David Silverman like you’ve never seen him before.

David Silverman, president of American Atheists, just shared his story with our sister site, WeAreAtheism.com. I found what he had to say very endearing. David didn’t grow up in religion in the sense that he was a Jewish zealot. But, he was forced to have a  bar mitzvah  by his mother. He was forced to lie to his friends and family. Go check out his video and let us know what you think.

I’ve had the pleasure to spend some time with David  a few months ago. He encouraged us to build the atheist community in our area and we have begun to do so. We raised $1,600 to start a 501c3 called the “Kansas City Atheist Coalition”. We have started building membership and bringing the smaller atheist faction in our region together for big events. We do activism, charity, and social events. We are working with the Coalition for Reason to bring a billboard campaign to the metro area as well. Once we get enough attention here, David said he would bring a RAM (Regional Atheist Meeting) to Kansas City. We owe David some props for giving us the encouragement to get all of this done.

Whether you like David’s approach or not, he HAS brought a ton of attention to what we all believe. Last year’s “You Know It’s A Myth” billboard campaign cost American Atheists $20,000 but brought in n estimated $22,000,000 in publicity. I’d call that a good media buy. Yes, sometimes they have to do crazy things to get noticed. But, I have a feeling that leaving fliers and tracks in doctor’s offices and truck stop bathrooms wouldn’t get the same attention.

But, is attention what we need? HELL YES IT IS! That’s exactly what we need. We need to be noticed/ We need to be heard. We need people t say, “Yes, atheists are part of this country and deserve to be recognized.” Only then will we stop the evangelical right from pushing their biblical values on the rest of us in the forms of regulations and laws. We need more people to be out and outspoken. David encourages us all to do this. He was one of the first people that my wife Amanda Brown spoke to about this project and he was loving the idea. Of course, I dont’ think he thought that the site would be live just 2 weeks later. But, he stuck to his word and has helped to promote the site and submitted his own story to help other find their way out of the religious closet.

We look forward to working with David more as we help unite atheists in our region and around the country.

“Knowing you are an atheist shouldn’t change the way that your friends and family feel about you, but it might change the way they feel about atheism.”