I bet the homeless would like homes more than prayers

Guest Author: Lee Golden

I got into an argument several weeks ago about this issue with a girl who used to be on my facebook friend list. She preached the word of god like crazy, but when I brought up the subject of homelessness and the ineffectiveness of religion regarding the matter, she suggested that those people could simply go and find shelters if they don’t have anywhere to go.

In my opinion, the problem exhibited here is the lack of comprehension behind people like her who believe that religion bares prevalence when it comes to real-world issues such as this. Clearly, it is this kind of understanding that precipitates blissful ignorance of the facts…. facts that prove just the kind of disconnect that keeps real-world problems from being solved with real-world solutions.

I often disclaimed on her posts that I wasn’t bashing her or anyone when it came to religion. And I really wasn’t, although I do tend to have a little fun with Christians to give them a laugh; the only ones who seem to laugh when I poke fun at religion, seemingly are athiests, and people who are religious/spiritual, but have a deep understanding behind much of the discontention regarding the subject, and understand how to exhibit their beliefs truthfully unafraid of nuance or disagreement when it comes to this subject when real-world issue are discussed with real-world interpretations and not faith-based theology.

In my opinion, believe what you will and have all the faith you want, as long as you don’t gangrape it with unreasonable false equivalencies and extremist behavior.
But it is up to man and womankind alike to solve the real-world problems of today, with real-world solutions I hope that all Christians and religious people alike will take note of the importance of doing this in the future, as we have been witness to the mass bumbling of our economic and social initiatives in the last three or so decades, because simply, they prayed to the invisible “man in the sky” for answers that never came accept for that from the voices in their own heads.

Besides, if god could talk and had all the answers, I don’t think he had poverty and homelessness, along with suffering, rape, murder, suicide, mass death, disease and sickness, and the very destruction of all things natural on this planet to insure his “children’s” own innovation, in mind.

And frankly, if you are one of those people who likes to assure that homelessness, among all of the problems mankind continues to impose unto itself are all a part of his grand scheme to unfold, coming soon to a rapture near you, then feel free to tell me how much of a flaming, hellbound godless bastard I am…

…And then take Glenn Beck and John Boehner with you to go seek some much needed medical attention.

Otherwise, feel free to comment! :-D





  • Brandon

    What is your proposed solution to the problem?

  • LG

    The solution, as I tried to explain in the article, for those not in high enough in our economic or social hierarchy is to promote active awareness and stop living in the fantasy land that allows people to neglect an occurring and obvious problem. Prayer is not enough, that’s all I am saying.

    Many of our political leaders, especially on the far right like to promote faith and god and all that crap, but where is the progress??? Inquiring minds wanna know. Its not coming from GEEZUS.

  • Brandon

    Sure prayer is not enough. The bible even says, faith without action is dead (James 2:14-18). If you have the “faith” to pray for the homeless, but not the faith to give a little more money or time to a homeless helping charity then you don’t really have faith.

  • Joshua Fisher

    Maybe christian capitalists should stop driving the wages of their workers so low that it is barely possible to pay for a 3 bedroom apartment. Maybe people need to reorganize their priorities and businesses so that it is possible for most people to earn a living wage.

  • Jonathan

    I understand your frustration. I also get annoyed when people use prayer to excuse themselves from getting their hands dirty. Do not label these people as Christians though, label them as "people who do not like to get their hands dirty". There are plenty of these people all around, Christian and non-Christian alike. They are the type of people that would rather throw change to a homeless person than talk to them. The Jesus of the Bible was definitely not one of these people. He taught to care for the homeless, to feed, cloth, house, and most important, love them. If people would stop being "religious" and actually do what Jesus said to do I believe the homeless problem and a great many other problems would be taken care of.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Religious-Antagonist/159271330788494 Mike Lee

    I certainly hate to shamelessly plug here, but I just read through this article and realized how related these 2 things are.

    I do a youtube series called the “religious antagonist.” I just documented a situation where I offered a man asking for money in front of a walmart $20 to cross the god off his sign.

    The man was living out of an RV with his wife and small child….and what ensues is….interesting.


    Just thought I’d share. THANKS !!!

    • Adam

      Mike: I just watched the video… sure, it was harsh, but had a good ending. You made an excellent point there and I will share this video on our Facebook Page.

  • Rev. Tim Greer

    Y’know, it’s rare that I see a post on an atheist blog that I can mostly agree with. Yet here this one is. The simple truth is this: Yes, we are expected to pray for those less fortunate, and Yes, God does work in mysterious ways. However, prayer ALONE is certainly not enough if we find ourselves in a position to do more than that. Even something so simple as buying a homeless person a meal, or even a cold sub sandwich when we see them on the street corner, is worth a great deal to that person who otherwise might not eat at all that day otherwise.
    You see, these days it is rare for God to work directly and visibly in our lives. He does do that, but such occurances are uncommon and memorable. More often, He works subtly, through other humans who listen when He speaks and go out of their way to do something kind for their brothers and sisters. In this case, WE are those other humans, whom God has placed in contact with those who need our help. It is up to us, as His children, to do what we can, when we can, to help those who for some reason cannot presently help themselves.