A Legacy of Death While Claiming the Moral High Ground

I have been absent for far too long.  I apologize for that.

As many of you know I have been struck by a relapsing illness in the last few months.  My battle with anorexia got the better of me, landing me in the hospital in the middle of February.  Since that time I have taken a break from writing about religion.

But I’m doing much better now and I had promised myself that today was the day I got back on the bull, as it were, and what better way to get back into the swing of things than by picking on an incredibly easy target: the Catholic Church.

A Filipino Catholic bishop says a pending bill’s supporters are no better than “terrorists.”

A former mayor of Manila believes the bill is “worse than martial law.”

As I clutch my pearls I wonder what it could be.  The cynic in me wagers that it is more wailing about abortion, but it turns out that little portion of my brain is not cynical enough.

…lawmakers are instead considering a “reproductive health” bill that would, in addition to forbidding workplace discrimination against pregnant women, use state funds to distribute condoms and initiate more sex ed in schools.According to the Manila-based Inquirer newspaper, the bill also encourages a two-child family, but offers no prohibition on having more kids. It does require all government hospitals to include a full range of contraceptive surgeries and methods, such as IUD, and forces couples to review family planning material before getting hitched.

Condoms.  Distributing condoms, in the eyes of the Catholic church, is a form of terrorism.  Cynical though I am, I have nothing on these idiots.

Sam Harris and other atheists have already made this point, but it bears repeating.  In countless third world countries, AIDS rages through the populations producing death tolls in the millions.  This is largely thanks to misinformation about AIDS spread to these nations by Catholic missionaries (in lieu of teaching them, y’know, science).  The problem they helped create is then augmented by the fact that the Catholic church wages war on one of the best ways to mitigate the transmission of HIV: condoms.

Any sane moral person shudders at the prominent crimes of the Catholic church: namely enabling pedophiles to rape children (and then the attempts at justification or downplaying those acts later).  But this should also stain the Catholic church’s already tattered legacy.  It is the zenith of cynicism to have contributed to so many preventable deaths, all the while claiming to work out of love and in the interest of the preservation of life. It should be perceptible even to those credulous enough to be taken in by that lie, that the Catholic church gives primacy to its dogma above all else, including human life.  It seems that to the Catholic church that ‘life’ is a smokescreen to be waved around when it takes a break from helping the spread of AIDS to protect a clump of cells at all cost.

Perhaps the most cynical of all is the use of the concept of ‘life’ as little more than a tool while simultaneously believing that you are preening atop the moral high ground.

It bears repeating: irrationality leads to monstrous actions, regardless of intent, and nothing canonizes irrationality as a virtue but faith and religion.  You want a more moral world?  Fight the institutions that tell us that not only is irrationality not something to avoided, but that we need it.  Fight the Catholic church and all other faith-based religions.

  • Sofia

    I was catholic before I left the church do to there idiocy on calling me a fool for questioning the bible & things like this is why I turned from the church *shakes head* why do people have to be so stupid.

  • rick povero

    • Pro-birth ideology poses an international public health threat

    Religious anti-abortion ranters are not pro-life. They are pro-birth. There's a big difference.

    By dismissing women’s rights over their own bodies, fundies expect to regain control over reproduction and birth in accord with pro-natalist dictates. Pro-natalism sells a poisonous nostrum of sexual customs which do not belong in a contemporary planet-wide ethos which must treat women equally.

    Fundie secular pretensions to power are not pro-life. They demand enforcement of ancient (and modern) near-eastern cult practices which amount to total reproductive repression: no impediment whatsoever on births be permitted by law.

    No sexual practices which preclude conception, homosexuality foremost. No chemical contraception. No physical barriers to conception. No abortions, not even in cases of rape, incest.

    What happens to mother and child after birth is irrelevant to the men who run right-wing political and religious institutions. Pro-natalism is the sexual theory of “tea party” ignorati, myriad fundie sects, mormons, and the rc-church.

    Pro-natalism, a public health disaster, is pro-mass-death. It creates disease, poverty, and ignorance worldwide by fostering overpopulation, damning safe (and joyous) non-reproductive sex, forbidding responsible sex education, and blocking medical research.


  • NoriMori

    Amen to that, brother!

  • Karp

    They didn’t murder people in the name of atheism. They murdered people in the name of power. Their lack of religion was irrelevant.