Help KCAC get off the ground!

We have never used our platform to directly ask for money…. we are breaking our rule. Why? Well, we have had the opportunity to help form an important new organization in the Kansas City Metro Area. The three founders of and several other leaders of atheist groups in the region have formed a new group to make the efforts of the individual groups more effective. We plan to do a variety of activities, which we’ll explain in a bit. But, first things first, we need money. The reason is simple. To do this right and be able to create a group that will have lasting power, we need to set ourselves up as a non-profit 501c3 charitable organization. This process isn’t simple or cheap. For what we are planning to do, we need to hire an accountant and a lawyer to help us with the paperwork.

Trust us, we tried! We are still trying to find lawyers or accountants who are atheists and want to donate their time. If you know any, have them e-mail us: We’ll take the help over money for now. But, if we do have to hire someone, the costs for the filing fees and professional help has been estimated for us by a CPA at being around $1,600. So, we set up a page on THE POINT to get donations. It’s a great site. When we hit $1,600, they send us a check. Until then, no one that donates has their credit card charged. Only when the amount we actually need to get started is achieved does any donor get charged.

So, this is where we bug and plead. CLICK HERE TO DONATE SOMETHING TO OUR CAUSE. Now that we have asked for help, let us tell you what the aim of this organization will be. (At the time of this post $600 has already been donated to the fund and only $1,000 is still needed.)

The great thing about the Kansas City area is that we have a lot of atheists… people just don’t know that. And by people, we mean the public AND other atheists in the area. This leads to meetings at restaurants, coffee shops, houses, and borrowed rooms at public buildings. Now, don’t get us wrong, those are great ways to socialize with other atheists. We need that. We need to know we aren’t alone in this country. Meetups and local atheists clubs have served a great purpose in this area for a while. But, we think we can do more, a lot more.

We were fortunate enough to have dinner with David Silverman, president of American Atheists a couple of weeks ago. David came to UMKC for a lecture. Afterwards, we set-up a bbq for David at the home of Darrel Ray, author of The God Virus. We invited about 10 other local atheist leaders to discuss forming a new “upside umbrella” group to assist and provide a cohesive foundation for existing groups and future groups to start. David liked the sound of that. He said he had considered Kansas City for a RAM (Regional Atheist Meeting) but didn’t think there was enough support. When he found out that SOMA, which is KU’s Society of Open Minded Atheists and Agnostics (the best goddamn group on campus… as they like to say) got over 600 people to show up for a debate between Dan Barker (FFRF) and a local theist, he tune changed. He said that if we get activism up in the area that we would be a spot for American Atheists to hold a RAM and do some of their infamous billboard advertising. Done.

So, KCAC was formed on the spot. Here is our plan in it’s broadest form and some of what we plan to achieve:

1) Activism – More people need to know that we live in and around them everyday. There are ton of people in the area that are good without god. We plan to get out at highly visited areas in the Kansas City Metro area (with members in Wichita, Kansas City, Lawrence, Manhattan, Warrensburg, and Springfield) and promote atheist causes and make ourselves visible to the public. We’ll answer questions, let them try and preach to us, pay us to go to church with them, even trade in their prayer requests for money to allow us to pray to a giant monkey for them… seriously, a 30′ inflatable gorilla. We have some creative ideas and the manpower to make them happen.

2) Charity – Yes, lots of groups do charity. But, we want to do it AS ATHEISTS. It’s important that whether we are cleaning up a road, painting a school, or serving the homeless, we will be doing it wearing our atheist t-shirts. People will see atheists everywhere doing good acts, not because god told us to, but to show that we help other people simply because it’s the right thing to do. We have a variety of activities on the drawing board from individual help for those in need to helping at animal shelters.

3) Outreach – This will come from both the activism events and the charity as well, but we want to help groups get set up and advertise themselves. We want people in the public that are atheists know that there is support near them and if there isn’t, we will help get a group set up for them. We will build a team of local atheists that will rivaled by very few other cities.

In the end, the main reason to donate to this group now is because we want to show other areas of the country that this can be done. American Atheists do a great job nationally, but regional organizations like ours are needed for more direct contact to plan events, promote them, and help get local atheists on the same page. I know that to many of you reading this you think it sounds evangelistic. We are told that we are “acting like churches”. Well, yeah, we are. Admit it, churches have this shit down. They meet several times a week in large and small group, have a big impact politically and socially, and have loads of money and resources. We need to be able to do the same thing… but without the guilt of sin and the fear of hell, of course.

Click on the DONATE HERE button to go and give $25 or more to a group that WILL sow results and help change the lives of young and closeted atheists in an area of around 1.5 million people.

  • Jason D. Clinton

    The tone and broad outline are adversarial and petty and I hope that you don't claim to represent the atheist community in Kansas City with this tone. Being an atheist has nothing to do with religious people unless we're discussing the conflicts that arise in public policy; is so far as there should be any activism, it's only acceptable that it's in that sphere, alone. I won't be passing this on to the group that I admin. But please let me know if you decide to focus on our community stead of everyone not in it.

  • Zachary Bos

    A great thing to be doing. Have you guys had any contact with the Coalition of Reason?

  • Tim H.

    As a former member of a long disbanded user group, Kansas City Atari Connection, I'm amused at seeing the initials in use again.

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