders of genetic diversity. Appearing to one or two people only?
        And whoever did witness miracles widely? ones and twos, larger miracles are not independently verified, Lazarus or feeding the 5000, there is much much more. Yet today i stand in full faith but praying to god for an answer to a prayer that will prove beyond doubt that he/she/it exists as a reward to having been faithful and just as my faith is questioned, to strengthen it by one means, i cannot be wrong for look to Saul, a hater and killer of Christians was shown the answer and i, i who will believe will do good works would accept the most suffering just to be confirmed in truth one way or another, i am ignored?
        Sorry i need the answer one way or another.
        So all who are devout faithful (not through indoctrination) then pray he will answer a harmless prayer, or appear to me to make me know why not.

        • Rob

          “Thou shalt not tempt the Lord”. “God answer this prayer or I’m not going to believe in you” is not the way to go at it, Cora Woodward. An atheist is someone who does not believe there is a God. If you don’t believe there is a God, why are you praying to one? You believe in Him, you just don’t like Him because He doesn’t give you what you want. Sounds pretty childish to me. There is a God and He gives you what you NEED, not what you want. He isn’t going to send Jesus down to prove anything to you. If God showed his face tangibly to the world, it wouldn’t be called “faith”. Faith is believing. I believe in my God. I don’t ask him to prove himself to me and yet i see Him every day working in the lives of people around me. There is a reason God won’t give you what you want. You are just looking at it too narrow-minded to understand why.

          • mystery

            No Rob, if he didn’t give me what i want, that’s ok, i have no answer though, not yes, not no, nothing, same as praying to my boots. So i do see my boots they are real, but i don’t see God, and 30 years of prayer and faith in times likely more terrible than you have suffered, i held faith, i begged an pleaded and cried for me and others. I accepted his will and ploughed on but everytime i saw i did it, no mysticism, me and me alone, i dragged through, fought through, survived the horrors and pains, but i also suffered them alone. And no god ever existed. I shouldnt test him? Well why do we have a bible? who revealed it to us and why? Basically god knew we had to have some evidence else we could have no faith, so asking for evidence is not testing its asking him to answer one prayer, or, reveal himself in some way that i will believe and yes a few ways exist that will convince me, but no the only proof that comes is to fables in a book. If you believe then pray i believe, but me? After 30 years silence i opt to believe thats because theres nothing out there

            • deviousjinx

              So perfectly stated, mystery…

            • GABRIEL

              30 years…

              And you still havent noticed the little presents God left for Man, such as food to eat, water to drink, air to breath, sunshine to warm yourself in and cute little creatures such as these, – created solely as helpmates for enjoyment:


              Who are you, Mystery?

              Helen Keller?


              • Serolf Bocaj

                Wow food pproves god Iis real wow……..get a book of bibiology science and evolution educate yourself…..I didn’t think someone could be that stupid

                • Maudie18

                  No it’s you that’s stupid. There is no science or evolution without GOD

                  • jjjjjj

                    O really! Tell me what the fuck has god to be with evolution or science …for hundreds of years religious people killed people that tried to find answers to the things they didn’t understand they were killed because religious people didn’t like the idea that the earth wasn’t flat or the center of the universe .

                    • Maudie18

                      There would be no evolution or science without GOD. There was nothing before GOD created it.

                    • FiachSidhe

                      and what created God?

                    • Maudie18

                      He has always been there before the creation of anything

                    • Serolf Bocaj

                      A fart created god .humans trying to find answers created the idea that there is a god .

                    • Atticus

                      We believe he was always there. So we don’t have a real definite answer, but neither do you. Our answer is faith and that’s better than nothing.

                    • marcos_marcotron

                      “Our answer is faith and that’s better than nothing.”

                      No, that answer is shit, and has been holding back humanity for thousands of years, and continues to do so.

                    • Maudie18

                      Nothing you idiot. He is. you just don’t get it. he has always existed, he is I AM. He has all the power, he does not have to explain himself, esp to you, you mere mortal

                    • FiachSidhe

                      An idiot is proclaiming nothing can exist without being created, and then claiming God wasn’t created. You’re right, God doesn’t have to explain himself, but he damn well better if he wants worship. I mean would you accept anything else at face value without explanation? So why do you accept an ancient text not actually written by said deity as gospel without explanation?

                    • Mo’

                      Hi there

                      I see we all like to get very emotional when it comes to The Creator and this is a good sign that we care enough to want to know.

                      I like to explain this as best He allows me to. When you work for someone who expects you to work from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday it seems like a good agreement and you start working. When you get to work after 9 the first few times, it’s ok. But during the second month or the third month, the boss calls you in to tend to your untimely time keeping habits. This would be fair upon him as this Is not what you agreed upon. For the next three months you notice that your boss pitches for work at 10 and every Monday he does not pitch at all. Would it be right for you to call him to your office to sort this matter out? The answer is no – the 2 of you are not in the same spheres and thus different rules apply to him than to you.

                      This is the logic behind who created The Creator.

                      Due to the fact that we are constrained within a time capsule that He created, the rules that bound us and limits our thinking is not applied to Him. Since our universe is not in a “Steady State” as scientists of the past were clinging and believing, it means that we are in motion and someday, due to forces acting in on it, it will stop. This proves the theory that it was all sticking together at some earlier point and something had to rip it apart. So, since it started moving, it was locked to the scientific laws of this dimension. Someone had to move it because according to the Law of Newton which is proved and that is why it is called a Law, anything in rest or motion will remain that way until an external force is exerted on it. This is thus true for this dimension and that is why someone had to move it. For other dimensions without time constraints, this would not necessary be true. Seeing that The Creator is from a different dimension, He stand apart from these laws. Other laws apply to him though, like He should be Self Sustaining and Self Existing. He should not be in need of anything within our dimension otherwise he would become part of it with all its laws.

                      When there is not enough information people often tend to make misjudgements, but we are all human and make mistakes.

                      With regards to His ancient texts that was not written by Him – why do we accept that it is true?

                      Well firstly when you get evidence, you must find the source.. Once the source has been identified, you must test the validity of the source. So let us examine who says what.

                      Albert Einstein: “Science without Religion is Lame and Religion without Science is Blind.”

                      From The All Knowing, The All Wise:

                      In His last testament He says the following:

                      “Do not the unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation), before We clove them asunder?”

                      Last Testament: Book “The Prophets” Verse “21″

                      This is in line with the Big Bang theory that scientists have not known before at least the 1800′s

                      This evidence is the type that makes me and others like me hold on to these texts. Off course, only one piece of evidence is hardly enough to convince a child, let alone the universe.

                      Read up many more of these at the following link:

                      If you really want to know Him, know that He has been waiting for you to contact Him. Every single step you take towards Him, He takes ten towards you.
                      Should you need to contact me directly, mail me:

                    • marcos_marcotron

                      “he is I AM.”

                      That’s stupid, I don’t know why Christian keep parroting that stupid phrase.

                      It’s funny how religious people all try the deist argument of ‘how do you think the universe got here, and beautiful and intelligent and complex things got made?’, and scoff at the idea that they didn’t need to be created.

                      And then when it’s pointed out that that means that a beautiful intelligent and complex god would also need to be created, by that logic, the response is ‘oh the logic doesn’t apply there’.

                      It seems like beautiful, intelligent and complex things do NOT need to be created by some thinking ‘god’ – and actually even religious people agree with that, when it suits them.

                    • Atticus

                      Did God tell those people to murder. I dont think so.

                • Maudie18

                  you can’t have one without the other, you are the one who is stupid

                • Michael Digangi

                  Your a jackass evolution, why don’t you explain where everything came from and how it started and what existed with out no beginning, stupid

                • Atticus

                  animals didn’t just poof on this earth from nothing buddy. Evolution doesn’t explain where the first one came from now does it? You don’t need a book to explain that, that’s just common sense.

              • Victoria Peckham

                Gabriel, which century are you living in? These cute little creatures happen to be human beings with emotions that go way beyond your limited view of their appearance. Helpmates for enjoyment? Seriously?

              • marcos_marcotron

                “And you still havent noticed the little presents God left for Man, such
                as food to eat, water to drink”

                We wouldn’t need food or water, if he hadn’t created us in a way that we would suffer and then die without them.

                It’s like making us all heroin addicts at birth, and then praising him for leaving bags of heroin lying around.

                And it may have escaped your attention that there is MANY places on this planet, where he has forgotten to leave enough food and drink for people.

                “air to breath”

                Again, we wouldn’t NEED air if he hadn’t made us in a way that we need it stop us dying.

                “sunshine to warm yourself

                Same again. He created us in a way that we freeze and die without this ‘sunshine’. And still he didn’t provide a perfect dosage of our heat-drug, because for many of us, we have to use heaters because the sunshine is not enough on it’s own.

            • Maudie18

              You are suffering right now, and some thing or someone has put a stumbling block in front of you. You can’t give up. I have in my past given up and said those very words. You Don’t Exist and threw my Bible across the floor. It was many many years till I turned to HIM again. I learned that really I had just put Him on the back burner of my life, but he was still ever present in my ife without me knowing it. He helped me make all the good decisions in my life and he was there when I made mistkes. I didn’t get what I wanted that night or ever in my life did I get what I begged,pleaded, and prayed for that night. I was a nurse for over 35 years, so I have seen suffering and tragedy, but I has always believed it is only us left behind on the earth that suffer the loss of our dead. They are in a better place. GOD has a reason for every thing, but we must wait and be steadfast.

              • 5102

                Maudie, the thing is, the brain is very complex. If you know who Sigmund Freud is, or Daniel Goleman, you would know that the mind is essentially broken into two parts. These two parts are the conscious and the subconscious minds. I am not going to explain to you how this all works; books like Vital Lies, Simple Truths by Goleman do the job quite well. But essentially, the model of stimuli being processed through the brain entails a part where it goes through the subconscious long-term storage part, and then a filter, before it reaches the conscious self. Your GOD exists in schemas in this subconscious region. Whenever something happens in your life that your conscious mind cannot explain with what (admittedly little) cogency you seem to possess, your schemas will form a link that will lead to schemas focusing on God. This is done as an explanation.
                You can think you have it figured out. And you can say to me in a reply that “I can think I have it figured out”, but setting aside the appeal to ignorance, I will stand with my schema association.

                • Maudie18

                  with what (admittedly little) cogency you seem to possess!!!! Really, I am the daughter of an Michigan State University Honored Professor from 60′s and 70′s. I have plenty on cogency and I am not stupid as you are implying.

                  • 5102

                    I do not care who your father is, and you don’t need to care who my father is, because it has no pertinent information to do with the argument except an attempt to entitle you in some way (although I do truly find it frightening that your dad believes in ID as a professor). All I care about is this quote from you, “The only people who know that GOD exists are the people who put their trust in him.” Now, if we were to assume god did not exist, then the only people who know that a (false) (is true) are the people who (believe to be true). Coming straight from my logic notes, to know is to have total absolute certainty. You can’t have total absolute certainty in a false without having a flaw in reason. Now, assuming god is true, then the only people who (have total absolute certainty) that a (true) (is true) are the people who (believe it to be true). This is, in essence, begging the question, as total absolute certainty is equated to believing to be true; A therefore A. Also coming from my notes, “the most dangerous people on Earth are those who think they are absolutely certain.” I suggest you never be absolutely certain about anything, not even your “god”. While I don’t believe in god, I am not absolutely certain he does not exist, just like you should not be absolutely certain that he does. I took this quote from you to sum up how you have been able to avoid changing your beliefs even when people came here, point out your logical fallacies. Now, if you want, even though it would go against logic, you can go on being absolutely certain in things (I don’t care if god is the subject), you will never use logic’s true potential, and will instead think you understand it, using your version of it to reinforce your arguments.
                    I think I have made my point. Now, good luck with god, or, as I said earlier, the things that happen in life that you relate to god.

                    • Maudie18

                      Excuse me my father is long dead.So he believes in nothing. I never said it was logical. No faith has to be logical, it’s just faith. You will see soon.

                    • 5102

                      So I can’t infer that you were raised in a religious household? I can tell you that I was. And that is besides the main point anyway; that faith is not logical, yet you try to use logic with it anyway. Oh, and spare me the tautological statements and the “You will see soon”, as it infers that you are very sure of yourself, even though I have attempted to tell you that that is not the way to go.
                      I now, more than ever, realize why some opinions cannot be swayed; because they have been made as facts.

                    • Maudie18

                      No I was not raised in a religious house. My parents were 7th adventists and they never took us to Church

                    • marcos_marcotron

                      ” No faith has to be logical, it’s just faith.”

                      Yeah, there’s no good reason to believe it, it’s just blind hope or wishful thinking.

                      “You will see soon.”

                      Christians love taunting people that are going to be tortured forever, like this.

              • FiachSidhe

                So God is sort of like a person suffering from Munchausen syndrome. He puts his loved ones in danger, just to rescue them. Seriously, that’s who you put your faith in?

                God has it so easy with people like you. Whenever something good happens in your life, you thank an imaginary sky lord. Whenever something bad happens “he moves in mysterious ways”. You wouldn’t want to be friends with someone who torments you just to save you and hear the thanks. So why would you worship something like that? A mass murderer.

                • Maudie18

                  The only people who know that GOD exists are the people who put their trust in him. He doesn’t put us in harms way we do that all by our selves, but if you believe he will rescue you. The point is it is free will. He has never put me in harms way I did that. You are truly foolish, and I feel sorry for you, and I will even pray for you to hear the knock at the door.

                  • Beatrice

                    YOU ARE A DUMBO it is Satan whosse title of god that has been stolen from him and given to this phony balony made up xtian wild eyed story so called god thing! I know more than you do. Because everything you because everything you know is wrong! The Joy of Satan website explains everything in deeeeeeeep detail!!!! Read it and weep BOZO! Or not and just stay as stupid as I already know you are v!!! It’s up to you, ha!ha!ha!

                    • Maudie18

                      You show the difference with your language, you are a name caller, I believe you are with Satan. He and you do not frighten me. First off GOD the creator made all the Angels, including Lucifer. Lucifer was God’s favorite. He was the most beautiful angel in Heaven. With every movement of his body he eluded the music of flutes and violins, but being the favorite was not good enough for him. You cannot conquer the one that made you. The creator doesn’t make anything more stronger than himself, that is why he was cast out of Heaven. First off you can’t believe in one without the other.If you believe in Satan you must believe in GOD and vise versa. When Christ died Satan thought he had won. But God fooled him. Why do you think that Satan tries so hard to get the believers. He is never after the ones who don’t believe, he knows he already has you. It is the souls of the believers that he wants so badly. If he gets us, then he knows he has won.He doesn’t believe that Christ will actually return for his people. I have seen true miracles from the hand of God. I don’t think you can say that about Satan. He is not about love or miracles. I have witnessed some of his demons lurking around.I thought I saw a man in the woods about a month or two ago. It was raining, and he was standing in the woods just off the road. I stopped to ask if he needed some help. He was dressed in a black trench coat with a black hat on, before I could ask, he took a step and I saw a goats leg and foot take the step and then another step with both goat legs and hoofs. I drove away.It was not Satan allowing me to see this, it was God allowing me to see it to let me know they are around. I have also seen Angels a few times in my life. So you have the right and the choice to believe what you want, just like I do, but you don’t see me calling you names. In the end it will not be me that will be weeping.

                    • SBOC

                      How do you know that what you saw (man with goat legs and hooves) was real?

                • Atticus

                  HE DOESN’T TORMENT ANYONE. CAN YOU NOT WRAP YOUR HEAD AROUND THE IDEA THAT EVERYONE GOES THROUGH SHIT. He wants us to come to him willingly and lovingly. Think of one time in your life where something bad happened to you. Whether it being a loved ones death or someone just laughed in your face. Who are you blaming for it? The God you don’t believe in, or the God you hate because something bad happened to you. People suffer day and day out, some go through things you couldn’t even imagine. Yet what still lives on in some of those people is faith, faith that tells them there is a loving God up there for you whenever you need him, but that doesn’t mean he can make everything bad go away for you. It means that you can turn to him for comfort. Jesus went through some pretty terrible stuff. Being ridiculed, tortured, and then crucified. And what for? For us. If you think that God and that Jesus are tyrants and tormentors, then you are very mistaken and don’t deserve the time of day.

                • RiceHannah

                  God is not a mass murderer, he has saved more people than you can name. I know it is hard to believe when you are in a place of anger and bitterness. He does not put you in pain to save you. He does not put you in pain period, this world does. This world is fallen, this world chose to remove God from it therefore he has given free will. People have sin which creates horrible situations. When we deny God we open up the door to the devil. He will do everything in his power to destroy you and keep you from God. That is his nature. We have a right to choose, he can only direct so much though he works for the best for us. Our free will can also lead us to destruction and death. Try to look at it in a different perspective. It may change your life, a cold bitter heart will only hurt you. Not God or Christians. An old saying fits here, if you don’t forgive someone, dig two graves, one for you and one for the person you did not forgive.

                  • FiachSidhe

                    So all the people/animals that died in the great flood were saved? You really are out of your mind. I suppose every child who dies is being saved too?
                    The thing I hate most about Bible thumpers?
                    Whenever something good happens, God is to thank.
                    Whenever something bad happens, God moves in mysterious ways.
                    God always “saves” you when you survive an accident, but God also pushed you into it. And God also decides others won’t be so lucky.

                    “Try to look at it in a different perspective. It may change your life, a cold bitter heart will only hurt you.”

                    I already have. Born Catholic. One of the most miserable religions I’ve ever seen. Stopped when I realized that Christianity is no different than any of the other hundred of gods worshipped over millions of years. Greeks used to worship a thunder god and his family. Now they are fairy tales. Christ will be the same in a few thousand years.

                    Take your own advice. It may change yours. You may start living for this life, rather than a possible next one. You may not get a reward for living.

                    Some of the coldest and most bitter human beings are devout. Only cold bitter people would hate gays as much as the religious right.
                    Christianity alone brought us Manifest Destiny, the KKK, The Crusades, The Witch Trials, The Spanish Inquisition, and Westboro Baptist Church.

                    • RiceHannah

                      Catholicism is very corrupt. Jesus hates religion that is not what he wants. You don’t have to be religious to have a relationship with him. Have you ever asked him for help? Just sincerely asked him to make things better in your life and your family/friends? Have you ever tried to have a relationship with Jesus himself before deciding he was no good based on people. People will always disappoint we are not perfect we have error. Jesus will not disappoint if you give him a chance. He restored my eye sight and saved me from my death bed. Doctors gave me up to die and it was only through him and the prayer of very strong believers that I survived. I owe him my life and everything I have. His power is greater than most people including myself even realize. He loves you, he cares about you. What you say hurts him because he just wants the best for you. He wants to give you everything you need and want to be happy and blessed. He can’t do that if you wont let him in and continue having your walls up. His heart breaks when you disown him and hurt because of people distorting his message. God made you in his own image and it breaks his heart when you deny a relationship with him. He just wants to know you and rejoice in you as his son. He can not bless you and bring a new life to you i you reject him. It doesn’t hurt trying, I understand people have given you a bad impression of God. Lets be honest people can be horrible at times, it’s not God’s fault. He can not force us to act unless he denies our free will. The world would be very boring and pointless without free will, just think about it for a minute and imagine the world with no free will. See what I mean? While bad people do bad things we can not look to God and blame him. People had a choice, we can only change ourselves, what we do. I will pray for God to bless your life with abundance and love, and ask for God to reveal himself to you because he loves you. However me doing it is not the same as you doing it with an open heart. I relate somewhat to what you are going through, I went through very bad things and horrible situations until I decided to give my life up to God and surrender. When I did that things changed, not immediately. It took time and patience but eventually, they became much better. I also see God’s presence in everything I do now. He gave me a job the first day I looked, and gives sales in almost any store I walk in. That is the favor of God, and living a life without him, is also living without his favor. Even if you hate me or not call me crazy or not does not matter to me. What matters is you are a person Jesus died for who he loved so much he sacrificed himself for your sins. Even if it was only for you, he would have went up on that cross and died just for you. You mean something to him. You did not just exist without a purpose, from the way you speak it is likely a huge purpose to God. The most important people in biblical history had the hardest roads. Your pain may be a test, hopefully you find the right answer.

                    • SBOC

                      What happened with your eyes and how did he heal them?

                    • RiceHannah

                      I was losing my vision, the doctors would not help me or care at all. I had blurred vision that was getting worse and worse. I had strong Christians pray over me and my blurred vision started to get better. It was a process not instant but now my blurred vision is gone. I am doing better with my health and trusting God for a full and complete healing.

                    • SBOC

                      I’ve been to some lousy doctors too. They are out there. I’ve also had, at times, one eye compensate for another and get better vision and then a few years later the eyes seem to swap with which has the better vision. My son had amblyopia, double vision and was having a hard time processing things he saw. He did eye therapy for just over 8 months and has very little in the way of eye problems. The brain is a powerful thing and we don’t even fully understand it now but I didn’t need to pray to have my son’s eyesight improve over time. We looked into viable options that could help his problems and the therapy basically aims to “teach” the visual system to correct itself. Vision therapy is like physical therapy for the visual system, including the eyes and the parts of the brain that control vision. Taking vitamins and eating certain fruits and vegetables have been shown to decrease or reduce certain bad things in our body while other things can improve. How exactly do you know that God had anything to do with that versus your own amazing body doing something itself. Do we not also get colds or the flu? Does God heal us of every one of those little annoyances or does our body take charge and rid itself of the bad stuff and fight off infections to make us better and healthy again?

                    • marcos_marcotron

                      “I had strong Christians pray over me and my blurred vision started to get better.”

                      Well that was selfish. Why not get them to pray for EVERYONE with bad eyesight or bad health problems in this world?

                      God could have fixed the whole lot in one go.

                  • marcos_marcotron

                    “God is not a mass murderer, he has saved more people than you can name.”

                    This is an example of you being incapable of basic thinking. Someone that kills many people, does not lose the definition of ‘mass murderer’ just because they saved other lives.

                    “I know it is hard to believe when you are in a place of anger and bitterness.”

                    I know it’s hard to think properly, when you’re repeated told the lie that people don’t believe because they’re ‘angry’ and ‘bitter’. Being angry or bitter, has nothing to do with someone believes something is real or not. It might make YOU feel better, to think that people don’t believe in God, because they’re nasty angry bitter people, but if you really think about it, which obviously you haven’t, you’d see that makes zero sense.

                    “He does not put you in pain period, this world does.”

                    If God created everything, he invented the very concept and execution of ‘pain’. You can’t make claims that god created everything, but when it comes to bad things, say ‘oh that came from somewhere else, nothing to do with him’. And if you do say that, then you can’t say god created everything.

                    “This world is
                    fallen, this world chose to remove God from it therefore he has given
                    free will.”

                    That doesn’t even make any sense. Explain how the world ‘removed god’ from it. And then explain why a creation of god, would have desires (created by god also) to remove him?

                    “When we deny God we open up the door to the devil. He will do everything
                    in his power to destroy you and keep you from God.”

                    So god doesn’t do everything in his power to keep us, because that would violate free will – yet the devil IS allowed to violate our free will by keeping us from god yes? I would ask if you realise how stupid that sounds, but I know the answer is ‘no you don’t’.

                    “That is his nature.”

                    The nature of the devil created by god yes?

                    So lets recap:

                    God created a devil with a bad nature.

                    God lets the devil roam around keeping humans from god.

                    If God intervenes and beats the devil, then that would mean we didn’t have free will. If the devil wins though, god says we still had free will.

                    Why is it God can’t let us have free will AND be a stronger force than the devil?

                    Let me ask you this: Is your omnipotent god capable of creating a universe in which we have free will to follow him AND no devil and pain? A universe where we could still choose to follow him, there’s just no pesky devil getting in the way?

                    Would god creating two devils mean we had even more free will?

              • SBOC

                I do have a question…what can God do for you that you could never do for yourself? Is there any such circumstance?

                • Maudie18

                  Give you eternal life. You can’t have or get that without Jesus Christ.I know you think that is a lot bunk. My husband and I were in a bad accident last Nov in Kansas. I felt a presence in the cab of the truck, and then when 3 semi’s and 8 cars were coming at us the man we hit and myself saw a giant white arm and hand come out of nowhere and move the traffic into the other lane and all our lives were saved.That was not satan, that was God. Believe what you want. I recently have noticed that many so called Christians are just going thru the motions and are not obedient to God, so I know it is difficult to look at Christians and believe what they say, when they don’t practice it, but in their defence they are just humans and we all fall and are very tempted to Sin. I have believed in Jesus since I was 10, just trying to find out who he was. He stayed on the back burner of my life till a year ago, when strange and wonderful things started to happen to me ( visions) I don’t tell people that much because I know they will think I am crazy. His path is not easy and many people persecute people like me, but I do so want the reward at the end. Try reading the book, it won’t hurt you. Try reading the song of Solomon or the story about David, or Daniel.Pretty interesting stories. Up to you, but you should know what your talking about before you refute it, and you can’t know unless you read it.

                  • SBOC

                    Unfortunately, you make a false assumption about me. I have read many portions of the Bible. I believe that many people in the Bible who are held up as paragons of virtue for their faith were anything but honorable men. And I should have phrased my question to actually read: What can God do for you here on Earth, that you cannot do for yourself…other than get you out of an accident. Just out of curiosity, how do you know that the white smoke wasn’t the result of whatever your car was doing and the cars being on the other side of the road wasn’t a result of the drivers doing anything they could to avoid hitting you. I know if I see a car in front of me spinning or coming right at me…my first instinct would be to swerve my car to avoid hitting it. If that means going into a median or embankment in order to avoid a collision so be it. What does the reward at the end mean to you? What does the reward look like? How would an eternity in heaven be spent? I’m just curious what heaven means to you.

                    • Maudie18

                      Our truck was at a standstill and no smoke anywhere from our vehicle. I understand what your saying about avoiding hitting the car, but wouldn’t each car move independently? all 3 semis and 8 cars moved exactly at the same time like they were tied to each other. I know it sounds crazy and I wasn’t sure what I saw till the man we hit asked me what did I see. You know I have pondered what the crowns and rewards are about many times. There is no explanation in the Bible what they are. You just get them for doing good works for the Lord. Actually if you are saved and you don’t do good works for the Lord you still are saved just no crowns or rewards. I can only imagine they are something pretty great. I think in eternity you get your hearts desire, I think we will be able to fly or just think of where we want to go or be and we will be there. I think we will see things flowers colors we have never seen before, I think will walk next to the lions and other wild beasts. There will be no pain or crying. I think all that is pretty cool, the alternative is burning forever with no relief. I have horrible hormone probs, I live in an inferno already down here, don’t want to go there.

                    • SBOC

                      How did you manage to hit a man if your truck was at a standstill? Were you on a highway or on a city street? I’m a little confused as to the events leading up to everything so can you please clarify? Also, did the visions start before or after the accident? What does being ‘saved’ mean exactly. Can someone who has asked to be ‘saved’ get “unsaved”? People can “fly” here. They can skydive or get on a plane and go from one place to a new place to discover it. They can parasail or get in a hot air balloon. And you can see many beautiful flowers here if you take the time to look around and enjoy them. Is all pain and crying bad? Have you looked into getting help for your hormone problems? Just because you have an infliction with something doesn’t mean that there aren’t medicines or techniques or tools to use to help ease that pain.

                  • marcos_marcotron

                    “and myself saw a giant white arm and hand come out of nowhere and move
                    the traffic into the other lane and all our lives were saved.That was
                    not satan, that was God.”

                    If you genuinely believe that happened, then you hallucinated I’m afraid to say.

                    And the idea that some white-assed god saved you on that day, and yet ignores millions of suffering people every day that believe and pray to him, is just laughable really.

                    • Maudie18

                      I was not the only one who saw that, so I suppose everyone there that day was hallucinating. Besides the reason he doesn’t do it to everyone is it is it is there time to go, it just wasn’t my time yet, wish it had been, cuz it is certainly better up there than down here. You believe what you want, leave us Christians alone, actually I don’t understand why all this would make you so angry.

                    • marcos_marcotron

                      “I was not the only one who saw that, so I suppose everyone there that day was hallucinating.”

                      You really expect us to believe that other people saw this happening? Of course it didn’t happen. Was there any cctv or video footage of this happening? Or for any other of these impossible events that people claim to occur? Of course not, not one thing has ever been seen which defies the laws of physics, which is what your situation would have done.

                      “Besides the reason he doesn’t do it to everyone is it is it is there time to go”

                      Oh of course, for most people, they die of what seems like natural causes, and God doesn’t save them because he arbitrarily decides it’s their ‘time to go’ – yet for the chosen few like you, when you’re about to be killed, he steps in, and defies the laws of physics, just because he arbitrarily decided it wasn’t ‘your time’ to go.

                      So if you went and jumped off a cliff, two hours after this incident, he would have caught you and flown you to safety would he? Or would he have let you die then because although it wasn’t your time to go, two hours earlier, he would have decided was your time to go two hours after the car incident?

                      “wish it had been, cuz it is certainly better up there than down here.”

                      Well I’m sorry you have such a sad pathetic life, in this existence that your wonderful god has allegedly created for you. Don’t forget to tell him how crap you think it is when you meet him.

                      And by the way, you sound ridiculous, acting like you know what this ‘heaven’ will be like, when even if it did exist, you have NO experience of it, and are making assumptions about it, with nothing more than words written by humans (who made it up) to base your misguided ideas about it on.

                      “You believe what you want,”

                      No, you keep making this same mistake again and again. I don’t believe what I WANT. I believe what my brain happens to believe, rightly or wrongly, based on evidence presented to me. Or I don’t believe, in the same way. Or I’m not sure. Whether I believe something, don’t believe something, or am not sure, has NOTHING to do with what I WANT to believe.

                      “leave us Christians alone,”

                      I would, if you would leave others alone and stop trying to control their lives, with feeble morals based on the ramblings of goatherders.

                      Stop telling people what they can or can’t do with their own bodies, stop telling kids and venerable people that they’re evil and deserve to be tortured forever if they don’t believe in your stupid god, and stop stunting the growth of human knowledge about this universe with lies, and then people like me wouldn’t have reason to question your nonsense.

                      Don’t play the ‘poor me’ card – it is religious people, the likes of you, that have been a plague on our species, ever since the first human looked up to the sun and said something along of the lines of ‘that’s our super daddy’.

                      “actually I don’t understand why all this would make you so angry.”

                      Of course you don’t, you are a deluded person who is incapable of rational thinking. However, unlike your imaginary God, I wouldn’t condemn you to an eternal life of torture for this flaw in your brain, and I also wouldn’t lie and claim that you somehow ‘choose’ to be stupid.

              • marcos_marcotron

                “He helped me make all the good decisions in my life and he was there when I made mistkes.”

                Yeah, he was helping you make the mistakes too.

            • Danno77

              God said in the bible that when u come to Him, u should come to Him and know that He is, in other words, u should already know He exist. It also says in the bible that without faith it is impossible to please God. 30 years is a long time. but it doesn’t mean that you’ re the only one going through this. God is loving and patient, don’t just give up on Him, because u think He doesn’t exist. But humbly come before Him believing He exist and He will reveal Himself to u in a way that u will definitely know its Him. God doesn’t have a uniform way of revealing Himself to individuals, He reveals Himself to people in different and special ways. And don’t forget God does most of His things through man. The bible also says that the just shall live by faith. Faith is the essence of having a relationship with God, it is not just mild faith or no faith at all u must believe that He is. Jesus said if u have the faith of a mustard seed, u can tell this mountain move from here and it will move. He was using that as a figure of speech saying that, even the smallest faith goes a long way. U pointed earlier in your response, u said that u cried out to Him and all that. When u are approaching God don’t use the presumption of what u have heard about Him, either from atheist, Christians, and whatnot, but come on the basis of what Jesus (God incarnate) said about Him. Know that u are coming before the one who laid the foundations of the earth. The one who created the cosmos and everything in it, including me and u, from nothing. And He loves u more than u love yourself. Come to God in humility and faith, and he will reward u. The bible says that God will reward those who diligently seek Him. And trust me God will keep His promise but u just have to do your part. Hope this helps. God bless you and don’t let people like other atheist or hypocrites, anyone violate your freedom of seeking Jesus for yourself. He loves u and wants to life and life more abundantly, but he wont force it upon u, because u honors and greatly respects your free will.

              • mystery

                I never stop seeking despite total absence of faith, i never stop speaking to him either even though it be as denials and anger, in that it is because i have a partner who believes and has JW visit us. Yet i cannot sit there and yet find what once i did, does me talking and badly indicate an anger with him? Maybe, but i used to pray daily and so i think a part is rationalising why he is not, as i try to fall out of my routine of daily communication.
                wELL I STUDY THE BIBLE STILL AND TRY TO DO GOOD AND BE NICE SO IF HE IS REAL IN TRUTH THEN HE WILL SHOW HIMSELF if not so be it i will have to accept what is my judgement at the end, i cannot choose to believe free will is not like that, we have no clear choice what we believe in that way, we do for formative reasons. So we will see, thanks anyway for the well wishes

                • RiceHannah

                  God is not angry with you, he is waiting for you to wholeheartedly open up to him. He will not force himself on you. I have gone through exactly what you are speaking about. I have had the hardest life of anyone I knew and there was a time when I believed God was either evil or nonexistent. Long story short, when I got down to my lowest. I tried again and this time I kept trying. It was not a one time fix all. I made effort to change. I worked at opening up my heart despite my bitterness ad pain. I still struggled for about a year because it was that hard for me to open my heart and believe he would help me. After I started seeing results was when I learned to forgive those who wronged me and to forgive myself. I recommend a book to you called the power of right believing by Joseph prince. It’s not expensive and it may completely heal your heart. God willing! The price of your soul is worth so much more.

            • Danno77

              God said in the bible that when u come to Him, u should come to Him and know that He is, in other words, u should already know He exist. It also says in the bible that without faith it is impossible to please God. 30 years is a long time. but it doesn’t mean that you’ re the only one going through this. God is loving and patient, don’t just give up on Him, because u think He doesn’t exist. But humbly come before Him believing He exist and He will reveal Himself to u in a way that u will definitely know its Him. God doesn’t have a uniform way of revealing Himself to individuals, He reveals Himself to people in different and special ways. And don’t forget God does most of His things through man. The bible also says that the just shall live by faith. Faith is the essence of having a relationship with God, it is not just mild faith or no faith at all u must believe that He is. Jesus said if u have the faith of a mustard seed, u can tell this mountain move from here and it will move. He was using that as a figure of speech saying that, even the smallest faith goes a long way. U pointed earlier in your response, u said that u cried out to Him and all that. When u are approaching God don’t use the presumption of what u have heard about Him, either from atheist, Christians, and whatnot, but come on the basis of what Jesus (God incarnate) said about Him. Know that u are coming before the one who laid the foundations of the earth. The one who created the cosmos and everything in it, including me and u, from nothing. And He loves u more than u love yourself. Come to God in humility and faith, and he will reward u. The bible says that God will reward those who diligently seek Him. And trust me God will keep His promise but u just have to do your part. Hope this helps. God bless you and don’t let people like other atheist or hypocrites, anyone violate your freedom of seeking Jesus for yourself. He loves u and wants to life and life more abundantly, but he wont force it upon u, because u honors and greatly respects your free will.

              • RiceHannah

                Very well said I am impressed. Jesus is a gentlemen he will not force a belief on people and he loves even the worst sinners. He died so we may be forgiven. We all deserve eternal damnation for our sin and sickness of the flesh. However he gives us grace to walk knowing him and living to please him and it changes our lives for the better. Praise be to him.

                • SBOC

                  So if we are already forgiven due to Jesus’ sacrifice, then what debt is still owed?

                  • RiceHannah

                    It’s not that something is owed, God still wants a relationship with his children. It breaks his heart when people deny him, and say he is a lie.

                    • SBOC

                      What exactly does this relationship look like?

                    • marcos_marcotron

                      “It breaks his heart”

                      Well I’m sure he’s really happy for you to have this knowledge about what his emotions are at any given time.

                      But really, why would someone who knows EVERYTHING be upset at the fact many people don’t think he’s real?

                      If he understands WHY we don’t believe in him, then why does that make him cry and get depressed?

                      I’d like you to explain this because it makes no sense.

                      If you told someone I existed, and they didn’t believe you, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t break my heart.

                • marcos_marcotron

                  “Jesus is a gentlemen he will not force a belief on people”

                  That really is nonsense. He/God (whatever version you happen to believe) forced you to believe that YOU are real, he forced you to believe your family and friends are real.

                  He forced you to believe the moon is real, he forced you to believe this universe is real.

                  Yet somehow, when it REALLY matters whether you believe in something, because your eternal suffering or pleasure depends on it, he’ll hide away and hope you just happen to believe in him by chance?

                  You call THAT a gentleman? I call that a sick being throwing a dice to decide who gets tortured or not.

          • Maudie18

            Well said my brother in CHRIST

          • Maudie18

            yeah for you for speaking the truth. I see GOD everyday too working miracles in peoples lives around me.

        • Shanda

          God knows what we need better than we do!! Just like parents know better than their children. Our kids dont seem to think we know what we are talking about until they grow up and say now i know why mom or dad done that. They may think we are just being mean and we dont understand or just dont care but of course we do.! Our children are the most important things to us!! We are Gods children and we may not realize it at the time we want something but our father knows best so just have a lil faith and trust in him!!

          • Sleven

            You didn’t really pay attention to a single goddamn thing in the writing did you?

            • Maudie18

              There is no need to cuss at the Christians on this page. Some people seem to think we as Christians don’t get mad or angry, but we do..JESUS CHRIST gets mad also. Here is something you probably don’t know, since you don’t believe and don’t read the book. JESUS the LAMB that came the first time, won’t be coming that way the second time. He comes back as JUDAH the LION with vengeance, and all he has to do is open his mouth and speak ONE WORD and the blood will start to fly every where, until all wickedness is dead.

          • mrmark1977

            ” God knows what we need better than we do!!”

            Well if he’s the one that created us, with our knowledge, or ability to obtain that knowledge, he can hardly blame us for being ignorant – the blame is fully at his golden doors.

            If we’re just to have ‘faith’ in every single religion we’ve ever heard of, we wouldn’t have time eat or work, let alone pray or read all holy books we need to.

            • Maudie18

              He only blames ignorance on people who don’t help themselves. There is no blame at his gates. One GOD, One Book, plenty of time to read that book, eat, work and play.

              • marcos_marcotron

                That doesn’t make any sense. I’ve read the stupid book, and my brain, apparently created by god, doesn’t believe it, and doesn’t believe he’s real.

                Now I could be wrong, but if I am, then I’m ignorant to his existence.

                He surely couldn’t be as silly as to claim I’ve not been exposed to the bible and people who believe in it, who’ve tried to make me believe it.

                Of course one isn’t going to ‘help themselves’ if they’re ignorant to the fact they need ‘help’. If someone sends a missile to my home and I don’t know about it, and someone says ‘someone’s fired a missile at your house’, and I laugh and say ‘don’t be silly’, I can hardly be blamed if I don’t go into a bunker and ‘help myself.’

                • Daniel

                  If you say you’ve read the Bible than how do you explain the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John written by four different people about Jesus’s life?

                  • Clark Gwent

                    There are Green Lantern comics written by different people also!

                  • Maudie18

                    Why not?

                • Sunshine

                  Hi there Marcos…
                  I hope you don’t mind me replying to you.

                  You’ve read the bible and came up empty… Can I make a suggestion…
                  Reading it may never change anything or reveal a thing… Unless Jesus reveals himself…

                  I heard something years ago about Paul’s conversion in Acts… He asked two things
                  1. Who are you?
                  2. What do you require of me?

                  In peace,

                • Maudie18

                  you have your whole life as long as you are alive to finally choose the right path when you come to the fork in the road. YOU have to choose, BE STILL and you will hear the knock at the door. Sunshine is right , ask Jesus to reveal himself, but you had better be sincere.

                • Maudie18

                  I don’t believe you! You have never read the entire Bible. First off no one understands the whole book at one time. Sometimes you can read just a few verses and you don’t understand. It takes time, like years. Sometimes you go back and re read what you already read and a light bulb goes off in your head and you understand the verse, because it was time for you to understand. You just don’t get the mystery of the whole thing. Most of the bible is a mystery and you only get to understand what he wants you to at the time.There are secrets and mysteries that we are not privy to while we are down here on this crappy fallen earth.But in the end when we get brand new bodies we will understand everything and will be able to do amazing things. I imagine we will be able to fly. It says we will be as the Angels are. So you go and stand at the White Throne Judgement of God Almighty and see whats happens. We the believers don’t have to stand that judgment. We go to Jesus Bema seat which is not judgment. It is a reward ceremony for crowns. Just saying, better to believe than not

            • Magnus Robert Carl Wootton

              he makes us dumb, but hell judge us at the handicap we are able to meet?

          • Patrick Freedom Eagle Sparks

            please rationalize child murder I am waiting.

            • David Conard

              god works in mysterious ways and it is not for us to question why he enjoys killing babies, war, sex slaves, murder, disease, all that other stuff that he seems to enjoy, maybe he is just a fucking psychopathic serial killer!!!! that would be kind of mysterious wouldn’t it?

              • Serolf Bocaj

                Dont question god he is god he doesn’t need to prove you anything he is god you need to obey with your eyes close even there is no evidence never was there is not and never will you atheist he will make burn in hell for ever and ever and make you suffer the most horrible pain …but remember he loves you

            • Maudie18

              Oh your not gonna like this. The Bible teaches that we adults should be like the little children. They are without sin until the day of reckoning at age 12. They are perfect in the eyes of the LORD. They love unconditionally, they believe unconditionally. When horrid things happen to little children and they die, they go straight to JESUS CHRIST, there is no waiting for them. They are up there in Heaven playing. They are in a better place than we are. No disease, no war, no heartache, just joy and happiness. Now you can believe that or you can go on thru life thinking that there is no justice for the little children of the world. It is things like that, that make some people hang tightly to the belief that there must be a living GOD to save us in the end, to right all the injustices of the entire world. If not than the injustices of the world will continue for ever, and I don’t want to live that way without hope. I feel so sorry for people who just can’t give him a chance. I have seen miracles in my life. In Nov 2014, my husband and I were coming back from Kansas City, his birthday. It snowed that. Night before, but it didn’t stick to the highway. So my husband thought he could put the cruise control on, big mistake, hit a small patch of ice as the cruise control took over, and he had no control, we flew into the median, turned around there about 2 or 3 times, hit something and flew into the air and landed on the other side of the highway facing the on coming traffic, with two semi’s coming at us. We did hit the back of another car, he was OK. He got out of his car, and we just sat, and all three of us saw a Giant White Arm come out of nowhere and move all the traffic to the other side of the lane and passed by us. THAT WAS A MIRACLE. Evn the cop down the highway saw . We are not all crazy.

              • Magnus Robert Carl Wootton

                and itll stay a secret with ya, cause noone believes you. :) thats how god gets away with it.

              • Billy James Shaw

                God knows coz I cer don’t…

              • FiachSidhe

                And what exactly makes you believe the Bible over the thousands of other, even older religions? What makes this one God, more believable than say Osiris, Marduk, Indra, Ishtar, Zeus, Dagda, Quetzalcoatl, or Ahura Mazda?

              • Justin

                These kinds of stories, and I mean stories are the reason I cannot believe in a god who somehow reveals himself to you so prominently and seemingly very discriminately to someone like me who is a good, ethical, and empathetic person, he decided to wire my brain that I CANNOT believe on faith yet I am to cower in fear knowing I will suffer eternity in hell because of how I was created? This makes no sense. All Christians answer me with I simply don’t want to believe, who doesn’t want to believe in an afterlife where I will see my dad again? I would love to live forever but in believing that so strongly you take away from the life you have now. I believe this is all we get and I am thankful to whatever circumstances led to me being born in our day and age. I see beauty all around me because of all the horrible things. I take things at face value and realize I can die tomorrow and I want the best for my kids and I want them to be rational adults living in a world of other rational adults who have put their play toys and fairy tales away and decided to join together as a human race and get rid of such archaic religions that divide everyone. We are humans on this planet and we get one chance to make a positive impact on this world whether a god exists or not so make the most of it.

            • Magnus Robert Carl Wootton

              you cant rationalize it, just like all evil is irrational. it says that.

            • Maudie18

              child murder has nothing to do with God. It’s the other guy, you know LUCIFER

              • Patrick Freedom Eagle Sparks

                You mean that guy that god created… you kknow because god created everything…

        • GABRIEL

          I shall grant your wish and give you clear and undeniable proof of Gods existence.

          Here you go:

          During the Swedish election, the feminist party called “Feminist Initiative” got exactly:

          ZERO representatives into the parliament.

          Now be eternally grateful, repent and never utter another blasphemous word again.

          • Maudie18

            you have the wrong name. Who named you after one of the Arch angels, guess you didn’t pick up anything by being named after him

          • Herpaderp

            Congratulations, you’re sexist! Now please go fuck yourself.

        • Maudie18

          You can’t ask him to do that. The point is we all sin. If you choose to go to him full of sin, he will not listen. Those of us who believe ask for forgiveness of our sins and then he listens. This doesn’t make us good like robots, because we will probably sin again and again. It’s just human nature to want the things that are bad for us. It is only his will, and that is only applied to Christians, not non Christians. His will applies to me because I believe but it doesn’t apply to you.

        • Michael Digangi

          Thats not how it works pal, be serious with your life and stop blaming God, he has given you the truth if you choose not to follow his words that’s on you my friend

          • mystery

            God has given crap all, man made up a montheistic religion as they outgrew polytheism.
            It works exactly like this, even God, if he existed, cannot have made me and asked me if i wanted to be made without making me. So, it means i had 0 choice and he made me as i am IF he made me, so he chose to create me knowing that i really wouldn’t want to be made if i had to accept he exists without evidence even though he knew id want evidence but made me so he could condemn me for being what he made me,
            Yeah so basically God proves himself (which if he never thought he had to, why Paul/Saul, why Moses/Abraham/Noah etc if he had never appeared to them, there’d be no belief in him.
            And IF he inspired the bible it proves he knew SOME proof would be needed because if not no one would believe. So a proof is not just fair to ask it is what we ought believe is necessary or did god die out ?
            Who cares i do not blame a false deity, i just know i can prove he is not real

        • Bevie Chan

          be open minded and try to even understand every single tiny thing that happen to you bcoz whatever happens might have a reason why it happened ….. be positive and it will make your life easier ..

        • RiceHannah

          It is not about believing with your mind, your mind will always cast doubts. Sometimes you have to believe in your heart. God will not jump through hoops to force a belief on you. He needs you to come to him, it is hard and I did not receive an answer for a long time because I did not believe in my heart he would give one. When I learned to open my heart to him. That is when my answers and my healing came. God bless you and I will pray for you. It means a lot to God you are trying. He may be testing your faith before he rewards you.

      • Arak

        That attitude implicitly requires an acceptance of God’s existence. How can you possibly expect atheists to receive a reply? You do understand the dictionary definition of atheism? Non-belief in God? You are simply asking people to convert. And frankly, if I started hearing a voice in my head claiming to be God, I’d get my meds adjusted. And let’s be honest, historically God and his Church has not been open to questions. Those who did died. Horribly. Because of secularization you now present yourselves as loving and compassionate. When in fact you come from a long line of clerical tyrants and hypocrites. Any authority which holds itself above and beyond accountability should be questioned, and if one has any sense at all, feared.

        • Serolf Bocaj

          The point is that religious peoplethinks that everything is a reply of god but sane people know what actually happened religious people think a butterfly is sign of god even their own shit can be a reply of god they will see the face of god on the shit o wow thats a miracle

          • Maudie18

            True Christians don’t believe that. I am a deciple of CHRIST. Not every butterfly I see, do I think is a sign from GOD. The crap that maybe is in my life, I created it, and only I can get rid of it, but he will help, if Iask him.It doesn’t happen over night either. Sometimes it takes awhile, but you do get an answer, it isn’t always the one you wanted, and sometimes you don’t like the answer and sometimes you just don’t understand the answer. That’s the way it works,all on FAITH, to an invisible GOD. I know it sounds crazy lol , but crazier things happen on this earth all the time.

      • SNAP

        The title of god has been beligerantly stolen away from the real god/creator Satan ,with Satan being painted as a bad child and labeled somehow evil. It’s a lot to read and study up on but the website The Joy of Satan will explain all this and more. Read it or don’t it’s not my problem that you are horribly misinformed and still don’t know the facts. I think you will learn things you never heard of but if you ignore it it’s your problem not mine!!! So long sucker!!! I’m a satanist and proud of it!!!

        • itsnosecret

          i will be LIKE god … but he knows he isn’t

          • John Jozsa

            Actually, that’s what Moses wrote in genesis 3;4-5.
            And that’s where we are today. Assuming we are all Gods and know everything.

        • John Jozsa

          That debate keeps going around since the beginning,simply because you, and all, assume for some reason, that this GOD must be just like we humans are, even if not visible.
          My question is; there perhaps any neurobiologyst who have answer that the human brain can belive, or immagine anything that is not on the bases of what he/she has ever seen, heard in life by some way? Since even our dream (at sleep) is a slight re-callection of what once we recall from our brain-memory-cells, that’s stored from some past instance?
          One such re-knowen neurosurgeon who stated that all we have in our brain-memory is from actual experiences and from nothing else. Even new inventions, designs are on the bases of previous known (met/introduced/learned/heard/seen) remembrances. So, on that basis how could we humans have a real conception of what this so called God is or may be like?
          But again, like I wrote above, as Moses stated as God being a RUAH, that’s a nontengable force/power. We humans could not possibly understand it beyond our own understanding.
          So, it would be impossible to prove what this God (or force/power) may not be like, beyond what we assume by our knowledge.

          But am very curious , what any Atheistic theory claims as the cause of the phisical universe ?

          • jess

            a satanist is not the same as an atheist and satanists don’t actually worship satan. also if you read closely enough the satanist bible admits that the whole damn thing is a scam. so satanists are the real suckers. having said what i’ve said. hellos troll.

          • aware

            not claim but assume u idiot..

          • Josh Gaines

            Are you too lazy to click on the words underlined in red on the computer screen as you type? It would make it a whole lot easier to understand what you’re trying to say

        • Serolf Bocaj

          I prefer a satanist than a Christian at least you dont try to force your beliefs on me

          • Clark Gwent

            And Satan hasn’t written a book slagging off God and made us all read it

            • Serolf Bocaj

              Actually I would like to read a satanic book I mean I know there are no demons and Angels so Im curious about what they read …… maybe that book has better stories than a talking snake and donkey

        • Maudie18

          First off you don’t know, his name is not satan, you fool. It’s Lucifer, and if you were a true satanist, you would call him by his correct name. He was the most beautiful angel of all and love by GOD more than the rest of the angels. The Bible says with every movement he eluded music like flutes and violins playing, but not anymore. He has been in my house and I do indeed know him. I also once in my life saw and heard Beelzebub, so you are just a fool, because if you really were what you say then you would have met Beelzebub, and I am not going to tell you why. Jesus will prevail he has more power than Lucifer.

          • jjjjjj

            So if god created lucifer .god made a mistake ..if lucifer is evil why god doesn’t destroy him ….and if god knows everything why did he create lucifer he knew he would be evil right … ….I know the answer he works in mysterious ways thats is what stupid people say when they know there is no answer because your imaginario friend doesn’t exist

            • Maudie18

              GOD didn’t destroy him, because he loved him, he was his favorite, and just like a mother when her child is bad she doesn’t kill them. But the point is Lucifer said we were worthless, he was jealous of man, and wanted us destroyed, but GOD said he would give us the choice to follow HIM or Lucifer to make it fair.

              • Kao

                “If I testify about myself, my testimony is not valid” John 5:31
                “Even if I testify on my own behalf, my testimony is valid” John 8:14
                So everything in the bible is correct, but this is in the bible. Two contradictory statements which are in the same book, written by the same man, supposedly said by Jesus. So how does this work?

          • Freaky Freelings

            You just stated that God loved Lucifer more than the other Angels. God plays favorites? Seriously? What happened to loving everyone equally? I know, I know he moves in mysterious ways.

            • Maudie18

              God loves the humans equally, but Lucifer was a special Angel. In the Bible in Kings Jesus has a conversation with him about how he was Gods fav and how beautiful he was and how with every movement he made with his hands and movement of his feet flutes and violins eluded out of him. The rest of Angels could not do that

      • Melissa

        I have asked god to reveal himself and he didn’t. I asked him to save me from myself. I asked him to help me with my depression and my suicide thoughts… I believe I have saved myself years later. I didn’t need faith or religion to save me.

        • mrmark1977

          And of course, those that believe in their perfect sky daddy, would claim that somehow you were at fault, you weren’t being ‘genuine’ asking for his assistance, or you were ‘choosing’ not to believe, or you weren’t being ‘open’, all that parrotted nonsense that is an attempt to detract from the fact that many like you HAVE been open to the idea of him existing AND asked for him to reveal himself, like they keep telling you to, and they don’t have a logical answer for why he didn’t.

          • Maudie18

            We are not suppose to ask HIM to reveal HIMSELF, we are just to have faith

        • Serolf Bocaj

          Maybe he didn’t reveal himself because you don’t pray enough ..or most logical because he is just bull shit made up by man

        • Maudie18

          you believe you saved yourself, what an idiot you are.He answered your prayer and HE saved you

          • FiachSidhe

            After putting them in harms way to begin with. All praise his “compassion”! Thanks for pushing me in front of that truck, and then quickly pushing me out of it’s way. I guess you had a change of heart. Lucky me.

            It’s like that King of the Hill episode, when Bobby made like he was going to push Hank off the pier and then grabbed him instead saying “saved yer life!”.

      • mrmark1977

        You people always claim one has to ‘honestly’ ask god to reveal himself, and that if he doesn’t reveal himself, it means they’re ‘close minded’ with a bad attitude.

        I guess that’s the way you can justify why your god would ignore people who have wondered if there’s a god, but found no answer that there is.

        It’s kind of dishonest really, the whole ploy to make non-believers somehow be at fault for not believing, (a similar trick is to say the non-believer is somehow ‘choosing’ to not believe, or is ‘rejecting god’), although in most or at least many cases, it’s hard to pin you down with dishonesty, when you simply don’t have the thinking ability to realise how illogical what you’re saying is. By that, I mean, it’s hard to call your tactics ‘dishonest’, when you probably are unable to realise they are dishonest, and thus you’re not knowingly trying to be dishonest.

        • Maudie18

          GOD doesn’t reveal himself to non believers. Whom ever told you that is misquoteing. Christ knocks at your door. You have to hear the knock to open the door to let him in. Each human hears the knock at different times in their lives or not. No one can ever explain why some people don’t hear the knock. Maybe they are being to loud in their life. It’s the same with Lucifer. He can’t do anything unless you let him in. This GOD of ours is fair he gives you the choice, instead of just telling you this is the way it is.

          • marcos_marcotron

            You are parroting so much nonsense, you’re not even thinking about what you’re actually saying, and realising the contradictions you are stating.

            Lets go from the start:

            “GOD doesn’t reveal himself to non believers. Whom ever told you that is misquoteing. Christ knocks at your door.”

            I assume you’re saying Christ and God are entirely different here, or there’s a contradiction here. If you are saying God and Christ are different, then I guess you are saying here that god doesn’t reveal himself, but Christ attempts to – he tries his best, but his best isn’t always good enough.

            “Each human hears the knock at different times in their lives or not. No one can ever explain why some people don’t hear the knock. ”

            This is a contradiction. How can it be that every human hears the knock, yet some don’t? It doesn’t make sense, and if you thought about it, you might realise that.

            “Maybe they are being to loud in their life.”

            Ok, well I’ve guessed from the ‘door knocking’, you’re talking in metaphors. But what do you mean by people being too loud? Too loud for Christ? He can’t ‘knock loud enough’?!
            You’re saying he can’t make himself heard to some of us?

            ” It’s the same with Lucifer. He can’t do anything unless you let him in.”

            What exactly is one doing to ‘let him in’? Or let Christ in for that matter? And why is it that people who are ‘too loud’ to hear Christ’s weak knocking, can somehow hear Lucifer’s knock? Does he have a stronger knock?

            “This GOD of ours is fair he gives you the choice, instead of just telling you this is the way it is.”

            Well no, because you said some people will never ‘hear the knock’. So how can one realise a choice, if they never know there’s a real choice?

            If I found out a cure for a disease or virus, and knocked on your door to ask if you want me to tell the world’s scientists and doctors, and you never hear me knock, and thus never give me the go ahead to tell people, how is that giving you a choice whether the world finds out about this cure or not? You ONLY have a ‘choice’ if you hear me knock on your door.

            God, if he exists, hasn’t given me any ‘choice’, because the brain he created and put in my head, doesn’t believe he exists.

            Of course, IF I believed he existed, then I would have a ‘choice’ to do what he wanted, or be tortured forever, sure, in the same way as if someone held a gun to my head and told me to give them $20,000 or they’d shoot me, I’d have a ‘choice’ to give it to them or not, and with your logic, if I handed over the money and moaned about the robbery, you’d be saying ‘why are you complaining? it was your choice to hand over the money’.

            • 2scaredofhell2want2believe.

              I tried to give you a vote ^ up to agree with you… but because I don’t have an account with whatever ‘this’ is, it wouldn’t let me do it. :(

              • HezzLynn81


            • Bevie Chan

              you’re just totally lack of faith .. you’re full of doubt and confusion because your mind and heart is close that’s why you can’t understand .. don’t worry God understands you .. its a total waste of time to explain everything to you .. everything is a choice and if that’s your choice then go for it ……

              • Vera


                • marcos_marcotron

                  You ‘amen-ed’ something that was complete nonsense.

                  • vera

                    Thank you for your response to such an old post. It is nonsense to you because you have no belief in God. Always know this I will always love you the person. But, I HATE YOUR SINFUL WAYS AND THOUGHTS. The LORD REIGNS !!! Tell one of your unbelieving friends that, that don’t believe. I still agree with Bevie Chan. You really do need JESUS marcos-marcotton.

                    • marcos_marcotron

                      “Thank you for your response to such an old post.”

                      Well thank you for responding to a post that was even older.

                      “Always know this I will always love you the person. But, I HATE YOUR SINFUL WAYS AND THOUGHTS.”

                      What sinful ways do you hate of mine exactly? Can you think of one thing I’ve done that has caused more suffering to another human, than god has done?

                      How many people has god killed compared to me? How many people has god caused pain, compared to me?

                      You aren’t aware of this, but you’ve brainwashed with that ‘love the sinner, hate the sin’ guff. It’s designed to make you and your god seem like lovely people who have a ‘love’ for unbelievers, yet justify having a hate for them, by saying ‘oh it’s just their thoughts and actions we hate. A way for you to justify your god punishing someone, by saying ‘we love him – but because we hate his ways, it’s right to torture him forever’.

                      Why does an omnipotent god need to torture sinners forever, if it’s the sin he hates and not the person themselves?

                      Is your loving omnipotent god capable of saving those he loves, even if they the sin and don’t believe in him? Is he powerful enough to do this, if he actually cared enough?

                      “I still agree with Bevie Chan.”

                      That’s because you’re not the sharpest tool in the box.

                      I mean, why else would you agree with someone that says ‘don’t worry God understands you .. its a total waste of time to explain
                      everything to you .. everything is a choice and if that’s your choice
                      then go for it ……’

                      1. Why did she tell me not to worry, because God understands me? Can you explain, considering you agree with her?

                      2. Why did she not explain one thing to me, with the excuse that it was a total waste of time? Even if I was incapable of understand, because God created me stupid, why was she not intelligent enough to realise that other people will read these posts, and even if she didn’t give a crap about educating me, she could have educated others? Can you explain, considering you agree with her?

                      3. Why did she say ‘everything is a choice’? Everything is a not a choice, you don’t agree with that nonsense do you? Did you choose to be born? Did you choose everything that happened to you in your life? Do you think belief is a choice? Do you think you can choose to believe that I don’t exist, or the universe doesn’t exist?

                      Or are you intelligent enough to realise that belief is not a choice? Are you honest enough to admit, you didn’t make a decision one day, thinking ‘I don’t believe in god, but I’m going to decide to believe in him from this day forward’? No, you believe in him, because the evidence presented to you, caused your brain cell to automatically believe in him.

                      To say you ‘choose’ to believe in god, means the evidence of god presented to you was NOT good enough to convince you – it means you did NOT automatically believe in him, and that you had to make some kind of ‘choice’ to make your brain believe he was real, because it was incapable of believing he was real, without making some kind of weird ‘decision’ to believe he was real.

                      “The LORD REIGNS !!!”

                      I’m not sure why you needed to throw that in, maybe you couldn’t help it, in which case it looks like you’ve got a bad case of Christian Tourette’s.

                    • Scott Taylor

                      Marcos, I agree with some of your points that you have made, if you wish to have a meaningful conversation with me, please do so, if not, I respect that too. I consider myself a Christian.

                      Yet I try to study and understand why we are ALL here. I have many upsetting angers with the world and pain caused by it and try to do the right thing… the real right thing.

                      I believe that we are ALL a creation and if we could all talk without throwing spears, we might actually get somewhere. Communication is the single most important thing for us to do here as human beings.

                      I don’t blame you for not believing in God, as there is so many mean people claiming to know God but yet exclude you or anyone not of their group. This can’t be… either we are all of God or we are not a creation of anything. And we are here, aren’t we? Someone or something made us. We just don’t have that exact knowledge yet, just beliefs of roughly what that knowledge is. Plus every believer has doubts! At one time they didn’t know or believe anything! So what they are doing is an attack on what they used to be! I think that is wrong! What do you think?

                    • Scott Taylor

                      Actually, “vera”, “Marcos” has got a few points here. First of all, myself as someone who tries very hard to understand Christ, I say you have no business having “HATE” in your heart for this person! That is where all my fellow Christians mess up, they go preaching with HATE and only end up driving people further AWAY from Christ! Christ did nothing but LOVE and if you and I cannot do that, we are not anything close to what Christ is. Belief is not a choice, but a revelation, and Marcos just has not had it yet. I do not believe Christ is such a monster to go punish those who do not understand and therefore cannot believe YET!

                      Christ is forgiving and LOVING! Remember that, and try to practice it! Every human WILL have it, and I believe that especially in death we will know far more than we do now. Remember, the bible was divinely inspired, BUT written by the hand of mankind! That is why there is contradictions in there! Take a look around of what most of mankind has done to this world! God loves and forgives and wants us all to learn from each other! Not just Marcos, but WE ALL need Jesus! This means you too! This world and us here, are just temporary, as it is a SCHOOL. Try to learn from it.

                    • Fish

                      “If you believe in the Christian story of Jesus, you can’t call Scientology crazy.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson I do call Scientology crazy, no wait very crazy as to be absurd not based in reality. Oh wait a minute it is science fiction isn’t it?

                    • http://1liesalot.blogspot.com/ Pam Ryan

                      How have you come by the self-professed wisdom that an invisible and utterly mute deity is reigning anywhere? Why has God informed you of such a state of affairs and not me and not the likes of Marcos?

              • marcos_marcotron

                “you’re full of doubt and confusion because your mind and heart is close that’s why you can’t understand”

                The confusion is coming from you, not me. If you hadn’t been confused, then maybe you could have addressed something I said and come up with a valid counter argument…but instead you cooked up the standard-issue ‘you don’t believe because you’re a bad person’ nonsense, which itself makes zero sense.

                “don’t worry God understands you”

                Great, so god understand why I genuinely don’t think he’s real. So lets hope he’s not so horrible to punish someone he made as stupid as me.

                “its a total waste of time to explain everything to you ”

                Another standard-issue religious response, which just ends up showing ignorance or arrogance from the person saying it. There are some religious people in the world who would NOT consider it a waste of time to try and explain things to me, who actually would make an effort, unlike you, who would prefer to completely dodge the points I made, put your fingers in your ears, your tongue out and say ‘you wouldn’t understand, because you’re evil’.

                It would be nice for you to elaborate on this point though – if I can’t understand, then why is your god going to punish someone who CAN’T UNDERSTAND?

                “everything is a choice and if that’s your choice then go for it”

                So you choose to believe the moon exists? You choose to believe I am a human writing this, and not a cat? You thought to yourself ‘I’m going to make a choice to believe it is not a cat writing to me’? No, of course you didn’t. Try to believe I’m a cat, for twenty seconds, genuinely try. And them admit you can NOT choose to do it. You can make the words ‘he is a cat’ appear in your mind…but you can not BELIEVE I am a cat, by making a choice.

                You don’t understand what a ‘choice’ is. You’ve been so severely brainwashed by the Christian Claptrap ‘belief/non-belief is a choice’ nonsense, you haven’t pulled your head up out the hole in the ground for long enough to realise belief is not a ‘choice’. It’s not a ‘decision’.

            • Follower of Christ

              Um, please don’t question my God like this, you are offending us Catholics and Protestants here. Now Stop!

              • marcos_marcotron

                I find it VERY offensive the way religious people try and silence those that question their crap.

                What you are saying, is no different from a Muslim person saying to you that you are offending Allah by being a Catholic or Protestant, and telling you to stop.

                I also find it very laughable you pick out two religious variants and treat them as they’re both something not to be questioned, as if there’s some duel-god thing going on. You can’t just arbitrarily pick two religions out of thin air (religions where there are even people who follow one and actually hate those that follow the other), and say they are both the unquestionable word of god.

                Well actually, you can, because you just did. But it just made you look ridiculous.

                • Fish

                  Doesn’t the quran say that Muslims should kill anyone who offends Allah? It does say to kill all nonbelievers. At least the bible doesn’t give carte blanche to kill nonbelievers.

              • alanrlow

                Quote.”Um, please don’t question my God like this, you are offending us Catholics and Protestants here. Now Stop!”

                Oh, you are offended eh? How sad. :(
                I then assume then your impotent little god needs you to defend him?
                I can defend your ‘right’ to have stupid beliefs but I can’t defend your stupid beliefs.

          • Jan

            jesus told us to worship on the sabbath. Every christian breaks this command.

            • Victoria Peckham

              every soldier has broken thou shalt not kill

              • Nerdsamwich

                Excuse me? I was in logistical support, thank you very much.

            • Maudie18

              Not every Christian breaks that rule, you are wrong

            • Nerdsamwich

              Jesus said no such thing. He said that breaking the Sabbath really wasn’t that big a deal. The Sabbath is made for men, not men for the Sabbath, and all that.

          • FiachSidhe

            However God does seem to reveal himself to a Hell of a lot of murderers. How come every other person who claims to hear God is a psychopath? Why does God keep telling them to burn or kill people?

            If someone walked up to you and told you God literally speaks to them, would you believe them? What if they told you something you didn’t want to hear? Would they suddenly be less truthful?

            • Michael Digangi

              What the hell are you talking about you but case

              • FiachSidhe

                What are YOU talking about? Was that even English?

            • Atticus

              How could you say that God is a tyrant who controls you. You are on this earth right. Every single day you make your own choices. You are choosing to say that God is a tyrant: you are choosing to say that Lucifer is the lightbringer. If God was a tyrant, as you say, than you would already be in hell not being able to say anything against God. God is all powerful and almighty, he has the power to literally destroy if he wants. However, you’re given the choice to not believe in him. Go right ahead nobody is going to stop you. Think about it though. Why not believe in something. I mean going throughout your life thinking that in the end there is nothing, what is the point of living then. Also God is loving its what all Christians believe and its pretty obvious in the bible. Look at what Christians believe. Look at the ten commandments. Its all good, shall not kill, don’t be an adulterer, shall not steal, honor your father and mother. Its good and the thought of jesus sacrificing himself for us is just beautiful. Go ahead CHOOSE not to believe, but i don’t see how that’s doing you any good. Actually living like that must completely suck.

              • Maudie18

                very well said, you continue to spread the WORD, he loves you

              • I hope you are well

                The thought of Jesus sacrificing himself is just horrible. Here we have an all powerful being who must send his own son to be tortured and killed to be able to forgive mankind for its sins.. it’s sick. Look, believe in your religion if you want and if it is all about love for you then that’s great. Dont say the idea of making someone undergo torture by people just to be able to forgive them for their sins is beautiful tough. And when you say what is the point of living if there is no god, i say enjoy life and be good to people. Try to be happy and make others happy. That’s all. If there is any intelligent design out there it’s not certain it is your god. There are alot of religions. And dont forget science. You do not need religon to be a good person.

                • Mo’

                  Hi there
                  This is a repugnant and illogical belief. Firstly, if God needed anything, even a son, He would not fit the criterion to be God and the theory that He would sacrifice His only son to be able to forgive the world is ridiculous. This would mean that without this son, He could never have forgiven the sins of the World?
                  No, God makes Himself quite clear in his Last Testament that He is Most Merciful, Oft Forgiving. He is so merciful that He only needs 1% of His mercy to sustain the entire universe. He says in His last testament in the Book called “Sincerity”:
                  “Say: He is The God, The One and Only”
                  “The God, The Eternal, The Absolute”
                  “He Does NOT BEGET, Nor is He BEGOTTEN”
                  “And there is None Like unto Him”

                  • SBOC

                    I think the question could better be posed as such: If God is so powerful to wipe out the earth with a great flood then what is the purpose of him needing to send his “son” in order to be tortured and killed in the first place? Is it right to make someone innocent pay for someone else’s sins?

                  • HezzLynn81

                    HUH? Who are YOU talking too?!

                • Lillie Ann White

                  God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. Jesus was not the son of God, not in the sense as you think of a human son. God the
                  omnipotent Creator became flesh in the immaculate conception when the Holy Spirit of God overshadowed the Virgin to produce Jesus Christ.Thus ,the human substance of Jesus Christ was God the Creator who loved His creation so much He became a Son of Man.
                  2nd Corinthians 4:6:The Light of the Gospel…5For we do not preach ourselves but Christ Jesus as Lord, and ourselves as your bond-servants for Jesus’ sake. 6For God, who said, “Light shall shine out of darkness,” is the One who has shone in our hearts to give the Light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ.
                  So I’m afraid that unless God shines His light into your heart you have no hope of eternal life with God. Your views of God, Christ, heaven and hell and Satan are so blinded by your own narcissism that you actually think God would be the one who missed out on something great if you don’t choose him! You idiot ! You can’t even choose To choose Him unless He shines His light in your heart first! 1st Corinthians 2:14: Wisdom from the Spirit of God:
                  …13which things we also speak, not in words taught by human wisdom, but in those taught by the Spirit, combining spiritual thoughts with spiritual words. 14But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised. 15But he who is spiritual appraises all things, yet he himself is appraised by no one.…
                  So I highly recommend you seek God with your entire being because you are a dinner in need of a savior and besides Christ there is no other name under heaven whereby we must be saved. Eternity is a very long time and just as you’ve way under imagined God and His heaven, you’ve grossly underestimated Satan and his hell. I pity you if you fail to heed these warnings because now you can’t claim ignorance, you have been told.

                  • HezzLynn81

                    Thank you! Maybe some will see the light, but I highly doubt it. You can lead a horse to water….

                    • marcos_marcotron

                      “You can lead a horse to water….”

                      But if it doesn’t have the desire to drink in it’s brain, it won’t drink. Yet the horse didn’t choose to not have the neurons in it’s brain function in a way that gave it a lack of a desire to drink.

                      If there is a god, and it created that horse, then it also created the brain of the horse, and the environment in that horse, that led to it, at that very moment in time, NOT feeling thirsty.

                      None of that was the horse’s ‘choice’.

                    • billwalker

                      You can lead an idiot to wisdom, but you cannot make him think.

                  • marcos_marcotron

                    “Jesus was not the son of God, not in the sense as you think of a human son.”

                    Then the word ‘son’ shouldn’t be used. I know why it is used, because it can make silly people think ‘aww, God killed his only son for us’ – as if it were comparable to a human killing their own son.

                    Christians should use the proper meanings of words, and not be so dishonest.

                    “He became a Son of Man so He could experience every facet of humanness and identify with us,”

                    Now you’re saying he was not omniscient, and that he needed to do this to understand something that he didn’t previously.

                    “Adam had a choice to
                    obey or disobey.”

                    He made a choice based on what his brain WANTED to do. He didn’t create his brain in a way that made it WANT to disobey. That was god who created everything – or did you forget that?

                    ” When Adam ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of
                    good and evil, his eyes were opened and he saw that he was naked, he saw
                    his sin.”

                    So now you admit he didn’t see his sin when he made his ‘choice’. So he basically didn’t know what he was doing, didn’t even know he wasn’t wearing any clothes, and yet somehow he was completely responsible for buggering up the world.

                    That’s like telling a toddler not to eat some candy, or he will be punished, and when the toddler eats the candy, punishing every single human afterwards, and blaming the toddler for making a choice.

                    The story of Adam and Eve is one of the most illogical stupid stories I ever heard, and it makes your imaginary god look bad too. It’s ridiculous AND self defeating.

                    “But a natural man does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for
                    they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them”

                    It’s more of the same nonsense – I don’t know why you would repeat these things ever, they make your god look awful. He punished people who CAN’T understand him? What kind of sicko is this god your worship? One that punishes the mentally incapable, that’s who.

                    “I pity you if you fail to heed these warnings because now you can’t claim ignorance, you have been told.”

                    Of course one can claim ignorance. Just because a nutcase like you has claimed there’s a sky daddy who will torture people, doesn’t mean I KNOW he exists now. I still don’t believe you, and thus, if he IS real, I am still ignorant of his existence.

                    “Oh, and one other thing, don’t tarry because time is short.”

                    Thanks for pointing out another embarrassing fatal flaw about religion – the idea that people randomly go to heaven or hell.

                    Let me explain in very simple terms for you – if there are two atheists, both 20 years old, and one gets murdered, your god will stick a hot poker up his butt for eternity and giggle at them.

                    Yet if the other atheist realises god is real later in life when he is 50, he gets saved. Yet if he’d been randomly killed at a younger age, god (and you) would have said ‘he had the chance to believe’.

                    But yet, if that was the case, why accept the 50 year old person into heaven? They ALSO had the ‘chance’ to believe when they were 20, and didn’t. Yet they don’t get punished. Because of random luck of living till older than 50, they just happened to ‘find god’ later in life, and get the golden ticket to heaven.

                    The dead 20 year old didn’t get that chance.

                  • alanrlow

                    What a vacuous pile of goat shit!
                    Where did you copy and paste that mindless drivel from?

                  • Fish

                    Here’s a much shorter to the point version of your fantasy…no a fairy tail…no a myth…no a ranting of a misogynistic, egoistic monster who raped, murdered, committed infanticide and genocide, won’t provide a cure for cancer, ALS and all the other horrendous diseases that he created. He threatens everyone, if you don’t love my son you will burn in hell forever…nice guy! How can I love his son? I never met him and there is no verifiable evidence that he was here or that he exists!

                • HezzLynn81

                  You’re right, there ARE a LOT of other religions out there, but it clearly states in the Bible- Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6). And as far as mankind goes, there are a LOT of verses on THEM (let’s see how they compare to GOD, shall we?): God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged. (Romans 3:4). AND There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. (Proverbs 16:25 & Proverbs 14:12). A couple more for ya (as you most likely never touched a Bible (maybe if you did you wouldn’t be so confused?): Enter through the narrow gate for wide is the gate and broad the way leading to destruction, and many are those entering through it. (Matthew 7:13) Now that YOU realize YOU are NOT God and your brains were blown out, how do you now want to believe?!

              • SBOC

                Why do you believe that God is NOT a tyrant?

              • FiachSidhe

                “How could you say that God is a tyrant who controls you.”
                Actually paying attention to the Bible. Reading about how he murdered every man woman and child save his best friend and his wife, and their pets. How is that NOT a tyrant?

                I don’t. God doesn’t exist, therefor he can’t do shit to me. He really doesn’t control anything. Your imagination and belief however controls you.

                The ten commandments?
                I don’t need the Bible to tell me not to kill someone. My natural respect for life handles that. And it isn’t because some ancient collection of translated texts promised me paradise if I stop murdering.

                Needing a book to tell you not to kill people or steal must truly suck. Living your life for a being that you have no proof of, and a promised paradise you have no guarantee for must suck. You live for one of ten thousand deities worshipped throughout human history. I live for myself, my family, my friends right NOW. THIS LIFE. Not the next one that may never come. I don’t need the belief that it was handed to me by a cloud dwelling magic man for it to have meaning. I don’t need the threat of Hell to keep me good. I don’t need a reward for living.

                THAT must suck.

              • alanrlow

                You are missing the entire point. Your god is a man made construct! He doesn’t exist. Neither, BTW does satan tho.

                I really can’t believe anyone still imagines the 10 commandments are useful paragon for life. The Ten Commandments were derived from situational ethics. They show every symptom of having been man-made and improvised under pressure. They are addressed to a nomadic tribe whose main economy is primitive agriculture and whose wealth is sometimes counted in people as well as animals. They are also addressed to a group that has been promised the land and flocks of other people: the Amalekites and Midianites and others whom God orders them to kill, rape, enslave, or exterminate. And this, too, is important because at every step of their arduous journey the Israelites are reminded to keep to the laws, not because they are right but just because they will lead them to become conquerors.

                It just shows a petty, jealous god. Where, for example, are the commandments to not rape children.

                The great Christopher Hitchens sums it up nicely.


              • http://1liesalot.blogspot.com/ Pam Ryan

                Can you tell us how Christ sacrificed himself for us? Certainly not by dying for 72 hours before buggering back off to heaven. And who asked him to sacrifice anything in the first place. Time for the world to grow up.

            • Maudie18

              I feel sorry for you, and I will pray for you. Yes we are under bondage to Christ, but I don’t intend to burn in the lake of fire with lucifer screaming for death that never comes. We all get to choose, that comes from Jesus, not lucifer

              • FiachSidhe

                I don’t intend to either, which is is why I don’t worship a monster that would even consider burning me for not taking the writings of ancient power mongers as truth without proof. Should I pray for you that you do not end up in Gehenna, or Hades, or Yomi, because you chose one god out of literally thousands and chose wrong?
                Lucifer is the only one in the Bible who doesn’t judge me.

                You are a foolish coward to worship a murderous tyrant out of fear.

                • Freethinker

                  It says in the bible not to waste your breath trying to convince a fool. Pretend you believe in God just for a second: He knows your heart. The Father is not a God of confusion by any means. He would not throw someone without a chance to the sharks. Unfortunately, Earth was designed as sort of “boot camp” if you will, in order to test you. God did not create evil to be sadistic; God created evil in order to balance out good. If there was no evil, that would mean god was forcing us to be with him. Freewill is what God had to create in order to have legitimate beings that loved him back. I worship my God out of love, by the way. Fear only comes hand in hand with punishment. (I used to think the idea of God was absolute bull, btw) In other words, if your conscience is not clear because you spent most of your time causing pain and being hateful, it might do you well to fear him. That doesn’t mean God wants you cowering at the thought of him constantly seeing your every move… God wants to have a relationship with you and make a connection with you so that you will feel safe with him. If you ever get to know God, you will understand what that feeling of security is like. Keep an open mind my friends. Don’t let people with warped ideas of God paint a bad picture. After you form a relationship with God you’re still going to a sinner, and you’re still going to die. However, you will feel contempt with your life and not fear death. Atheists like to say they are perfectly fine with just rotting in a hole being the end result. In other words, they’re ok with the idea that life really is meaningless and all of the lessons we learn in our organic bodies will just die with us. All of the clusters of stars and solar systems and precisely organized masses of galaxies are all completely random-spawning from absolutely nothing. To me, it makes a lot more sense to believe everything came from something. I hope maybe I got across to at least someone with this. If you truly want to form a relationship, ask God sincerely to make himself obvious to you. I asked that question when I was 17. I tried a very covert prayer in my head after listening to George Carlin one night… I said, “God if you’re real, please make it obvious to me. I’m giving this prayer thing my last shot. I need to know if you’re real or not so I can not waste a lot of time believing on something fake.” God knew my heart was bent on the truth… even before I knew him. He answered me clear as day. God made himself more and more obvious to me every day. Ever since I prayed about it, God has made me hyperaware of his presence. It is a sensation that unfortunately too many people will never understand. Don’t think “Westboro Baptist” when you think of christians. One of Jesus’s main qualities was that he loved everyone unconditionally… gays, thieves, rapists, etc. Love is the only way to a hardened heart. Jesus loved even the executioner who flogged him… christians forget sometimes that they too are sinners in their own way. For someone to say they know for sure how you will be judged is someone obviously not very educated. More people need to change their tactics from fear mongering to truth telling. The truth is- God is real, he loves you, and he’s not gonna make it impossible for you to make it to heaven. And if you legitimately didn’t have a chance, God takes that into consideration. Even if you disagree with His existence, you can still admit that even the idea of a God means a superior being that always was and knows all. Which means if God knows everything, his judgement will be spot on. If you have a good heart, God will give you a chance. Doors will be opened for you whether you want to believe it or not. Like I said earlier, I found God on my own. Every other time I tried to find God, someone else put the idea of prayer in my head. So my idea of praying was similar to making a Christmas list… none of what I asked was from the heart until I really dug myself. Good luck on your journey folks. I love you all

                  • FiachSidhe

                    “It says in the bible not to waste your breath trying to convince a fool. ”
                    An insult, the perfect way to start a message of love and peace and Jesus.

                    It also says in the Bible that marine animals are abominations, tattoos are forbidden, disfigured people are unworthy of worship, that you shouldn’t eat fat, you should also sacrifice animals, never trim beards, and should bad dash children against rocks.

                    Here’s a whole bunch of shit you willfully ignore (or more likely are completely unaware of) and write off with flimsy excuses for:

                  • marcos_marcotron

                    “Pretend you believe in God just for a second: He knows your heart.”

                    You’ve just shot yourself in the foot there. As you realise, you CAN’T CHOOSE to believe.

                    So if belief is not a choice, then belief (or lack of it) is something forced upon us by your god, who then punishes us for what he created.

                    “God created evil in order to balance out good. If there was no evil, that would mean god was forcing us to be with him.”

                    Explain how that makes a single bit of sense. Are you saying God can’t create an environment without ‘evil’, and still give us a choice to be with him or not? Is he not capable of this?

                    “Freewill is what God had to create in order to have legitimate beings that loved him back.”

                    Free to do what? To act on the desires he put in our brains in the first place?!! Whether you like, love or hate someone, has NOTHING to do with ‘choice’. Are you honestly saying you ‘choose’ to love your family – that such a feeling is not automatic in your brain?

                    Are you honestly saying that there was one day, when you thought to yourself ‘I don’t actually love my family/friends….but I think I should probably make myself love them, so I am going to choose to love them with my freewill from today onwards’?

                    Please, think about what you’re saying. It’s ridiculous.

                    ” The truth is- God is real, he loves you,”

                    But you don’t have anything to backup what you claim is true here, other than the words of ignoramuses and nutcases. It could be true of course! But you have nothing to suggest it is, other than other people’s words and your own.

                    • Eve Keneinan

                      Faith is a joint act of will and intellect. It is “belief with assent.” It is chosen.

                • Eve Keneinan

                  Yes, side with Lucifer. Good plan. That will work out well for you.

              • SBOC

                That’s very interesting. I would like to know more. So what does being “under bondage” to Christ mean with regards to how we live from day to day here on Earth?

                • Maudie18

                  In Corinthians, Titus, Timothy are some of the rules or whatever you want to call them. They are the rules to how to be obedient to God. There are rules for both men and women. I have found recently that most Christians do not follow these rules, but they are there to help you get closer to God. To a point where you can actually feel his presence next to you.It also explains that women are under men. Wives are to be submissive to their husbands in all ways. A husband should treat his wife with respect and honor her just because she is his wife. It goes on with much more. So if you follow the words of Christ to be obedient to God I guess that is being under bondage to Him.

                  • SBOC

                    What if a husband does not treat his wife with respect and honor? Is that his fault or her fault? And how can you have respect and honor if a wife has to be submissive? Does a slave get respect and honor if they are a slave and under the constant direction and ownership of their master?

                    • Maudie18

                      the Bible says he must honor her Just because she is his wife.I imagine it has something to do with the fact that he picked her to marry and so therefore he must respect her. I also think, my opinion, she must deserve the respect. In the world of Jesus in that day when there were slaves, he constantly talked about they must be treated with respect and love. The master must treat them as he would like to be treated. The best thing I can tell you is the commandment that is considered the second greatest is Love thy neighbor as thyself. if you do that then you will never treat anyone badly, because we all love ourselves the most or we would all commit suicide. So the master treats his slaves as himself and a husband treats his wife the same, and vice versa.The reason the wife has to be submissive is because we are bat the bottom of the human system, because of Eve. The hierarchy in the Bible is God, Jesus, Man, and then woman. God made man in his own image, but woman was made from man, so we will always be under men down here on earth, until we meet Him and get new bodies that will no longer be male or female, it says, we will be as the Angels are. So yes we are to be submissive and be glad about it. You can see that doesn’t fly with a lot of women, even Christian women. I will tell you I have seen bad marriages go to wonderful when the woman starts to serve her husband as the Bible says. But thru all this the man has rules and responsibilities also. He is to treat her as one in Christ with himself with all the love and kindness as Christ loved the Church. I hope this helps, I don’t have all the answers, but I am trying to live them out, and it has made my life better. It is nice talking to you, hope you continue to write to me, it helps me learn things.

                    • SBOC

                      Well thank you for your answers. It is okay to say “I don’t know” or “I don’t have all the answers.” No one ever has all the answers.

                  • billwalker

                    Did Paul ever get an answer to his letter to the Corintheans ?

                    ns ?

                    • Maudie18

                      I don’t think anyone ever wrote him an actual letter. The letters he wrote was to help them with their faith and to explain to the gentiles what the Lord expected from them. He visited most of the cities he wrote letters to, and then got his answer from the love of the people and by their actions.

              • Nerdsamwich

                Do you realize that you basically just admitted that you only believe out of fear?

              • marcos_marcotron

                That’s very kinky, and I’m happy for you to do whatever makes you sexually happy, as long as the other participants are willing.

                But you are seriously delusional if you think ‘belief’ is a ‘choice’.

                And you are pretty sick if you praise a monster that tortures people forever in the worst possible way.

                If God takes our brains and somehow puts them in new ‘hell bodies’, fits us up with pain receptors, but the inability to die from too much heat, and then leaves us there, giggling at us screaming, and you think that’s a great idea, then you are someone who is infinitely worse than someone who agrees with a human torturing another for fun.

              • alanrlow

                OK, you pray for me and I will think for you.

            • HezzLynn81

              Well there will be a reward in Heaven for believers, according to their choice to follow God in this life, but atheists….not so much!

            • Fish

              Yes they believe the big lie John 3:16 but what they forget there is only 3 things in heaven now, the father, the son and the holy spirit and they all one…oh it’s too confusing to go into it. Everyone believers and nonbelievers die and go into the grave until Jesus comes again and raises everyone up and judges them, then the good go to heaven. Seems it’s better to be a Muslim at least you go to paradise right away and if you are a suicide bomber you get 72 virgins. I think that’s the going rate. Muslims better stop marrying 9 year old girls as their won’t be enough virgins in paradise for the bombers.

          • David McKale

            Not so, he has to me, and at many times and stories he has revealed himself to athiests.

          • Vera


          • Nerdsamwich

            How is it a choice for those who never “hear the knock”? You said it yourself: he doesn’t reveal himself to those who don’t already believe. What are those of us who weren’t brainwashed into it as children to do?

          • Belo

            “GOD doesn’t reveal himself to non believers.”

            Why is that?
            Because you say so?

        • goodsport

          Perfectly written.

        • David McKale

          Were you paying attention for the answers? Many times they can come in the form of people and such you cross paths with, and in this case you have to trust the feelings you get. God wants you to trust him. Every time I have nearly flown off the handle and asked God for help, has worked for me.

          • Maudie18

            Then go the extra distance.yes Christ uses people to get thru to other people, you are almost there.

            • SBOC

              How do you know that Christ brings other people into your life and it was not those other people themselves who willingly brought themselves into your life? If a person came along and helped you with something and you only found out after the fact that the person was an atheist or an agnostic, then would he be credited with still bringing that person into your life?

          • Maudie18

            See you heard the knock and you opened the door

          • SBOC

            How do you know that he sent those people versus those people coming into your life anyways? If he sent someone to help you at or after the prayer was made and they did help you…and after the fact you learned that that person was an atheist or agnostic or freethinker or whatever…wouldn’t that mean he sent them too?

          • Nerdsamwich

            It would also work if you appealed to Andre the Giant, counted to ten, or just took a few deep breaths. In every case, you’re taking a step back, acknowledging that the situation is getting out of hand and recognizing that you need to calm down to fix it. There’s no magic in asking a specific being for help, except that you think it will work.

          • marcos_marcotron

            Ah right, I didn’t see the answers because I wasn’t paying attention, and didn’t realise god was delivering his answers in a way that could be confused with being in a universe not created by a god.

            And it was all because I wasn’t paying attention, and deserve to be tortured forever, because God created me with a short attention span.

            “God wants you to trust him.”

            I don’t even believe he exists at this moment – if he wants me to trust him, then he should at least make me aware he exists, just like he made me aware that you and I exist.

            THEN, and only then, there may be a chance to see if he can earn my trust. But without realising he’s real, how can I trust him?!

            “Every time I have nearly flown off the handle and asked God for help, has worked for me.”

            If convincing yourself that there’s a god works as anger management for you, then you are simply showing that not everything in religious belief is bad. But that doesn’t make religious belief good for this world overall.

        • HezzLynn81

          Huh? Your anger messes with your use of the English language. Never mind, you are a deluded atheist. That explains it LOL!!!

          • marcos_marcotron

            What explains what?

            My non-belief in God makes me angry which in turn makes me write like someone who doesn’t have a degree in English?

            Of course if you’re going to write three lines of gibberish, then the chances are, you will make less grammatical errors, spelling errors and typos than me.

            But I am capable of explaining myself far better with my ‘imperfect’ English than you are with your ‘perfect’ English.

            You didn’t even make sense in three lines. Now how about starting again, and addressing something I said that you disagree with?

            Calling me out on language errors, and apparent anger just makes you look like you’re avoiding everything I said, because you have no counter argument. It makes you look at best, stuck for a response, and at worst, stupid. Try harder next time, and maybe people won’t think that about you.

      • Truth is not the real question

        ^Truth right here^!

        Why some CAN’T believe.

        The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because
        they are spiritually discerned.
        1 Corinthians 2:14

        So Only His Spirit can give us understanding and reveal to us all Truth, which does not come to those who chose not to believe.

        Yet still, there is NO excuse for not believing in HIM.

        For what can be known about God is plain to us, because God has shown it to us.
        For His invisible attributes, namely, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things
        that have been made. So they are without excuse.
        Romans 1:19-20

        Though the knowledge may be in each one of us, this does not mean all of us will believe.

        .. since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done.
        Romans 1:28


        For many are called,
        but few are chosen.
        Matthew 22:14

        The Called, have the Knowledge, which is all of us, and then it Stops here, unless of course, we choose to respond to this Knowledge of Him He’s given us.
        Then those of us who do become Chosen, and we go further into this Truth by Faith which He continues to reveal more of Himself in.
        He Went as far as to come down to our lowly level here on earth to Reveal Himself and the Depth of His love for us was, by Dying in our place so that we can go beyond the plain knowledge that A God exist, and go further into the whole knowledge of all His Truth and have a relationship with Him for eternity, which saves us from ultimate destruction destined for all those who do not receive the only Truth that matters, which is Him…..

        died for everyone, so for those of us who receive this new life He’s given us will no longer live for ourselves. Instead, we will live for Christ, who died
        and was raised for us.
        2 Corinthians 5:15

        For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.
        John 3:16

        Therefore until that day we wait to be with Him for eternity..

        The Lord is not slow to fulfill His promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that
        all should reach repentance.
        2 Peter 3:9

        It is through
        Repentance that an inner transformation takes place because it takes place
        through a humbling experience that opens the eyes that were once blind, and
        ears that were once deaf, all because of our sinful nature that is only concerned with Self and seeks Self in Self-indulgence and therefore deceived to believe that man in himself is Self-sufficient, which results in Self-Pride, and or Self-destruction in the end, which all completely separates us from God and the TRUTH entirely, just as it
        did in the beginning, and for this reason
        Jesus, our God came to be our Savior, in this fallen world.

        Our Sinful Nature:

        “None is righteous, no, not one; no one understands; no
        one seeks for God. All have turned
        aside; together they have become worthless; no
        one does good, not even one.”
        Romans 3:10-12 and 23 – for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

        “Son of man, you are living among a rebellious people. They have eyes to see but do
        not see and ears to hear but do not hear, for they are a rebellious people.
        Ezekiel 12:2

        It is not until we
        come to the humbling realization of this Truth, will we seek Him in repentance
        and truly find Him Just as He promises here…

        ..from there you will seek the LORD your God and you will find Him, if you search after Him with all your heart and with all your soul.
        Deuteronomy 4:29

        ..Seek Me and you will find Me, when you seek Me with all your heart.
        Jeremiah 29:13

        “Seek the Lord while He may be found; call upon Him while He is near; let the wicked
        forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the
        Lord, that He may have compassion on him, and our God, for He will abundantly
        Isaiah 55:6-7

        “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.
        Matthew 7:7-8

        But let him ask in Faith, without doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind. For that man ought not to expect that he will receive anything from the Lord.
        James 1:6-7

        Jesus says to us ALL,

        “I Am the Way, and the TRUTH, and the Life. No
        one comes to the Father ( GOD, Our Creator )
        except through Me.
        John 14:6

        • Serolf Bocaj

          Actually I have an excuse ……there is no fucking evidence if he really wants us to believe where is the evidence and dont tell me the bible is evidence thats bull shit there are books older that that piece of shit that talk about other gods so …2 science has proved that most of the things In the bible are lies false ..tip read something else educate yourself

          • Maudie18

            I feel sorry for you. The book is not the evidence, it’s the faith and the answer of prayer that HE LIVES

            • jjjjjj

              Evidence .lol. yea right I have to believe in a book written by man to control man ……the only time I touch the bible is when I dont find toilet paper

          • pharside

            I partially agree with you. Proving the existence of God would be as difficult as proving evolutionary theory concerning the creation of the universe and the formation of life. There is no concrete evidence for either. -Though it could be argued that all of creation is evidence for the existence of an intelligent designer. Yes, there are many religions and ‘gods’. But to say that science has dis-proven /anything/, much less “most” of the things in the Bible is a simply ridiculous statement. Give me an example. Something. Anything. Find just ONE thing in the Bible that science has conclusively dis-proven. I’ll wait.

            • joeblo

              I believe in Him, I just don’t like Him.

            • Roy

              In the bible it is claimed that a great flood, biblically dated around 2348 B.C., wiped out all of human civilization yet all of human history has no documented gaps during this or any other time period since the dawn of man and this can be proven by looking up any timeline of human history that you deem credible. There’s your one.

      • Patrick Freedom Eagle Sparks

        okay well maybe you could ask god for me wether or not he thinks the graviton is likely to be a gauge boson or not it has been bothering me recently.

      • O’brian Missinnyc Williams

        Close minded? ???? Reallly explain your god to me?… I’ll wait tell me the passionate things he’s done like having his own son killed to prove a point to a miscreant race that he breathed into existence. .. n lets not speak about god the son and the holy spirit cuz ppl clearly only worship jesus n if the guy even existed thsts not even his real name.. closed minded fuck your Virgin wife with a limp dick pray to sky daddy and go to sleep please

      • The Annoyed Critic

        Thats wrong, Cora. I’ve spent years asking with an open mind and he never answered because it’s a delusion and he’s not there.

      • Belo

        God is open for questions? Send me some of that weed you’re smoking so I can talk to him, because I’m 49 years old and every time I tried to have a conversation with him there was no answer.

      • billwalker

        Hi Cora. What do you think would be your religious convictions had you been born in India, to Hindu parents ? Or to Muslim parents in the Middle Eastc ?

      • Lujuana Candida Arviso

        THATS RIGHT…..

      • http://1liesalot.blogspot.com/ Pam Ryan

        Good. The last entity I want to hear from is a psychotic, narcissistic, brainless deity such as the one being worshipped by a multitude of his hoodwinked victims. He should burn in hell.

    • Aaron

      Would be to late to ask questions, You have time now to ask questions. Thats what we are here for. Don’t wait till its too late. You will have no chance to repent when your dead.

    • John Jozsa

      OK. well stated. But just what have you ever contaridicted , yet ?

      • mystery

        Yes you WILL, reading the bible isn’t top among believers is it?
        When it says that the dead will be brought from their graves and this will be the last chance, it also shows that the no proof needed argument is false since resurrected people will have their proof.
        I suggest read your holy scrapbook of myths first

    • Cecil

      You are so right! It IS all about Truth! I pray that you find it.

    • Dustin

      You seem to assume we don’t have a bone to pick with said imaginary god. Satan is a much fairer figure when you consider the Holy Bible.

    • Charis

      Thank you well said, and I am not an atheist

    • rich-e rich

      If I met God…”I would not be confrontational and argumentative. I would ask sincere questions to find the truth” This was the intention all along, friend, your interest for big topics and all the things you see and don’t see. Atheists weren’t created on their own accord friend. Selfishness emerged to manifest you! and your “group”. Is selfishness something you condone? Now a selfish inclination was given life to work itself off (much like you or you or your fellow man do when a neighbour breaks hits his car, or crashes into your home with his SUV….they have to work to pay you back). This interest that you and your atheist friends have is very complex in itself, much more than a universe or a planet, which you so love. This is because patterns of this wonderful tapestry only emerge when the two parties involved come together in truthful union, like a nice conversation. It takes two hands to clap. So you see how wonderfully interested all atheists are in all the material apects of life, aside from all the blasphemies and “gun fire” about topics that are quite hazy? That’s because I want them so, friend. All atheists will soon have the opportunity to speak to the Person, and you all will know that the Heartful soul is true, when all your efforts come to the truth.

      I am expecting a reply. Speak to me on email. rich_muffy@hotmail.com

    • tye

      I try my best to believe in the good of God but sometimes I feel as though I have no other option but to believe that most Christians who say you need to open your mind are actually stuck in a close minded loop. What am I saying? Well to simply believe that an entity has always existed with no cause and simply leave it at that is the purest of close mindedNess. And to say that he created us with free will is also a border line lie… it feels more like predestination. I have had multiple theories about god…

      For instance…

      What if we are God’s with our own creation of multi-verse realities? “Follow me closely because I am seriously going to make you think.”

      What if God is actually a human being? Just like us! What if we are actually the micro cells of his body. Like a infinitely microscopic building block of his genetic make up. Our planet is an atom and our interstellar orbit is the electron field with which we live! What if I told you that god is real except only we are him and we are created by his birth which marks the beginning of our time! The creation of all things! Look at the world around you and try to imagine this really our bodies have electrical inpulse which is actually our sun. That is our source of light in his body and time for us is multiplied so like the cells in our own bodies that multiply and die within pico-seconds are like full revolutions of beginning world’s in their entire life span till end. We feel time differently.

      Same concept with us As we are God’s to the living cells in our bodies which are actually multiv-verse realities of other worlds with people and lives similar to our own. Now… with that being said god is simply a human being that simply lives within a world similar to our own and even god has a god with whom he is a block to the genitive make up of the higher human (god) and so forth in an infinitely increasing state Of being. there is no measure to time only because time is so infinitely excellerated! one single second to our god (or human with which we are made in) could be several revelations of world beginnings and endings!

      our comprehension of his time would be compared to frozen time and our time if frozen wouldnot nearly mean that the planes of existence below us are frozen too. They still move and live through their entire lives beginning to end…

      mind blown yet?

      OK so think about this!

      Ask yourself… can you send a message to your cells in your body to tell them you are real and you are listening and you have a paradise for them when those single cells die? ask yourself simply, can I concept my continuously dying cells as other world’s with lower planes of human kind and do I believe In them? Do they even matter and are they relevent?! Hard to answer huh? Well thats what God thinks of us. We are just as unappreciated and irrelevant to him as your own body cells are to you! Ask yourself if you are god and your cells are your creation what have you done to benifit them? Youre obese youre lazy and you do nothing to help youself! You destroy your health with drugs and deliver disease between sex partners for just a night. You scum. You are a horrible god and thats how you should think of our God. we are him we make him what he is. And our human believer within our body believe in us. But do you believe in them?


      before anyone say that this is not true or perhaps I am over thinking it you should take the time to imagine the concept. How far off is this from what is really happening? I just proved that god is real. I just proved that god is crested. I just proved that we are also gods. I just proved the infinite world’s theory. I just proved how God feels about us and how we out to think of him. I just simply given you the theory to solving your questions! every single question you have! WELL its nother really proof but it’s a theory to think over

      I don’t know where heaven fits in yet but perhaps that was someone’s imagined resolution to the fear of death…

      Also I’m not atheist I believe in god but I get confused… I only ask him to give me signs.

    • RiceHannah

      Ask God wholeheartedly for the truth. While you can get into heaven without knowing him in life. That is not always the case, so it is better to seek wholeheartedly.If you don’t get an answer it may be you did not open your heart, wholeheartedly. He will not force himself on you, he is waiting for you to seek him. I don’t think you will be sorry if you seek him, honestly I know many even the most worldly people and sinful people who were so glad they turned to him.

  • Mike

    I have a question. It's a puzzle to me. Can you prove that anything you are experiencing is actually real outside of your biological nervous system of senses? (Think of Neo being hooked up the Matrix)

    I have had a shift and realization that there is nothing outside of my experiences anymore. The room that I'm sitting in and the people and world are now percieved inside of my nervous system… they are as one. Before there was an illusion of sereration, but now that has diminished. My senses and the outside world I percieve are now as one.

  • Mia Dela Cruz

    I do agree that the response above is filled with too much angst. One Catholic asked me that once–what if I was wrong about everything? Considering all these religious shit was true–that I find myself, after dying, in the midst of my supposed Creator, and be judged according to what fit his liking. I’d demand for explanations I guess. And had he none to give me (this is what I would highly expect), I’d be willing to walk straight into hell. I read this quote somewhere, actually. I don’t quite remember who said it, but I won’t claim ownership to the wonderful point it makes. It goes something like: I’d readily turn my back on this God and walk straight into hell. You’d have another thing going if you’d expect me to be part of this creator’s world–this creator who supposedly moulded the very mechanisms of our mind, of our rationality, of our knowledge, wisdom, of our capability to think and doubt, of the most valuable blessings he would have offered us. I don’t think you’d expect me to respect him after creating all these and then commanding me to abandon these abilities, to go without these, to be blind, to act on unfounded faith alone. If that’s the kind of God he supposedly is, then heck, I wouldn’t care for I’d rather be in hell than to be part of his world. …The theist who asked me was of course, shocked and couldn’t fathom what I had said. She must have thought I was going to surely burn in flames for my words.

    • http://www.facebook.com/june.blair3 June Blair

      Satan is laughing and will have you by the nuts. Pslam 14

      • EvolutionKills

        You know people like you make me wish that the non-existent Hell you threaten other people with actually did exist, but only for those who would use it to attempt to scare others. Alas when you die, it will most likely just be the nothingness you experience before you were born. When your brain ceases to function, you will cease to be. Simple as that, no afterlife. No eternal damnation in fire and pain, no eternity in heaven kissing God’s ass (which I’d still argue is the greater of the two tortures).

        It’s a real shame that you can’t be happy with the one life you know you have to live, and instead choose to live for dying…

        • junbug20

          I didn’t say hell exists, God did.

          • EvolutionKills

            God didn’t say shit. All you have are hearsay stacked upon hearsay, accounts composed and written down by men; accounts claiming to speak for or hear the word of god. There is no evidence that a god has actually said anything to anyone you delusional ignoramus.

      • Kao

        Are you trolling? Because whenever I see you post I laugh my ass off, because you are hilarious.

        • junbug20

          Lol, went a little overboard, but Pslam14.1 says what God thinks of atheists, look it up, if your curious.

    • ChildofGod

      That is a nonsensical response. What will really happen if you die without the Lord Jesus Christ is this: You will open your eyes in hell and you will be in torment, screaming in agony and you will never get any second chance. You will then be cast eventually into the Lake of Fire which is even worse. Please trust in Jesus now before it is too late.

      • BlueMoney

        Give me scientific proof of your claims! (BTW, the supposed Russian scientists who “drilled into Hell” don’t count.)

        • jesus lover <3

          if God shows himself to you, the belief and faith would be fake. faith comes from believing in the unseen. if you don’t believe, you won’t witness anything. all Christians don’t throw hell at you (me being one of them). for some it works and for some, well, it obviously doesn’t. this situation being one of them. what i suggest is to just look at the beauty of life, the fact that we have so much talent in this world. we have the choice to be happy and joyful and live a peaceful life knowing that if we die, we died a humble person who made a mark for generations to come. take religion out of the conversation and focus on this… why would anyone choose depression over eternal happiness? that’s what Jesus does. not church or “religious people” but his grace and mercy. i hate religion. there’s too much rules, too much condemnation and too much judgement. that’s why i love Jesus! because Jesus wants us to put all that aside and be happy knowing our lives don’t stop here. they’ll go on reaching our descendants. non-believers focus on religion but fail to realize not all judge & throw hell at you. that’s for the religious. the people who really know Jesus and follow him fully will show mercy and compassion like he did.

          • Tristian Overbee

            Amen <3

      • well butter my biscuits!


    • eddie

      There was a story my friend told me.
      There was an atheist and a christian who died and when they went up to the gates of heaven. The first thing the christian said to the atheist is [see i told you he's real now your going to hell and i'm going to heaven]. The atheist realizes that he’s been wrong and asks for forgiveness. God tell the atheist [you get to go to heaven because you took your own belief and you stood besides it]. The God tells the christian [you are going to hell because you only became a christian on the chance i existed so you will get your way in the gates of heaven, you did not follow your own belief].

      • Tristian Overbee

        Fairy tales can come true they can happen to u…

  • Child of God

    You are, to be blunt, an utter fool. The word of God states that the lips of unsaved people will be silent before HIM in His blinding glory. The holy unfallen angels cover their eyes from His blinding holiness, and you, pitiful, fallen, arrogant sinner, think you will be able to give backtalk to almighty YAHWEH Himself?! Are you insane? By the way, all of your value judgements have no basis if there is no God. If atheism is true there is no ultimate standard of good or evil. All there is is opinion. By making value judgements you prove there is an ultimate standard and an ultimate standard requires God to set it. By what basis do you judge good or evil? You have none but your opinion if there is no God. Many atheists went before you and are now burning in endless concious torment and will be cast into the Lake of Fire where they will experience torment forever. Why do you atheists get angry when we tell you youre headed for Hell without Jesus if Hell doesn’t exist? You shouldn’t get upset at it but this is more proof that it is real.

    • Adam

      You arrogant, narcissistic prick. Your belief that I’m going to burn forever in hell while you kiss god’s ass is disgusting and disqualifies you from rational conversation.

      • archangelariel

        consider the those two options very carefully and choose wisely. there will come a time that you personally will know He is the real deal I just pray it happens before your death then all bets are off.

      • Bob

        You do worship a god, he is the god of this world, deny all you want, but it is a fact. I can tell by your language you are one of his choosen.

      • ChildofGod

        If there is no God and no Hell why do atheists get so angry when its mentioned? That is irrational and illogical.

        • BlueMoney

          Because it’s primitive, dangerous, Bronze Age superstition, that’s why. It makes the world more dangerous for everyone. (If I’m wrong, then why are almost ALL violent convicts God-believers?)

          • Brian

            Belief in judgement is not always dangerous. Consider if one truly believes in a just God who will judge fairly at the end sorting evil from good, this is a resource for being non-violent in the present. There are plenty of stories and evidence of people who have acted non-violently to their perpetrators and affected real change, because of their belief in a God who judges justly. “God says vengeance is mine” Heb 10:30. Just a thought.

            • BlueMoney

              Most violent people are God-believers. Go back to my post and re-read it.

              • Anonymous

                Your typical response is flawed. The fact that some violent convicts believe in God does not prove anything about religion or those who believe in God. And where is your proof or evidence that most violent convicts believe in God? Let me ask you a question— why are people who follow a religion required to hold a higher standard than those who are atheist? Having no belief in God is also a belief system. If many atheists were found to be violent, then per your logic, all atheists are violent, and should be locked away. You can’t just tailor the argument to fit the religious, it lacks consistency.

                • EvolutionKills

                  Atheists make up 0.07% of the American federal prison population.


                  If no belief in gods is a belief system, then please explain to me the instructions you get from your non-belief in Zeus. What do you get from your non-belief in Thor?

                  Atheism is a ‘belief structure’ in the same way that ‘off’ is a TV channel, bald is a hair color, and not-smoking is a habit.

                  Isn’t it funny how the best thing you can do to defend faith are these false equivocations. Is that really your best attempt at an argument, that the faithful are no worse than atheists? So much for divine inspiration, I would expect better from followers of the one-true creator of the universe.

                  • retromillenium

                    I read most of your comments. I’ve already posted a general comment. Allow me to re-post the same comment here in case it’s not read:

                    Atheism by definition is not a problem. It’s perfectly fine. Unfortunately, people being imperfect beings, Atheism in practice becomes a problem. Too many people whom I’ve talked to who call themselves atheist really do not follow atheism at it’s core. Atheism should not be subjective, and purely based on empirical evidence. I’ve talked to many atheist over the years, and most of them, I would say 7 out of 10 on average, say god doesn’t exist because there is no proof, but extraterrestrial intelligent life does exist without a doubt. Now, it may seem crazy to compare alien life to divine existence in some form, because alien life is “probably” more believable due to the fact that it’s based on “what we know” of our universe compared to divine existence which implies by it’s very nature an existence outside of the known universe, which at this point is “considered” pure speculation, but in one regard both can be compared. Both the existence of extraterrestrial life and the supernatural require proof, hard proof. If you don’t have hard proof, then by the principles of Atheism you should believe in neither. As a matter of fact, if empirical evidence is the standard that Atheism is based on, then it should apply that standard to any and all subject matter at hand not just the existence of the supernatural. To do so shows a bias. Now in defense of Atheism, some subject matter is more “out there” than others, supernatural being one of them, and therefore the more “out of the box” the subject matter, the more proof that subject matter will require, but the “principle” of Atheism should still hold, and that principle is empirical evidence
                    regardless of the subject. That’s why in my humble opinion, agnosticism is a better perspective, because it by nature says we don’t know, we require empirical evidence. As stated earlier, too many atheist I’ve spoken to over the years, and there have been many choose not to believe in the supernatural, but also choose to embrace alien life as a fact, and even some radical scientific principles as a fact. Agnosticism is a better way at looking at things, because that perspective still allows a person to conduct research in subject matter that’s controversial, and try to find ways to prove or disprove them, and by freeing one’s mind to try and prove or disprove we are increasing our understanding of
                    existence as a whole one way or the other. Choosing Atheism, means saying there is no god, there is no supernatural, and once we do that we
                    don’t allow ourselves to push and find out whether the supernatural does exist. We immediately shut the door, and never look back.
                    Choosing Agnosticism does allow us to still look, because it doesn’t say the supernatural doesn’t exist, all it asks is to prove it, and frankly the supernatural could possibly exist. It’s a healthier approach in my humble opinion. All subject matter no matter how crazy it may sound should be given the same level of skepticism and proof, the same level. If you start holding different standards for different topics, then there is a good chance that a field of study that might actually hold some truth, will be disregarded, and that is a loss to us all. If the standard of measurement isn’t the same for all subject matter, then you leave acceptance and non-acceptance of ideas to the whims of those in power.

                    • EvolutionKills

                      Thanks for showing you don’t have a clue what ‘atheism’ and ‘agnosticism’ even mean…

                      Both of which, by the way, are different beasts from ‘rationalism’, ‘empiricism’, ‘materialism’, or ‘naturalism’.

                      Atheism is simply a lack of belief in gods, for whatever reason. The prefix ‘a-’ is a negation of the following ‘theism’. An atheists that makes the (unsubstantiated) claim that no gods exists, is a gnostic atheist. An atheist who claims a lack of belief in gods, because their existence has yet to be (or cannot be) demonstrated is an agnostic atheist.

                      So, getting past your ignorance of the terms you pretend to be knowledgeable about…

                      Insofar as the existence of alien life versus the supernatural, you can make a fairly sound guess as to which is more probable. Alien life (life originating beyond our planet’s biosphere) does not, in principle, violate anything contained within our ever expanding understanding of how the universe works. The existence of the supernatural, on the other hand, would be in direct violation of everything we know about the nature of reality. So please, tell me again, why belief in the possibility of alien life is not more probable than the existence of the supernatural? We have evidence that life actually exists, we don’t have any evidence for anything supernatural.

                    • retromillenium

                      Let me come off by first saying, It’s bad enough you purposefully insult other people that have posted comments here, but no you choose to direct that negative attitude towards me. If you notice, the comment I posted, although directed at you wasn’t insulting in any way, but you choose to throw that vile attitude towards me. Every person that you have posted a comment on here you done so with the same bitter vile behavior. From what I’ve read you love throwing the word ignorant around. What qualifies you to be an expert on the topic at hand? Do you have any technical degree in any of the sciences to be an expert in the topic of evolution and bio-genesis?

                      For the record, the statement I made was not ignorant at all. In the broadest sense, my statement was right on the money. This is the definition of atheism from Wikipedia:

                      “Atheism is, in a broad sense, the rejection of belief in the existence of deities.[1][2] In a narrower sense, atheism is specifically the position that there are no deities.[3][4][5] Most inclusively, atheism is the absence of belief that any deities exist.[4][5][6][7] Atheism is contrasted with theism,[8][9] which in its most general form is the belief that at least one deity exists.[9][10]“.

                      Now Wikipedia does break down the meaning further, and gives examples of different forms of Atheism, but in the broadest sense of the definition, what I just posted is right at the beginning. On the other hand, Wikipedia has this definition of Agnosticism:

                      “Agnosticism is the view that the truth values of certain claims—especially claims about the existence or non-existence of any deity, as well as other religious and metaphysical claims—are unknown or unknowable.[1][2][3] According to the philosopher William L. Rowe,
                      in the popular sense, an agnostic is someone who neither believes nor
                      disbelieves in the existence of a deity or deities, whereas a theist and an atheist believe and disbelieve, respectively.[2]”

                      Under “Defining Agnosticism” Wikipedia states:

                      “Thomas Henry Huxley said:[11][12]

                      Agnosticism, in fact, is not a creed, but a method, the essence of
                      which lies in the rigorous application of a single principle …
                      Positively the principle may be expressed: In matters of the intellect,
                      follow your reason as far as it will take you, without regard to any
                      other consideration. And negatively: In matters of the intellect do not
                      pretend that conclusions are certain which are not demonstrated or

                      According to philosopher William L. Rowe,
                      in the strict sense, agnosticism is the view that human reason is
                      incapable of providing sufficient rational grounds to justify either the
                      belief that God exists or the belief that God does not exist.[2]”

                      Let me now address the response regarding equating Alien life with supernatural phenomenon. If you actually bothered to read instead of skim through what i originally posted, I, not you, but I stated that since the existence of alien life is based on the physics of the world we live in, as compared to the supernatural which is not based on the physics of the world we live in, that more scrutiny should be placed on the ideas that are supernatural. Let me copy and re-post what I stated so there is no ambiguity:

                      “Now in defense of Atheism, some subject matter is more “out there” than others, supernatural being one of them, and therefore the more “out of
                      the box” the subject matter, the more proof that subject matter will require, but the “principle” of Atheism should still hold, and that principle is empirical evidence regardless of the subject.”

                      Sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re not responding to some right wing, evangelical, nut bag, who flourishes in the realm of ignorance. I’m a rational, considerate person respects the points of view of others.

                      Having said that, any claim, and I mean any claim that is made requires scientific evidence, there are cases to make for both alien life and supernatural phenomenon, because there have been recorded cases of both. All I’m saying is we, as people should investigate “ALL” phenomenon and we should investigate them without prejudice of any kind. Once you go down the bias road of prejudice, you have already lost the search for the truth.

                    • John Jozsa

                      What you wrote is that Lucifer was correct in Gen.3;4-5. Now we are all gods and we know everything.

                    • retromillenium

                      Uh No. I didn’t say that. You’re saying that. Don’t put words into my mouth.

                    • Susan Robitaille

                      Actually- atheism is the belief that there is no god. It’s an active belief, not lack of a belief. You don’t get to hi-jack a definition to suit your intellectual laziness in proving the belief there is no god.
                      If you don’t know or care if there is a god, then you are merely an agnostic.

                    • retromillenium

                      Thanks Susan
                      for stating that. I wanted to state that earlier, but you beat me to the
                      punch. It is intellectual laziness. When you have convinced yourself
                      something doesn’t exist or more importantly the mere possibility that something
                      exists, then you could very well be losing something that down the road could affect
                      human civilization and development. If the search for the truth does not
                      include the possibility that the supernatural in any form exists, then we are
                      not being intellectually honest, we are lying to ourselves about finding the
                      truth, and we might be losing something that could be important. As I’ve
                      stated earlier, Atheism breeds this type of mentality, and that’s why in my
                      humble opinion Agnosticism is a much better state of mind, because it simply
                      states we don’t know, and it does not take the supernatural off the
                      table. It doesn’t breed laziness, in fact it forces our curiosity to find
                      the truth. I’ve read so many posts over the years, and many of the
                      Atheists state pretty much the same thing, “Show me proof”.
                      Notice they themselves are not willing to find the truth, they want someone
                      else to do the leg work and find it. Where does it stop. If you
                      take your stance against supernatural phenomenon, then why not scientific
                      theories that don’t fit the traditions of current science? It’s a very
                      dangerous slope to follow, because it becomes very arbitrary at where you draw
                      the line in the sand. Many Atheists that have posted on blogs online, and even
                      ones that I’ve encountered personally face-to-face have easily forgotten that
                      all the science which they cherish was developed by individuals who are out of
                      box thinkers, and that requires an individual who can perceive something beyond
                      what is known. This requires both right and left brain working on somewhat
                      equal footing, meaning both logical and creative aspects are needed to make
                      those leaps.

                    • EvolutionKills

                      Fuck you Susan.

                      Belief that there is no god is Strong Atheism, also known as Gnostic Atheism.

                      Belief roughly exists as a matrix, which scales along the axis of Agnosticism (not claiming to have knowledge of) versus Gnosticism (claiming to have knowledge of), and Theism (possessing belief in a deity) and Atheism (a lack of belief in a deity).

                      So Gnostic Theists (I know god exists) are incredibly common, and Gnostic Atheists (I know no gods exist) are incredibly rare. Next most common are the Agnostic Theists (I believe in god, but don’t claim to knowledge that they actually exist) followed by Agnostic Atheists (I lack belief in gods, but don’t make claims to knowledge that they don’t or cannot exist). However by your myopic understanding, all Atheists fall under the ‘Gnostic’ banner, when that is evidently not the case.

                      Do you know what every self identifying atheist I have ever read, talked to, seen, or heard, claims to be? They all fall under the umbrella Agnostic Atheism. The only Gnostic Theists I have ever seen have reasoning no better than Gnostic Theists, and most of the time turn out to be internet trolls anyways. Gnostic Atheism is hardly the face or in any way representative of the vast majority of those who self identify as simply ‘atheist’.

                      So yeah, claiming that Atheism is just “the belief that there is no god” and then copping attitude about proving a negative is a popular canard spread by the religious to marginalize the opposition. So fuck you (again) for attempting to spread that ignorant bullshit any farther than it has already gone. Atheists are simply far more common than religious believers like to admit, no mater how much they may like to divide us with different label, so get used to it.

                    • Susan Robitaille

                      Gee, with a mouth and attitude like yours, who *wouldn’t* want to be just like you and follow what you do. Go atheism. Making the world an uglier place one person at a time. :/

                    • Jazz

                      Your really not helping support the Christian Religion. Wen you see comments like these it is best to ignore them instead of adding flame to the fire.

                    • EvolutionKills

                      Sorry I got your panties in a bunch, but I have a severe allergic reaction to stupidity and lies.

                    • paul fletcher

                      Hello Evolutionkills your posts are very entertaining and your powers of debate are amazing keep up the good work. Having seen how much you like to school religious idiots you might want to take a look at this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iAS2UC8f94

                    • John Jozsa

                      You must have been reading too much of Zach Stichin’s books.

                  • hello:)

                    Atheist make up what percentage of the world (2.01) non religious(16%)? Exactly?!?! So therefore by default since the amount of people who obtain a religion is significantly higher (84%), being that Christians make up 2.1 BILLION people, by default the percentage of people who believe in God or a higher being will be higher than a non -believer. Your argument lacks validity AND reliability! its often easy to respond out of emotion, but since you are stating FACTS I thought I would argue against the facts you presented that really does not support your piss poor argument…

                    • EvolutionKills

                      Uh, please work on your sentence structure, as you post is a garbled mess of nigh incoherent gibberish.

                    • Susan Robitaille

                      Kinda like your thought patterns and attempt at reason, hey?

                    • EvolutionKills

                      Right. Well, you can fuck yourself right off.

                    • Gabriel Susen

                      Hey dude. I want to have an argument with you because you are a big terd. EvolutionKills I mean. Send me an email. Lets talk Christianity vs. Atheism. Me vs You.
                      My email is gwsm1992@gmail.com.
                      I believe in God, 6000 years of earth, intelligent design, the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus the Christ, Son of God and God Himself. Let’s talk about that. Show me that I am wrong. We can start at the beginning.

                      How did the Big Bang start?
                      How did life begin really with evolution?
                      Where are all the missing links between the bottom two fossil layers?

                      I know these are some tricky questions that we can banter on about for a long time. Lets talk about them in our emails if you would like, but I don’t mind doing it out here.

                    • EvolutionKills

                      You want to have a debate? You can find me over at TheThinkingAtheist forums. We can agree on a topic, a set of rules, the format, what have you. But it will be public. I’m not going to put the work into showing up your ignorant ass if there isn’t an audience that can learn from it.

                    • Gabriel Susen

                      No i’m not going to have an argument with you while 20 other people all scream at me at the same time. Why not just post the whole conversation on the forum when it is all over? And then if I prove you wrong, you don’t have to put it anywhere and it is just a conversation in an email.

                    • EvolutionKills

                      There is a dedicated Debate forum for 1-on-1 discussion, but thanks for assuming we’d all just be screeching assholes.

                    • Gabriel Susen

                      Lol you already seem like assholes, but maybe not screaming. I have debated on forums for Atheists to argue with Christians before and usually it is a lot of screaming.

                      Why are you afraid to have a debate in private? What does debating privately or publicly have to do with transparency?

                      Even so, I found the private 1 vs 1 section, so I will be posting there soon with an invite to join.

                • don keyoatey

                  this is the old argument that lack of belief is also a religion. this is the same as saying that abstinence is a sex position!

              • joe

                Muslims believe in God but that won’t get them into heaven. Just how ignorant are you?

                • Jazz

                  They belive in Allah who is not the Christian God. Also to Get into heaven You must believe Christ is the son of God which they do not believe.

              • http://livingfortruth.wordpress.com/ living for truth

                Nah, atheistic communists beat them hands down.

              • imustbeacoocoo

                Then why are they always sporting an “anarchy” emblem??

            • EvolutionKills

              Unfortunately there is no reason to believe that the god of classical monotheism is a just god. He condemns people for imaginary crimes like witchcraft, and non-crimes like working on particular days and simple non-belief. That god is as ignorant and ethnocentric as the people who created him.

              • imustbeacoocoo

                Not really. People perverted God’s intentions right away. Jesus performed miracles on sabbath which drove the religious nuts crazy, even back then. The pharisees were ready to murder Jesus when he didn’t wash his hands up to his elbows between every course of the meal. Something which they themselves invented as holy!

          • Ryan

            because nowhere near “ALL” violent convicts are “God-believers.” There are “god-believers” and those who accept the faith AFTER said conviction

            • Alex


          • Ryan

            Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were big atheists……how may people died under their leadership?

            • BlueMoney

              Hitler wasn’t an atheist, you ignorant tool.
              He was Roman Catholic (with some occultist beliefs thrown in.)
              Stalin was a seminary student when he was young, and to the best of my knowledge never publicly declared himself as an atheist… so who knows what he really believed? Anyway, there’s every Xian’s two favorite evil atheist examples swirling down the toilet for ya. Got any more for me to debunk?

              • joe

                You really are an idiot. You haven’t debunked anything but you have proven again how much of an idiot you are.

                • BlueMoney

                  And you can’t prove anything you claim to believe in. The fact is, I DON’T believe that a Jewish zombie was lurching around Jerusalem 2K years ago, and you apparently DO. Assuming (as I do, and you should) that believing in unprovable magical stories is a form of idiocy – I suggest you speak for yourself, “joe”.

                  • Alex

                    He isn’t a zombie. He was fully human and fully God at that time.

                    • Emmet

                      … which means he never died, since God cannot die. Such a contradictory belief.

                • Alex

                  If you walk around calling people idiots without backing it up, it sounds like your just saying it whenever you feel like it, just to make yourself feel better. And by the way, don’t judge people, or God will judge you.

              • Alex

                Ryan’s a tool? A very effective tool I think.

          • Alex

            What? If you believe God, and He doesn’t exist, no one will strike you down. If you don’t believe God, there is 50/50 chance for you that God exists and if God does, He will strike you down. But, I’m a Christian, I’m safe!

            • BlueMoney

              OK, I’ll humor you and play the Pascal’s Wager game. What if we’re BOTH wrong, and the Norse God Odin is the real god?
              Or, if we’re sticking to Middle Eastern desert monotheism… what if the Muslims are right about “God”? I’d say you’re no safer from “Hell” than I am, because Islam is no sillier than your worship of a zombie savior who was his own father and gets upset when I masturbate.

              • joe

                More mindless babble from a raving idiot.

                • BlueMoney

                  Logic=mindless babble to joe the Jeebus-lubber.
                  Anyone who doesn’t believe in zombie Jews=raving idiot to joe the Jeebus-lubber.
                  I don’t think joe is the smartest peanut in the turd, but maybe I’m wrong. I doubt it, though.

                  • Alex

                    He’s not smart, he didn’t back up his rebuke.

                • Alex

                  Again, you didn’t back up the word “idiot”.

              • Alex

                If I believe I was wrong about God not existing, I’m a weak feeble-minded Christian. I do not want to admit that.
                I’d also rather live forever with the God I love and the God that loves me. I wouldn’t trust any other god.
                By the way, God allows these unfortunate things to happen for a purpose. Suppose a three-year-old gets spanked for doing something wrong. The parent that spanked him loves the child and punishes him to tell them what is wrong and what is right. The child might think the parent hates him for doing that wrong thing, but the child is wrong on his own thinking once again. He doesn’t find out until later. Do you see?

                • Alex

                  God allows bad things to happen for the better. Let’s think about the Titanic. The Titanic is the unsinkable ship designed so it can never sink. But, on it’s first voyage, it sinks and kills many people. God allowed this to happen to wake up boat safety. And sure enough, more safety laws were enforced and the Coast Guard was more careful. This tragedy of the Titanic happened so that even though thousands died on that voyage, billions would have died in the future. But, God used the Titanic to prevent that.

                  • EvolutionKills

                    Still doesn’t follow. An all-powerful god could have saved everybody instantly at no cost to himself. An all-knowing god would know that it would happen unless he intervened. An all-caring good would have intervened. Clearly, one of these three assumptions isn’t true.

                    Either god couldn’t help those people, or he didn’t care to; he is therefore either impotent or evil.

                    Choose wisely.

                    • Mushet

                      Answer: Man is evil and God is good. God does not owe man anything. All children are born lost sinners. If a million or billion babies starve to death it is man’s fault, not God’s. God loves people and God gives people a choice. Those children who die their souls go to be with the Lord forever because they are not accountible, but, you are accountible to Him. God chose to create beings who can freely choose to love Him. If you reject Him you go to Hell because you choose it. God loves you enough to give you your choice.

                    • EvolutionKills

                      That’s not an answer, that’s an series of unsubstantiated assertions and dogma, entirely devoid of facts or evidence.

                      You mean to tell me that the all-powerful creator of the universe, who supposedly loves us, created existence as a sort of sick experiment to test us and never explicitly told everyone we were being tested?

                      He supposedly loves us, but has no compulsion with torturing people for eternity for thought crime?

                      He has the power of all creation, why does he need love , adoration, and worship? If he needs or desires (desires are created by needs) anything, that makes him by definition, not omnipotent.

                      Accountable? My beliefs are based upon what I know, and what I know is determined by the state of the evidence. Now your god supposedly has the power to make his presence and desire known to me and everyone else on the planet simultaneously and instantly. He knows exactly what evidence would be required to convince a skeptic, and yet he does nothing. Is my supposed eternal soul not worth the effort? Would it even be any effort at all for an omnipotent being? The fact that he supposedly exists, yet apparently chooses not to do so, is very telling.

                      Once gain, either he cannot do anything, or he doesn’t care to.

                      Impotence or malevolence.

                      Choose wisely.

                  • selfademus .

                    People died in the sea before and after.

                • EvolutionKills

                  I see a highly evolved animal, that has spent hundreds of thousands of years evolving to make false-positive errors and pattern recognition, let their imagination and agenticity run away with them.

                  Flat out, there is no evidence for the supernatural, let alone any specific deity. We know, from our study of our own species and our psychology, that there are very good and sound non-magical explanations for the widespread belief in gods and the supernatural, and the feelings claimed to be experienced by those of faith or spiritual background.

                  If you’re interested in non-magical answers, just do some reading up on agenicity; Michael Shermer has some good writing and presentations about it, in addition to this helpful YouTube video.


                  • Mushet

                    All wrong. This is inconsistent and self-refuting. If atheism is true and if man is an evolved animal, then man would be a totally rational creature that never believes in a God or gods or myths, if atheism is true. If evolution is true, man would be the strongest, toughest being right out of the womb. man is not. He is born a weak little thing that needs many years for his mother and father to care for him. If Darwinism and atheism were true, then man is the apex and peak of evolution, and would come out of the womb a snarling super beast with a super mind and teeth and claws and steel hard skin. The fact that man is born weak and helpless is proof that evolution is false.

                    • EvolutionKills

                      Oh, this should be good…

                      “This is inconsistent and self-refuting.”

                      Do tell.

                      “If atheism is true and if man is an evolved animal, then man would be a totally rational creature that never believes in a God or gods or myths, if atheism is true.”

                      Hold the fuck on there, how did you pull that much shit out of your ass all at once? What is it about the lack of the supernatural that necessitates perfect logic? Nothing! You’re making shit up, simple as that. Baseless assertions without a shred of evidence.

                      “If evolution is true, man would be the strongest, toughest being right out of the womb.”

                      No, not at all. Although if we are the product of a divine creator, made in his image, and the purported end goal of all of existence; one has to wonder why the divine creator made the other animal so much better, or put so many flaws into us.

                      We can only perceive a small sliver of the electromagnetic spectrum (we can see light, but not microwaves or ultraviolet). We have unneeded extra body parts, like wisdom teeth and appendixes. There are planet of animal that have better eyesight (birds of prey, like eagles and hawks), better hearing (bats, dolphins, cats), faster (horses, wolves), stronger (gorillas, elephants), and longer lived (tortoises, oysters). We’re also very susceptible to genetic defects, both at birth (downs syndrome) and later in life (cancer).

                      Either we were not at the center of a universe wide divine plan, or the plan sucks even by human standards. Evolution doesn’t demand ‘perfection’, it rewards reproductive success. You need to actually read about evolution from someone qualified to actually teach it. So go read an science book from an actual evolutionary biology, and not some ignorant Christian religious tract full of ignorance, lies, and bullshit.

                      “He is born a weak little thing that needs many years for his mother and father to care for him.”

                      And we’re not alone in the animal kingdom in that regard.

                      See Also: All other primates, and most mammals in general.

                      “If Darwinism and atheism were true, then man is the apex and peak of evolution, and would come out of the womb a snarling super beast with a super mind and teeth and claws and steel hard skin.”

                      See above, as you fundamentally don’t have a fucking clue what evolution is or the prediction it makes. But since you called it ‘Darwinism’, a term only used by ignorant theologians pushing bullshit in the name of lying for Jesus, it’s no surprise that you don’t have a fucking clue.

                      ProTip: You’re not even fucking close. Go read a book, like ‘The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution’.

                      “The fact that man is born weak and helpless is proof that evolution is false.”

                      If I were to facepalm any harder, I’d be in danger of giving myself a concussion.

            • Doc Pyro

              I’m sorry to say this but you’re simply stating that your belief in a homicidal god of war, yes that was what YHWH was before he supposedly fought alongside the ancient Judea people to wipe out the Canaanites. He was then upgraded to all high El afterwards because he was there to help them kill their enemies and former worshippers of YHWH. Alas I digress, you only worship him in the prospect that you may be possibly “safe” from being struck down due to being Christian if atheists just so happened to be wrong? I personally call you a coward for that because you only worship our of fear rather than actually believing and being a good person.

              • Alex

                Are you a Christian? Yeah, I guess I was wrong. But, I don’t worship Him out of fear, I was just saying the punishments you would get if God knew that you were not a Christian when God judges you.

                • Alex

                  What a second… I’m an idiot… don’t worry, I found that out a long time ago.

              • Mushet

                Your statement shows you know nothing about history. Do you know what the caananites were doing to their own people? They were mass raping babies, people, and animals, and mass murdering and eating people, and throwing their new born babies onto burning hot metal idols that would burn them to death for sacrifices. God gave those pagans centuries to repent and they did not. Furthermore, if there is no God what is your basis to make value judgements my friend? How can you say God is bad or anyone or anything is bad? If atheism is true you and I and everything are just random atoms.

                Worshipping and trusting in God out of fear is legitimate. You show your hypocrisy. If your house is on fire and the fireman warns you to run out so you won’t burn up, is it wrong to run out because you are afraid of burning? No! It is rational and wise, and smart. The Christian is the wisest, smartest, and most sane rational person in the universe.

            • EvolutionKills

              Pascal’s Wager is a poor bet to make, because it’s a bet against infinity. You are placing your bet on Yahweh, one god, against all of the possible god concepts that have exited, do currently exist, and may exist in the future.

              An atheist merely refuses to play the game and place a bet, noting only that none of them have made a compelling case for their existence.

          • Alex

            I don’t understand how it’s dangerous. In fact, it’s the opposite. God is a protector. He loves His people, he doesn’t create earthquakes and car accidents. He lets them happen for a purpose that we don’t know about, but don’t blame Him for creating those things. WE and only we have created them. NOT GOD!

            • don.keyoatey

              so we created earthquakes??? will people please stop pushing all those tectonic plates around!

              • Alex

                Ha ha, I actually smirked at your joke… Because we did technically create earthquakes. The whole story is found in Genesis, when God created the Flood to drown the earth because of all the evil that was on it, evil that humans created because of their selfish ambitions, and God wanted to destroy them so He would keep his faithful people safe. God protected 8 people, that were faithful to Him, from the Flood. The only people left that were still faithful to Him.

                This Flood cracked the earth up and water and fire shot up from the ground, this created the tectonic plates, these tectonic plates were created by the Flood, which were created by God, because of the bad guys populating the earth.

                • EvolutionKills

                  One big problem for you; there is zero evidence that anything in Genesis actually happened. And when that story and the other early books of the Hebrew faith are studied in their cultural and historical context, it’s clear that they are just an update of earlier preexisting myths and beliefs in the region.

                  The great flood of Noah is itself predated by at least 3 earlier versions (Gilgamesh, Atra-Hasis, and Zarathustra) which can be dated back over 2,000 years before the Noah version was created. The God of the Bible is Yahweh Sabaoth, the Lord of Hosts (armies), who was a Canaanite god of war and the lord of the land of Judea. The early Hebrew were polytheistic pagans that also worshiped Baal, Ashera, and the father of the entire pantheon, El Elyion.

                  Later writers and editors with their own political motivations, rewrote, added to, and edited the Old Testament as their faith evolved over time. The last major revision was that of monotheism, whereupon the books were edited again to make the earlier mentions of El Elyion and El Shaddai appear to be referring to Yahweh, among many other changes.

                  There is no reason to think that god is anything more than a concept.

                  For a better layman explanation of your god, written by a believer no less, go read ‘A History of God’ by Karen Armstrong.

                  • Alex

                    That’s not true!

                    1st: There is much evidence towards proof of Genesis. Just to name a few things: Genesis mentions a Hittite city. Many archaeologists thought this was an error because they couldn’t find a Hittite city, then the found it’s capital, Heddusa (spelling?). So Genesis was confirmed. Also, scientists awhile ago believed the universe never had a beginning, but Genesis claimed it did. Later scientists found out the universe had to have had a beginning.

                    2nd: I don’t trust the book, The History of God by Armstrong, because it has an error in the book when it talked about the four gospels claiming that they were written around 40 years after the events in the gospels happened. But, examiners can close the gap of when they were written to only about two years from when the events happened to when they were written down, proving that any myths or forgetfulness of the event by many authors of the gospels, couldn’t have sneaked in.

                    • EvolutionKills

                      1 – Mention of a historical site does not validate all of that book’s truth claims. I have a Spider-Man comic book that takes place at Ground Zero in the aftermath of the 9-11 attacks on the Twin Towers. Now because Spider-Man appears in the comic to have been involved in the recovery effort, would it be logical for alien archeologist 2000+ years from now to conclude that therefore there really was a Peter Parker that acquired superpowers through a radioactive spider bite, and who spent his time fighting Venom and the Green Goblin? Of course not. Also scientists don’t know whether or not the universe had a beginning. Now the Big Bang did have a beginning, but whether or not our universe is cyclic, or whether or not there existed something already which the universe expanded out of, scientist do not yet know. Regardless, what we do know of cosmology tells us that the orders of creation in Genesis (both of them, as there are two separate accounts with varying orders) are both bullshit and have zero correlation with reality.

                      2 – Complete and utter bullshit, not at all in accordance with the modern academic consensus or the evidence. Just how did anybody conclude what you just said? I imagine they just pulled it out of their ass. Because guess what? The oldest scraps (yes, scraps, often no larger than a few pieces of words on a remnant of papyrus the size of a credit card) of anything we can determine to be from a gospel can be dated to 150-200 CE at the absolute earliest. We don’t have whole gospels until centuries after that, and we don’t have any full codices until almost the 8th century. The only things we can be fairly certain were written within the first century were the authentic epistles of Paul (half of the are forgeries by the way). Unfortunately Paul never speaks of Jesus’ family, or his earthly miracles; he never even claims to have seen him personally (he claims all of his teachings came from visions of a celestial/spiritual Jesus). Quite simply, Saul of Tarsus was not an eyewitness to anything; and none of the various anonymous authors of the Gospels were either.

                      Conclusion – Once again, yet another Christian that is so ignorant of their own religion, they don’t even realize how much they don’t know about it…

              • Jazz

                We CAUSED earthquakes. This is one of the punishments for our sin.

          • Alex


          • http://livingfortruth.wordpress.com/ living for truth

            I guess atheistic communism that has murdered hundreds of millions of people is more to your liking!

          • John Jozsa

            You forgot the endless wars, crimes, greed of the USA.

          • Mushet

            Actually, atheistic governments murdered more people than anyone else. Stalin and Mao the atheists mass murdered tens of millions of people. Hitler was not an atheist, he had a weird mix of Darwinism and Pagan Germanic Odinism. But the Christians are behind charity efforts. Before the Christians came on the world scene, except for the Israelites/Jews, the pagan world was cold, hard, and cannibalism and human sacrifice were regularly sacrificed. You benefit directly from Christians and Jews and their efforts in society. The greatest scientists such as Faraday and Maxwell, and Pasteur and others were Christian creationists.

            Go and see all the charities that are Christian based. The burning of heretics and the rest was done by Catholic state church people, not Bible believing Christians. And most of their victims were Bible believing Christians who refused to bow to the pope.

          • Jazz

            At that time the Church was corrupt and the crusaders were fighting for the wrong reasons. It is impossible for us to get into heaven unless we accept Christ as our Lord and savior. The crusaders believed they could get in by slaying God’s enemies. Eternal life is a gift, a gift no man deserves, but because God loved us He gave us a way out instead of letting us burn. Reguarding your statement about Christians being violent; if you look up the Christian fruits of the spirit you will see LOVE, joy, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, faithfulness, GENTLENESS and SELF-CONTROL. This is how Christians are supposed to be living their lives. The vilolent Christians you encountered probably did not demonstrate what they have been TAUGHT IN THEIR RELIGION.

        • Maggie

          I couldn’t have put it better myself!!!

      • Ryan

        Arrogance, narcissism, and being pricks are synonymous with being atheist. Just be damn glad we don’t take a page out of the Muslims playbook and use force and violence to quit your persecution of our religion. They seem to shut you up pretty fast when they threaten you. Notice how no atheist organization has the balls to put a “muhammad is a myth” billboard in times square, but felt all to enthusiastic to put a “jesus is a myth” billboard there. You hypocritical cowards will say nothing before God. He will judge you and that will be it. If you burn in eternal agony it is your own doing.

        • Walter Bernhard

          Yeah, us atheists are all pricks even though we’re not the fucked-in-the-head sociopaths who jerk off to the thought of everyone we don’t don’t like being tortured for eternity. An fyi, there are plenty of atheists who have publicly criticized Islam. The reason why Christianity gets mote heat here in the west is because it is by far the dominant religion while Islam is a tiny, hated, and distrusted minority. Every time some prick tries to legislate religious beliefs into law here, its a Christian, not a Muslim. And by the way, any God who metes out eternal torment for not being worshipped is infinitely worse than Hitler. And anyone who goes along with it is no better than the most die-hard Nazi war criminal, dick-head.

      • Child of God

        I pray for you love from above. And btw GOD allows these unfortunates to happen. He doesnt make the evil roaming the earth. Its a choice.

      • joe

        Adam, you’re an idiot in more ways than one. Enjoy your eternity. At least us christians won’t have to spend eternity with idiots like you.

        • Piet

          They shall not judge? What happened to that?

          • joe

            Youre an idiot & you have no idea as to what you’re taking about, you idiot.

            • Alex

              That’s true, he is one.

        • Alex

          Yeah, idiots.

        • Alex

          That type of rebuke may send you in a very bad eternity.

        • Jazz

          that is no way to bring people closer to God. What the hell is wrong with you. Your duty is to try to bring people closer to Christ not only by your words but by our actions. If they chose not to accept Christ then so be it. But dont forget you were once lost too, you deserve hell just as much as they do (the only difference is that your saved), you are not their superior you are on better than them.

      • Alex

        You think that’s disgusting? Your language is the thing that’s disgusting.

      • John Jozsa

        But your response is not a rational nor is a civilized posting

      • Jazz

        Hostility will only lead to more hostility. Calm down and speak your mind. That goes for both you and Child of God.

    • LeftSidePositive

      Please cite some credible proof that atheists actually are burning in hell.

      If you had two neurons to rub together, you’d know that we’re not the least bit offended when you tell us we’re going to hell out of any actual fear of hell itself–because it’s not a real place. We’re not fearful; we’re angry at you for being a shithead. We’re offended that someone could be so callous as to expect a fellow human being to suffer endlessly, and to take a great deal of glee and moral superiority from that superstition.

      As for the canard about good and evil proving god: bollocks. Setting aside for a moment the monstrosities you followers admiringly attribute to your god, here is a RATIONAL, evidence-based definition of good and evil relying solely on our understanding of this world:

      In fact, atheists are perfectly able to attribute goodness to actions and philosophies that maximize human benefit, broadly defined as encouraging cooperation, enhancing human lifespans, treating others with respect, alleviating suffering, being honest, enforcing fair and just social and political institutions, and so on–all of these can be more than adequately validated by our experience here on Earth and our ability to empathize with others. We don’t need a Magic Jesus Sky Friend to bribe us into realizing that kindness and honesty help others and ourselves. Evil is pretty simply defined as things that cause human suffering, broadly defined as shortening human lives, causing people to endure pain, thwarting human beings’ innate need to make decisions about their own bodies and goals, undermining the trust inherent to a cooperative society, demeaning human dignity, perpetuating unfairness and inequality–again, all of these may be more than adequately validated by our understanding of what we and other people go through when these bad things are done, without needing some supernatural arbiter.

      (Apologies for quoting myself, but it’s pretty much the exact same fallacy some God Squadder had on the other thread, so no need for new words!)

      • EclecticPhilosopher

        I support most of what you have said, LeftSidePositive. However, I would like to point out that you are not necessarily correct in stating that there is no Hell. For that matter, no person who claims that anything along the lines of religious figures, mythical creatures, or magical powers do not exist is committing a logical fallacy. True, there is no evidence pointing toward their existence; however, there is no evidence pointing toward their non-existance. No matter how much evidence you present, there is always the possibility that you have not yet discovered how they ARE possible. A religious person could always say that God exists outside of the known principles of science, and no person can prove otherwise. The reason is that there is a basic law of logic; that is that one cannot disprove existence (or a “negative” as some prefer to say), one can only prove the existence of something (presumably, a “positive”).

        What this means is that the existence of God is a logical moot point and that discussion on the matter is pointless. We have not proven God’s existence and we cannot prove God’s non-existence. It is on this basis that I claim to hold no opinion on God or religion at all. I am not an Atheist, as Atheism has quite a clear view on the matter. As far as I know, there is no widely accepted term for what I am. I suppose you might call me ambivalent or equivocal.

        • http://www.facebook.com/june.blair3 June Blair

          Your Agnostic

          • Will


        • Dufflepud

          Err… there’s actually two kinds of atheism, known as “negative” and “positive” atheism. A “negative” atheist would not make the claim that god doesn’t exist, and would simply reject the claim that a god does exist (there is a difference) due to lack of evidence, which is the exact view you are expressing. A “positive” atheist makes the claim that god[s] do not exist, which a negative atheist would reject for the same reason. I’d say that the vast, vast majority of people who identify as atheists are “negative” atheists, and that many more people would identify as “atheist” if they were aware that “atheism” did not necessarily mean the claim that no god[s] exist.

      • http://www.facebook.com/june.blair3 June Blair

        We all deserve to go to hell because we are all shitheads, and smartasses, I’m glad Christ came, he came to save not condem, apparently athiest have there heads so far up satans ass, you don’t even realize it, Pslam 14

        • Gary Graham

          Not really into the “thinking for yourself” thing, are you?

        • BlueMoney

          If we’re shitheads and smartasses, it’s your god’s fault for that (if he/it exists.) If he/it is omnipotent then he/it could have made us differently, but apparently he/it didn’t want to. He/it got what he wanted… us. FUCK YOUR GOD if he/it doesn’t like his/its own handiwork!

          • Ryan

            God gave us free will. Enjoy hell.

            • BlueMoney

              And since there’s not a shred of evidence for the existence of your sky fairy god or his “Hell”, I’ll go on believing your religion is a crock of sh!t.
              Enjoy wasting your only life trying to spread a fear-based mind virus to others.

        • EvolutionKills

          Christ didn’t come here to condemn? I guess that’s why we need your condescending bullshit I take it?

          Also, if an atheist doesn’t believe in god (cause there is no evidence), what makes you think they believe in Satan (another supernatural entity not supported by evidence)?

        • Maggie

          U made a good point but I think as Christians it hurts our witness when we put a cuss word in the same sentence as a verse from God’s word!!! Should praise and cursing come from the same mouth? No my brothers this should NOT be!

      • Maggie

        I hope u take The time to read this I felt you had some concrete vies with great points!! You know sometimes it’s hard for me to believe that a God of love can possibly send people to hell! Did u know that hell wasn’t actually meant for humans?? Hell was meant for the devil and his demons! But see something happened a while ago that is still happening today! WE SINNED me you and every person that has ever walked this Earth! And God is perfect and in order for us to get in heaven we have to be perfect , well I dont know about u but that wasn’t happening for me! So God needed atonement for our sins, we can’t go around disrespecting him and expecting him to let us in without any show of remorse! So he sent his only son to die, for us the people that hate him even now! How amazing Jesus death and resurrection was the atonement for our sins ! So this God that u don’t believe in died for ud w ants a relationship with u! So just know hell wasn’t made for us, and God doesn’t even send us there! It’s as simple as choice, if u choose God the one u literally can’t even take a breath without u get unending life with the one who spoke the universe into being!! But if u choose not to believe in him okay you made your choice u want hell as your eternal destination so the next time u go and blame your decision on God please reconsider!! But Jesus still loves u and wants u to choose him, he wants u to go to heaven!! I will be desperately praying God helps u see the truth! I hope I wasn’t rude in my helping u to understand we Christians believe in a God who wants people in hell!!! Thanks!

      • Ryan

        You want proof? You will get your proof on judgement day. You will probably beg for forgiveness and weep while screaming ” I believe now”. Hopefully for your sake it is not too late. If it is though, well, it is your own fault.

        • selfademus .

          You are so afraid.

    • skarlett_ohara

      Wow. Just wow. People like YOU make me want to run away as quick as possible from every church out there. You have no love or good inside you. It does not matter whether you love *him* or not, what matters is what you do to those around you. And you are cruel and purposefully mean; even more – proud of it. YOU are a disgrace to human nature.

    • GregHoman

      Just admit it — your thinking that we’re headed to hell means that subconsciously people like you are prejudiced at us and hate us. That’s why we’re angry at you fundies all the time. 

      • ChildofGod

        Wrong again. Do you get angry at a fireman for warning you to keep away from fire so you don’t get burned? Do you get angry at a lifeguard for trying to save you? SAME SITUATION. We warn you to turn to Jesus because we do not want you to burn forever in Hell.

        • EvolutionKills

          Except, I would be angry at a fireman that warned me about a coming fire that we were unable to see, smell, touch, hear, or even proves exists. When asked for evidence to back up the existence of his fire, if the fireman then told me to ‘have faith’ in his warning and the fire he’s claiming to save me from; then I would most assuredly be pissed at him.

          I would be angry at a lifeguard that accosted me on the sandy beach and attempted to perform CPR on me when I’m demonstrably fine and not drowning.

          So no, they are not the same situation. Until you can prove anything about the existence of any god (let alone your ‘God’), I’ll remain skeptical about claims made about them and their realms of existence that don’t have any evidence for either. Let alone any evidence for the validity of instructions for how to avoid being sent there…

          • jesus lover <3

            i’ve personally seen people be saved and healed just by the name Jesus. i’ve seen bones go back into place, legs be practically healed and had an atheist feel God’s love and presence. How could there possibly not be a God ?!

            • EvolutionKills

              Argument from Ignorance and Incredulity.

              Just because you’re too ignorant and gullible to explain your world without a god, doesn’t mean your god actually exists.

        • jesus lover <3

          AMEN !!!!!!!!!!! PREACH !!!!

        • selfademus .

          That’s not the same AT ALL.

      • Mr.Outsider

        This post is getting a bit too “believe me I’m right”. I do want to mention that I gave spent 10 years of my life as a Christian, my childhood in a cult driven family and now I am a hard core atheist so I speak for both sides. First I would like to state a couple potential viewpoints. The first is that since everything in are so called infinite universe had a cause then the universe must have one as well if I’m correct. Here is a very typical Christian argument. The simple were did it all start. Obviously we scientific and fact driven have some knowing of the process in which the billion billion billions of stars in are ever expanding universe was created. But we lack knowing what set it in motion. The primary issue is this, we got the big bang but what happened beforehand. Typically the obvious and easy answer is to go further and design or assign a specific deity/ Deus ex Machina to the creation of the universe. The result however is the same. We have an entity with no cause. Because of this that entity must retain a form of absolution and ad well as retain superiority over all laws of nature. Including cause and effect, life and death, neigh omnipotence and or omnipotence. What confuses me is that if such an entity can defy all logic then why can the universe we live in not? I regret to say it appears that the amount of energy placed into the creation of such entities could be used more effectively by actively seeking a actual source instead of creating one. There is a slight possibility for example that a collective concious is what creates and keeps this world stable. Hence why the universe is solid, while dreams are changable. So many theories out there. Quite a few actually make sense but do we force are string theories or omega theory on you? I do believe religion had a purpose however. To grant those who need it a feeling of being a part of a great cause and at the same time giving a set line of morals to work with. Although I feel in some cases it’s distorted hence good Ole Osama and his “cough” 72 virgins.

    • ramiadot

      Who wants to be in any ‘heaven’ if it’s full of people like you?! That rather sounds like HELL to me! But lucky you, NEITHER exists – otherwise you’d be plucking a harp until eternity freezes over – except, of course, the hell you are creating here on Earth for yourself, your ‘brethren’ and for all those who you’ll not even amuse by the constant polishing of your imagined halo.
      If ‘Paradise’ is such a desirable place for you, why don’t you get a ticket and just go? IF you find the God of the bible there, tell him to get on his feet and run – we’re after him for mass murder, incitement to violence, endorsing the slave trade, immorality, incitement of child abuse and many, many other serious offenses! If he’s lucky he can claim that he’s just ‘crazy’, but I don’t think so – he’s far worse than that.
      I could think of a few names, but I’d be probably accused of invoking Godwin’s Law (yes, Godwin’s, not “God’s”, you muppet!). Any names come to mind? Ah – don’t get me started …

      • http://www.facebook.com/june.blair3 June Blair

        Why don’t you people ever put the blame where it belongs? with Satan. blaming the one who created us is stupid, he didn’t create or cause evil at all.

        • Jaydee

          I wish Christians would read their book. King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
          I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

        • EvolutionKills

          Try reading up the history of your own ‘god’. I’d suggest ‘A History of God’ by Karen Armstrong. Then you too can see how your ‘God’, Yahweh, evolved out of his earlier polytheistic and pagan versions. Your god was originally one of the 40 sons of El Elyon (the Lord Most High), as worshiped by the Canaanites. He was originally ‘Yahweh Sabaoth’ (the God of the Armies), and was one of the gods that the earliest ancient Hebrew worshiped (among them El Elyion, Ashera, and Baal).

          Yep, your god evolved over time from the regional war god of one particular group of desert dwelling nomadic shepherds, into the all powerful creator of the universe that he attributed as today. What does that have to do with ‘Satan’? He’s an evolved idea too…

          The concept and entomology started out simply as an adversary in a story. This slowly changed to be agents of god, such as angels, that are meant to test mortals and be ‘adversaries’. The angel that questions Balam after beating his donkey? That’s a ‘mal’ak Ywh’ or ‘an angel of the Lord’ to deal him him and be a ‘satan’ or ‘adversary’.

          mal’ak hammashit – ‘the angel who was bringing destruction’. This was the angel, acting under control of god, responsible for the destruction following David’s census of Israel.

          hassatan – ‘the accuser’. This is the agent of the lord, commonly read in modern Bible as Satan, in the Book of Job. Check your Bible, most have footnotes reflecting this.

          satan – ‘an agent of obstruction or punishment’ in Hebrew. Can be either a earthly, or in later usage, a celestial adversary.

          mastema – And angel that carries out punishments from God in the Book of Jubilees. He requests God to permit him to have demons as his subordinates.

          satanael – A rebel angel cast out of Heaven in the Book of Enoch.

          Satan – Our modern interpretation of an evil entity to opposed God and gets blamed for everything that Christians don’t want to lay at the feet of their all powerful God (because they forget that he could destroy Satan in an instant if he so choose, and does not, so he’s still ultimately responsible; but he’s an easy scapegoat for ignorant lay people who don’t ask too many questions).

          Satan evolved out of needing some explanation for all of the evil in the word, while somehow absolving a singular god of creation. When there is one god controlling everything, does he also have to be responsible for all the evil? So there elements of Yahweh where slowly extracted and became the basis for another entity, your modern conception of ‘Satan’ with a capitol S. This was a problem that polytheism didn’t encounter, as trouble could always be laid at the feet of other god or the disputes between them.

          So I’m about as worried about the existence of your God and Satan, as I am of the existence of any other high power written about in human fiction. Which is to say, not at all…

          • Seeker

            Actually, no, he never evolved from a different story, neither was he one of the “40 sons” of anything. The God of the Bible is the way he’s always been. Get it right.

            • EvolutionKills

              No, you ignorant fuck, how about you go get yourself an education?

              Why in the hell do atheists know more about your religion than you do?

              Have you ever stopped to consider that maybe that’s why we are atheists?

              Try reading Armstrong’s book, and before you cry foul, she is a Christian. However unlike you, she has an education and is more intellectually honest. Or you can just wallow in pig shit, er, I meant ‘ignorance’…

          • Bek

            That’s a fucking joke and has nothing to do with actual Christianity

            • EvolutionKills

              It has everything to do with Christianity, because your religion is not special or unique. It was not handed down from on high, it was not created in a void. Christianity is an evolution, a borrowing, a syncretism of earlier faiths and ideas (in this case Judaism and Greek mystery religions, a well as others like Zoroastrianism). Understanding the very un-divine and entirely man-made origins of Christianity is crucial from understanding it in it’s wider historical context. It is no more divinely inspired than any other faith, it’s just another in a long line of thousands of religions who claim to speak for and represent their gods. It is nothing new, in fact it is very, very old; and most likely predates recorded history itself.

              No god or flesh and blood Jesus is need to explain the origins or success of Christianity.

    • mayraaa

      I am a Christian and I know that God gives ETERNAL life only to his people. I do not like what has bren said in this article either but any non believer or the sinners tht did not repent WILL NEVER receive the gift of eternal life!! They will die in the lake of fire once their bodies pay for every single sin has been accounted for.

      • Will

        Your point of view is sick and disgusting. I feel sorry for you.

      • ChildofGod

        AMEN mayraaa! Jesus IS God and He IS the ONLY WAY! I thank God for Christians like you who defend Jesus. Thank you! The Lake of Fire is forever and these people will sadly burn there forever if they die without Jesus as their only Savior!

        • EvolutionKills

          It’s a shame that Hell doesn’t actually exists for those who use it to make empty threats…

          • xvd

            cheap thrillz yo

    • Will

      I love how religious people come here to troll and vote up comments that match their opinion.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brendan-Grimestad/100000725444164 Brendan Grimestad

      I wouldn’t get angry if you had the power and influence in American society that you deserve… which is ZERO power and influence. I’d have the same slightly amused pity for you that I have for, say… the Jonestown cultists.
      Unfortunately, you DO have great power and influence in our society (one of you was President of the United States for 8 years) and your barbaric belief in a contemptible, cruel, vicious deity causes untold suffering to millions of ignorant people in America, and the world. And so, I get “upset” (righteously indignant actually) at the idea of your barbaric (and frankly evil!) Bronze Age superstition about a “god” (or is it demon?) who isn’t even enough of a sport to allow those who failed to accept him to fade into painless oblivion (which is what many folks – myself included – really wanted after death, anyway. I didn’t – and don’t – “choose” eternal torture!)

      • ChildofGod

        Christians do not have power in America. That is a falsehood. America is not a Christian nation. America has turned away from God long ago. If Christians had power in America like you claim, there would be open prayer in schools, Bible reading in schools, Biblical creation taught in schools, no abortion at all. Because these things are not the case, this proves Christians do not have power in America. Christians have zero power in America. Christians are persecuted and harassed by nonchristians in America. America never was a Christian nation. America had a stronger Christian framework but America abandoned that long ago.

        Secondly, the point remains: If something is fictional there is no reason to be angry or upset over it. To deny God and deny Heaven and Hell you must never get emotional or upset when someone tells you of them. That goes against Evolutionary thinking. According to Evolutionary thinking, humans must be 100 percent logical and rational and non emotional.

        If a clown told me I will burn in a sea of boiling hot cotton candy forever if I do not believe in the big clown man in the sky, or if a follower of the Flying Spagetti Monster told me I would burn in a cauldron of burning hot pasta sauce for all eternity if I deny the Pasta god, I would laugh and ignore them. If you believe I am wrong and Jesus is not God and there is no Lake of Fire, you should react the same way. The fact that you get angry and upset proves the Bible is true. There is a God and the Bible preaching convicts your soul and heart.

        • BlueMoney

          Bullsh!t on both your arguments (A. that Christians have no power, and B. that vigorously arguing against Christians proves their superstition is true.)
          A. For example, Christian fundamentalists 100% control the Republican party in America, and their lunacies and abuses are a big reason why so much of the public has turned away from the Republicans and toward the Democrats. Sane, common-sense conservatism as we knew it under Eisenhower, Nixon, or Ford… or even REAGAN for Pete’s sake… is a distant memory! All because of Christian fundamentalists’ invasion of American politics (which only really began in the 1980s.) Just think… an incompetent, ineffectual, far-left, polarizing president like Obama was able to win re-election and we now face unrestricted 3rd world immigration… which may well DESTROY America – ultimately made possible by to the insane babblings and scheming of people like you! Christian fundies have also a been major influence in America’s foreign policy (they hoped to expedite the Rapture by “helping along” events in the Middle East, among other things.) Also, stem cell research in America has been slowed down in large part by superstitious Christians, who don’t seem to understand that flushing human embryos down the john will kill them just as surely as extracting their stem cell DNA will.

          Now for B. The clowns and Pastafarians you mention are a joke, and everyone knows that (including the clowns and Pastafarians.) Fundie Christians are NOT a joke, however. People like you are followers of an established, organized, influential, and DANGEROUS system of superstition. I get pissed at Mormons and Scientologists just like I get pissed at your ilk, for the same reason. It doesn’t mean that Joseph Smith and L. Ron Hubbard were anything but a charismatic charlatans. And it doesn’t mean there truly is an intergalactic warlord named Xenu, OR that the spirits of the aliens he killed in Earth’s volcanoes 75 million years ago with A-bombs (“Thetans”) are truly clinging to my nose hairs and private parts OR I truly must pay mega-bucks to a Scientology “auditor” to get rid of them. (Or does it? You’re the expert on being a superstitious fool, after all.)

        • EvolutionKills

          Only American Christians can be so ignorant and deluded as to think they are being ‘oppressed’ in a country and at a time when they’ve rarely ever held more power. You think just because you cannot impose your religious will on others, that you are being oppressed? That is such a blatant abuse of the word ‘oppression’, that it’s clear you don’t have the slightest idea what it means.

          Back when the US still practiced slavery, and it was endorsed and protected by all churches, who was oppressed? Where the white Christian slave owners being oppressed when the abolitionist started to rally against slavery? By your logic, they where. Because heaven forbid that we prevent them from imposing their Christian sanctioned slavery upon others, for fear that we might be oppressing them! News flash, the slave owners where not ‘oppressed’ by the abolition of the slaves any more than you are ‘oppressed’ by lack of state mandated prayer in school (nothing can stop students from praying on their own, but the school as an agent of the state cannot lead students in prayer), legal abortions, or stem cell research. The truly oppressed were the African slaves. The truly oppressed would be those forced by the state to pray to a god not of their own choosing, if Christian politicians had their way.

          Your god is already on our money (because of Evangelical revivals after the Civil War, and the communist Red Scare in the 50′s), and we’ll be damned if we let you tear down the wall of separation of Church and State erected by this nation’s SECULAR founding fathers. You lament that american is no longer a Christian nation? American was NEVER a Christian nation! The country’s original motto was not ‘In God We Trust’, it was originally ‘E Plurbis Unum’; which is Latin for ‘Out of Many, One’. It was an all inclusive secular motto, not a divisive theistic one.

          The founding fathers were NOT Christians. They were Deists (Paine, Washington), Unitarians (Franklin), and agnostics (Adams, Madison); some where probably unbelievers (Jefferson). Here are some words from the founding father’s let them prove their own point.

          “I have found Christian dogma unintelligible. Early in life I absented myself from Christian assemblies.” – Benjamin Franklin

          “Religious institutions that use government power in support of themselves and force their views on persons of other faiths, or of no faith, undermine all our civil rights. Moreover, state support of an established religion tends to make the clergy unresponsive to their own people, and leads to corruption within religion itself. Erecting the ‘wall of separation between church and state,’ therefore, is absolutely essential in a free society.” – Thomas Jefferson

          “What influence, in fact, have ecclesiastical establishments had on society? In some instances they have been seen to erect a spiritual tyranny on the ruins of the civil authority; on many instances they have been seen upholding the thrones of political tyranny; in no instance have they been the guardians of the liberties of the people. Rulers who wish to subvert the public liberty may have found an established clergy convenient auxiliaries. A just government, instituted to secure and perpetuate it, needs them not.” – James Madison

          You have been fed a lie about the history of your own country, one you have swallowed whole. It’s a mythic history, one where Jesus handed the Constitution (a document that never mentions any god, and only mentions religion when it makes it clear that it is to remain separated from the state) over to the founding fathers personally. One where the zenith of our nation was in the 50′s, with perfect nuclear families all attending church and enjoying the ‘God given’ economic boon and world leadership after the Second World War (never mind that woman were second class citizens and blacks couldn’t vote and were violently oppressed by whites with express religious consent).

          In a word, you’re living in a delusion.

          As for why we fight against your imaginary god and Jesus? Because we are not fighting against ‘them’, we are fighting those who would oppress others in ‘their’ name. We are no more angry or afraid of them than we are of Santa or the Easter Bunny. But if followers of the ‘Church of the North Pole’ were lobbying politicians to get school mandated prayers to Santa put into law? We’d be fighting them to. Nobody is doing that for Santa, but people are doing it for Jesus. So we oppose the followers of Jesus, and those who try to truly oppress their fellow citizens in his name (or any other name).

          We’re about as afraid of ending up in your Hell, as we are of getting coal for Christmas. Which is to say, not at all…

          • JohnR9191

            Let us pray for all unbelievers posting here. God does not want anyone to be sifted like wheat, suffer and perish. Those who live for Christ will be hated and persecuted in this world, but we are commanded to endure to the end and help others find the truth. Love is the greatest commandment. All praise and glory to God.

            • EvolutionKills

              Having a persecution complex doesn’t make you persecuted.

              Want to see real persecution? Go to sub-Sahara Africa and claim to be an atheist. Then watch as you get killed by a machete wielding mob of Christians.

              Persecution my ass, you ignorant Christians of the liberal west haven’t the slightest fucking idea what that word means. You’ve neutered it into meaningless with your petty self indulgence.

              • JohnR9191

                Jesus said all true Christians would be persecuted for His name sake (Luke 6:22, John 15:18-21, John 17:14-18, John 15:18, Matthew 5:44, Matthew 5:10-12, Matthew 10:21-23), and that one must endure this to the end (Mark 13:11-13), even if it means being killed for your faith in Christ. You don’t know me, you don’t know what I’ve been through, but I know persecution first hand (not just some complex) along with everything else Jesus says, which is the truth. People claiming to be Christians who kill others are sinning against God’s commandments and, the tragedy is that there are many people claiming to be Christians that do not obey God and are thus not true Christians but children of Satan doing evil.

                • EvolutionKills

                  Crying ‘persecution’ in a time and place when Christianity is the largest and most powerful religion rings very hollow. Not being able to force others to pray to your god in public school is not persecution. Legal abortions are not persecution. Nonbelievers mocking your religion after two millennium of real persecution, is not persecution. On the whole, Christians aren’t anywhere near being persecuted purely for being Christian.

                  Also, nice ‘No True Scotsman’ fallacy there. Cause people who justify their killings of other people with the Bible, which is frighteningly easy, those people aren’t True Christians™. Nope, they don’t believe in Christ nor do they believe that he also forgives them of their sins. Nope, they’re not True Christians™. Thank goodness we have you to tell us what a True Christian™ should be! What would we do without you? Maybe you should be the new Pope, and lead all of the True Christians™!

                  • JohnR9191

                    Christianity is not a religion. Catholics and the Pope follow, believe, teach many unbiblical things, leading many astray. Christ will be coming again soon with his angels to raise the true Christians (or should I say “real” Christians now that it’s been trademarked?) And when it comes to the persecutions you mention, those are not what I’m talking about. I’m referring to how I’m treated on a regular basis as soon as I start professing Jesus and the truth to others – I am forced out of jobs, bullied, mocked, threatened, slandered, etc. not to mention demonic attacks coming from the spiritual realm. Also, this is happening: http://www.christianpost.com/news/shocking-figures-reveal-105000-christians-martyred-each-year-50976/

                    What is your issue here? Are you mad at God and have thus denounced Him and others? Real Christians want to help guide people to Christ, the truth, to find peace, to get delivered, to repentance, find freedom/spiritual life and be saved.

                    • EvolutionKills

                      -the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods.

                      What you are espousing sounds like a religion to me. I agree that the Catholics make up a lot of shit to suite their own needs, but I fail to see any reason to believe that the anonymous authors of the Gospels did any differently. Especially in light that there is good evidence that the books have been edited and modified, are often self contradictory, and contain known forgeries and interpolations. The truthfulness of your Bible is no better off than the dogmas of the Catholics.

                      If you go around threatening other’s with Hell and damnation unless they convert, if you are an aggressive proselytizer; then you are not being persecuted because of Jesus or your Christian faith, you’re being persecuted because you’re a dick. I don’t run around my local churches on Sundays with signs and pamphlets trying to convince the parishioners that they are delusional. But if you lost your job because you constantly talked about Jesus, then presumably you lost your job because you didn’t respect your co-workers’ right to be left the fuck alone and not be preached to when they are there to do their job.

                      Your Christian Post article (not at all biased I’m sure) had no statistics or links to further information. Just quotes of some Christians at some conference where they were complaining about Christian persecution. Not good enough, I want to see the numbers, not just some quotes of number that somebody probably pulled out of their ass. I’m not denying that people the world over are killed explicitly because of their faith, but it is not limited to Christians, nor is this ‘persecution’ anywhere near the number of people killed every year by heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, or even car accidents.


                      “Real Christians want to help guide people to Christ, the truth, to find peace, to get delivered, to repentance, find freedom/spiritual life and be saved.”

                      Evidence or GTFO.

                      You’re claim, your assumption, holds no more weight, truthfulness, or validity than that of a Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or any other religious practitioner. The worlds needs more people claiming to know things they do not know (people like yourself), like I need another hole in my head.

                    • JohnR9191

                      I’ll say it again, Christianity is not a religion: http://www.thewhyman.jesusanswers.com/about.html

                      Christ was anti-religious and condemned the Pharisees who were religious. Religion is a man-made, organizational “racket” – a form of evil based on rituals and control. Christianity is a saving faith in Jesus Christ alone, putting all your trust in what He says, following Him completely to the end and accepting God’s grace, period.

                      Are you serious about trying to debunk christian prosecution across the world? Think about Muslims who convert to Christianity in the middle east and watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbo9ToYQ_yo#t=26

                      I don’t go around threatening people with hell and damnation, Jesus did! All I have to do is mention that I’m a Christian and lots of people immediately have a negative reaction to that because most people are under the mass hypnosis/deception of Satan, ruler of this world and they do not want to give up their sinful pleasures, love of money, addictions, etc., turn away and become a servant of God. I’m sure you’ll try to debunk this as well because that’s your natural inclination rather than trying to believe it, studying the prophecies & Bible, develop faith, submitting, repenting and becoming a new creation in Christ who is completely different, which is what I’ve done and will continue to do in order to be with God forever. This would mean losing what you currently think you have in this world, which is nothing but a temporary illusion anyway. I have lost most everything in this world except my family laying down my life for Christ, which was hard to deal with & accept at first, but I got used to it because I received everlasting life in return and my eyes are now fixed solely on God and the eternal. Halleluiah! All praise and glory to God!

                      …and Jesus was different than all the rest because He raised the dead, rose from the dead Himself and is the *only* savior.

                    • EvolutionKills

                      Do you believe in Jesus? Do you believe he was more than human? Then that is your religion, get the fuck over it. You claim that religion is based on control, and I’d agree. However I fail to see how your slavish unthinking unquestioning submission to the concept of Jesus is any better. It’s that lack of critical thought that leads to drinking cyanide laced Kool-aid. All someone has to do at that point is convince you that they are speaking on behalf of Jesus, and you’re fucked. Scale this up to a few billion people and you have the Catholic Church, or back down to a handful and you have Charles Manson. Their common thread is unquestioning belief, their faith; it is so terribly open to abuse.

                      Christian persecution? It happens, but not in the liberal democracies of the west, nor anywhere near the scale of Crusades past or present. Remember that it’s still the largest religion in the world, and that some of those Christian deaths are Christians being persecuted by other Christians. Don’t act like all sects are perfectly harmonious, Christians have little trouble killing each other. An estimated 132,000 civilians (the great majority of whom were Muslims) have been killed in America’s two wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan. And unlike your Christian Post article, I can cite numbers and sources for my information, you did not. So you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t buy the story at face value without seeing the source information and statistics. I do not trust a pro-Christian website that can’t be bothered to cite it’s sources, with not doing everything it can to show Christianity in the most favorable light.




                      I have studied you Bible, as you evidently have not. To study the Bible, you have to look outside the Bible. What you probably consider Bible ‘study’ is actually just Bible ‘worship’. I have studied it enough to see that ‘Satan’ is an evolved concept stemming from the earliest Hebrew accounts of ‘an accuser’. The concept evolved over time as the ancient Hebrew’s culture changed from polytheism to monotheism, and they needed a scapegoat for all of the evil instead of attributing it to their one god. I’ve studied it enough to know that the ancient Hebrew where polytheistic pagans, and borrowed many ideas from their Canaanite and Babylonian neighbors, such as the Goddess Asherah (the wife of El, and later Yahweh) and the Great Flood (a part of the Epic of Gilgamesh). I’ve studied your Bible enough to see how the Jewish concept of Sheol was merged with Hellenistic concepts of Hades to form the Christian Hell. I’ve studied your Bible enough to know that Jesus was not the Jewish messiah. I know enough about your Bible to see it as just another Greek mystery religion, similar in most regards to other Greek mystery religions formed out of other contemporary pagan faiths; but built around Osiris or Mythras.

                      But none of this matters. YOU don’t care enough to determine whether or not your religion is true. You already believe it is, and so you only look to reinforce your faith, and never to test it to see if it is true. You so easily justify this with your belief in Satan, and this is why you won’t listen to anything anybody else has to say (myself included). You believe in a literal mind-controlling evil super power, and anyone that disagrees with you or says something you don’t like, you’ll simply rationalize them away with the excuse of ‘because Satan’. That makes Satan your ‘get of of jail free card’. Anytime you are confronted with facts you don’t like, it’s Satan’s work. The idea of Satan will give you a ready at hand excuse to rationalize away anything you don’t like, anything that disagrees with your baseless assumptions. Because you believe in Satan, you will never critically examine your own beliefs.

                      You are why I fight not just Christianity, but all religions of faith, because you are the very worst kind of unthinking sheep.

                    • JohnR9191

                      Wow, that was quite a rant, but it’s Ok. Not sure where to start. I have studied the Bible and will continue to do so. Obviously you have as well, but Satan knows all of it too. But why do you keep making assumptions that I have not? Or that I have not questioned or tested my beliefs? Believe you me, I have not been a Christian my entire life. I was a wretched sinner for many years suffering in my transgressions not knowing what was happening. I have been accusatory like you, unbelieving like you, etc. But I have come to the conclusion through all of my trials that Christ is the lamb of God and that one must believe it 100% and obey God in order to be saved.

                      I don’t blame Satan for everything bad, although he has a great influence in many things deceiving and blinding people to do evil acts, usually unknowingly. Satan also has demons to do his dirty work as well and they will take advantage of any weakness in a person. But humans knowing God’s living word and the truth and rebelling against it regardless therefore siding with Satan are the worst evil doers, imo. You just seem like some angry, prideful doubting Thomas who takes an extreme, arrogant oppositional stance against anyone who believes in a higher power because you think you’re just smarter than that/them. Why? What happened to you?

                      I do believe that everyone is ultimately a slave to either Satan -or- God as no one can serve two masters, that you’re either with Jesus or against Him. One must make this ultimate decision… I pray that you will make the *right* one before it’s too late and find peace because God loves you, is waiting for you and doesn’t want anyone to perish.

                    • EvolutionKills

                      I only have one thing to say to your trainload of prepositional tripe and bullshit.

                      Evidence or get the fuck out.

                    • JohnR9191

                      May God open your eyes, soften your heart and bless you.

                    • EvolutionKills

                      So no evidence then?

                      Color me surprised…


                    • JohnR9191

                      Thought I’d check back… Hope you’re doing Ok. The more I think about all of this the more I pray that you will except that FAITH *must* come first before belief is reinforced and conversion happens. All must come to God on His terms in faith first, not the other way around. Have you tried to do what God says despite your own deceitful mind blocking you? I had to force myself to take God’s word as the absolute truth, even though it was completly against my way of thinking, and force myself to do it/apply it to my life *before* I started to really understand it. Best decision I ever made by far – to do His will not my own. Now I have real hope, peacefulness and real life depending completely on God’s almighty power, provisions and LOVE.

                    • EvolutionKills

                      Can you explain for me the difference between ‘faith’ and ‘gullibility’?

                      Also, if you knew anything at all about logic and reason, you’d see that you are committing an error in your reasoning.

                      “Post hoc ergo propter hoc (Latin: “after this, therefore because of this”) is a logical fallacy (of the questionable cause variety) that states “Since event Y followed event X, event Y must have been caused by event X.” It is often shortened to simply post hoc.”


                      Great, so you think your life improved after you jettisoned your reason and critical thinking. That is not evidence of causation, let alone that your emotionally stunted space wizard actually exists; or that any other doctrinal dogma is factually true. I’ve seen similar testimonials from other people, only they attributed their good fortune to the Buddha, Muhammad, Vishnu, Brahma, and any number of other deities and demigods; or to no supernatural entities at all. Your story is not unique or original. You have still not provided any evidence.

                      Remember: The plural of ‘anecdote’ is not ‘evidence’.

                      What you are falling into is a severe confirmation bias.

                      “Confirmation bias (also called confirmatory bias or myside bias) is the tendency of people to favor information that confirms their beliefs or hypotheses.[Note 1][1] People display this bias when they gather or remember information selectively, or when they interpret it in a biased way. The effect is stronger for emotionally charged issues and for deeply entrenched beliefs. People also tend to interpret ambiguous evidence as supporting their existing position. Biased search, interpretation and memory have been invoked to explain attitude polarization (when a disagreement becomes more extreme even though the different parties are exposed to the same evidence), belief perseverance (when beliefs persist after the evidence for them is shown to be false), the irrational primacy effect (a greater reliance on information encountered early in a series) and illusory correlation (when people falsely perceive an association between two events or situations).”


                      Just because you feel good, doesn’t make it true; and for those concerned with finding the truth, your testimonial is worthless. It might work for someone who’s gullible enough to order a Sham-Wow off of a TV infomercial, but for the rest of us that can tell that it’s just a $3 piece of chamois leather being sold for $15? Yeah, we’re not convinced; regardless of the number of personal testimonials stating how ‘great’ a product it is.

                    • selfademus .

                      You need it.
                      We do not.

                    • Kao

                      Like the pharaoh? Where God hardened his heart, because he wanted his narrative to play out?

                    • Disambiguation

                      When you say that Christianity is not a religion, are you talking about Christian Atheism, which believes that Jesus was not god but said wise stuff, and that the “god” title was made up by Paul and later Christians, ( Google “Jefferson’s Bible” ), or do you mean that the mainstream religion “Christianity”

                      which is divided into denominations like “Catholic” and “Baptist” is somehow not a religion, although the dictionary says otherwise?

          • Maggie

            Just a question, if our founding fathers weren’t Christians why did they believe we have certain unalienable right ow that were burned a

            • EvolutionKills

              Right, certain unalienable rights that directly contradict what is written in the Bible. Where does the Bible or Yahweh support the freedom of expression and religion? Where do they endorse the separation of church and state? Where does either contend that all men were created equal? They simply do not. Yahweh plays favorites, and has his chosen people slaughter other tribes. You do not have the right to worship as you will, nor are women considered the equals of men in the Bible; they are listed in the 10 Commandments among the man’s possessions that should not be coveted, women were property.

              Compare the Bill of Rights (the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution) to the 10 Commandments and you’ll see that what I’m talking about. The idea that the United States was founded as a Christian nation is an idea spread by those too ignorant of history, or those pushing a religious agenda and who have no qualms about lying to support it. These people are not to be trusted, because if they can’t tell you the truth about simple easily verifiable history, what else are they lying to you about?

    • http://www.facebook.com/izlude.hyral Izlude Hyral

      We get offended because you are stating it as if you think it’s fact for one. For two you have no evidence that is the case, and for 3, If I tried to tell you that santa exists, and you better be good or he’s giving you coal this year, you’d look at me like I was absolutely ludacris.

    • http://www.facebook.com/izlude.hyral Izlude Hyral

      Also: We wouldn’t need to say it. He would already know if he existed :P

    • san

      if you think christianity is great what about other religions that exist in other parts of the world:? they have their own holy books and they despise Christinity, they think their god is better than your jesus.. what about that?

      • ChildofGod

        I say they are deceived like the atheists. Buddha, Muhammad, Krishna, Lao Tze, Confucious, Darwin, Ghandi, and all the others died and stayed dead. Jesus was proven to have risen from the dead historically. For those who deny it, explain His empty grave. The Romans and Jewish religious leaders could have easilly disproven Christianity by parading His dead body through the streets of Jerusalem, IF He did not rise from the dead. The fact that they couldn’t, proves He did rise from the dead.

        Those people who follow false religions, all based on man’s works, are headed for the Lake of Fire unless they turn to Jesus alone for salvation.

        • EvolutionKills

          Simple, it’s all mythic allegory. Not only is there no corpse, there was no empty tomb, because none of it happened. Proven by history? Far from it…

          There is NO contemporary attestation for anything claimed in the Gospels, and the first century is one of the most well recorded times in ancient history. Nobody made any note or mention of the hours of supernatural darkness, the twin earthquakes that struck, the dead jewish saints walking among the living and ‘appearing unto many’, nothing about the rending of the temple curtain. Nothing, not a god-damn thing.

          Historian and commentators who where alive, and indeed even in the area at the time these supposed things happen, have nothing at all to say about it. Nothing about Jesus or his teachings, or Herod’s infanticide, or the star over Bethlehem. Nothing, nada, zilch. The silence of history is deafening.

          The empty tomb story in the Gospels, proves the authenticity of the Gospels in the same way that the story of Mohamed riding to heaven on a winged horse proves the Koran. I mean, you can’t prove that he didn’t fly up to heaven or that such a horse doesn’t exists, and since you can’t disprove the story, it must be true!

          Or you’re so uneducated that the simplest of reasoning and logic is lost upon you. And you fail to see that your standard of ‘evidence’ is so low, that if you where to apply it to other religions equally, then they’d all be proven true by your reasoning. But they can’t all be true. The truth is however that they can all be wrong, and this is indeed the most probable scenario.

          Not that you’ll actually go study history, reason, or logic. Not that you’l care enough to actually double-check what your pastor and fellow believes say to make sure it’s factually accurate. Not that you’ll actually educate yourself. But maybe somebody else will see this response and a spark will take in their minds, and they’ll start to trust their doubts and learn to start questioning everything. You sound too far gone, but you position is an untenable ignorant lie, and hopefully now others will see that too.

    • Alex

      I agree! Come on Child of God, let’s team up.

    • Whuebel

      Nope, you can pretty much set an arbitrary standard and follow it. Now if you pick one everyone likes, that’s cool, it will probably win out over the other arbitrary ones. Sorry, that was probably too Darwinian of me.

    • Alex

      Yeah, the more you atheists deny God, the more predictions from the Bible come true, because the Bible predicts that many people will deny God (one of the last chapters of Matthew says it, just one example). Did you guys know that over 200 Bible predictions have come true so far? If you guys think I’m wrong, read the Bible yourself and compare it to proven history.

    • wakeup32176

      The fact that you folks blather on and on about how it is all true, without and proof, mind you; is the reason we get angry! Hell is real because you say so? I say I can make you rich for just a small investment of only $5000.00, shoot me your routing numbers and I’ll tell you all about it. It must be true, because I say it is…

    • mystery

      Who said i am upset? IF God existed and wants to kill his creation for being what he made me, let him, suggest i have free will and am my own person means to earn his worshipped status he must be known to me, proven and worshipable. He/it is neither. And to kill is easiest and would prove only that it is a case of absolute power corrupting absolutely.
      Do as i say or die.
      Well he can punish as he likes and that will prove Satan right for he does not offer that.
      It will also be bollocks for no such deity exists.
      And no proof either.
      However let us see, must we have faith?
      Why not because Jesus himself did not.
      Because he knew who he was, ergo if faith is belief in absence of evidence, he had none, so is he burning in hell?

    • mystery

      Who’s upset? Just combating the evil that is religion.
      But why do YOU get upset when you’re ridiculed for believing in something with less validity than Harry Potter?

    • Jazz

      “You are, to be blunt, an utter fool”. That is not how you bring people to Christ.

    • mrmark1977

      ” If atheism is true there is no ultimate standard of good or evil.”

      I’d be willing to bet that many atheist’s ‘standard’ of good or evil, is better than punishing the whole of mankind for eating an apple, or genocide on a scale worse than any dictator has so far achieved.

      “Many atheists went before you and are now burning in endless concious torment and will be cast into the Lake of Fire”

      And many of those burning atheists wouldn’t have deemed any crime worthy for eternal torture, unlike your sick sky daddy.

      “You shouldn’t get upset at it but this is more proof that it is real.”

      Yes, it’s really good proof, if your IQ is close to that of a chimp.

  • pxlmvr

    … boy. is this guy in for a surprise …

  • archangelariel

    “The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, they do abominable deeds, there is none who does good.” It seems to me that atheists much time trying to disprove the existence of God the father of us all and even try to force removal of religious monuments from public places. I review this as attack on Christians. Well the fact is that America was founded on freedom OF religion NOT freedom FROM religion. I finish with this very truthful message to all atheist and fence sitting agnostics – you can defiantely flip the bird at God and deny His existence all you want for now, but there will come a time that each of you will most certainly believe as you stand before Him for judgment.

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.t.woodward James Thomas Woodward

    After reading many of the comments I am sad. Sad because what I read can be paraphrased like this: God made the world and it has terrible things in it, therefore He is responsible, so if I met Him I’d let Him know and tell Him of course I don’t choose you.
    In that Hypothetical there is no difference from our current experience. God invites anyone and everyone into a relationship now, to tell Him those thoughts. Yet it is you who still reject that invitation. We (humanity) justify our rejection with any and all means we can create, but it seems very clear to me that our rejection is the problem.
    The World wasn’t a bad place according to the Bible in Genesis. It started out Perfect and we choose to reject that. We didn’t just say no to God, we said no to Perfection.
    I desperately want to know what an Atheist claims to be striving for if not Perfection? Betterment? What drives them to live? I really just don’t understand the logical link of how our choices and nature isn’t what’s wrong with the world.
    One of the comments even said “they don’t blame anyone but them self that suffering still exists in the world”. I find that a hard to imagine statement, that someone is so humble that they attribute their own existence to the problems that plague Humanity. Yet in that same comment they degraded another person’s beliefs, it wasn’t an invitation to figure out truth or asking them why they believed that, it was cold and spiteful, equating that person’s worth to negative value.
    As for the conclusion of this persuasive essay, which many comments seem to think was a good ending. God created us because He needed us? God is very clear as to why He created us, it was out of an abundance of Love. You can find this verse in Genesis as well and if anyone needs me to point out where just PM me, I’ll be happy to read the Bible with you. Just as I am happy to read Science, Philosophy, Mathematics, Ethics, Geography and any other area of knowledge with a fellow human being.
    I have many Christian friends, many Atheist friends and I find it hard to have them engage and be friends with each other. Why do I seem to prosper and get along with both while so many are hostile towards each other? My conclusion based on empirical observation of data (I am happy to post my findings in a formal document) is because they choose to.
    At no point in this Essay or any form of rationality does anyone find God’s existence, or lack thereof. They just choose if He exists or doesn’t and then justify it as best they can. That is the essence of Faith, to choose without empirical data, that doesn’t mean it is illogical or invalid as so many people seem to associate a lack of something material.
    Remember the wise words of Albert Einstein “Lack of existence of evidence isn’t evidence of lack of existence”.
    I wish everyone who has read this Essay and who have contributed to it and who are a Known member of Creation the very best. I pray God seeks you until Eternity and my Hope is that He still seeks you in Eternity. That He fervently blesses you and those you love, He wishes no Ill on any of His Children and as a Child of Him, I wish only the best for all.

  • John

    to all religious followers of God who have commented on this article:

    In my opinion (and God can back me up on this one with a little something called The Bible), you have no right to judge these atheists. Move on with your life. According to scripture once you get into Heaven you will be so awestruck you won’t have anything to say or think; you’ll just praise Him. You’ll forget about the schmuck that cut you off on the freeway and you’ll forget about these people stating their opinions and beliefs. According to what you all believe these people will be tortured in the Lake of Fire for eternity and you (up in heaven) won’t give a rats ass. So do God and everyone a favor and don’t give a rats ass now because I’ve had it with people arguing over something that will never be settled. If you don’t like atheists maybe you should stop surfing the web.

    • Lizzy

      “these people will be tortured in the Lake of Fire for eternity and you (up in heaven) won’t give a rats ass.”

      That would be the definition of hell for me. To be happy, safe and living in luxury while others suffered in unbelievable agony below me? I could not stand that, I would be fighting God and his angels, tearing at the gates trying to break free – trying to help!
      Not to ‘give a rats ass’ about the suffering of others, I don’t ever want to become that. Never. That cold, unfeeling, uncaring creature would be nothing like me. Empathy for our brothers and sisters is what makes us human. And if entering heaven means to lose my humanity and my compassion for my fellow human being…well then, hell is obviously the place for me.
      ~Love and hugs~

  • Ro_free

    PERSPECTIVE: “A minister and a barber who boasted of being an atheist walked one day through a disreputable part of the city. As they looked around, the barber said, “This is why I can’t believe in a God of love. If He is as kind as they say, why does He permit all this poverty, disease, and squalor? How can He allow all this drug-dealing and vandalism?”

    The minister said nothing until they came across and unkempt and filthy man with hair down his back and a half inch of stubble down his face. Then he said to the atheist, “You can’t be a very good barber or you wouldn’t let people live around here without a haircut and a shave.”

    Indignantly, the barber answered, “Why blame me for that man’s condition? I can’t help it if he is like that. He’s never given me a chance! If he would only come to my shop, I could fix him up and make him look like a gentleman!”

    With a penetrating look, the minister said, “Then don’t blame God for allowing these people to continue in their evil ways. He constantly invites them to come to Him and be changed. The reason they are slaves to sin and evil habits is because they refuse to accept the One who died to save and deliver them.”–Boa & Moody, I’m Glad You Asked

    • db

      i like this

    • Lizzy

      Are you suggesting the power of a human barber is equal to that of an omniscient, omnipotent, perfect deity?
      Your God (or any God) for that matter has the power to end every shred of conflict, pain and doubt on this Earth by simply revealing himself. Much like the unshaven men in your lovely story would have to see the barber with their own eyes, and KNOW he existed in order to trust him enough to go to his shop.

  • Bob

    Athiest do have a god, they just don’t realize it.

    Because the god of this world has made blind the minds of those who have not faith, so that the light of the good news of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, might not be shining on them.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=559435270 Andrew Maw

      You sir are a complete and utter-less moron. I am an anti-theist and I can tell you. I sir do not have a god. Stop making false insinuations that you have no facts to back yourself up with.

    • jumbybird

      Do you know what A-theist means?

  • http://www.facebook.com/june.blair3 June Blair

    God hasn’t heard that before, and yes you will have your answers, because God isn’t the cause of the worlds problems, Do you know what he calls athiestists? yeah he actually calls you something….Fool, and no good can come from you., Psalm 14:1, and yes child molesters will get what they deserve Luke 17:1-2 you can look that one up

    • EvolutionKills

      If your ‘god’ created everything, then he is responsible for everything. He could have created a world free from suffering and sin, but he choose not to. Now is your ‘god’ not powerful enough to create such a universe? Then he is impotent. Was he in capable of seeing the consequences of his own actions? Then he is ignorant. Did he not care enough to make a more perfect universe with less suffering? Then he is evil.

      Your god is ultimately responsible, and he is also either ignorant, impotent, or evil. Make your pick, and choose wisely.

  • http://www.facebook.com/june.blair3 June Blair

    And whose name do you use when you swear?

    • EvolutionKills

      Your mom’s.

      • junbug20

        Calm down hater, you sound just like your father, Satan.

        • EvolutionKills

          Guess what? Satan isn’t real either, just like your god!

    • Lizzy

      I can see where you are going with this, it is of course an ‘argument’ entirely without substance.
      The exclamations ‘For God’s sake’ or ‘Jesus!’ or (my personal favourite) ‘Christ on a bike!’ or any variation thereof in fact are simply common dialectic sayings. We are influenced by our surroundings, or society and we use (I use) expressions we have been conditioned to use without giving any particular thought to their meaning.
      Also, ‘God’ is not the name of your deity ‘God’ is a title like ‘Sir’ or ‘Lord’ I have never heard anyone exclaim ‘Yahweh!’ when they stub their toe, or shout ‘Oh my Jehovah!’ when they approach orgasm.
      ‘Jesus’ is not the name of your Messiah either, as ‘Jesus’ is just the Greek translation of Yeshua which translates from Hebrew to mean Joshua. And his name wasn’t Joshua Christ either – since neither Mary nor Joseph were surnamed Christ. The word ‘Christ’ is another title, it literally translates to ‘anointed’ So Jesus Christ is a moniker which in context takes the meaning ‘The Messiah Jesus’
      Crikey that was a long one…have a nice day :D

      • junbug20

        Sure makes an impact when his name is used doesn’t it? My favorite is cheese and crackers!

        • EvolutionKills

          So if I just said ‘Zeus Dammit’, then that would make Zeus real?

          Fun times.

  • db

    this is when pride is a sin. For someone to tell god in his face that he’s wrong and that they rather burn in hell for eternity is pridefully stupid

    • Lipstick Lesbian

      Your God and Jesus are the ones who deserve to burn in hell for eternity. What was your God doing in all of eternity before deciding to make beings. He willfully and arrogantly made these beings knowing no matter what he did that nearly all of them would burn in hell for eternity. He has a selfish and narcissistic ego. I rebel against him and refuse to worship him. He sure hates rebellion and disobedience doesn’t he.

  • Lauren

    Please don’t refer to the Christian god as the Abrahamic god. As a descendant of Abraham, it pisses me off when people conflate Jewish and Christian belief. Jews don’t believe in hell. We don’t believe that people need to convert to Judaism. We don’t believe that fetuses are people. We don’t believe that homosexuality is a sin. Please stop taking the fact that the Christian right are jerks out on us. Thank you.

    • ChildofGod

      You are ofcourse wrong. The Old Testament teaches that all human beings are born wicked. Read Psalm 51 and Jeremiah 17:9. David says we and he were conceived in sin, and Jeremiah stated that the heart of man is wicked above all things. Isaiah spoke of eternal unquenchable Hellfire and Daniel spoke of people who will be in a state of eternal shame, abhorrence. The apostles of Jesus Christ and Jesus Himself were all Jews and all they said are from the Hebrew Tanach. Genesis and other verses declare sodomy to be a sin. Under the Levitical Law, sodomite homosexual men and lesbians were put to death for it. You are deceived. You need to read your own BIBLE and stop listening to liberal rabbis. Moses had people put to death for adultery. In the church age we are under grace. God is the one who will judge people eternally. We are no longer under the Mosaic covenant. But you cannot deny what your own Hebrew Bible states. True Biblical Christianity and Biblical Judaism rise and fall together.

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    Seriously? Just, seriously guys? Can Atheist and Christians just get along for five seconds? To the Athiests, everyone is entitled to their own free will given by God which has caused evil people to exist freely. I am fine with atheists who respect other people but I am annoyed with the types of atheists who won’t even try to look at it from another point of view and are complete and total assholes. To the Christians, everyone has the right to do as they want and to worship whatever God, person, or tree they want to worship. I believe in God but I don’t go around scaring people by telling them they will burn in hell for not worshipping him! If they don’t want to worship him then that is their problem and something they will have to deal with when they choose to. So be good Christians and respect them!

  • Carla Tee

    I was lucky, I was raised by a wonderful, great man who was an atheist. Even if I didn’t have to recover or detox from religion into humanity, he did. He was raised strict Catholic. He respected his mother and father, so he didn’t raise the atheist flag around them. He didn’t want to upset them, or make them feel bad as if they failed in some way. After they passed, he made it clear to us that he not only thought it was just plain ignorant of modern intelligent human beiings NOT TO USE their intelligence to reason, think, or try to make life better here for the better good. He saw relgion for what it was a scam. IT hurt him that people killed people based on unsubstantiated beliefs. Not facts but beliefs!!, it pained him to see children being scared to stay inline or “bad things will happen”. He also never threatened s with the BOOGIE MAN because he didn’t think it was a parents job to make up some story to scare a child half to death just to make him behave, He said that was child abuse. I suppose he could see where that doctrine followed people into the grave. I think worst of all he despised religion because it divided and separated people. It thought it a waste that good time was being wasted on God and religion when we could have been doing something really constructive. Instead of people praying for half an hour, they could spend half an hour with a lonely elderly person. Instead of giving money to the church, give it to a humanitarian organization (there are many to choose), instead of wasting your precious moments waiting for a change he felt you should go out and make the change happen.
    He is the greatest man I have ever known. I could go on..lol. But when he developed prostate cancer, I watched him go from the strongest man on earth (in my eyes) to a weak suffering man whose most painful moment’s were when his dignity had been compromised. First, if a God cold make my dad suffer like that with a disease HE created, I would turn my back on HIM in judgment. Second, if someone as decent as my dad didn’t get into Heaven because he was an atheist, its not a place I would want to be anyway. I God better he hope He isn’t real because if he is, if he made my dad suffer, beg and cry Ill be one pissed off daughter!!

    • Lizzy

      I’m sorry for your loss. Your Dad definitely sounds like a good man :)

  • Truth

    I think you are talking to the wrong God. I can make up a God right now and just because my god condems you to a place worse than hell that doesn’t mean you can just throw the idea altogether and live a egotistical life throwing a few coins here and there saying you care about others more than others do.

    And yes most christians will not make it either, according to the bible, it’s written there :P . Oh yeah there is no hell in the bible, do your research it’s a mistranslation and doesn’t add up to the God of Jesus. Plus there’s a difference in metaphors and real things. Jesus on earth wasn’t going around killing babies was he?

    Now if you want to take the side that you like, the quran, the hell thing, the killing and then call it a day…well in that judgement day. I think you would have no excuse.

    If that day even comes for you, it might you certainly have more chance than I do for I have done much worse things :) .

    • EvolutionKills

      For starters, you’re an idiot. Hell does exist in the New Testament, it is lacking from the Jewish scriptures however. The Hebrew had Sheol, which was just the land of the dead. It’s not until the NT that the fire and brimstone gets added in, which was most likely borrowed from the Greek idea of Hades (even the name Hell itself is borrowed from the Norse god of the afterlife, Hel; it’s all pagan). Islam just takes it a step further with excessive reveling in the tortures of Hell, but it’s still there in the NT.

      Fortunately there’s no evidence that supports the existence of Heaven or Hell, so there is that.

      Just answer me this: Why is it that pretentious ignorant fucktards like to give themselves presumptuous names like ‘Truth’, when the only thing that comes out of their mouths is bullshit?

  • Doesn’t matter

    What a waste of time whoever wrote this. Religious people are going to have a hard time readjusting out of the imaginary fairytale world and into realism.

    “I would rather be happy not getting involved in any religion, than become religious; with hating other religions and hating others for their beliefs.”

    - Bruce, Jeremy D. “Welcome to the 21st century”

  • Never Wrong

    make all the Lesbians and Gays go to hell.

    • EvolutionKills

      To keep them away from all of you loving, compassionate, and forgiving Christians in Heaven, right? I mean, what would Jesus do, right? Well of course he’d send people to Hell for loving each other!

      It’s because of Christians like you that fundamentalist and conservatives are losing the culture wars, keep up the good fight dumbass.

      • Absolutely

        You go to Hell too, Retard.

        • EvolutionKills

          The only retard here is the one who believes that those who don’t agree with their imaginary friend get sent to an imaginary place of eternal torture, and that idea somehow comforts them.

          Note for the slow: That would be you fuktard.

          • WithoutADoubt

            All people like You are very Pathetic and such a Low Life too, Loser.

  • trololol

    judgment day has come and gone. i’m in Heaven.

  • Mario Rodgers

    The problem with Pascal’s Wager, in addition to being an incredibly stupid position based solely on an imaginary fear, is that it commits a logical fallacy called assuming the initial point, not to mention being a false dichotomy.

  • Son of Isaac

    God did not corrupt the world with wickedness. The world was corrupted by wicked people. So you are pointing your finger at the wrong being. God did not make evil people by choice, they are a result of your bullying, given to you by the knowledge of good and evil, you just chose evil. Also, you are pretty brave for bullying a hypothetical God, I really want to see you face the real God.

    • Lizzy

      And according to your own allegations…
      Who created these “wicked people”?

      Who created the standard by which they be known as “wicked”?

      Who created the concept of “wicked”?

      Who is responsible for the existence of “wickedness”?

      Isiah 45:7 “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.”

    • EvolutionKills

      Fuck, I’d love to see some evidence for your ‘real God’.

      What’s that, all out? Well color me surprised…

    • Cosmos

      Son of Isaac, when did your God teach you to judge others in such a fashion? When did your God teach you to salivate at the thought of seeing a non-believer squirm before damnation? Do you really want to see someone suffer eternal damnation to prove that you were right? Do you think that that is what a good person would do? Does that not represent evil in you? Do you think you will earn your God’s approval by wishing suffering onto those that do not belive like you do? It’s amazing how many people like you will assail non-believers with thoughts of hell. But believe me, Atheists have faced those fears head-on for a long time because most of us used to be believers To us, the truth matters more than human-made mythology, and we are not afraid of threats of damnation from individuals as hypocritical such as you…

  • Serious

    If he didn’t exist, I would destroy the planet with nuclear bombs placed near volcanos to set them off therefore covering the wod in ash. Thus no sunlight, crops would wither and snow would fall. Radioactive snow

    • EvolutionKills

      Good thing you don’t have access to nuclear weapons then.

      What is your point?


    So limited by pride its sad. Everyone says what they would do when judgement day comes but when the day actually comes it’ll be another story. Maybe if you’d ask less questions and submit he would show you why he does the things he does. Unwise people can’t see wisdom if it smacked them in the face. What good is life if you’re pulled through it on a leash. God wants our love to be willing not forced, therefore he wont MAKE us do anything. Its called free will. & as far as proof of Jesus’ tomb , i don’t know if there is any. But i do know scientists have proven God is real yet they still have no definite answer if “the big bang theory” is. Scientists don’t create, they discover what’s already been. At the end of the day when someone asks you “when you die, do you know where you’re going?” you’re heart will skip a beat because you honestly don’t know. Just know when you build up the courage to come to Jesus he will have mercy on you. GOD BLESS <3

    • Lizzy

      “But i do know scientists have proven God is real”
      ~ I’m going to need some serious sources to back this one up. If it’s legit, the author has a Nobel Prize coming his/her/their way.

  • Ryan

    In the last paragraph, you noted that God created us for “companionship and love,” and He therefore “needed” us. However, God created us because He rightly deserved worship, and we can give it to Him.

    • EvolutionKills

      Do you worship your parents like a slave? They created you, did they not?

      Even if your god did create us (which I doubt as all evidence points against this), how does the logic follow? How does the act of creation imbue the creator with the right to demand absolute subservience form their creations, especially when those creations posses wills and desires of their own that were supposedly put in place by the creator itself in the first place?

      If your god wanted a bunch of uncritical mindless robots to worship him and obey him without questions, he should have just made the robots.

  • Ryan

    Haha this author is full of it. He will be begging on his knees. It is easy to be tough on a keyboard. Facing eternal hellfire and witnessing the horror of it would change his attitude pretty quick.

    • EvolutionKills

      Wow, the irony of what you wrote is lost on you, isn’t it?

    • Cosmos

      Atheists face eternal hellfire every day; we are reminded of this continuously by not only those that believe as you do, but by many other religions. Trust me, when I say that most Atheists were believers at some point, and that they have had to personally liberate themselves from such paralyzing fear-mongering intrinsic to many religions before they decided to take a stand for what seems to be most just and truthful. It’s fairly easy for you to stay on your side of this invisible fence that separates us, feeling as if you will rightfully inherit a heavenly reward upon your passing, while you excitedly entertain and imagine the ironic possibility that the writer of the above-document will actually cave-in when facing a brutal punishment. Is that how you want a just God to convince non-believers? By force, and brutal punishment? Do you think they deserve that, especially given that they had plenty of reason to believe that your Christian god does not exist? And if so, does that truly make you a good person?

  • Alex

    If you’re an atheist, there’s NO WAY you’ll beg yourself into heaven. It says in the Bible that unbelievers will beg to go to heaven but God is a just judge, He will bring you to Hell if you don’t believe Him just like He warns in the Bible over and over.

    The other thing is, if you’re in Hell, you won’t be able to help other people. You’ll be alone burning and screaming all by yourself.

    I read this in the Bible, this is not my own thinking.

    • EvolutionKills

      Yeah, enjoy sharing Heaven with Hitler and the rest of the Nazis. Ted Bundy found Jesus, so he’ll be up there too. Every genocidal serial rapist on death row who found god, every Christian African warlord, every torturer of the Inquisition; they’ll all be up there too. The Hutu who committed genocide against their Tutsi neighbors with machetes in Rwanda? Yep, they’ll be in heaven too. All you have to do is believe, and ask for forgiveness; personal responsibility means fuck all to the Christian doctrines of substitutionary atonement and blind faith.

      While some child born in India, who will never even hear of the Bible, will spend eternity in Hell for the ignorance your god allowed him to be born into.

      If you think this is true, you are a fucked in the head sadist; and just as emotionally stunted and lacking in empathy as your imaginary pan-dimensional fascist space wizard.

    • jumbybird

      If going to hell means avoiding dealing with you and your ilk… I’ll gladly go to hell.

      • Alex

        I was joking with some of that phrase. I’m not trying to be aggressive here. I’m just trying to make you guys understand that all of what you say on this website is just plain dumb. You guys are totally blind on what Christianity is REALLY about. You don’t understand what heaven is REALLY like, what heaven is REALLY like, what the church is REALLY about, how the meaning of Jesus dying on the cross REALLY means.

  • joe

    I can’t wait until the Great White Throne Judgement. The atheists & heathens will not be asking any questions of God. They will kneel down & acknowledge God before they will be cast into hell. To the atheists that say we need to show proof of God, my answer is no we don’t because we don’t really care what you choose to believe, thats YOUR choice, & you can live & die with it.

    • EvolutionKills

      Your predecessors have had nothing to show for the last 2000+ years of waiting. No rapture, no judgement day; despite Jesus supposedly saying that it would come before his generation had passed away.

      What makes you think you’re going to live to see it? Oh right, complete ignorance…


    Athesim is a level when people want to live of their own like Animals without any restriction…Which infact does not required any 6th sense ??

    A believer if he does bad he will tell him as a sinner there is point in his heart where he will feel guilty….This is what the atheist want to get rid off….So when a atheist does a wrong he will make that bad as good…They say homosex is natural though they knew its not natural…

    They say cosmos leads to creation of world..but they never think from where the cosmos comes….They think they are intelligent but they are the fools of this century ??

    They say they wont believe whatever they have not seen…but they believe in BIG BANG THEORY…

    They don’t want to be sad so they get excuse to the rules for a human to follow and they gave same example of bad followers of GOD and they rejects GOD………

    I dont believe in religion but in GOD…Religions and customs are man made but GOD made us.

    • EvolutionKills

      You are an ignorant fool, and the very worst kind of sheep.

      Christians have zero moral accountability according to their religion. It doesn’t matter what you do, or how much of a terrible, hateful, violent, victimizer you where in life; all can be forgiven if you but believe. A serial killer sitting on death row, who spent his life raping and killing children, can find Jesus; and after a final meal of fried chicken, will spend an eternity in paradise after their death. On the other hand a child born into poverty on the other side of the world, who will never even learn of or be expose to Christianity, while spent an eternity of conscious torment in fire and agony. God created hell, god engineered the cultural isolation of the child’s people, and the circumstance of his birth and death in ignorance.

      There is one thing that should be crystal clear to you: this vision of life has nothing to do with moral accountability.

      So you can take your biblical, god based morality and shove it right up your ass. Sin is an imaginary disease, created to sell you an imaginary cure.

      Also, homosexuality is normal. It has been document in hundreds of other species on Earth. On the other hand, homophobia has only ever been documented in one species: humans. If anything is ‘unnatural’, it is the irrational hatred of homosexuals by religious bigots. Also, what is so wrong about something being ‘unnatural’? Did you take a shower this morning? Wake up with an alarm clock? Ever make use of indoor plumbing? How about using a car or a computer? All these things are ‘unnatural’ you fuktard.

      I won;t even attempt to explain cosmology to you, because I’m not sure your kindergarten level intellect can handle concepts like ‘evidence’ and ‘intellectual honesty’.

      Religions are man-made.

      Gods are man-made too.

  • Jesus loves you

    God lives He loves you

  • retromillenium

    Atheism by definition is not a problem. It’s perfectly fine. Unfortunately, people being imperfect beings, Atheism in practice becomes a problem. Too many people whom I’ve talked to who call themselves atheist really do not follow atheism at it’s core. Atheism should not be subjective, and purely based on empirical evidence. I’ve talked to many atheist over the years, and most of them, I would say 7 out of 10 on average, say god doesn’t exist because there is no proof, but extraterrestrial intelligent life does exist without a doubt. Now, it may seem crazy to compare alien life to divine existence in some form, because alien life is “probably” more believable due to the fact that it’s based on “what we know” of our universe compared to divine existence which implies by it’s very nature an existence outside of the known universe, which at this point is “considered” pure speculation, but in one regard both can be compared. Both the existence of extraterrestrial life and the supernatural require proof, hard proof. If you don’t have hard proof, then by the principles of Atheism you should believe in neither. As a matter of fact, if empirical evidence is the standard that Atheism is based on, then it should apply that standard to any and all subject matter at hand not just the existence of the supernatural. To do so shows a bias. Now in defense of Atheism, some subject matter is more “out there” than others, supernatural being one of them, and therefore the more “out of the box” the subject matter, the more proof that subject matter will require, but the “principle” of Atheism should still hold, and that principle is empirical evidence regardless of the subject. That’s why in my humble opinion, agnosticism is a better perspective, because it by nature says we don’t know, we require empirical evidence. As stated earlier, too many atheist I’ve spoken to over the years, and there have been many choose not to believe in the supernatural, but also choose to embrace alien life as a fact, and even some radical scientific principles as a fact. Agnosticism is a better way at looking at things, because that perspective still allows a person to conduct research in subject matter that’s controversial, and try to find ways to prove or disprove them, and by freeing one’s mind to try and prove or disprove we are increasing our understanding of existence as a whole one way or the other. Choosing Atheism, means saying there is no god, there is no supernatural, and once we do that we don’t allow ourselves to push and find out whether the supernatural does exist. We immediately shut the door, and never look back. Choosing Agnosticism does allow us to still look, because it doesn’t say the supernatural doesn’t exist, all it asks is to prove it, and frankly the supernatural could possibly exist. It’s a healthier approach in my humble opinion. All subject matter no matter how crazy it may sound should be given the same level of skepticism and proof, the same level. If you start holding different standards for different topics, then there is a good chance that a field of study that might actually hold some truth, will be disregarded, and that is a loss to us all. If the standard of measurement isn’t the same for all subject matter, then you leave acceptance and non-acceptance of ideas to the whims of those in power.

    • Cosmos

      You make great points, but I would like to simply add the argument that Atheists discard the idea of a Christian God, Jewish God, and Muslim God, etc as they do, say, Greek mythological figures, more than they discard a yet-unproven, potentially life-creating, universe-originating entity that may be termed “God”. I draw that distinction, because, for the former, we do believe there is enough compelling evidence that such Gods do not exist. We can look at the history of religion on Earth, look at their teachings, and there are fundamentally-human values in each religion that are simply reflective of the time period and region from which they arose. In addition, they all reflect the relative scientific ignorance of their time period (e.g. “In the beginning, God created the Heavens & the Earth…” nevermind the Milky Way Galaxy). From that perspective, it is clear that such Gods are human creations. Atheists have a greater problem with how such human-made God concepts, with their extraordinary beliefs and occasionally-barbaric rituals and concepts of justice, have persisted into the modern Era and consistently impose a significant barrier to the pursuit of knowledge. That is, I believe, what really fuels an otherwise agnostic individual towards atheism, and how, seemingly in contradiction, Atheists can still claim that there is a possibility of a God entity.

      On a side note, I do believe that religion plays an important social role in our current Era and that it forms a unified support system that really helps some individuals cope with problems in their lives. I don’t necessarily want to see that disappear, and I don’t think Atheism provides that in its current state, although it certainly has the potential to just like any other belief system. I also don’t think that the current positive aspects of religion in general justify the atrocities committed in their name. I wish we could separate each of these features, discard the ones that are severely outdated and detrimental, and keep the good.

      My strong opinion, as a Humanist, is that religion is in serious need of an upgrade, but unfortunately, the core ideas that allowed it to spread magnificently for thousands of years also will preclude any significant modifications even today. Also, there is so much ignorance all around, in addition to the unwillingness to believe scientific evidence. In such a reality, I might prefer to have such dogma around, as backwards as it is, to simply prevent us from reverting back to chaos, until humanity has matured enough to embrace that which we know.

      • retromillenium

        Thanks for responding to me in a respectful matter. I actually appreciate that considering how EvolutionKills has responded to other people on this post. I agree with what you stated. It makes perfect sense. Your kind of insight on atheism is what’s needed.

  • King allah

    I’d kill god if Google would just fucking tell me how already.. maybe try bing?

  • Duckler

    God is a thing, damn it!

    • EvolutionKills

      A concept? Sure. A proper noun? Yep.

      A pan-dimensional emotionally stunted space wizard? According to some stories.

      Does it actually exist? Evidently not.

      It it reasonable to believe in it’s existence? Not even remotely.

  • mohammad zein

    I would be pleasured to hear from my atheist brothers the answer for this question:How the hell we existed?seriously,I mean come on,big bang theory,(the universe originated 10 billion years ago because of an explosion,ok,what happened before,where did this small volume of matter came from.ok here is the truth,God(not jesus with all respect to christian”jesus is the holy spirit of god in islam) created this universe as it was created billions of years ago from the creation of Adam”our father”as god had this great creature that have the ability to decide,god gave human the chance of living a new life.Now the real question,Where did God came from,I had my research,as a well thinking muslim,the answer is simple”from nowhere”,how?
    what is time?what is time?time is a thing we created,correct me if I’m wrong,time is the movement of sun,”We created it”,Ok,think of a new color,you can’t,it’s impossible to even imagine a color the doesn’t exist,you know why,cause us human only know what we are familure with,we are used of the idea that every thing have a creator,well this is a wrong fact”time doesn’t exist(just imagine sun that never move,human wont even realize what time is,and not ever creation have creatore,this just what we think because we are used to,God exist,All love for my atheist brothers,and much for christians,and jews(hardly)heheh,a don’t care what you all think about the exist of god,I would never hate a human brother,but I would wish,from my heart that god open your eyes for truth,and nothing but truth,may god be with you,and the antichrist ,satan and lucifer and his fallen angels away from

    • EvolutionKills

      Your incredulity and ignorance is not evidence for anything other than your own lack of education. It is not proof for anything supernatural, gods included.

  • Edgar Georgie

    The belief that some cosmic Jewish zombie can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh (Catholicism) and telepathically tell him that you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree. —- Makes perfect sense.

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  • chooselife

    I am sorry you don’t see the good in God. I use to not believe in my God. I use to wonder how if God was real how could he let people hurt me as a child, but my God showed me how much he loves me and was there protecting me from worse. See God created good but Satan created evil and sadly humans fell for the lies. God doesn’t want to control us he just wants our love. He never wanted bad for any human but satan hates us and does want us to burn in hell. How could you say God is bad he sent his son who was sinless to be beaten and die for us. No one can argue truth into anyone that we must all get from God. Yes God is our judge he gave us life from his breath but he is love and doesn’t want anyone to perish. I hope you open your hearts and see who God really is. When I finally found Jesus I found life. Hell was made for satan and his demons now they are tricking humanity to follow cause they hate that God loves us and wants us to be with him. Its up to you, if you don’t want to believe then you won’t. That’s free will!

    • EvolutionKills

      Your god supposedly created both Hell and Satan, being the all powerful creator of the universe. Why doesn’t your god just defeat Satan? Why did he create Satan or Hell in the first place? Your theology makes no sense even on it’s own terms. He loves you? If he exists as you believe, he had the power to save you instantly and at no cost to himself. If your god actually existed, and actually cared, there would be no need for any suffering. You sound like the battered wife of an abusive drunk, that can’t see her husband for the violent monster he is.

      If you loved your children, would you not do everything to protect them? How can the average parent be evidently more caring and compassionate than the all-powerful creator of the universe?

      Wake the fuck up already.

  • Harry

    I started reading this article thinking that it was going to be good. It has a couple of of good points.

  • Alex

    Adam, as you should know, God does not let evil go unpunished, He may for a little while, but at the end of a person’s life he will get judged and sent to Hell. So, if you would rather spend time eternally with millions of former rapers and persecutors than safe in heaven with a moral Judge with a new, perfect body and a new perfect home with no hurt, tears, or pain; it’s your choice.

    • EvolutionKills

      Except that it’s not even evident that your god even exists at all. there is just as much evidence for Yahweh is there is for any other god claimed by any other religion. Why should anybody follow the precepts of Yahweh over Vishnu? Or Baphomet? Or Krishna? Or Allah? Etc…

      All of the world’s religions cannot all be right, because they make mutually exclusive claims to be the one and only truth. They can’t all be right, however they can all be wrong. And until somebody’s god wants to actually care enough to make with the goods and provide repeatable, demonstrable, verifiable evidence for their existence; atheists will continue to hold their judgement and not profess allegiance to any until there is better evidence. That’s all most any atheist would need to change their mind, evidence; and it’s the one thing every god concepts seems more than willing to do without. Hence why all religions require faith, the belief without (or in the face of disconfirming) evidence.

      Set up an experiment, where we will test for supernatural healing by praying to your god to heal and replace the limbs of deserving amputees. If praying to your god for healing results in the consistent, measurable, and predictable super-natural healing of the limbs of amputees; then you may have some evidence for your god. It wouldn’t validate your holy books, but at least we’d know there was something there at least, interacting with our world in some detectable and measurable way. Please don’t come back until your all-knowing, all-powerful, all-caring, supreme creator of the universe can be bothered to do at least that much. Because until he/she/it can, how in the hell do you expect me to believe you when you say that he/she/it judges us after we die?

  • FU

    Je deteste l’idee de dieu et de son fils
    C’est une des idees les plus diaboliques
    Dans l’histoire entiere de l’homme

  • Tim

    And He’ll say “I know all about suffering, I was lacerated and nailed to a cross till the life leaked out of me, so that you all might have a clean heart, shed off the inherited narcissism that everyone’s born with that causes people to argue and be violent if they have access to weapons and peer pressure.
    And yet here you are all standing outside the kingdom I promised, with your guns and your tanks because even with the offer of Christ to transform your heart, you refused to let go of your egos and had to try and take the kingdom by force and war. So now because this is a kingdom of peace and love, and you all seem to like violence so much, I with deep regret will have to rain napalm on your parade.”

  • A Concerned Atheist

    I’m Atheist. It’s fine for me to comment here because I’m anonymous but WOULD not in real life. Why? Because all the public Atheists are dicks. My ideology is that seeing is believing. I only think in logic, and simply lack the ability to have faith something is just there. Not everything can explained so I have reasonable doubt but cannot deny my lack of religion. I go through life seeing opression by people over numerous things. Some by idiots who think they rule the world, others by people who are truly evil. I don’t go through life expecting everyone to bend their lives to my will, so I expect the same. This is called religous tolerance which unfourtantly so many people lack. And this isn’t just Athetheists either. Albeit the only public depiction we have is all this stupidity of stripping the rights of other religions. Those guys are assholes. There’s many more aetheists than those who won’t admit it becuase they are afraid people will think they are egotistical dicks. Having religion is like having political viewpoints (sorta) Anyone who condemns a person for their veiws is no better than the way they see the person of which they choose to condemn. The only relgion I’d ever oppose is that which is oppressive, promotes terrorism, or forces itself upon others. And those are generally groups or governments not the relgion itself. Honestly How the heck can you be offended by “Merry Christmas” Oh wow. “Christmas” Has the word “christ” in it which seriosly imposes chris….. No. That’s just dumb. I hate seeing all these atheist rallys because they give people like me a terrible name. these people that go outside and do this are part of some new generation that believes they a better than everyone else. I found a few articles which shared my viewpoints, but I see all this nonsense about “Not a real atheist” or to stop sucking up. If god appeared before me. Any god for that matter, I’d apologize. I’d say thank you for giving me proof. Faith is faith. fact is fact. If a god appeared to me I can’t deny it. Like these people would have the balls to mock a god anyway. I enjoy reading on various ideas of theism. they need to understand what they are before the make assholes of themselves.

    Remember kids. If you see Atheists on TV. they are most likely dicks. And those dicks don’t make up as much of our group as they’d lead you to believe.

    On another note. I’m just some 17 year old kid. I’ve had to deal with people all my life. good and bad. Going through life blaming others for your problems won’t help anyone.

  • izraulhidashi

    GOD: so… tell me why I should let you into heaven?
    YOU: cause I lived as you asked. i obeyed and followed your word.
    GOD: my word? when did I ever say or ask you anything?
    YOU: well.. um.. you know… in your book .. and teachings.
    GOD: my book? what makes you think it was my book?
    YOU: cause it’s what people on earth said and taught me. and i believe it.
    GOD: uh.. yeah.. they said. they taught. their book. their word. not mine!
    you listened, followed and believed them, .. not me! dumb shits!..

    knew i shuda kept the damn dinosaurs.

  • http://livingfortruth.wordpress.com/ living for truth

    Hmmm, so, we are to blame God, on what humans do to each other? All culpability is on Him, and none on us? Is the writer a terrible person if they teach their child to be kind and not murder of their child grows up to be a tyrant mohammedan that rapes little girls in order that they do not go to mohammedan heaven? Or a tyrant atheist who kills millions of people who believe in God and reeducate the rest? The article is so logically flawed that it is almost not worth answering, but I did, and it was easy to refute for someone who thinks about such things.

  • dr.tony.antonio

    sounds like a prayer to me

  • me

    well, you just told on yourself, for what you would do, so he knows, and its void and null now.

  • hello:)

    The only argument that can be valid when it comes to the existence/non-existence of God revolves around a personal pursuit. The Bible states Seek and You shall find. If you have not actively sought out the creator how can you expect to receive an answer. Just like a math question, if you don’t figure out(work out) the question,type it into the calculator, reference it back to anything (therefore seek the answer) how could you possibly expect to find the answer? Will it appear out of thin air? Or will it come to you only because YOU wanted to find out…. God is a personal reference, this spirit cannot be explained or validated by the next person because different people have different experiences with the creator. In my opinion, God is only as real as you ALLOW him to be. He is not one to force you to believe because in the end there will be two sides, the fallen and the chosen. In essence God chooses you and you choose God. If your spirit is from the other side how can you expect to understand or see greatness when you do not possess that spirit? We are living, walking, breathing legends, each and everyone of us. You are choosing your side now as we speak. Your inability to believe (in my opinion) only shows that you were not chosen or do not choose to side with the believers.And dont think just because you dont believe you will be the only one punished. Even believers will be punished. The word says “Don’t you realize that those who do wrong will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Don’t fool yourselves. Those who indulge in sexual sin, or who worship idols, or commit adultery, or are male prostitutes, or practice homosexuality” 1 Corinthians 6:9

  • Bill Wolpert

    Reminds me of a teenagers rant when grounded….

    • Bill Wolpert

      Also, sort of a “hedge the bet” rant.

      Also, sort of an attempt to address “Pascal’s Wager.”
      “This is why I picked the other door God…!”

  • Kristine

    God is not responsible for all the evil in the world; we and the devil are. God made man to be happy; that’s why He put him in Eden. All was paradise until the devil tempted a human, who elected to follow him instead of God. The fact that there is so much trouble in the world, and always has been, is a decision we made ourselves.
    As far as God allowing so much trouble, He can’t interfere with the free will He has given us, because that would make us mere robots. Also, He created us to need each other. He wants human beings to help each other, for both the earthly and the heavenly good.
    Everyone hates God now, but if you truly knew What and Who He is, you would love Him wholeheartedly yourselves.
    But you must give God, and yourselves, a chance. Please go to Mass.Read Catholic books. Read the Catechism. Talk to religious people, priests, monks, nuns, deacons, any authority who can help you. Pray to God. Read biographies of the Saints. Read about the history of the Catholic Church. There is so much you can do, if you really want to know about God. If you look for Him, He will help you find Him.

  • Britt

    If you were at home and then all of a sudden you heard a knock at the door you get up and answer it and you see that you don’t know the person yet they are trying to come in would you let them in your house and sit with you like you know them? Of course not! You don’t know them or what they’d do to you or one of your family members You would tell them to leave immediately for i call the cops. GOD is no different. You cant enter into his house (Kingdom) without knowing him either he would tell you depart from me I never knew you. Don’t forget that the same mouth and breath you’re using to detest HIM is the same mouth and breath HE gave you.

  • jason

    i died came back 8 min saw nothing i was a roman catholic now im a


  • Rob

    This site is so absurd. All you atheists think you have the answers and that you’ve found all the holes in the Bible. Let me tell you, there will be a day when you stand before God. And from that day on you will spend the rest of your life in hell. Scare you? It should. You think this world matters? God will happily get rid of it one day and rid us from all the sin and evil Satan has created here, and get rid of you along with it. God doesn’t need you, get that in your head. You think the creator of the universe needs you? Haha ok. But you want to know the amazing part about all of this. HE WANTS YOU. Every one of you reading this, God is jealous of you and your love. He wants you to love Him and to trust Him. Amazing huh? He doesn’t need you. You need Him.

  • Blue Bayou

    Why couldn’t he have simply populated the earth with people whom he would have known in advance would serve him of their own free wills? This would dispense with the “god didn’t create us as robots” argument. It sure would have saved a lot of strife…

  • Blue Bayou

    All he would have to do to prove his existence, and possibly save millions that would otherwise be damned, would be to arrange the stars to clearly spell out his name–yaweh, allah, zoroaster, etc. on just one night.
    Just my luck it would be cloudy/overcast that night…

  • itsnosecret

    IF? “And ye will not come unto me, that ye might have life.”John 5:40
    Some of us should go live in our own universe, if only …..

  • If there is there is no God th

    If there is there is no God then there is no evil. If there is no evil than there is no right and wrong. If there is no right and wrong then why do you feel guilty all the time? Why does your heart condemn you when you lie or steal? Why do you lay awake at night after you slandered someone or injures their reputation. Why do you struggle to admit to the wrong if there is no right and wrong? The greatestmissionary is the universe itself.

  • John Jozsa

    Well, the first question would be “what God is?” as God is not who? Not a tangable human like person. As according to the Bible’s text, Moses was the ONLY mortal human God has directly communicated with. Now you can question, debate or deny that if you wish, but that’s the Bible’s text. period.
    And Moses used the only word to describe this God as being a RUAH. Ruah in Hebrew means a non-tangable force or power, but oje that produce tangable effects. So the question, on the bases of scientific thinking could be, what was the “force” or “power” that caused the something almost nothing to go BOOM ? As you learned in third-grade there must be a cause of every effect or vise versa. The basic fundamental laws of physics. So what’s wrong when people call that “force/power” in a generic term “GOD” ??? As long as they do not reffer to “Annunaku”.
    In case you do not know what Annunaku is, read Zach Stichin’s theory.

    Now about ‘going to heaven’. As Moses described in Gensys, “heaven” is all there is above the horizon. And as well can extend to any distance into outer-space. The Bible list the statement of the rabbi (Jesus)in John 3;13, that ‘no one goes to heaven except the one who came from there’ And that’s nobody, as even he came from his mother’s womb. Period.
    Science claims that perhaps “particles” may leave the athmosfere by the solar wind. But you can rest assured that you will never travel to space that way ever.
    As for the “soul”. Since many assumes the “soul” can travel anywhere. Again Moses stated clearly that; “the soul of the flash is the blood, the blood is the soul of all flash. All have that “soul” even when it does not contain hemoglobin, but chlophil, like the plants and trees. Because when the osmotic-sapp-flow in trees and plants stops, just like the flow of blood , all are dead. Again Moses (in the Bible) clearly stated; all are of the dust, and all becomes dust. Nobdy has succesfully disproven that, yet. Wonder if any Atheist might do ? Good luck attempting !!!

  • Mushet

    Your claims are so foolish. When you stand before Almighty God and see Him for who He is, in His indiluted glory, you will be utterly horrified in your lost state, if you do not trust in the Lord Jesus Christ now before it is too late. There are no atheists in Hell, they burn forever and know God is real. You cannot get saved after death because you can only have faith in that which is not directly seen. Then it is by sight. People in life even when Jesus was on Earth had to have trust in Him. You cannot have trust when there is only sight and no more trust. Now is the time for salvation, before you die. Once you are there, it is too late.

  • simon

    many people pretend, imagine, hope and make excuses for the pain or discomfort they feel have cancer but then the reality smacks hard!!!! Same as with atheists and God and judgement etc. Wise up

  • Cecil

    I don’t believe in ghosts; therefore, I don’t spend my time thinking about them. Why would I; they simply don’t exist. If there is no God, why get so emotional? Why spend your valuable time thinking about Him and hating Him so? What’s the point? It makes NO sense! By the way, God doesn’t send anyone to Hell. It is your choice. And God does not and will not violate your choice. Besides, Heaven is Heaven because God is there, so it wouldn’t be “heaven” for you. You would “hate” it just like you hate God. So, congratulations! You win–no God, no Heaven, and you will be allowed to hate Him forever!

  • Abi

    i would like to share my thoughts, but i would appreciate it if i do not get any critique.

    I don’t want to proclaim my Christianity to the world or force my opinions down unto anyone but for the purpose of the comment i will say that yes, i am a Christian.
    I agree with a lot of things from this piece of literature. It’s brutally honest and is something to consider. Even I know that description to be God. Unfortunately.
    But I believe that his grand scheme is based solely on free will. I believe his scheme changes constantly as our actions take form.I don’t believe He can jump in and change something or help in difficult circumstances because that would take the free will, the greatest gift we were granted, away. He can plant a though in someone’s head though, just a small suggestion, but it is the choice of that person to act upon the thought, to help the kids in Africa, to stand up to the bullies, to hold the man’s hand in the old age home on a Saturday, to murder the bastard in front of you, to decide if this person is really worth the emotion your feeling.

    In the old days you might had to have acted much more religious in circumstances. i don’t know. i wasn’t there.
    But today, in this century, we have come too far to be expected to follow blindly, to believe that everything happens for a reason. It doesn’t. It happens because we are given free will and because we have free will we get to decide how we want to live. Our actions based on our free will shape each other’s lives.

    Another thing i like to tell myself is that the Bible was written by humans, Flawed human beings, not gods. Some exaggerations are to be expected, a twist in the tale. People perceive things differently so the bible will contradict itself. These writers did not know one another or each other’s work. Gosh! Some of the scripture was only discovered a few years back! People found theses pieces century by century all over the world. Daniel was not even aware that Peter was going to write this and that and Peter did not know Daniel was going to write about that. They did not consult each other! So contradictions will take place in the book. You have to decide what you feel is right! People didn’t write in the time of Adam and eve. The first few books were written by people centuries after those characters died so it might not be so very correct. I also like to believe that the bible was a guideline to basic survival/life and not just a book of stories of our God. In those days condoms did not exist or another thing so having a child only with your husband would be wiser for the case of population control. The bible says not to east certain foods. Not necessarily because it is unholy but because they did not have the knowledge to know that white meat is better for your body than red meat. That taking away all the blood in meat takes away more germs. That pigs eat anything and thus makes them a health hazard (their meat). They did not know the gene complications when sleeping with a brother or sister. The bible just helped to be a guideline to life in certain cases.

    We live in the 21 century, we are supposed to think a bit more objectively.

    I don’t think you’ll ever be judged on your religion, i believe you will solely be judged on your actions because there are too many stories, too much pain too many monsters, too many righteous actions that end up hurting the innocent to be expected to just believe.
    If we have an understanding God like the bible says, he’ll understand that its just too hard. He made us so he should totally get that.

    If he doesn’t, then even i will admit to have made a mistake in my judgement.

  • Matt

    You can play with any of the toys in this room except that one over there . It’s a gun and it will kill you but I’m gonna leave it here just don’t touch it . Ok I’ll be back later .

  • Kyle

    Interesting idea. Flip off God who is Holy and loves you, while denying that you ever did wrong and asking him why he didn’t do more….

    I guess leaving his throne, humbling himself, enduring torture, giving his entire being and suffering for our benefit isn’t enough for some!

    John 4:48

    “48So Jesus said to him, “Unless you people see signs and wonders, you simply will not believe.”

    Thing is… we will all believe someday. And every knee will bend. (Even if you claim you won’t bow to him… you will. Very foolish to think you have power over God. But oh well.)

    Love everyone here! Hope the truth hits home and you are blessed!!

  • Jazz

    A message to my fellow “Christians”. Approaching an lost soul by calling them hurtful names and telling them “enjoy hell” ( really not cool) is not showing the love of Christ in you. Just remember, EVERYONE DESERVES HELL ACCORDING TO SCRIPTURE. (ROMANS 6:23)

  • Manny

    Men are blind, i feel, if God wasn’t real, then we wouldn’t be alive. Sure the big band could have happened, sure evolution could have taken place. But how does a single little molecule of bacteria create flesh and bone, creating grass and trees and wood. If as scientist say, this planet was nothing but a fiery gassy rock of fire, containing nothing but fire and gas, that would most definitely kill any living creation, including a little molecule. So sorry if i refuse to believe that i am a mistake that just happened to be. Excuse me for thinking every single person present on this planet is a beautiful and amazing design by God, that you and i were sculpted to be ourselves only, and not like the person next to me or next to you. And dont judge a whole group of people because of few peoples actions. Hell is real, and i do not even believe that the worst, evilest men who killed millions, deserve to go there. Hell was not originally made for us. Gods plan for us was to have a relationship, like Son and father, Mother and daughter. But sin, is the original enemy, because of sin, we are corrupt, flawed, and God is none of that. Think of it like breaking a law in a city. They might love you, but you have to pay for what you did. Sin is that thing that breaks laws. You now see why God sent his only son? No? Let me explain, see in Abraham’s, Noah’s, and Moses time, they had to sacrifice spotless lambs or goats, paying for our sins every year. But the people hated it beyond measure. God loved us so much, that we wouldn’t have to burn forever in hell. He sent his son, to pay for us. Nothing you ever will do will ever be good enough to get you in heaven, nothing i do, or she does, or he does, will ever get us in heaven. Its the truth, im sorry. So the cross not only reminds us of the death of Christ, the son of God. But his love for us. People seem to think that, oh, his gift is okay, but i need to do something to secure it, or that you can do something so horrible that he’d turn his back from us. We are sinners at birth, we will never be good enough to enter Heaven, am i calling you weak, and little, am i saying that you can’t do anything, no! I am saying that we are all supposed to be sent to Hell, because the way we are simply born with a sinful nature. Thus the reason Christ willingly got beat, spat on, judged, hated, and killed. And if there is any one thing you can ever get from this, is that this was done out of love! God so, SOOO!!! loved the world, not just me, or you, but every man.
    So loved the world that he gave his only Son, that anyone who believes on him may have everlasting life. I deserve to burn in hell, instead i received this free gift of life, that i may have everlasting life, and i do not know about you. But that is the most beautiful thing anyone could ever do for me. No one has ever shown me a loving filled action that can compare to this. I need affection and have a terrible need to give it. Leaving me empty and drained, i even thought i wouldn’t love anyone again. I’ve cried alot as well in this life. I may be young, but i know one thing. He loves me, I am always comforted by the spirit. And i tell you this, its saddens me, do not turn from God, i know you said what you said. But, i could careless if you were the evilest man alive, Hell is no place for a human, It is not ment for us, not even hilter, nor osama, nor the evil leaders of the Catholic church, who killed millions of Christians in the old ages, nor do they deserve it. No human deserves that, none. i dont care, no human deserves that. Son may even wonder, if were are so disgusting to God, and all this and that, then why didn’t he destroy adam and eve? well let me ask, Does a painter restart a whole painting that is near perfection because a color lands on a place he didn’t intend? No, God loved us beyond comprehension, even though i felt the love of Jesus through the Holy spirit, I tell you, his love is way beyond anything we feel right now.

  • RealTruth

    All i ever wanted from God was for him to Bless me with a wife and family that i Don’t have, and to see so many others that were very extremely lucky to have that certainly makes me very upset. Sucks for many of us to be all Alone for the holidays, Don’t It?

  • Cpowers

    Wow. Just wow when I read this. You know what I would say to a guy who said this to me? I would say, WHO THE HECK DO U THINK U ARE?!! Every single minute that u r living is mercy from God. All of us don’t even deserve to live a minute. We should all be in hell righ now, but because of gods grace and mercy he sent his own son that was willing to die for us! He payed the price of our sins. It’s not that God sends u to hell, it’s that u turn from God and u send urself to hell. It’s like a door locked from the inside which means u can go in. But once u do u can never get out of it.

  • ShadyR

    When you ask God for proof that he is real, he will not send it to you, he wants you to believe in him that is why he gave you free will, he calls you, you need to listen to him, he calls for you to come to him and worship him. Yes you may not want to serve a “asshole” but serve God and respect his plans for the future and he will look after you. The world is full of free will and the only way that crime and war will stop is if he takes that away, people need to come to God and be together in the unity of the Holy spirit.

    God Bless,

  • Meg

    I believe in God. That said, I don’t push my beliefs on anyone and some of my best friends are atheists. Belief, or non-belief in God, is a personal thing. What I took issue with in this article was the author being JUST as close-minded as they believe many Christians are. If an Atheist died and met God, wouldn’t you, as an Atheist, KNOWING that religion is a man-made thing, have an open-minded discussion with God instead of spouting out all the crap you’ve learned from religions about God…? That’s like me meeting someone everyone I know has talked shit about- should I just assume that person is a jerk or judge for myself? Be an open-minded Atheist.

  • S Leigh

    It doesn’t sound as if you don’t believe it sounds as if you don’t want to or your angry with God. Jesus loves you man! Talk to him

  • Guest

    Since no one knows what happens when you die, anything is possible. The organized religions seem the least likely, being so far-fetched and illogical, but who knows? It could be nothing happens or any numbr of other things happen. We will find out soon enough.

  • http://www.menznews.com/ Joe Dokes

    The one truth is that no one know. Anything is possible. We will find out soon enough.

  • http://www.menznews.com/ Joe Dokes

    But if we live in a rational universe, where God is not a crazy, irrational person as depicted in every major religion, then I would have a nice conversation with Him, thank him for all the nice things, and ask what else I could do to help promote this (presumably rational) agenda.

  • eric

    I love it when people say god is our father and knows what’s best for us like our literal fathers on earth… My dad cheated on my mom put me threw a horrible divorce where I watch him get dragged away in his underwear multiple times to jail, smoked meth in the room next to me, never did anything other than for himself… So don’t use the shit that god is our father and “knows what’s best for us”.. I’m agnostic and 21 and am more successful than my parents are now at 42 and god didn’t do it I did I put on my big boy pants never went to church never said prayers I did it all cause I realized talking words in my head wouldn’t get me anywhere but right where my parents are… I’m not looking for simpathy or remorce I’m stating facts… If god is real I will happily take my fate cause I do more for people than my family does who are devote followers

  • TTT

    For all those who sincerely want evidence of Gods existence. Don’t look to mainstream religion. They (that is those organizations as a whole and not individuals) are hypocrites and misrepresent God. My suggestion is to do your own Bible study. There are satisfying and reasonable explanations to life’s big questions such as; 1) Where do we come from, 2) What happen to the dead? 3) If there is a God, why is the world the way it is? Many are turned off the idea of God because they feel he is in control of the earth and the things going on, while in fact that is not actually the case. Many also feel that the Bible is unscientific because it says the earth was made in 6 literal days (i.e. creationism), while in fact that is an unbiblical teaching. There are many such instances of misapplied scripture and at times completely false doctrine (i.e. Hell) being spread by mainstream religion. Please do your own investigation and humbly ask God to help you understand His word. He loves people and wants them to have a relationship with Him. But it takes effort and humility to stick with it (that is study of the Bible) to develop that relationship. In time you will build faith, not blind ignorant faith, but faith based on a solid understanding of His personality and will. My hopes go out to all who are honestly disturbed by the conditions of the world and who want answers.

  • America’s Hope

    They author completely misses the point of salvation and righteousness. Like in the story of the Sheep and the Goats, the point was not so much whether we did this or didn’t do that. The point is this: those who are saved do not have their sins counted against them. The good things they do, however, are counted toward their reward. Conversely, those who do not believe and follow God have all their sins held against them. Their good works count for nothing because only the perfect 100% imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ is sufficient to blot out our sin. Just my 2¢.

  • Truth is not the quesiton

    Why some CAN’T believe.

    The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned.
    1 Corinthians 2:14

    Yet there is NO excuse for it.

    For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. For His invisible attributes, namely, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.
    Romans 1:19-20

    Though the knowledge may be in them, this does not mean they’ll believe.

    .. since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done.
    Romans 1:28


    For many are called, but few are chosen.
    Matthew 22:14

    The Called, have the Knowledge, which is all of us, and then it Stops here, unless of course, we choose to respond to this Knowledge of Him He’s given us.

    Then those of us who do become Chosen, and we go further into this Truth by Faith which He continues to reveal more of Himself in.

    However, He Went as far as to come down to our lowly level here on earth to Reveal Himself and the Depth of His love for us, by Dying in our place so that we can go beyond the plain knowledge that A God exist, and go further into the whole knowledge of all His Truth and have a relationship with Him from here now into eternity, which saves us from ultimate destruction destined for all those who do not receive the Truth, which is Him…

    …He died for everyone, so for those who receive his new life will no longer live for themselves.

    Instead, they will live for Christ, who died and was raised for them.
    2 Corinthians 5:15

    For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.
    John 3:16

    Therefore until that day..

    The Lord is not slow to fulfill His promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.
    2 Peter 3:9

    It is through Repentance that an inner transformation takes place because it takes place through a humbling experience that opens the eyes that were once blind, and ears that were once deaf, all because of our sinful nature that is only concerned with Self and seeks Self in Self-indulgence and therefore deceived to believe that man in himself is Self-sufficient, which results in Self-Pride, and or Self-destruction in the end, which all completely separates us from God and the TRUTH entirely, just as it did in the beginning, and for this reason Jesus, our God came to be our Savior, in this fallen world.

    Our Sinful Nature:

    “None is righteous, no, not one; no one understands;
    no one seeks for God. All have turned aside; together they have become worthless; no one does good, not even one.”
    Romans 3:10-12 and 23 – for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God

    “Son of man, you are living among a rebellious people. They have eyes to see but do not see and ears to hear but do not hear, for they are a rebellious people.
    Ezekiel 12:2

    It is not until we come to the humbling realization of this Truth, will we seek Him in repentance and truly find Him Just as He promises.

    ..from there you will seek the LORD your God and you will find Him, if you search after Him with all your heart and with all your soul.
    Deuteronomy 4:29

    ..Seek Me and you will find Me, when you seek Me with all your heart.
    Jeremiah 29:13

    “Seek the Lord while He may be found; call upon Him while He is near; let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, that He may have compassion on him, and our God, for He will abundantly pardon.
    Isaiah 55:6-7

    Which clarifies the well-known sang: and the Truth will set you free.

    The problem to that is, the Truth is GOD Himself, which is where this comes from..

    …and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
    John 8:32

    If you do not know Him you do not know the TRUTH, and are not free, which is why those who don’t Know Him, still go on questioning everything, ( soul searching Questions ) which are never answered and truly satisfied without knowing He is the Only true answer and the answer to all things.

    “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened.
    Matthew 7:7-8

    But let him ask in Faith, with no doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind. For that man ought not to expect that he will receive anything from the Lord
    James 1:6-7

    Jesus says to us ALL,
    “I Am the Way, and the TRUTH, and the Life. No one comes to the Father ( GOD, Our Creator ) except through Me.
    John 14:6



    God made everything for His sake.
    Not for your sake you little fucker.

    But I will take the time to explain a couple things for you, that you may ponder in Hell for eternity.

    It is quite simple:

    When a man builds a cabin in the woods to go on holidays, he does so for His enjoyment and relaxation.

    He does not build it to have a place to invite His enemies.

    No, He only invites visitors to his cabin, who love him and will serve him and bring him joy for the duration of their stay.

    He does not invite assholes who hate him, despite the fact that He has given them everything they have and surrounded them with the beauty of Creation.

    Nor does He invite assholes who opose His reign and talk shit about Him when they think he is not listening.

    Nor does He invite assholes who disrespect Him and rebel against Him, and do their damnest to make others do the same, and thus spread their sin and cause more of it.

    Like you do when you phrased this moronic rant, that you thought would cover your ass with your Creator, while at the same time impress your fellow-atheist assholes.

    You attempted to ride two horses at once.

    You wanted to avoid Hell, while at the same time disrespecting and blaspheming The Lord, instead of throwning yourself to the ground and bow your head in respect, repentance and obediance.

    You thought you could hustle your way into Heaven, while at the same time blaspheme and disrespect The Sovereign of The Universe.

    Thus you thought your “intelligence”, that you think so highly of, would, trick your way into Heaven and impress your shithead-atheist companions at the same time.

    You thought yourself, very clever indeed.

    Well, just as you now plead for your soul to avoid Hell, while disrespecting your Creator at the same time, you will finally understand this simple fact, you little idiot:

    You do not want to go to Hell because you know you will suffer and not enjoy it.

    While God on the other hand does not want you in Heaven, because He does not like you and He will not enjoy your company.

    And while you can only plead in your desperate attempt of avoiding the suffering of Hell, God on the other hand does not have to plead with you at all in order to avoid the misery of having you around.

    Instead He can simply say FUCK OFF & GO TO FUCKING HELL, DEXMAC.

    And then you will. For all time.

    Now listen up the rest of you little cheeky atheist-motherfuckers:

    DEXMAC is doomed by his own device and has no hope whatsoever, but for the rest of you may learn from his example.

    Those who suffer from doubt, shall keep their doubts to themselves and not push their spiritual AIDS of atheism on your fellow man.

    Know that none of you little atheist-fuckers are going to trick your way into Heaven.

    In the eyes of Heaven you are all bunch of filthy little traitors who have used your free will to join Satan and further his cause, while at same time doing your best to demoralize The Faithful..

    Well, if you shop at our competitors, you can burn at our competitors.

    We care for own servants and employees only, and the rest can burn in Hell.

    God made everything for His sake and not for yours, you little traitor-pieces of shit.

    And THAT is the answer to all your questions.
    Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.


  • DevilDogJ

    I haven’t met one single atheist that was happy about it. They are angry with God, angry with His Church, angry with His followers. They don’t have rational conversations with Christians without anger.
    However, I think it’s fairly safe to say, behind every angry atheists was a, I hope, good intentioned, Christian that failed to be a good example of who God truly is. They through judgement and condemnation at them instead of love and forgiveness.
    I see a lot of arrogant/ignorant pride in this letter and some of the responses. I see a very big misunderstanding of what righteousness is. If you don’t have the Holy Spirit than you can’t fathom God the creator. “The fool has said in his heart there is no god” but the truth of the matter is everyone has a god and everyone has faith. An atheists god is himself and they still have blind faith wether it’s in money, gravity, the sun will rise, or they will live another day and wake up or that their life will continue or their children will be safe. That all takes faith. They have given up a god to believe in science which also takes faith. They have given up a god to believe in education and the intelligence of mankind which takes a lot of faith.
    Imagine a nuclear physicists trying to explain nuclear fusion to an ant hill society, now you may understand just a little why I don’t put a lot of faith in human scientists to explain our universe. We can’t possibly fathom the universe but in our arrogance we believe we can be like god.
    Theree will always be people with more education, more money, more power, more fame, more intelligence but just because you’ve been blessed on this earth doesn’t mean anything. Tell me one of those things you can take with you in death, no matter what your destination is or isn’t?
    As Christians, we need to do a better job of not just proclaiming Jesus with our lips but mostly proclaiming him by our lifestyle. You need to offer something they don’t have and would like. If all you look like is the world than you offer them nothing and Jesus is not truly in your life. There will be many people in hell including many so called Christians who thought they were doing God’s work but did not have a personal relationship with His Son. Love the Lord with all your heart, all your mind, all your body, and all your soul. That’s what will save souls not condemning them of their sin or telling them theiir destination if they don’t convert. Love one another just as Christ loves the church for while you were still a sinner (hated him just like these atheists do) He gave up His own life for you. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t die for anyone I didn’t already love let alone someone that hated me and I for sure wouldn’t send my only son to die for people that hated me and him….But that’s exactly what God did for all of us.

  • Truth

    God please stop sucking Cock already.

  • Guest
  • Coleen Larson

    Maybe you are asking what and why too early.

  • RealTruth

    God is a filthy Scumbag. Doesn’t exist anyway.

  • haerat

    Very interesting writing, so these are the thoughts of an atheist from christian influenced culture trying to calm his psyche for the possibility of being wrong. Is really all about believing in god the question whether, is there something on the other side or not?

    I think there is a “reason” what this universe get started and put the rules how it works. Call it god, call it nature, call it the big bang or else we make it responsible for all the suffer on earth for which we self are the reason and cause. Instead of being thankful to be, to live and to learn we fight each other even on the intellectual level.
    To escape responsibility is so easy right.

    We can not judge on things we do not know everyone is free to believe what he wants we will see when the time comes who was in right.

    To deny the possibility of god in a religious manner is also no solution.
    You can be a atheist how you like but the small question of “what if?” will
    always be there.

    I am not a native in English speaker so i apologize for any wrong grammatic or difficulty in understanding of my writing.

  • Jesus is coming

    The bible clearly states that once in heaven the former things will have past away and there will be no more weeping and sorrow for the things of the past. This means although there will be knowledge of family and friends burning in hell forever, it will not affect the heart of a saved person in heaven. There is 100% NO sorrow in heaven so we will not be moping around missing former loved ones. I got my ticket and his name is Jesus. Maranatha.

  • Mr T

    The person who posted this article really thinks it’s great?

    It’s pretty juvenile and out right stupid! The author accuses God of being self centered but he sounds like he is the narcissistic self centered one. He rambles on and on. It sounds like HE wants to be God. That is very typical. These people complain about a God who judges when all they do is judge! They really do believe in God, they just don’t like the competition.

  • roland

    in opposition of emassing an enlargened army under lucifers comptroll (i would giveth a soul the opption of termination as oppisition of eternal damnation in most exempliary casses

  • BardaF

    If there happens to be no God Almighty, no hell below us, and above us only sky, then at death the Christian has lost nothing. We will all continue to live in the memories of our loved us, whoever we are, for as long as people will remember us. But the Christian has lost nothing. However, if the greatest possible Being does exist, if God is alive and we must answer to Him, then upon death the atheist loses EVERYTHING, including his/her own soul. Therefore, the atheistic assumption of no God is the real wishful thinking.

  • Jane

    First of all, God doesn’t wish evil things to happen! They are consequences of people’s choices affecting other people. And because the Lord created us with free will, He has to respect that. If He didn’t, we would be no better than His puppets and you would be complaining about that too? Also, God doesn’t have an ego, He created us to share in His love and live happily with Him. But the disobedience of humans ruined that. I’d explain it more, but I already did plenty and somebody as delusional, arrogant, and worldly as you still most likely will never understand. I pity you and I pray for your deliverance. But that’s just my understanding. Even though these are your beliefs, you could convey them in a rational and respectful way rather than blatantly disregarding religious values-I don’t think there is a single religion that would not consider this BLASPHEMY.

  • Magnus Robert Carl Wootton

    gods got us by the balls, you can squirm and hate as much as you like, hell let you, until the moment where you take it too far then itll be bringing on the pain big time buddy. and its no good saying gods bad for giving you pain, because you broke the truth of the universe, which you have no idea about, and god doesnt like giving you clues, cause its part of the game. If you use your god given gifts of simple ingenuity to hurt others, he will cast a feeble mind spell on you, for you to come up with it all again, a little too late to be prodigious anymore.

    • EvolutionKills

      Evidence or GTFO.

  • Chanda

    This is very sad. Holy Spirit please open the eyes snd ears of everyone who reads this.

    • EvolutionKills

      Or provide objective, independently verifiable evidence for the existence of your existence or any of your supernatural claims.


      Color me surprised.

  • Cganda
  • Caleb

    Just a thought, author, if yousee this, take it into consideration why out of all the religions, you so negetively thought of christianity. Maybe God actually wants you to try to disprove him. I have heard many stories, liok it up, that show many athiests trying to disprove God but end up just finding proof, I challemge you to find proof, also, tell that why, just out of the old testament, over 2000 prophecies have fulfilled, dont below me, search it, read, the word of God, by Phyllis Robinso. Try to disprove God, I dare you.

    • EvolutionKills

      Disprove god? You need to prove him first.

      Evidence or GTFO.

  • kurosakikun777

    I used to be an atheist, but have been a born-again Christian for twenty years now. When you see God, you won’t be telling him this-and-that. I can guarantee that you will be on your knees, arms spread with your face to the ground, terribly afraid to even look at Him!

    • EvolutionKills

      Evidence or GTFO.

  • Kim

    I just had to laugh at the title. It proves you have no clue about God. You wont be able to open your mouth you will be so filled with terror/fear/amazement (fill in an emotion so overwhelming, that you have never experienced here on Earth). Take your chances all you want, but you have the opportunity right now to know Him and be on his good side come judgment day. No man can change his own evil heart, but if you want to know Him truly, you can. Pray and don’t give up.

    • EvolutionKills

      Right, because believing unsubstantiated bullshit is the key to… believing unsubstantiated bullshit.

      If your god wants me to believe, he already knows what evidence would be required to convince myself or any skeptic on the planet. That he hasn’t speaks only to either his inability, or his not giving a shit. Impotence or malevolence.

      You know I could take everything you wrote, replace God with any other god concept, and it would be just as believable? That I could swap it our for Allah or the Buddha, and I’d have just as much reason to believe it? Should tell you something ab out how utterly not compelling baseless assertions and hearsay are to those who value evidence and reason for their beliefs.

  • pharside

    Well said “No one will ever read this”. The level of obnoxious, self righteous, arrogance in this letter just boggles the mind. I can’t fault you if you don’t believe in God, or any god. That represents a personal and substantial change in one’s world view, and sometimes that is a very difficult thing to do. What constitutes an atheist vs. an agnostic is a subject for another time. But in this imaginary situation, to say that, in the face of the proof you so desired, that you would treat the creator of the universe with such disrespect and contempt, all while knowing little about the religion, the personality traits of said deity (you’re not a follower, remember?), the conditions and nature of creation… Basically you don’t know shit about shit. Your life on this Earth was like a grain of sand on the beach when compared to the vast expanse of time from which and omniscient, omnipresent, eternal being would come. And when it comes to understanding the how’s and why’s concerning the creation of the universe, the complexities of natural laws that were created just so this universe could exist and function according to plan, the reasons for creation, all the way down to the question of ‘why did God let that guy rob Bill’s store’ are ALL things you not only can’t answer or account for, but don’t even posses the mental capacity to understand even if it were explained to you. We’re tiny little specs in this universe who don’t even completely understand our /own/ planet. Yet you would approach this ‘Creator of all things’ with this unbelievable level of arrogant, self righteous, contempt? A being that has the ability, and the RIGHT, to give you everything you could ever dream of, condemn you to everlasting eternal torment, or wipe you and any memory of you from the face of existence, and you would honestly mouth off to him like this? He doesn’t owe you a thing. He made you, and everything you know and see. You belong to him. This world belongs to him. And you somehow think you are better than him? If you would truly act like this before an omniscient deity….
    Wow. Just… just…. wow. If you read the Bible, not even the devil himself is this disrespectful in the face of God. Not only do you seem to think this is a good idea, you think others should agree with you. ‘Who are you to judge me?’ Damn dude. This isn’t courage or righteous indignation. This is just lunacy. I only have one question for you.
    Just how damn stupid are you?

    Now as for the ‘God’ question, either there is a God, or there isn’t. Either
    answer is frightening. If there isn’t, there is no meaning for existence, we’re just a cosmic accident, so we can just do what ever the hell we want. Nothing we do matters anyway, so fuck it, right?. But if there is, we had better find out who he is and what he wants. Spending your life mocking him and his followers is not very smart. Needless to say, he’s not going to be too happy about it. Admitting that you don’t know, or that you need more evidence is something else entirely. At least it’s demonstrating some level of intellectual honesty. We just simply don’t know everything. Flat out saying that there /is no God/ is arrogant insanity. The only way you could conclusively say that, would be if you possess all knowledge and wisdom in the universe. Logic would dictate that either you don’t, and thus are a lunatic, or you /are/ omniscient, and by definition, ARE God. See what I’m getting at here? The only one capable of conclusively disproving the existence of God, would be God himself.

  • O’brian Missinnyc Williams

    Atheist=alien by that I mean it’s Not a good word to describe how you really feel I agree with this article completely except for that word it’s way too drastic and morbid we have been conditioned to believe that aliens don’t exist yet to beings on other planets we are those aliens I dont believe in a biblical god at all but I do believe In something supreme that cant be named won’t come back to judge but just believes in the good in us for we are truly made in that image not the physical beasts that roams now god is human the devil is human you just have to choose your path and choose your leader I choose to remain as still as possible until chaos makes sense

    • EvolutionKills

      Pure gibberish.

  • what ever

    Men are either more powerful then god or more merceful. men should not worship gods.

  • Rachael Swanker

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    • EvolutionKills

      Sell your snake oil elsewhere charlatan.

  • Danny Aaron Burlison

    The most foolish article I have ever read in my life. Its one thing to Sin and ask for forgiveness, but to totally assume that there is no God is like looking at a grocery store and saying they don’t sell beer…. I really if I were u would do some rethinking. If someone gives me a book that tells me this is how an engine works on a car…. I would consider the manual, however it states exactly what u do u hate God because He declares your works are evil… God didn’t come to condemn… He died to save u…. John 3+16 @ john 3:17

  • ReallyDoes

    Hey God, where is my wife and family that i always wanted? God Sucks.

  • Donald Steven Gerard

    I am not an Atheist. I fully expect to confront god at some point. If he can “read my mind” then so much the better. I have “sinned” in my life but after losing my wife to a combination of Alzheimer’s and cancer(the pain of which she could not communicate) I have decided that on judgement day I am going to be the one asking the questions. That’s right god, you’ve got a lot of explaining to do. I am also not concerned about being excluded from his presence because I do intend to cause all the turmoil I can to disturb the “eternal peace” he offers until an explanation I and all humanity and all the observing angles can understand. There is a quote in the bible “my ways are not your ways” or some such crap. That is not an adequate explanation. You created us, you created the universe and all of the physical laws that govern the universe. You created germs and bacteria and viruses and rattle snakes and scorpions, etc, etc — you know all the screwed up stuff you created to do harm to humans, and in fact, to other of your creations. How fucked up is that , god? After observing how all your creations and laws were designed to cause havoc I wonder if you are really perfect. I DO NOT BELIEVE SO. There is chaos here on earth and the universe is observably chaotic also. Actually, I do not believe god is all powerful, all merciful, all knowing, and all that other stuff. I believe in an entity that is intelligent and responsible for “unintelligent design” and who must, somehow, be made accountable for all the misery it has caused. I guess I’ll find out some day. Still plan on demanding an explanation.

  • RealGoodHonestAnswer

    God is a real Scumbag for Not giving me a wife and family that others have, then again with so many low life women out there nowadays just adds to the problem too since there are No good women to meet anymore unlike the good old days when women were women and certainly a hell of a lot Nicer And Easier too meet back then.

  • Disambiguation

    If god exists (in the Judeo-Christian sense), then why did he create Satan and all the bad stuff? If god is any good, he would have gotten it right the first time. The j-c god is a lousy designer. Stupid design would be more correct than ‘intelligent design’. Or maybe god created satan and bad stuff because he was bored and suffering amuses him. Also, belief that God is an antropomorphic elderly patriarch is arrogant and stupid. If cows were religious, their god would be an old bull. If dolphins were faithful, they would believe god is a marine mammal. Its just a reflection of our species arrogance and and prejudices. Even more so, ethnic groups imagine their god to be of their ethnic group. You are not made in gods image. Face it. ‘God’ is all of the laws of physics combined, in my view. And I dont think you really gain much by praying to the law of gravity. (Einstien held this view also).

    • SoVeryTrue

      You really Can’t blame us innocent people that always have very bad luck from the day we were born.

  • Bohemian Fiala

    YOU STUPID MORON.. if it’s an Atheist .. THEY DON’T BELIEVE IN GOD.. YOU MORON ILLITERATE BASTARD!!!!!! … oh.. you have to LOGIN to become a part ot the TREASURED MORON NETWORK.. well .. go fuck your NAZI moron network and your LACK of FREE SPEECH and your NAZI REPUBLICAN BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bohemian Fiala

    JACK-ASSED MORON REPUBLICAN mental-midgets .. Illiterate BONE-HEADS of the 3rd REICH .. MORONS that .. as ALL TYPICAL REPUBLICANS GO .. Heil Hitler! After all .. ALL GOOD REPUBLICANS DO AS THEY ARE TOLD.. THEY NEVER GRADUATED FROM THE 5-year old mentality of “DON’T QUESTION THOSE IN AUTHORITY!!! JUST KEEP YOUR 5-year old mentality in the rest of your years .. AND DO AS YOU ARE TOLD!!! You Stupid MORON JACKASSES .. Just as you NEVER GRADUATED FROM THE 3RD GRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bohemian Fiala

    Up your assholes you republican CHICKEN-SHITS .. and HEIL FUCKING HITLER and Joesph McCarthy and the Kennedy Brothers!!!!

  • tye1113

    I try my best to believe in the good of God but sometimes I feel as though I have no other option but to believe that most Christians who say you need to open your mind are actually stuck in a close minded loop. What am I saying? Well to simply believe that an entity has always existed with no cause and simply leave it at that is the purest of close mindedNess. And to say that he created us with free will is also a border line lie… it feels more like predestination. I have had multiple theories about god…

    For instance…

    What if we are God’s with our own creation of multi-verse realities? “Follow me closely because I am seriously going to make you think.”

    What if God is actually a human being? Just like us! What if we are actually the micro cells of his body. Like a infinitely microscopic building block of his genetic make up. Our planet is an atom and our interstellar orbit is the electron field with which we live! What if I told you that god is real except only we are him and we are created by his birth which marks the beginning of our time! The creation of all things! Look at the world around you and try to imagine this really our bodies have electrical inpulse which is actually our sun. That is our source of light in his body and time for us is multiplied so like the cells in our own bodies that multiply and die within pico-seconds are like full revolutions of beginning world’s in their entire life span till end. We feel time differently.

    Same concept with us As we are God’s to the living cells in our bodies which are actually multiv-verse realities of other worlds with people and lives similar to our own. Now… with that being said god is simply a human being that simply lives within a world similar to our own and even god has a god with whom he is a block to the genitive make up of the higher human (god) and so forth in an infinitely increasing state Of being. there is no measure to time only because time is so infinitely excellerated! one single second to our god (or human with which we are made in) could be several revelations of world beginnings and endings!

    our comprehension of his time would be compared to frozen time and our time if frozen wouldnot nearly mean that the planes of existence below us are frozen too. They still move and live through their entire lives beginning to end…

    mind blown yet?

    OK so think about this!

    Ask yourself… can you send a message to your cells in your body to tell them you are real and you are listening and you have a paradise for them when those single cells die? ask yourself simply, can I concept my continuously dying cells as other world’s with lower planes of human kind and do I believe In them? Do they even matter and are they relevent?! Hard to answer huh? Well thats what God thinks of us. We are just as unappreciated and irrelevant to him as your own body cells are to you! Ask yourself if you are god and your cells are your creation what have you done to benifit them? Youre obese youre lazy and you do nothing to help youself! You destroy your health with drugs and deliver disease between sex partners for just a night. You scum. You are a horrible god and thats how you should think of our God. we are him we make him what he is. And our human believer within our body believe in us. But do you believe in them?


    before anyone say that this is not true or perhaps I am over thinking it you should take the time to imagine the concept. How far off is this from what is really happening? I just proved that god is real. I just proved that god is crested. I just proved that we are also gods. I just proved the infinite world’s theory. I just proved how God feels about us and how we out to think of him. I just simply given you the theory to solving your questions! every single question you have!

    I don’t know where heaven fits in yet but perhaps that was someone’s imagined resolution to the fear of death…

    • tye

      Oh yeah part of this theory includes that because our time is infinitely multiplied compared to his he doesn’t even have enough time to conciDer the though of us in our lifetime. our entire galaxy will die before even a nano second has past in his time

  • Really

    Fuck you God and die.

  • vasss

    So wait god? Let me get this straight? You programmed us to require evidence for things existing and then hid yourself, designed an entire universe where the natural laws show nothing but signs of you NOT existing, then revealed yourself one time thousands of years ago in a time where superstition, fear, ignorance and lack of credible historical evidence was around. Then you gave all of your instructions to completely random unverifiable people in this isolated region of the world and with already knowing the future and where all of us would end up anyway, decided that was “good enough” justification for torturing us forever in fucking FIRE even though you knew ahead of time none of this would work and still claim you love us and that I have free will and chose wrong even though you knew all of this would happen ahead of time including the words I am saying to you now which are pointless because you already made up your mind thousands of years ago about where I would be going regardless of what I say to you and if I did say anything that would convince you of your own retardation, you would had just chanced all of your policies from the very beginning to begin with.

    Yeah….Fuck you you sadist.

  • elena

    I just read this.we pople hqve our own free will. God is intangible yo have to feel Him. I know you have a n issue of worhipping I totally get that. He said that he is a selfish God. All I can say is when the timebthe revelation comes, you are so going to hell.. after we being judged andvreunited with our physical body as a ressurection you are going to be casted out on the lake of fire with your flesh burning bu never dies.

  • HonestlySpeaking

    God where are the real good old fashioned women that we had at one time since Most women nowadays are the Biggest Cheaters? Which certainly explains why the Divorce Rate is so out of control now thanks to those Losers.

  • ISpeakTheTruth

    God you Dumbass Faggot why did you Punish us innocent people over the years for?

  • ISpeakTheTruth

    God why in the world did you give me two Loser wives over the years instead of one Good wife that i wanted so much to have a family with, and with the first one that Cheated on me and the second one that was Bi Polar speaks for itself.

  • AJ

    One of the funniest things I’ve read>>”I’m not going to kneel”! Oh, yes you are!! Surprise! “Every knee SHALL bow!” Contrary to popular(comical, actually) belief there is NO such thing as an “atheist.” The knowledge of God “IS” written on EVERY man’s heart, period. Now, there are those who choose not to “follow” Christ, but all KNOW he exists. That…..is not termed “atheist.” It is rebellion.

  • AFBooks

    Interesting that this atheist really did convert to believing but rejecting God given the number of times he brings God to his thoughts.

    No one can conceive, think about, or extrapolate from the corporeal or incorporeal existence that which does not exist. We can only talk about that which we conceive in our minds, harbor or entertain in our thoughts, or extrapolate or abstract from existence whether that existence is corporeal or incorporeal. A corollary to this is we cannot entertain in our thoughts, conceive in our minds, or extrapolate or abstract from that which does not exist. When we talk about something, we have already entertained it in our thoughts or conceived of it.

    Therefore, when we talk about God, we have thought or conceived Him in our thoughts thereby giving strong evidence of His existence in our speaking. Therefore, when atheists talk about God, they have thought or conceived Him in their thinking and give strong evidence of His existence according to the stated premises.

    Some may claim, “Superman does not exist. The characters in Star Wars and Star Trek do not exist. The characters or material world in fiction novels do not exist. The gods of other religions do not exist. We can think, conceive, and imagine them although they do not exist and they have come into our minds through an external source.

    To this a reply could be given that all of the characters and worlds of fiction are extrapolations of what already exist in reality. Superman is an extrapolation of men who exist. His creator simply integrated characteristics of other things that exist such as flying, great strength, and other characteristics and dressed him up in a costume that children now wear for Halloween. The same also applies to worlds and characters in Star Wars and Star Trek. Their creators embellish, extrapolate from, and impose on such fictitious worlds and characters from that which already exist. Imagination is a great thing, because it can integrate those characteristics from what exist and create novel things from them.

    The Preacher from Ecclesiastes said as much when he noted:

    “That which has been is what will be, That which is done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun. Is there anything of which it may be said, “See, this is new”? It has already been in ancient times before us” (Ecclesiastes 1:9-10)

    That is, what one imagines, thinks, conceives, or extrapolates from what exist has already occurred many times before by others who preceded those who have so imagined, thought, conceived, or extrapolated from what exist. They simply gave this fiction the settings of their generations and encasing this fiction in that which they knew.

    Therefore, this atheist, although seemingly ridiculing God, still entertains Him in His thoughts. The Bible makes this clearly known when it claims, “The fool has said in his heart, there is no God” (Psalm 14:1).

    Let’s see how the atheist acknowledges God in trying to deny Him. The atheist could not complete the sentence but would be held stranded in mid sentence, “The fool has said in his heart there is no…”

    If God does not exists, the fool or anyone else who makes the statement could never complete the sentence but would stop short of declaring God. God would never come to his mind if He did not exists. Therefore, the atheist gives strong evidence in his own mind of God’s existence. Deny all he wishes, God is inescapable to him.

    The atheist who wrote this article ironically ended it by stating, “Your move, God.” He acknowledges that which he denies while also acknowledges that he made up his own double-mindedness by denying what he knows exists, because his own thoughts and speech declares it so. God already made His move and placed the ball in the atheist’s court. This atheist can continually take a swipe at God while he entertains Him in his thoughts while denying what he believes so strongly with his thoughts.

    The choice remains the atheist’s as it always has. He can entrench himself in his contradiction with an anti-knowledge stance or he can engage in a sincere move and gain the knowledge that already agrees with his own thoughts. So which is it, Mr. Atheist? Sincerity and honesty or more ridicule?

  • Jojo

    Tbh I feel like religion is something people go to so when they die they feel happy like they’re going somewhere or they’re apart of something bigger

  • frankyburns

    God is now sending out SPAM to affirm his existence. You know, all that mail you erase every day? Some of it actually does have messages from God. He had a similar, ineffective communication in the pre-Internet days, when he clothed his message as a religion — you know, those thought systems, all but one (supposedly) devised by men, all of which are false, except one (supposedly)? So much talk nowadays about intelligent design — who designed this message delivery system?

  • SoTrue

    Stop making so many very high maintenance women that are very independent, selfish, and very spoiled, since so many of us Good guys are still Single because of this, and start making a lot of Good ones for a change.

  • Tonino ter Ressort

    I was once an atheist. That is, until I met the great omnipotent and
    omnipresent spirit of life. The one that spoke the seen from the unseen
    (there is your big bang). Jesus. God in the flesh. Who went about
    healing the sick and providing for all that were in need. You know, the
    one from the fairytale, the one murdered, risen from the dead and who is pouring out his mighty holy spirit until he’s coming back. Now that I
    found interesting. That is, the spirit pouring part. Jesus/God provides
    us with 9 powerful divine supernatural gifts: Speaking in tongues,
    interpretation of tongues, power to heal, power to do miracles, divine
    knowledge and wisdom about situations or people, gift of prophesy, gift
    of faith and discerning of spirits. It’s all in 1 Corinthians 12:7-11.
    You want prove? Well, apart from the thousands of healings, provisional
    interventions, dead raising, demonic liberations I have witnessed in
    His mighty name, the ground that you are standing on is His. And you are still denying His being? There is more in life that you can see, smell, feel or touch. First comes the flesh, then comes the spirit life. If you can read and are still in the flesh, you are the most pittyfull of men. Jesus is still presenting His kingdom for free.
    Stop being stubborn and get the ** in! Once you are in (ask Him), He
    will (by his Spirit) reveal to you the whole truth. Don’t be afraid.
    He’s is a good God to the meek/teachable. You wouldn’t want to skip
    divine life right here on earth (2 Peter 1:4) and eternal life once
    you’ve have past away (John 6:53), would you now? All for free.

  • Ahmad

    i just found this , and i came from a middle eastern Islamic culture , for many years i have not known myself , am i a believer of god or “Allah” in other term , my work in IT gave me one morale .”not that everything happens for a reason but more everything happens because of a trigger or doer” , until now i have been searching and thinking and making doubts to know the truth .

    in the Quran – i don’t know if this exists in the Bible or not to be honest – God Actually asks people to question everything, and the first is to question that god entity , does it exist or not… so the first thing i did is to question God’s existence , i still think that there is a creator for the system that we are living in … however there is God Creator that as far as i am thinking – is not following the abrahamic description – and to me that creator does not judge ,and is just is , and there is the god that people created perhaps to collect money , make significant status for them , to put fear or greed in their souls , and to me that god lost all kind of respect that a god should have , if i follow that god out of fear then he needed to get me scared in order to follow the rules , and if i follow that god out of greed then i am just saying i don’t give a damn about others or other’s bullshit i just want that Gold you promised me. both ways i wont be following that god out of respect for myself. so i believe about the first god creator “the just is” simply that god creator might be the universe that we live in and look at all its components and we are one as equal. and i don’t think that creator would be pissed at me because of that or make me burn in hell , life goes on right ?

    so thinking of life as a program , there was someone who initiated the program , but then many programmers came and add their code lines in the life script , Politics butts in – crusade wars is the best example -, Money & wealth butt in , and so many bugs are created in that program , sometimes i joke about but it would be horrible truth if that is right that god created us as a prototype in order to create better systems !!!

    in the end i think , Hell and heaven depends on your feelings , if you are happy with your life and in complete harmony with the universe then you are in heaven , if you are not then you are in hell , and that does not need a religion to make me understand that.


  • Who Cares

    if god existed which i don’t personally believe why are good innocent people constantly suffering around the world. starving children with different diseases within africa. gaza strip being bombed out by Israel. wars in iraq Afghanistan ukraine libya yemen the list goes on, where over a millions of people have died.(Mostly civilians.) etc. rich people living the high life to the poor suffering constantly just to survive . i personally believe that religion was created for the people in power to control the population. because without religion the world would be a much crazier place.

  • dancingcrane

    This article, and most of the comments, is exactly the sort of thing I wrote when I was an atheist for 10 years. You all cover all the bases I did. I thought I had a great life, and I spent a good chunk of it doing what you are doing now. I studied all religions and had open contempt for all of them. I could counter any religious argument. God didn’t exist, but I didn’t need God to be happy, to help people.

    But then God made Himself evident, like an annoying relative you can’t get rid of. I didn’t want what I was faced with, but if you are seeking truths of the universe at all, you don’t just stop when you find one you don’t like.

    I had already seen and fought all the stupidities that religious people can fall into, and was seeing the same kind of knee-jerk ignorance in some fellow atheists. When the real thing shows up, you can tell the difference. You can either turn away, or engage it. I got answers to my hard questions, because I already knew all the answers that everyone else was giving, and understanding the real answers was mind-blowing.

    That’s why I’ve been Catholic now, for 35 years. I still see plenty of people being stupid on all sides, but people have free will. They will do and believe what they will. But the truth, as they say, is really out there – and in here.

    • Wallace B…

      Catholic church is heretic, quit it now

  • johann K.

    For one to be a genuine atheist, that individual must never, never, never, ever think about God, utter the word God and must never argue or deny the very existence of God. How can anyone be loyal to atheism by persisting in talking about God, it is totally illogical?

  • justa friend

    What seems contradictory to me is how atheists question the existence of God based upon perceived tyranny, yet never somehow never question the veracity of these grotesque Dawkins-esque caricatures of God.

    The question I would like to pose is: supposing God exists as a transcendent, all-loving Creator, would you love Him?

    • marcos_marcotron

      “What seems contradictory to me is how atheists question the existence of God based upon perceived tyranny,”

      No, it’s based on the fact there’s literally zero credible evidence of any of the thousands of gods that have been suggested.

      The existence of a ‘loving’ god – well sure. If you’re talking about a Christian god, who created pain and suffering, and killed more people than any other being, then yes, this ‘perceived tyranny’ is a reason to question how ‘loving’ he really is.

      “The question I would like to pose is: supposing God exists as a transcendent, all-loving Creator, would you love Him?”

      Well we’d need to know he exists first, and then meet him. We don’t automatically ‘love’ everyone that does good things. We might think ‘they are really good people’, but that’s not the same as loving family and friends.

  • rose


    I read through what you wrote and I can see your points, but I think you are missing some key components during your tirade against God: What about Jesus Christ?

    Truth: For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him. -John 3:16

    I would challenge you to investigate a little more and find the whole truth instead of half truths.

    p.s. you can never run out of chances with God

  • HezzLynn81

    Better question to ask would be, “WHY would a Holy God want to spend eternity with thankless, unfaithful, unloving heathen whom had a FREE WILL to follow him, since God is a gentleman and gives everyone a free will, but chose to deny him instead?

    • marcos_marcotron

      “”WHY would a Holy God want to spend eternity with thankless, unfaithful, unloving heathen whom had a FREE WILL to follow him”

      What do you mean ‘free will to follow him’? If someone doesn’t believe he exists in the first place, they are not even free to realise he’s real, let alone follow him.

      Do you have free will to believe this world doesn’t exist? No you don’t. Please stop being stupid. None of us are ‘free’ to believe one way or another. If some believes something is true, or not true, or is not sure, it hasn’t come from a ‘choice’.

      “since God is a gentleman and gives everyone a free will, but chose to deny him instead”

      It’s not good saying he’s made people ‘free’ to believe in him, and yet created their brains and environment in a way that they genuinely DON’T believe in him. Where’s the freedom in that? I can say you have free will to believe the moon doesn’t exist. Can you believe it doesn’t exist? No you can’t. Where is the free will there?

      And what exactly do you mean by ‘deny him’. Are you simply meaning ‘deny he exists, because they genuinely don’t realise he’s real’?

      “but hey if you chose to stubbornly deny the EXISTENCE of God, be my guest and spend eternity w/out Him! ”

      Oh, BINGO! I’ve now crossed off all the words on my Christian Buzzword Bingo card – here they are:

      free will

      You are just like a parrot. Squawking the same words and phrases over and over, without any thought as to what they mean.

      Actually that’s a bit unfair to parrots. People like you, are more like an artificial intelligence program made in the 1980s.

      Of course, saying one is ‘stubborn’, is again, a pathetic and laughable attempt to try and make the unbeliever look like a ‘bad’ person, deserving of eternal torture.

      One minute you’re saying someone doesn’t believe because they made a choice not to, the next, it’s because they’re stubborn…make your mind up.

      If you really were a loving Christian, you’d be trying a bit harder to prove the existence of god, instead of lazily saying the same nonsense over and over, when you can see it’s not working.

      But you’re not a loving Christian. You’re one of those Christians that say ‘ha! see you in hell! I’ll be laughing at you as you suffer!’

      • Wallace B…

        No, no, there will have no eternal suffering in hell, that’s not biblical :)

  • Chance Crosson

    I love this..It makes me wonder how long these Christians will continue blindly following their religion.

    • Wallace B…

      for ever, given that reason and logic always lead to theism :)

      • Chance Crosson

        You should stop reading so many fantasy novels.

        • Wallace B…

          silly ad hominem won’t change the very reality

          • Chance Crosson

            That was not a personal attack. Therefore, that was not an ad hominem. That was a simple statement. So please, explain to me how logic will always lead to theism, when the very same illogical biblical ideas have been disputed since the conception of this book.

            • Wallace B…

              “So please, explain to me how logic will always lead to theism”

              Just take a look around you, glance at the Universe, the Earth, their architecture, fine-tuned laws, etc.. Inanimate matter cannot think, therefore, how come the molecules would have known how to arrange and assemble together in order to achieve the present configuration???

              Second law of thermodynamics states that entropy is ever-increasing, it won’t stop until all the energy is used up and the system reach equilibrium, absence of work, coldness, “death”.. Thus, how did the Universe achieve a highly ordered, filled with usable energy, heat-flowing, low-entropic state in some moment in the past, in blatant contradiction to the 2nd law?

              It’s obvious that no natural phenomenon can account for this, the only logical alternative is an outside cause

        • Wallace B…

          you should start thinking :)

  • billwalker

    In the memorable words of Mark Twain ; ” Heaven for climate, hell for company.

  • Michael

    The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.
    play through, thanks

    • Wallace B…

      there’s no eternal torture, it’s not biblical ;)

  • Ender King

    I kind of wish people could just see every side of everything. Then the world would be a much better place. Atheists are logical and believers have trust. Not saying Atheists don’t have trust and vise versa. Even though I love just seeing aruments happen are funny. I just wish people were open minded enough to believe in everything and deny nothing but still be extremely suspicious. I just wish the world was more like me. Extremely balanced.

  • Eve Keneinan