“Hey, Christian, have you read the bible?” – a 15 year old atheist in a Christian School speaks out!

Bio: Cassie Huye is a fifteen year old girl living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with her parents and two siblings. She attends a private Christian School in Baton Rouge as a sophomore. Cassie aspires to me a columnist when she graduates from college, and currently is attempting to find a publisher for her young adult book which is the first of a new genre she created herself. She loves her pets, and is grateful for her accepting friends in such a judgmental environment. Her hobbies include enjoying revolutionary art and reading new books. Currently she is trying to get through high school as fast as she can while learning as much as possible. She has been an Atheist since the sixth grade when she went online trying to learn about her school’s religion and realized it wasn’t something she wanted to be a part of.


Read Before You Speak

I have read the bible from cover to cover. How many people can actually say that? I will admit that I have forgotten many of the small details and even some of the major events, but at one time my eyes did glaze over the entire thing.

At school, I once had a girl in my class ask why I knew so much about Christianity. When I told her, she was astounded that an Atheist knew anything about her precious little religion, and could not bring herself to find any reason at all that I could be capable of not believing in her god, had I read all of his wondrous miracles in the bible.

What is considered a wondrous miracle anyway? I’ll admit that the ability to turn water into wine is pretty cool, but it seems like that should be a magical spell in some Harry Potter type book with an alcoholic wizard.

And then there is Kings 2: 23-24 “And he went up from thence unto Bethel: and as he was going up by the way, there came forth little children out of the city, and mocked him, and said unto him, Go up, thou bald head; go up, thou bald head. And he turned back, and looked on them, and cursed them in the name of the Lord. And there came forth two she bears out of the wood, and tare forty and two children of them.”

I guess if you are the bald man, the death of those who made fun of you for something you can’t help is a miracle, but it really isn’t fair to the kids. The reason we cannot even legally drink until we 21 is because children’s brains are not even totally developed until they are 21. God made us right? He is all knowing… so doesn’t he know they were just using their underdeveloped child brains to make the stupid decision of making fun of a chosen one of God? I mean, if anything, it is God’s fault that they made fun of the man. He made them to have underdeveloped brains!

This is just one example of the many absolutely insane things that are written in the bible. I promise you that the language the bible is written in was made to bore, but if you want a violent story or just a little comedy, you can find it in your bible.

But back to the original question of how I can read about the wondrous miracles of God and be an Atheist. It’s easy, all I had to do was actually read the miracles, and after reading them I don’t know how anyone could be Christian knowing what they say they think is true.

So I encourage you to go out, whoever you are, whatever religion you are: read about your own religion, and read about someone else’s too. Maybe you will realize that you have wasted years listening to someone scam for your money, or maybe you become convinced that you have found the true answer. But at the very least, you will know a little more about the world. As the motto goes, knowledge is power.

  • Natalie Kramm

    Yeah Cass! Preach… you know like secular preaching…

  • Natalie Kramm

    I can relate… considering I am a 16 year old female atheist going to the same Christian school as Cassie surrounded by the same racist, sexist idiots.

  • Luka

    Good for you for standing up and speaking out about your opinions ^-^

  • edwords

    Cassie, there's even more ammunition against Christianity in its own history.Jesus can rise from the dead, but can't save Joan of Arc? (or prevent the


    Askastudent.com told me that Joan suffered no pain and went right to Heaven.

    Check out FFRF.ORG. Good people.

  • chris

    Yeah Cassie! And don't let 'Proud Catholic' get you down. The religious can never come to an agreement on what is LITERAL and/or FIGURATIVE in the bible. It changes to suit their needs. They are the ones who get angry when we point out the inconsistencies… Just how can the inspired word of god be figurative anyways? Did god also inspire a study guide? Or is it just the religious changing with advances in knowledge?

  • Nutmeg

    Why is it that Christians always "threaten" people with prayer? I think this young lady makes a good point… she isn't putting down Christianity or any other religion… she's just saying that too many people who claim to follow something haven't the slightest idea what it is that they're following. Educate yourself and then make a choice. It doesn't matter where that choice leads you as long as you can be secure that it is right for you. Preach it, sister!

  • http://www.martinspribble.com/ Martin Pribble

    Good on you Cassie, it takes strength to be true to yourself when in the company of so many who would see to discredit you.

    @ Proud Catholic. Sorry but it's better to be disillusioned peopel (sic) than delusional peopel (sic). It has nothing to do with the decline of our youth, it has to do with access to information, good education, and being given the opportunity to learn and decide for themselves. Go ahead and pray for her, while she goes on to learn about the wonders of the universe.

  • Marie

    Nearly every believer I have ever engaged with has come down to this on that literal vs figurative thing: it's all literal unless there is a passage an atheist likes or can use as a point against the christian construct of god — then that part is figurative.

    Cassie, I've been an atheist all my life, but I was in the closet about it to everyone I knew until just before I started college because it took me that long to even FIND another non-believer. I really wish I had been more like you at your age.

  • Cody

    I know how you feel all too much. I happen to live in and go to high school in southern Alabama. Surrounded by bible pushers who know little about their own religion. For instance, southeners love shrimp and crawfish, while the same passage in the bible that condemns homosexuality also says eating shellfish is an abomination. It says eating anything from the sea that lacks fins and scales is an abomination upon the body. When told of this do they listen? Not a chance. Plus majority of the time when people learn that I am an atheist they feel the need to ask an insanely annoying question, “why don’t you believe in god?” I’ve gotten tired of explaining this to people.

  • Proud Catholic

    so sad. typical decline of our youth. don’t you know there is a difference between the LITERAL and FIGURATIVE translation of the bible, as to coincide with the times of today? Praying for sad, disillusioned peopel like you.

    • Joe Bigliogo

      You sanctimonious, condescending little bitch! What a glib little thoughtless response. Who decides what is figurative and what is literal about the bible? Clergy have been debating such things for centuries and you know somehow which parts are literal and which are metaphor? Maybe the entire bible is figurative. Who are you to dictate interpretation when biblical scholars can't agree? It's exactly why there are so many denominations and offshoots of christianity.
      Let me guess–if it's something negative or bad you'll call it figurative—you're the kind who spins scripture to say what you want it to—as long as it makes the biblical god look good. When Christians like you pray–it's an insult to people of reason everywhere. Go back and wallow in your pus bucket of bronze age ignorance.

      • Emily

        I don’t know about her, but when I read the bible I go with what the scholars and experts on Hebrew tell me is literal and what is figurative, and I find that with a little bit of historical context it makes quite a bit of sense. But, I’m a Christian, so I’ll believe just about anything I’m told anyway.

        • Adam

          The bible says god is NOT the author of confusion. So, don’t you find it odd that you have to have thousands of experts and scholars on Hebrew to tell you what is literal and what is figurative? And, they don’t even agree on their translations. If god was real, he could have helped mankind write a better book!

    • David

      And preachy condescension in which opinion is expected to be treated as fact is so very, very effective in convincing others you know the mind of God and we are barely worthy of pity. Even the “figurative” lessons of the Bible are archaic, mean spirited, sanctimonious and hypocritical … Jesus kills a fig tree for not bearing fruit … so watch out people, if Jesus doesn’t like your output he will burn you in HELL … How very sweet a figurative lesson !

  • girl that goes to yo

    cassie….. this is hilarious that you actually have written on this thing. but your picture is pretty. and i agree.

  • Bob

    If you aren't a Christian why do you go to a Christian school? Be happy you aren't in a muslim school. You'd probably be given in marriage to some perv by now, and you wouldn't be able to go to school after a certain age.

    • Diggadee

      It *might* have a teensy bit to do with the fact that her parents make that decision. Ass.

  • Thin-ice

    Comments from Bob and Proud Catholic remind me why after 46 years as an evangelical and missionary, I am now a proud agnostic, free of their superstitions, hate and bigotry. Bob and Proud Catholic, keep your POISON to yourselves!

    Cassie, I wish I had been like you and not wasted 46 years, but I'm thrilled that you used your rational mind and thought your way to freedom at such a young age. We salute you!

  • Choosejoy

    Cassie, I am so happy I stumbled upon this article of yours!
    I’m in the exact same boat[sophomore, Christian school], and it gives me great hope that someday I can come ‘out of the closet’ so to speak, about my agnosticism to my family and friends. This is a very well-written article and I wish you well for the future!
    Keep it up!

  • cuchulain

    I suppose, as long as we're talking about embarressing parts of revered texts, that you acknowledge that Darwin openly supports racism against dark-skinned persons (beginning in fact with his title). How come atheists hardly ever mention this? If you doubt me read the Origin of Species yourself.

    • Diggadee

      Wow, I had no idea that atheism was the worship of Darwin. And doesn’t YOUR god support slavery, murder, rape, racism, cowardice, hate, bigotry, sexism, classism and suicide? And don’t you DARE say he doesn’t…don’t you fukkin dare. Read Leviticus, if you refuse to read any other part of your holier-than-thou text.

      • Siera

        This is me, daring. Check the ten Commandments, and basically all of leviticus.Apparently you didnt read it well enough. If God was classist, why would his son be a carpender? and why would he compare himself a sheperd, the proverbial hobo of the time?

    • DC

      Aww, look at the little creationist who couldn’t read the entire On The Origin of Species and just read the forward by Ray Comfort. Racism was completely normal. And what about christian persecution of the LGBT community? All hunky-dory by comparison?

  • Michelle Larson

    …or you could come to the realization that the Bible (with and capital "B") is a library of books and none of them should be read with a journalistic lens. And your quoting the Bible is not impressive in the least – even the devil quotes it. The shame of it all is that you were given a seat in a Christian school (one that could have been given to someone who actually believes in Christ) and that you can't understand that to translate every book in the Bible (yes, there are books – its a library) literally is going to make your head spin each and every time. Maybe you could submit yourself to someone else's years of biblical study before you go and make an asinine assumption that YOU know what the Bible is trying to teach us all. But who wants to accept the possibility that our interpretation might actually be a wrong one?

    • Diggadee

      Christians certainly don’t want to accept the FACT that the bible – this “word of God” – contradicts itself more than a politician. And have you ever gone to the zoo or to a concert and found that you didn’t like it? Well, christian schools aren’t like that. You don’t have the FREEDOM to just leave. They are no different from concentration camps. Don’t believe me? Then you probably work at one.

  • steven walker

    michelle, are you mad? cool it, damn.

  • Justin

    The greatest comment anyone can say about.life and death is, “I don’t know.” To foolishly believe without any evidence that which was crammed into your head before you could think is idiotic. Unfortunately there are many like Michelle who consider themselves good christians yet are only a few steps away from burning non-believers at the stake. Come on Michelle it is time to evolve.

  • Skooter

    cuchulain… Atheists don't mention it because what you said is NOT TRUE. Darwin was very careful to not discuss human evolution in his book. NOWHERE in there does he say that black people are inferior and should be hated because of their dark skin.

    And despite what many Christians claim, atheists don't follow Darwin's research with the same vigor that Christians follow the Bible. We don't consider it to be "inerrant." We don't worship Darwin. There ARE flaws in his book.

    One big difference between science and religion is that with science, we are allowed to find new evidence that disproves previous ideas. Science is all about finding truth because of the evidence. Religion DENIES truth, IN SPITE OF the evidence.

  • Kara

    Those of you mocking this girl, read closely; she's actually encouraging people to further their knowledge of their chosen beliefs. You should be celebrating what she is saying. Knowledge is a beautiful thing.

    • whatsisface

      Not when knowledge brings down the whole damn system.

  • amy c

    Michelle: "…or you could come to the realization that the Bible is a library of [fictional] books and none of them should be read."

    • http://www.godandscience.org James

      Best Answer

      I just answered a question on this yesterday, so I’ll copy and paste my answer (it’s long, just to warn you):

      First of all, the word that was translated as “small boys” is “na‛ar”, which was usually translated as “young man/men”. So these weren’t children, these were young men.

      Secondly, they were threatening him. This was right after Elijah had been taken up to heaven, and they were telling Elisha to go do the same thing.

      Third, calling someone a “baldhead” in that time was not referring to how much hair they had on their head. Basically, they were calling Elisha a leper.

      Fourthly, it says that two “she-bears” came and tore forty-two of the youths. This implies that there were more than 42 of them. So how many were there? Forty-three? Sixty? Eighty? A hundred?

      Fifthly, how close together would those youths have had to be, in order for two she-bears to attack so many of them?

      Sixthly, it does not say that the youths were killed, only that they were attacked.

      Last of all, how would YOU feel if you were surrounded by a bunch of youths (more than forty-two), who were all telling you to go die, and calling you a scumbag? May I also remind you that there were no police officers back then, so Elisha was on his own? Honestly, what would YOU do?

      Edit: Yes, and Joseph was also referred to as a “na‛ar” when he was interpreting dreams for the Pharaoh, and yet he wasn’t a young child. So obviously, the word “na‛ar” has multiple meanings, like many other words in Hebrew.

      However, if 2 Kings was referring to very young children and not teenagers, why didn’t the author use the word “‛ăvîyl” or even ‛ôlêl? Obviously, the author was not referring to very young children, but teenagers, if not young adults. The only reason it was translated as “little children” in the KJV is because of the word “qâṭân”, which can also refer to servants, or people who just aren’t very important, not just “little” people.

      Edit 2: It does seem extreme on first reading, I’ll agree. But again, it wasn’t about them taunting him. It was about a large group of youths/young men/teenagers/boys threatening a prophet of God, and calling him a leper. If it was just ten kids, calling him a name, it probably wouldn’t have been a big deal. But imagine that you’ve just seen your best friend and mentor, a man who was like a father to you, taken up into heaven. Imagine that you’re walking into a town that you’re supposed to do some charity work in, and a group of more than three dozen boys surrounds you, telling you to go do what your friend, spiritual father and mentor just did. Nowadays, someone in that situation would call the police. Back then, there was no such option.

    • http://www.godandscience.org James

      I just answered a question on this yesterday, so I’ll copy and paste my answer (it’s long, just to warn you):

      First of all, the word that was translated as “small boys” is “na‛ar”, which was usually translated as “young man/men”. So these weren’t children, these were young men.

      Secondly, they were threatening him. This was right after Elijah had been taken up to heaven, and they were telling Elisha to go do the same thing.

      Third, calling someone a “baldhead” in that time was not referring to how much hair they had on their head. Basically, they were calling Elisha a leper.

      Fourthly, it says that two “she-bears” came and tore forty-two of the youths. This implies that there were more than 42 of them. So how many were there? Forty-three? Sixty? Eighty? A hundred?

      Fifthly, how close together would those youths have had to be, in order for two she-bears to attack so many of them?

      Sixthly, it does not say that the youths were killed, only that they were attacked.

      Last of all, how would YOU feel if you were surrounded by a bunch of youths (more than forty-two), who were all telling you to go die, and calling you a scumbag? May I also remind you that there were no police officers back then, so Elisha was on his own? Honestly, what would YOU do?

      Edit: Yes, and Joseph was also referred to as a “na‛ar” when he was interpreting dreams for the Pharaoh, and yet he wasn’t a young child. So obviously, the word “na‛ar” has multiple meanings, like many other words in Hebrew.

      However, if 2 Kings was referring to very young children and not teenagers, why didn’t the author use the word “‛ăvîyl” or even ‛ôlêl? Obviously, the author was not referring to very young children, but teenagers, if not young adults. The only reason it was translated as “little children” in the KJV is because of the word “qâṭân”, which can also refer to servants, or people who just aren’t very important, not just “little” people.

      Edit 2: It does seem extreme on first reading, I’ll agree. But again, it wasn’t about them taunting him. It was about a large group of youths/young men/teenagers/boys threatening a prophet of God, and calling him a leper. If it was just ten kids, calling him a name, it probably wouldn’t have been a big deal. But imagine that you’ve just seen your best friend and mentor, a man who was like a father to you, taken up into heaven. Imagine that you’re walking into a town that you’re supposed to do some charity work in, and a group of more than three dozen boys surrounds you, telling you to go do what your friend, spiritual father and mentor just did. Nowadays, someone in that situation would call the police. Back then, there was no such option.

    • Dee

      It’s ok to read the bible… not worship it!

  • Christopher Bogardus

    Cassie i know how u feel i live in a town were there is only a few atheist the rest are high strung Christians
    like u i have asked many Christians if they have read the bible and almost all of them have not read the bible
    the people in my town look down upon anyone who is not a white straight Christians
    i am a bisexual male atheist and people have tried to "convert" in my terms brainwash me i have read the bible and this is why i became an atheist
    and to all the bigots who are trying to make her feel bad u are the reason why this world is in ciaos your hate has for thousands of years caused wars murder torture and numerous other disastrous but truthfully it is wasn't your fault until you became adults then you have no excuse for not escaping the brainwashing that your religious leaders, of whom is made up of con-men, have forced upon the vast majority of the worlds youth.
    but continue to try to make us atheist insecure we will never be effected and remember that all of you theist our there have caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and the largest religious conflict is the wars in the middle east today it started in black ages and the CHRISTIANS began it ALL!

    • Katy

      You call Christians bigots? Yours is the most ignorant, bigoted comment on this whole page. We are not “brainwashed,” nor do we attempt to “brainwash.” You say that you have read the Bible. What, I must ask, is the biblical basis of your rant against Christianity? Did Jesus kill people? Did He teach His people to be violent and spiteful? No, He didn’t. I will never, ever claim that Christians are all good, Jesus-like people, but to say that we were the sole cause of all of history’s Crusades is ridiculous. It sounds to me like you are blinded by hate and are unable to see the good things Christians do. We feed the hungry, house the sick, pray for those in need, give to the poor, and emphasize living a Christlike life. We do not hate Atheists; we don’t hate anyone. “Love your neighbor as yourself,” Jesus taught us. You sound like the bigoted hothead here. I’ll pray for you because it sounds like you need it. I don’t at all understand your hostility and blind hate. God Bless.

      • DC

        then go ahead and hug your nearest LGBT fellow.

  • ServantofChrist

    I'm a 17 year old girl, and I am a firm believer in Christ. I don't wish to lecture anyone, and God has given us all free will to choose what we, His children, believe. I am in the process of reading the Bible from cover-to-cover, so I admit I have not read all of the Bible as of yet. But I would like to point out, concerning the boys of Bethel in 2 Kings, that this is supposed to show us that God had a zero-tolerance for those who mocked his messenger (Elisha). It does sound harsh, I admit. But He always has reason for His actions.
    And 'Nutmeg', we don't "threaten" anyone with prayer. Prayer is merely our line to God so we may talk to Him about anything we feel to talk about. It's a blessing to be prayed for. I, and God Himself, do not appreciate prayer being called a "threat".
    I know every unbeliever who reads this will find something "wrong" or something they do not like about my comment, but I want you all to know that I respect Cassie's decision, and God respects it as well. After all, free will does mean you have the right to choose what your beliefs are. But please don't disrespect my faith after I have shown respect for what you do or do not believe in.

    • Dee

      Awww… Cmon, atheists are boom-powing so hard on religion (with facts from the very same source of worship) that they now call label this healthy rational debate ‘disrespect’.

  • Duncan the J

    Whilst I would agree that Christians need to think before they speak, and read up on what they believe, as a Christian I'd have to disagree with what you're saying about Christianity.

    'little children' is a poor translation of the above story. It's about young men, possibly drunkards, who are sinning against a prophet of the Lord by mocking him. God protects those who walk in obedience to him, and showed his anger by bringing two bears out of the woods.

    It's easy to pre-judge a book by reading it from a certain viewpoint: generally speaking, it's possible to see what you want to see and ignore the rest. While there are certain answers to passages I might not know about (and seek to enlarge my understanding of), I do know this: That Jesus died for my sins, was ressurected me and allowed me, in his mercy, to inherit eternal life. And that's something very precious to me, and it's not something you can take away.

  • ServantofChrist

    I'm a 17 year old girl who's a Christian, with love for Jesus Christ, and I admit I have not read the entire Bible as of yet, but I am in the process. First off, I want to say to "Nutmeg", that praying is not a threat. It's a blessing and a gift from God that He gave us in order for us to be able to talk to Him. Please don't insult me or my God by describing it as such.
    Secondly, I am sad all of you don't have faith in Jesus Christ, but Jesus Himself gave us all free will. My choice is to accept Him, and I will respect your decision to not accept Him as the One True God, as will He.
    In response to Kings 2: 23-24, one must understand that God was bringing across a point that He will not tolerate His Word being mocked. I know killing the boys seems harsh, I as a Christian acknowledge that, but He has His reasons, and His action definitely brings across the point that we shouldn't cross Him. Plus, Kings is in the Old Testament before Jesus died for all of our sins, so God worked in different ways then than He does now. The Old Testament is the Old Law, which Jesus did away with 2,000 years ago.
    I know someone here will find something to correct or mock that I have written, but I speak only truth. You may accept it or you may not.
    God loves all of His children, and that includes YOU! Although you may not believe in Him, He still loves you and wants you to know Him. I pray (not as a threat, but as a motion of love) that someday soon you WILL know and love Him as your Heavenly Father. God Bless!

    • J_watson2000

      So it is ok for “God” and “Jesus” pronounced Je-Zeus (coincidence?) to kill but not us.  We are created in his image as being perfect but he gave us sin and puts us to death for our sins.  That’s like me giving a kid a bowl of ice cream then whipping him for eating it.  

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  • http://www.godandscience.org James

    First of all, the word that was translated as “small boys” is “na‛ar”, which was usually translated as “young man/men”. So these weren’t children, these were young men.

    Secondly, they were threatening him. This was right after Elijah had been taken up to heaven, and they were telling Elisha to go do the same thing.

    Third, calling someone a “baldhead” in that time was not referring to how much hair they had on their head. Basically, they were calling Elisha a leper.

    Fourthly, it says that two “she-bears” came and tore forty-two of the youths. This implies that there were more than 42 of them. So how many were there? Forty-three? Sixty? Eighty? A hundred?

    Fifthly, how close together would those youths have had to be, in order for two she-bears to attack so many of them?

    Sixthly, it does not say that the youths were killed, only that they were attacked.

    Last of all, how would YOU feel if you were surrounded by a bunch of youths (more than forty-two), who were all telling you to go die, and calling you a scumbag? May I also remind you that there were no police officers back then, so Elisha was on his own? Honestly, what would YOU do?

    Edit: Yes, and Joseph was also referred to as a “na‛ar” when he was interpreting dreams for the Pharaoh, and yet he wasn’t a young child. So obviously, the word “na‛ar” has multiple meanings, like many other words in Hebrew.

    However, if 2 Kings was referring to very young children and not teenagers, why didn’t the author use the word “‛ăvîyl” or even ‛ôlêl? Obviously, the author was not referring to very young children, but teenagers, if not young adults. The only reason it was translated as “little children” in the KJV is because of the word “qâṭân”, which can also refer to servants, or people who just aren’t very important, not just “little” people.

    Edit 2: It does seem extreme on first reading, I’ll agree. But again, it wasn’t about them taunting him. It was about a large group of youths/young men/teenagers/boys threatening a prophet of God, and calling him a leper. If it was just ten kids, calling him a name, it probably wouldn’t have been a big deal. But imagine that you’ve just seen your best friend and mentor, a man who was like a father to you, taken up into heaven. Imagine that you’re walking into a town that you’re supposed to do some charity work in, and a group of more than three dozen boys surrounds you, telling you to go do what your friend, spiritual father and mentor just did. Nowadays, someone in that situation would call the police. Back then, there was no such option.

  • Doris

    I’m glad that your fight for what you believe. But I think you still don’t understand the true meaning of Christianity and reading the bible. I am a christian girl that studied every religion and thoughts of all kinds of people, and I can say that God made us to have limited knowledge. If we knew everything we would be Gods also and that can’t happen because God is only one and there can’t be more than one God. Miracles are considered when something out of the ordinary that can’t be explained not by science nor nature, it done by humans nor spells. I do admit that there are some christian that are really irritating and stupid but they done understand God. us christian believe in having a relationship with God so that we worship him for all he has done for us and so that we don’t spend all eternity in hell. I have atheist friends and we respect each other but when you are christian you know what is good and what is bad. atheist don’t they just want to life live life free without boundaries and rules. they want to be free. and I get that but us christian are free too. for example when we pray for the sick (like cancer) science can’t heal it or even find cures, when we pray to God to heal them and the person believes they get cured and doctor and scientist can’t explain it. … All i’m saying is that when you have a true relationship with God, you know what is right in this world of chaos and corruptions . try having a relationship with God and truly test him out, you will see what I mean.

    • Chris

      When has anyone of prayer and faith ever miraculously regrown an amputated limb besides the story in the bible? Just because science cannot explain a medical “miracle” yet, doesn’t mean it is god who is to blame for their recovery. Miracles like what you speak of are mere coincidences to people working in the medical profession like myself. Find a better excuse for faith And I’ll be more than happy to entertain it.

      • Stephen K

        What area of “the medical field” are you in? You should read some of what Francis Collins, MD, and Human Genome lead scientist, has to say about faith.

      • http://www.facebook.com/danielle.wells.1420 Danielle Wells

        I didn’t have a leg grow back but God healed my body from ovarian cancer..no I didn’t go into remission he completley healed my body to the point where the doctors couldn’t find it..This happened for me over 19 years aog. I never thought I would be able to have children but this Feb I gave birth to precious baby girl..that he named and told me down to the exact day when I would concieve and when she would be born coincidence I don’t think so….

  • Chris

    Way to go Cassie! Knowledge truly is power and truth will set anyone free! Keep up the good work!

  • Darcy

    I too go to a religious school, but thankfully my school is much more accepting of different beliefs. Most of the girls in my year are actually atheists. Personally, having studied the bible and various religions over the years, I simply feel like I have seen to much to ever believe in Christianity. Disillusioned? Yes, slightly, I feel like I have seen the truth and cannot delude myself again, regardless of the comfort I believe it gives others. To think that there is a greater, good power looking out for you? Meaning in the world? A greater plan? I believe this sort of comfort and belief, even though I think it misguided, can be beneficiary to many. One thing I do disagree with in terms of such beliefs is the effect of different religions fighting over their beliefs. Too many a conflict, wars and terrorism, have been inadvertently caused (in part)by such strong beliefs. Also, the stubborn people who fail to educate themselves in their own religion, closed off from any other viewpoints who tell me that I am an ignorant atheist, with no morals or meaning in my life? That I shall burn in hell? I cannot stand these close minded, judgmental, stubborn, hateful, hypocritical people. Too many are so ignorant. Good on you Cassie, for educating yourself on Christianity. Keep on learning.

  • http://Sarah Name*

    Cool it, guys. If were all honest about it, Christians have no proof saying the bible is true. But Athiests have no proof otherwise. Look it up. No genuine historical or scientifical fact can prove anything in the bible wrong. If you say miracles, than try to explain anything in nature. Really, and even every cell in your body is so incredibly detailed, there is no way this could happen by chance. And just because you don’t understand something ddosn’t make it wrong. There are bigger brains than yours out there. I guess what I’m trying to say is. I would much rather go my whole life beleiving that their is a God, then die and it be for nothing, than live life for myself and die, and suddelny be in heaven, see His face, and know that I wasted His gift… then go to hell

    • Martin Nichols

      Then what if you die, see his face and he tells you: “Sorry man, you go to hell the Jews were right.”???

      Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Atheism is the default value of a human being so it’s yours to prove we are wrong.

      • Theodore

        Completely false. The default setting for the human mind. That is why, poll after poll, most of the Earth believes in some higher power. There is no burden of proof — that is the antithesis to faith, you moron!

      • Theodore

        Completely false. The default setting for the human mind is belief. That is why, poll after poll, most of the Earth believes in some higher power. There is no burden of proof — that is the antithesis to faith, you moron!

      • J_watson2000

        Atheism is a default value of a human being?  Who created humans and gave them free will?  If your “God” is so perfect why did he create imperfect human beings?  God also said, I will destroy the earth, all humans and animals, I am sorry i created man. But he loves you?  In the bible, murder, slavery, oppression, child abuse, rape, theft and many other crimes are condoned and a way of life.  But if we commit them we burn in hell?  What a load of crap!!!! 

    • CAD

      Not strictly true… some things have been proven and dis-proven… but in actuality this article is kind of not so much going against religion… but Christianity itself. It’s not as broadbased as some would believe

    • http://www.facebook.com/samuelnstevens Sam Stevens

      Actually, there is a plethora of historical and scientific inaccuracies in the bible.  Also, many of the more specific prophesies in the bible never came to pass. For example, the famous story of Joshua destroying the wall of Jericho is impossible. Archaeological evidence shows the wall was destroyed in 2300 bce by an earthquake, while the bible claims God destroyed it in 1400 bce. 
      The city was also thoroughly destroyed by a fire and then abandoned in 1600 BCE. Jericho was not inhabited again until 700 BCE. There was no wall to tumble down or citizens to destroy at Jericho within centuries of when the Bible says Joshua was there.

      There was no Jericho for Joshua to destroy or capture.  It did not exist at the time.  If the bible is wrong about history, who is to say it is not wrong about God?  The burden of proof lies upon you my friend.  
      “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good” – 1 Thessalonians 5:21   Prove the bible, only then can you “hold it fast.”  The bible even claims that it is of more noble character to question scripture: 
      “Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.” Acts 17:11 

      Now that I have proven everything you have said to be wrong, back up and try again–use correct theology this time, please? 

    • J_watson2000

      The bible proves itself wrong, we don’t have to do that.  The actual order of “Gods” days of creation can’t even be agreed on.  Adam and Eve, first people on earth, had two sons, and they married.  Who did they marry?  I don’t recall it mentioning anything about Adam and Eve’s daughters. And if so that was incest, incest is a sin and punishable by death.  But “God” destroyed the earth in the great flood.  Only Noahs family was saved, and they repopulated the earth,  again incest.  I wouldn’t use the bible as a family guide when God had to drown his own children. 

    • whatsisface

      Let’s see- carbon dating proving the earth is more than 2,000 years old- check. Fossil record proving evolution, not genesis- check. People writing fanfiction about a kind and loving deity so they don’t feel like motes of dust in an uncaring universe- seems the next logical step in self-deception.

  • Sarah

    Also, why are people bringing up things that happened thousands of years ago like the crusades? If christians brought up 9/11 to say muslims are evil (no, im not saying they are, just an example), you would say “that was a select few, not the whole religeon”, and “the past is the past, let’s move on to the future.”

    Anyone else seeing a double standard here
    But to all my fellow christians, remember Matthew 5:10. We are in some dark times, but eventually, every knee shall bow, and every tounge confess that Jesus Christ is LORD”
    “and if our God is for us, than who can ever stop us?”

    • Johnny 5

      Okay, I’ll say it. Islam is evil, too. Religion poisons, in all its forms, without exception. No double standard.

  • Good Start but….

    This is an okay start if you want to be a critical thinker, but you completely discredited yourself by saying “I read the Bible cover to cover — how many people can say that?”.

    Reading the bible and doing superficial research (which is precisely what you’ve done) is not enough. You have made ample presumptions, committed several logical fallacies and clearly have not done enough research to validate your empty claims. I highly recommend that you do research into Biblical archeology, history, cultural studies, cryptography, textual variants and maybe even a little Hebrew and Greek. Then, and only then, will you be SOMEWHAT prepared to study this ancient text.

    • Matt

      Hmm, quite a high bar for a 15 year old to jump, no?  She is thinking critically about the Christian culture that uses the Bible (in it’s many present forms and translations) to justify their faith.  It is most appropriate to use the texts they use to criticise them.  

      Your claims that she commits logical fallacies would be more credible if you actually point them out.  

      Study of the Bible as a historical document is very different from study of the religions it has spawned.  I hope you realize this.

  • Carol

    Yes i want to comment to you athesist and especially you Cassie. I am a christian. Why are you in a christian school if you don’t believe in God? I think you are there to try to cause those christian students to turn away from God. Satan comes to kill and destroy and that’s why he is using you. Be strong; stand up to him. I speak like Servantofchrist comment. We don’t force you to pray; prayer is powerful and that’s how we stand up to you and Athesist. God is our father; Jesus christ is our Savior and without him, you will have eternal life in Hell. It’s all right there in the bible; as a christian we believe the bible and don’t doubt it; that is what faith is. So Cassie i challenge you to prove me wrong; i challenge to pray to God; seek your students that are really christians there; they will help you; don’t let these athesists corrupt you any longer. You are a child of god; he is your protector.

    • Ashley

      Generally, people don’t choose what schools they go to, and, based on this post, I’m sure Cassie doesn’t WANT to be at a Christian school. It seems as though, and I’m merely speculating, that her parents /wanted/ her to go to that school.
      Who says she’s spewing hate at the school? Who said she’s trying to “cause those christian students to turn away from God”? That sounds, and excuse my bluntness, absolutely stupid. This girl, that was put into a Christian school, probably feels uncomfortable sharing her beliefs, as to not feel ostracized by her peers.
      “These atheists” that are commenting seem (for the most part) to be very polite and comforting, as well as understanding, of this girl’s situation and her DECISION as to not believe in a higher power.
      The vast majority of comments coming from so-called Christians are that of ” Why are you in a christian school if you don’t believe in God? I think you are there to try to cause those christian students to turn away from God.” and “The shame of it all is that you were given a seat in a Christian school (one that could have been given to someone who actually believes in Christ)” (wow, I thought Christians were supposed to accept people and spread the word of their lord?).
      Hell (irony), I could go on for ages. But I won’t.

      Have a nice night.

    • Anonymous

      The thing about atheism is this: it’s not like I can just get up one day and choose to truly believe in a god. I can no more do this than you can choose to find truth in the Koran. It’s not a conscious choice. I can certainly say that I have faith, but, as James 2:14 says, that means nothing. It rings empty. The Bible holds about as much truth (literal or metaphorical) as the Harry Potter series. Now, by the same token, I will not stand for those like Richard Dawkins who actively try to “convert” theists. I don’t keep my faith (or lack of such) in the closet, but at the same time, waving it in others’ faces is just as obnoxious as those theists doing ostentatious faith healings in public. I am an atheist, but before that comes prudence. When I enter a church, I take my hat off. I do it not because I believe in the Christian Jesus, but because it is respectful.

      On another note, yes, I do go to a Methodist Church. I attend the Catholic Mass. I have been to Temple before. I go to a Catholic school, and Theology classes have been my favored subject so far. I don’t need to take everything at its word in order to enjoy it, just as you don’t need to believe that there was an Atticus Finch who once lived in Maycomb, Alabama in order to enjoy Harper Lee’s book. As for Satan…well, I’m sorry, but I guess I’ll put you in the same category as Santorum’s quotation about Satanic forces attacking the American Dream. I am a lot of things, among them imperfect, but I see Satan as a scare tactic used by the Medieval Church, not as something/someone to worship. Sorry. Hope I didn’t disappoint you.

    • DC

      I have been to the mountaintop, I have seen the other side. Atheists do not seek to corrupt anyone. They do not inform anyone. And it isn’t exactly a choice to go to a christian or catholic or jewish or even islamic school. They are chosen by their parents to go to this school. Satan is using her, yeah right. Any documented proof of his existance? And if you say “The bible told me so” I’m just going to post HAHAHA

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cesar-Cariño-Jr/100000077601077 Cesar Cariño Jr.

      Hahahah! The “atheists are satanists” claim. I like it.

  • Don Williams

    HI Cassie I would very much love to invite you to our little church in Lincoln Arkansas it’s called Christain Faith Fellowship were a small but very powerful church and we would so much love to have you as a guest and show you Gods Faith Not from the mind but from the Heart so please except our invitation We will have our doors open for you and receive you in our arms, I know that sometimes we do slip and not hear what God has really been saying to us Just maybe you didn’t hear your prayers right when you were a child and we would love to help you understand them dreams and visions our Gods way and we hope you would let us come into your life Please give us a chance we will actually invite any and all Athiests to please attend our church and so very loving would drop it all for you drop me a line harleydson@msn.com Please I will answer any and all emails from any Athiests and will except you in waiting arms Here’s to Gods Great Work God Bless to you all and your families we are praying hard for each and everyone of you

    • Adam

      Don, she doesn’t want your help. Why do you all feel you need to come on here and preach? NO ONE cares.

    • Tokethebowl

      Did you even read her article ? why would she want to try another church when she has already told you she knows the truth about it all being fictional fables ? See that’s the real problem with you believers, you forget that the reason why you have faith, is really because you lack facts, but you see once you have facts, there is no need for faith. I learned enough about your religion to know it’s just a fabrication, a melding of sorts, they took all the known religions and cults of the time and combined them into one. Judaism and Paganism were both stolen from, which is why you put up a Saturnalia Tree and a Druid’s Wreath during your Christmas celebrations and why your bible contains what you call the OT, which everyone knows it’s just a bad translation of the Torah. So have fun in your pretty church pretending that your story is the real deal.

  • SoftballLover9

    How could you not believe in Him? Look around, how do you think it got here? Magic? I dont think so. Actually I KNOW so. God created them and he created you. He sent his Son to die for you and for me and for everyone in this while entire world!!!! He loves each and everyone of us. The end of the world is coming soon, I can feel it. God is coming back to this earth to take his people home. You better be ready when he gets here unless you want to spend eternity in hell where there is weaping and dwelling and gnashing of teeth. To me that doesnt sound awesome. I would rather be up in heaven with God walking on the streets of gold. Ill be praying for you and I hope you answer God’s call. HE loves you… Ill be praying for your salvation.

    • Adam

      Another example of why we are proud to be atheists… you change no one’s mind with that dribble.

      • Truth

        The most ignorant thing a person can say is that they are not at all ignorant. By claiming to be an Atheist, you are climbing to know all that is and thus proving your ignorance.

        • EvolutionKills

          What? This only shows that you have a skewed view of the definition of Atheist. Atheism is, in the broadest sense, ‘lack of belief in gods’. That’s all it is, lack of belief. It is NOT the positive belief that no gods exist, just an acknowledgment that our reality has no evidence to support the existence of any gods.

          None of the ‘new atheists’ (Dawkins, Dennet, Hitchens, and Harris) advocate that we know for sure there are no gods. Most atheist I’ve met and talked to fall under the braod definition. I’ve yet to actually meet a ‘strong’ or ‘gnostic’ atheist that claimed to know that no gods exist. They are a rare breed indeed, because those inclined to question reality and not accept blind faith, are very unlikely to make unsupported faith claims themselves.

          However, we can reasonably conclude that the Christian god, Yahweh, does not exists as described in the Bible. That conception of a god is self contradictory, logically impossible, and lacks any evidence in support of it’s existence.

          A deistic or pantheistic ‘god’ might exists, but the God of the Bible most assuredly doesn’t as described in said book.

    • Tokethebowl

      Is your fear based post supposed to scare me into believing in your loving god fantasy ? Sorry ball lover but if there is a true loving god, and I say IF because I have yet to see an evidence to prove this and I have searched high and low. But if there is a true loving god, it won’t care if I worshiped it, or believed ancient texts, it should only care for the good I have done in it’s creation when I was here. Let me ask , do you support women’s issues ? Do you support equal rights ? Do you support Gay/Lesbian rights ? Just curious…

    • DC

      No, I believe the point here is that she does not believe in magic. If I could italicize or bold that I would. Put it this way: A supercondensed sphere of matter exists. It expands. It expands completely to form a universe. Versus your claim. A giant holy ghost came out of the sky and made the planet 7,000 years ago flat and in the center of the universe. Which seems more like magic?

      • Dreimer10

        And to that I ask, how did the supercondensed sphere of matter get there? There are several scientists/theologians who can explain the Genisis account (from the original Hebrew) to agree with The Big Bang Theory. Nowhere in the Bible does it state that it was created 7,000 years ago, or that it was in the center of the universe.

        • http://www.facebook.com/samuelnstevens Sam Stevens

          Those accounts utilize the idea that “day” doesn’t = a 24 hour day.  This is false, simply because the Hebrew word used directly indicates the 24 hour day.  They had another word for a metaphorical day that would have been used if they didn’t mean that the universe was actually created in 6 days.  If they truly believe the 6 day account, explain to me how the earth was formed before stars if all elements heavier than helium and hydrogen form in the furnaces of stars, and are spread out when the stars explode? We are all stardust my friend. 

          • Dreimer10

            Yeah, but it also says that the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters of the deep. In plain words, God is powerful enough to have created the universe and let, say, 14 billion years elapse in our time, and then continue the process of making our earth the home it is. 

            Also, two notes. First of all, the root Hebrew word yowm {or yome} is actually from an unused root meaning to be hot. http://lexiconcordance.com/hebrew/3117.html Many scholars have come up with various more in depth definitions of it, but these, for obvious reasons, don’t capture the essence of the word.

            Second note, in that scenario you presented second (which I don’t believe either, but for the sake of argument…) a God who can create the Big Bang, for which scientists have currently no idea about what happened in the first 10^-43 second [as much I hate playing God of the gaps], and make it to be as perfectly stable as it is, would also assumingly have to power to create something else before it was technically possible. But as I said before, I don’t believe that either, but he could have.

          • Truth

            You do realize that hebrew is much much much different from English. Many words mean multiple things.

        • DC

          A secondary theory is that that what we view in perspective as time doesn’t exist, it merely moves forward to a point were it begins to condense again, time reversing as it does so. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cesar-Cariño-Jr/100000077601077 Cesar Cariño Jr.

      Oh yeah? So you’re God loved us? Really?

      I have these issues you should address.

      1. Atheists don’t believe in magic. Christians do.

      2. You know that the world is going to end? How did you know that? Can you show me a TANGIBLE and RELIABLE evidence aside from your century-old and contradictory book? (the bible).

      3. You say you’re god is a loving god. Aren’t atheists children of your god?
      So we are also worthy of that salvation, isn’t that right? And in the first place, why would a loving and caring god make a giant furnace to barbecue us atheists in it? I can say that he is not loving. He is a sadist. He even made this world a place of suffering. This world is already hell. You can say that it’s true if you just open your eyes.

      4. I don’t want to kiss your god’s ass. I desire for a moral life and that is because I have a moral obligation towards others. I don’t desire for heaven because it’s just damn selfish. You work for your good deeds to have that reward. I don’t.

      5. And if even you’re right. I don’t care. You’re god is but a sadist, genocidal, insecure person who permits the killing of babies and a never-ending torture fiesta. I hate that idea.

      • guest

        1. Christians don’t believe in magic. They believe in God.
        2.Evidence is evidence. The bible counts. After all we don’t make you prove that you have to air to breathe.
        3.You are not God’s child until you get saved.
        4.All you have to do is get saved and believe in God to go to Heaven. You can’t get in by your good deeds.
        5. God doesn’t make your decisions for you. You do that on your own.

        • StOoPiD_MoNkEy

          1. Miracles = magic. 2. Stick your head in a plastic bag. Can you breathe? 3. So babies are not gods children, so they go to hell when they die? 4. I was saved once, now am atheist. So I am going to heaven regardless right? 5. “and god hardened Pharoh’s heart…” nuff said.

          • ♥Amanda♥

            No! Babies have not committed sin yet, so they go to heaven! If you were once saved and now turned your back on God, you will not see heaven. :’( We are not truly born again if we do not repent…leave our sinful ways and not continue in them. Breaks my heart you have known God and now you turn your back on Him. He is a very loving God, please come back to Him, He will accept you back! :) Oh and about Him hardening Pharoah’s heart (I’ve been reading that yesterday and today! ;D ) …He did it so that the world will see His power and KNOW that He is the one and only true God!! Praise the LORD! His mercy endures forever! His mercy is new every day! :) )

            • http://www.facebook.com/robert.goodwin.1614 Robert Goodwin

              Amanda I’m going to ask one question and let us see if you have any response.
              If god is loving and all knowing, why did he “create” me, when he already knew I would reject him because of the lack of evidence? Does he just like to cause pain? Because based on what I’m hearing that is the only possible reason he’d have for bringing me into existence… Of course no matter your response… if you haven’t proven the existence of god then the whole point is moot.

            • StOoPiD_MoNkEy

              Yes Very loving god.

              1. 7 million children under the age of 5 die yearly around the world.

              2. Your loving god cares more about the “free will” of the murder, rapist, child molester than he does of the free will of the innocents. His only solution…”I’ll get you later….if you don’t repent.”

              LMAO. Oh, if only I could do that in court.

              “Your honor, I am sooooo sorry that I killed 43 people. Please, please forgive. I throw myself on the mercy of the court!”

              “Mr. Hernandez, I believe you are being truthful and have truly repented. Because of this,” Slams that gavel, “Case dismissed. You are free to go. Just try to behave!” Lmmfao. If that is what you call justice by your god. I prefer hell. lmao.

              Also as a person who totes free will, you seem to have no problem with pharohs heart being hardened by god. Just to show off his powers. Lmao. And then murdering every 1st born child of egypt? And this is loving correct? You are an idiot and an immoral person if this are truly your views.

            • StOoPiD_MoNkEy

              Also if babies commit no sin, then why did you sadistic god, kill them by the masses on the OT?

              Egypts first born.

              The cannites

            • whatsisface

              I’m calling troll here, but… what about original sin? If humans are created with it, but never repent for it, even if you are, you know, FUCKING INCAPABLE OF IT DUE TO BEING STUCK INSIDE SOMEONE’S FREAKING BELLY, you go to hell. Hence why it’s bullshit.

          • Truth

            Magic has been a term traditionally used to describe that which is unknown.

            If you’ve read the bible then you wouldn’t ask question 3. The bible speaks of not being responsible enough to make decisions until a certain age. Kind of like voting.

            No you will not go to heaven. Unless you are saved.

            Hardened the Pharoah’s heart?

            Gods actions hardened his heart. Thus it was the Pharoah’s in response to Moses and the Jews who hardened his own heart….

            Nuff Said

            • StOoPiD_MoNkEy

              Nuff said because you say so? Lol. No. Pharohs heart was hardened by ur god so he could show off his power. Its in black and white. Nuff said

      • Sam

        So hes a Sadist that gave you the moral compass to hate sadisim? I’m sorrry to put It this way, but if we believe people who discover great things here on Earth are deserving of incredibly fame and glory, how much more the one who created it all? All of Creation exsists for us to enjoy and to point towards God. All of exsistence was meant for his glory. He is a jealous God, and gets pleasure from us taking pleasure in him.
        Also, as the one who made the rules you strive to live by, you should realize that as he is all powerful and deserving of all glory, and if that was the case, he is completely in the right to judge you. He gave you freewill because having robots praising you is not real praise. He wanted to give you the choice to turn to him.
        He already acts in your life every day. Every thing you enjoy comes from him. He uses evil for good.
        And for good things Christians have done, try Katie Davis for one. She was around 20 when she left her well-to-do family in Tennessee, and all the comforts of life to live in Uganda. She left love, family, and school for Christ’s calling, her “destiny” so to speak. She has now adopted 14 children there, and started an organization that feeds, cares for, and educates children in Uganda. I could list others, such as Compassion International, Samaritan’s Purse, and more.
        The church does not always live up to the standards, but God does.

        • Galen Olson

          Another nutjob!

        • EvolutionKills

          How do you know? If all you have is the uncorroborated claims of the fallacious Bible, you got nothing.

          Our morals are a social construct, emerging from our own evolution as we became more social creatures and slowly developed communication and language skills. We don’t need a God to hand us out ‘dos’ and out ‘don’ts’, especially when he violates his own rules as often as he does.

          God get all of the glory for creation, then he also gets all of the blame. For creating a universe that is perfectly tuned to make black holes, and not live bearing worlds. If he created life, then he also created viruses, diseases, and parasites; things whose sole purpose appears to be little more than self procreation and the suffering of other beings. You god created humanity? If he get credit for great works of art, literature, and discovery; then he also shares the blame for murder, hate, wars, and genocide.

          Freewill? It’s not free at all. If we chose to act in a way that defies your God’s will, then we will suffer an eternity of torture for finite ‘crimes’ (which is the most extreme example of injustice I can think of). We do not have freewill, because of the penalty associated with defying Gods will. So the only way to avoid punishment is to comply with God’s will. THAT IS NOT FREEDOM. And only an abject metal slave would think otherwise.

          Not only that, but who the FUCK are you to presume to speak on behalf of the creator of the universe? You speak with such confidence and intimate knowledge about the desires and motivations of your God, but you are not Him. Did he speak to you personally? Sorry, not good enough. Personal revelation mean fuck all to anyone else (or at least it should), because there is no way to verify the authenticity of the message. And appearantly there are plenty of people claiming to speak for God, and it’s funny how most of them make contradictory claims on his will and desire. Funny thing that, you’d almost think he’s human.

          Man wasn’t made in God’s image, we created him in our image. That why he is so flawed, indeed so terribly human in nature. If only every one would wake up to this truth so obviously staring you in the face and get over it already, we could finally start to truly stand up to our full height as a species.

        • whatsisface

          If he didn’t exist, he didn’t give us a moral compass. There is a perfectly rational, evolutionary example behind why we don’t go out and randomly torture and murder our own kind. But you being a stupid-ist or whatever, I probably shouldn’t even spend time debating you. Chess with Pigeons, and all that.

      • ♥Amanda♥

        You’re hatin’ on the wrong one Cesar! How about hating the devil! Or do you not believe he exists either? You’re in for a rude awakening! It is time for unbelievers to wake up and realise there IS a heaven and a hell and that the devil is a liar, Jesus calls him the ‘father of lies’. God did not make this world a place of suffering, the FATHER OF LIES did that!!! When he LIED to Eve and told her God didn’t want them to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, because then they would become like gods! Eve and Adam were disobedient to God and fell for his lies and THAT’s how sin and evil came into the world. Please get right with God, He loves you very much and He does not want anyone to perish, He wants you to repent. Heed His call, please, think of where you will spend eternity…if in hell, you will be cut off from the presence of God FOREVER! Do you really want that??? :/ God loves you more than your earthly father or mother EVER could! My goodness, He even thought of creating YOU! Then He thought of how you will die in your sin and He sent us His Son Jesus Christ to die in our place and to give us eternal life! How about showing some gratitude. He is your heavenly FATHER. :’( And remember, in the final battle of Armageddon….JESUS WINS! :D *o/* wooohooo!

        • StOoPiD_MoNkEy

          No god= no Devil.

          I have one question. Which Satan are you talking about. Let’s see how educated on your own Jewish religion you are.

      • Neisha

        Hey Im a christian! Whoo hoo right? Probably not for you. But hey it is what it is. I just wanted to address your number 4 comment on hell. There is a hell :/ and yes God is still loving. It’s just that, if God is love, peace, joy, hope among other things and reject all of that what would you have left….pain, suffering, hatred,, yadda yadda. So thats the thing to say that God isnt loving because of hell. Well thats just a bit cray. We dont believe in magic and atheists are definitely worthy of salnYou misunderstanrstatanchristianity as do many people and I dare to say Im sorry because Christians sometimes bring that on thmselves.

      • Sean O’Hara

        This is all a trap for Satan. God knew what He was doing when He put that tree there. He knew Satan would tempt Eve and that she would fall for it. What no one seems to understand is that Satan sprung the trap on himself. Now he and the fallen are under God’s law and can be sent to hell.

    • J_watson2000

      HAHAHA, So many things wrong with that comment.  Religion is killing the people on earth, if God is real then he either doesn’t care about humans or he is absolutely incompetent at his job.  What you feel is the religious leaders trying to destroy humanity.  They are so consumed by the lies, hatred, prejudice, and greed that the bible condones and tolerates all the while they are all making sure the end does happen.  Religion will destroy this earth long before any man  made “God” will.

      • http://www.facebook.com/danielle.wells.1420 Danielle Wells

        It is the wickedness of man that is killin the people on earth not God..We try to blame God for everything..no people should blame the wickedness in thier heart.. It is also not GOds desire for anyone to perish….You are right about religious leaders though most of who don’t know the bible Gods ways or anything else..If you really read the bible everything is cause and effect…People don’t want to realize that God is a God of love but also of war and justice..I am glad that he protected his people for being under attack because they were different..If he didn’t protect them and they didn’t protect themselves through the wars Israel would have been destroyed long ago..The bible also doesnot condone or tolerate lies , hatred, predjudice or greed….You need to read the bible again and read with understanding..Anytime that you are seperated from God you are in hell which means that you don’t have to be frying in a big furnace either..It is a fool who says in thier heart that there is no God..Much love to you…

        • http://www.facebook.com/robert.goodwin.1614 Robert Goodwin

          Okay, just to point something out… Israel was destroyed… multiple times in fact. The only reason it exists today is because the US decided to reinstate it as a separate country about 50 years ago. God didn’t protect it… and as to evil here is a nice little bible verse for you…

          Isaiah 45:7
          “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

          The bible you claim to understand says that these were god’s words… So if god made evil, then doesn’t that make him responsible for it?

          • Amberly

            it will be protected by God on Judgment day. If you notice that 1/4 of the world is gone, you better resist that mark (666) so you can ask Jesus to come and live in your heart. Israel is never going to be completely destroyed. Judgment day for the Christians is going to be paradise. Please really study of God’s glory and ask his son into your heart. You don’t have to pray and ask for forgiveness every time you sin when your a Christian. You don’t need to be perfect to follow Jesus, he expects that we arnt and he likes that we arnt so that people notice that he changed us. Once you actually want to be saved and you get saved, you will change and feel the guilt when you do a sin. You will want to repent and call to Jesus. I don’t want you to be tortured in Hell for eternity.

        • StOoPiD_MoNkEy

          Your mother is a fool! And so are you. Am I rude? Good because that is about how rude we find you Xians every time you use that fool line. Expect to be disrespected if you start by disrespecting people.

          Now. I perhaps thought I knew god. And what I mean by that is as a believer, would have claimed absolute knowledge that my feelings/emotions where god based. Then I woke up.

          Your view on the biblical god is skewed. Your whole post is illogical.

          1. If he loved everyone, then why the whole test thing. It’s not needed. We stared in a state that we are going to return to at the end of the world. God already knows who’s worthy and who is not from the very beginning.

          2. Do you even read the bible?

          Seems there is a lot of greed, murder, rape, prejudice, etc. Even Jesus was prejudice against Gentiles, Samarians, etc..

          I suggest you actually educate yourself before you post. Go away.

    • QuantumCat

      Magic? You mean it has nothing to do with science? I’m sorry, but believing in a god who exists out of evidence is pure idiocy. I don’t hate Christians. I hate religion. Religion is used where science has not found consistent evidence. Your god is the most unbelievable god I have ever read about. He is love yet bring eternal torture to all who reject the unlikely idea of an all-knowing, all-powerful, benevolent deity who is giant contradiction. Atheism is on the rise and I’m glad I’m able to see this. My afterlife will be like before my birth. I will be nothing. After I noticed this I decided to live my life as I see fit.

    • Galen Olson

      Holy effing crap! You are mentally deranged! If you actually believe that tripe then you should seek professional help fast!

    • StOoPiD_MoNkEy

      Lmao. So creating everything from nothing is not magic? lmao.

      How can he send an immortal being to die? And infinite being dying. Lol. what a joke.

      He loves each and everyone of us, yet he does nothing to protect us. Worse in the past he has ordered the death of millions to satisfy his blood lust. Killing women, children, unborn babies etc.

  • Kevin Rock

    Lol I also go to a private, Catholic high school. I’m pretty much the only outspoken, loudmouth atheist there. However, I’ve met at least 3 other atheists in that school but are very quiet about it. I’ve managed to make 2 students younger than me agnostic and I hope they convert someday. In my school, people don’t really hate me for being atheist, they’re just really shocked, seeing as they’ve never met one. Fortunately, the only reason I still haven’t gotten beat up is because the school really, really enforces the “love thy neighbor as thyself” commandment, meaning if any bullying goes on, the person is immediately expelled. However, I do get threatened every once in a while. It’s all good, arguing with the religious teachers and radicals.

    • Madi0998

      Why would you try to convert some one to be athiest?

      • http://www.facebook.com/robert.goodwin.1614 Robert Goodwin

        It’s not so much converting them to be an atheist so much as getting them to think about their beliefs in a rational manner.

      • Artor

        Because you don’t want your friends to be trapped by irrational fears? Because you’re tired of them telling you about God’s plans for you? Why would you want to convert someone to Xtianity?

  • Tokethebowl

    Very well said ! As an Atheist myself, that was once a reborn again Christian, nothing makes a believer a skeptic faster than reading the rubbish contained in the bible. TOO many believers only read what they are told to read, but I took the time to read it all….Only a complete uneducated moron could do it and think it’s real when they are done.

  • ____

    You wrote you did read the whole Bible.
    What worth is that, if you used it for hate-spreading?
    You did miss the main point spoken by Lord Jesus Christ, the two greatest commandments:

    “..Hearing that Jesus had silenced the Sadducees, the Pharisees got together. One of them, an expert in the law, tested him with this question: “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”
    Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”
    (Matthew 22:34-40)

    May God then enlighten your heart, soul and mind to receive this and believe in his son Jesus Christ and have eternal life.

    • Nick

      You must’ve missed the point. She said it was full of bullshit and that’s her stand on the matter. If you’re willing to prove her wrong and THEN preach more bullshit, have at it. Until then, good luck.

      While you’re at it, explain every single inconsistency that these people have found in the “absolute word of God”.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cesar-Cariño-Jr/100000077601077 Cesar Cariño Jr.

      Question: How could I possibly love something I cannot see? If you really want us to love your god, then show us your god, make him appear FLESH and BLOOD.

      If he does not appear, it’s either he is hiding. He does not want to be loved.
      He maybe is not capable of appearing to us. He is then not omnipotent. Or maybe, he just doesn’t exist.

      I bet the last option answers this.

      • Madi0998

        Air doesn’t appear etheir. So maybe it is just hiding from our lungs.

        • http://www.facebook.com/robert.goodwin.1614 Robert Goodwin

          Seriously? Air appears just fine… ever made some CO2 by mixing baking soda and vinegar… then dumped it into a paper bag attached to a scale with an empty paper bag on the other end… Proof that just because you can’t see carbon dioxide doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and has a measurable weight. The idea of god on the other hand is untestable and unverifiable because it is just that… an idea, no more, no less… just an idea made up by men.

      • Truth

        The same as you can believe in your brain, the same faith that you put in your car that it will not explode when you put the key in the ignition. Or do you check the schematics of everything you buy?

        It is important that we have faith so as to show our sincerity. If God were to appear, how sincere could you be then in your actions. You would act out of mere love for ones self and not God.

        That is why this is important.

  • dave

    You go girl!
    I waa raised in similar conditions. Nobody at my christian school could explain the contradictions in the bible to me.
    I came to athiesm by the way f aith. Just like Santa Clause – I wanted it to be true, but in the end I found reality.

    Once people believed from cradle to grave that the Earth was flat and the Sun revolved around us. But what you believe is meaningless, underlying your beliefs is REALITY, and the reality isn’t the Sun revolving around the Earth.Religion is the same, belief mens nothing, there is only REALITY which so far shows no proofs of supreme beings.

    The best book to shake people of their faith, it the book their fath is based on.

    • http://www.facebook.com/danielle.wells.1420 Danielle Wells

      The bible doesn’t contradict itself..when you read the bible it is important to understand the time the place..who the text is talking to and must importantly the why..sometimes God dealt with different people in different ways….my reading the bible drew me closer to truth and I also found out thet most people who call themselves knowing what the bible says don’t have a clue..which is the reason some people turn away from God…so sad..

      • StOoPiD_MoNkEy

        @Danielle.. LMAO. the bible doesn’t contridict itself. Ever read Luke vs Peter or Matthew??

  • Katy

    What does it matter that you’ve read the Bible from cover to cover? You clearly haven’t considered the deeper meaning behind the words. You’re criticizing the above Bible passage, saying that it’s implying immoral things, but it sounds like you never actually went to the effort to ask what the words really mean. For Christians, the Bible is not a book you just “glaze over.” It’s not about memorizing obscure verses or knowing facts; this is the book by which we live our lives. We use this book as a guide so that we can live as Jesus did. Inevitably, some people will twist the meanings of words in the Bible to justify horrible things, but the book itself is NOT evil. People could misinterpret any piece of literature, after all.

    I’m a 16-year-old Catholic girl, and I attend an all-girls Catholic high school. Yes, I spent 6 years in public school, so I’m more than used to diversity. I have friends who are Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Mormon, Jehovah’s Witness, Wiccan, Agnostic, and Atheist. I’m not a judgmental person and I’m certainly not here to try to “change your minds,” but I do have a problem with people accusing Christianity of all kinds of evils without actually knowing what the religion essentially is.

    Though you’ll see radical and violent people who call themselves Christians, Christianity is about CHRIST. Now, no matter what your religion, I trust that you know about the teachings of Jesus Christ. My Atheist friends, who will rant incessantly about the evils of Christianity, all agree that Jesus, whether He is God or not, was an incredible teacher.

    I’m asking you to put your prejudices aside and to think only of the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. You won’t believe that He cured the lepers, raised the dead, walked on water, or died on the cross and rose again to save the world, but can you criticize even one of His moral teachings? He spoke to crowds of thousands about forgiveness, love, and peace. He taught not only about religion but about common human decency. This man was loving and joyful and wise. Gandhi said, “I like your Christ; I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

    So, I’m sorry about my spiel, but my point is that we Christians do not exist to start wars, persecute nonbelievers, and preach messages of doom and damnation. We are called to live as Christ did, but unfortunately, we are not perfect like our Master. Still, there are many wonderful Christians who live lives of charity and love to glorify God. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, anyone? I hate to live in a world where believers and nonbelievers are at constant opposition. I, like many Christians, want to see peace, and the atheist v. theist wars aren’t helping that cause.

    Thank you, and God bless.

    • http://www.facebook.com/samuelnstevens Sam Stevens

      Whether or not Jesus taught good things is quite unrelated to the question of the veracity of the Bible.  Buddha was a good teacher; that does not make me a Buddhist.  The question isn’t “has Christianity done good things?”  The question is rather, “has evil been done simply because of Christianity?”  The answer is yes.  Christianity clouds your mind and forces you into a perspective that degrades your ability to think critically and to analyze.  It also has been the founding principle of many wars–Even Hitler was a Catholic and never renounced his faith.  He even spoke of the Jews as “Christ killers.”  Look at the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Salem witch trials.  Look also at the closing of the schools of Philosophy by Julianus that led to the Dark Ages–this was done because he felt that philosophy led to skepticism which led to atheism.  He was a Christian, in case you were wondering.  If it were not for the dark ages, Columbus could have been landing on the moon.

      The other, and possibly most important, question is “Is Christianity the one true religion?”  Truth is essential to any real human life.  Without truth, life is meaningless.  The veracity of the bible then, is the ultimate question in regards to Christianity.  However, the Bible is extremely inaccurate, both in a historical and scientific sense.  I’m not going to pile on inaccuracy after inaccuracy for you.  If you have a single rational thought in your mind, then do the research yourself.  

      The Bible also contradicts itself in so many cases.  Again, I’m not going to pile the contradictions for you.  The information is out there.  I found it, you can find it too.

      I have been a Christian, an atheist, a deist, an “i-dont-know-what,” and even flirted with Buddhism and I find myself back in atheism once again because it is the only tenable position. Many Christians I have taught to use the same argument as you: “Christianity isn’t SUPPOSED to do evil, they just misuse it.”  This argument, however is fallacious.  A kitchen knife may be made to cut vegetables, but it can be utilized to slaughter an entire family.  What something SHOULD be is immaterial to what something actually is.  If you use the knife to cut vegetables, it’s a kitchen knife.  If you use it to slaughter a family, it’s a murder weapon.  Christianity is a murder weapon, not a kitchen knife.  It has not done what it was supposed to do, and should be bagged up and locked in the evidence locker.  Nearly every other religion should also follow suit.  What something actually is changes the definition of the thing.  While “gay” was supposed to mean happy, it now means homosexual.  Just because it was supposed to mean happy doesn’t mean that if I call someone gay, it means they’re happy by today’s standards.  Christianity has also wandered far away from what the teacher taught.  As Nietzsche said, “The first and last Christian died on the cross; everything after has been a perversion of what the teacher taught.” 

      It doesn’t work.  It is unverified.  The bible itself makes inaccurate claims; therefore there is no reason to believe that ANY of the claims it makes is true.  If it is wrong about one thing, it could be wrong about many.  If I published a scientific journal on water, and said water was HO2, you probably would laugh and stop reading because most likely, I was wrong about everything else.  Same with the bible.  When it says there is water over the sky and the reason it rains is because windows in the sky open up, I have to throw the book down and walk away laughing. 

      • Guest

        I just want to know how you know the bible is”inaccurate”? You weren’t even there and no one on this earth was . And scientist are pretty smart but a couple of them also said the world was supposed to end last year, and to my knowledge were still here. I will praying for you. God bless! 

        • Matt

          Just so you know, I have never heard of scientists predicting the “end of the world”.  I have heard of predictions of asteroid impacts, and climate change.  Those who predict the end of the world are almost always religious folk.  Take Harold Camping for example.  

          If you epistemic criteria is pure empiricism then you must have allot of trouble with history textbooks.  Most people pretend empiricism to win debates, but few actually act as if it is true.  

        • StOoPiD_MoNkEy

          I just want to know how you know the bible is “accurate” you weren’t even there and no one on this earth was. There have been people (including jesus) who said the world was going to end soon. To my knowledge we’re still here? I will hope you shake off the chains of ignorance and superstition.

          • ♥Amanda♥

            “with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” <–(Says so in 2 Peter 3:8) So when Jesus says His return is "soon, even at the doors!" I reckon 2000 yrs=2 days is soon in His eyes! ;D The Bible talks about you too! "scoffers will come in the last days, walking according to their own lusts, and saying, “Where is the promise of His coming?" <–that's in 2 Peter too! :D Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus come and please have mercy on these lost souls!

            • http://www.williebrownblues.com Uwe Bartsch

              I would really appreciate it if you would not be so condescending and patronizing and call some folk “lost souls” because I don’t call you a “mad drooling idiot” because you believe in fairytales. Thanks and if you’re really nice to me, I might have mercy on your soul!

              • Jay Standridge

                Let’s attempt to keep this all in the name of good conversation. No one should be labeling, calling names, etc. Which also includes constantly referring to Theism as ‘fairytale’ and ‘superstition’.

              • Hannah

                If you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and Savior then she has every right to call you a lost soul, for indeed your soul is lost.

                • StEwPiD_MoNkEy

                  oh okay. Then in the reality that everyone else lives you you two are delusional and ignorant. I can say that because in the real wold, no one has ever seen a deity or conversed with one. Should allow crazy people on boards.
                  For anyone that hears voices or believes bronze age books that have been shown to be dead wrong and immoral do suffer from some form of mental disorder.

                  • Guestisimo


                    There is interesting research conducted on how parts of the human brain differ when performing a MRI scan on religious and non religious test candidates. Further, they observed specific changes in the activity of the brain when religious candidates were shown religious imagery and recited religious passages (that non-religious candidate brains did not respond to as strongly).

                    I don’t have the source on this right now, please Google it yourself if you want to know the details.

                    Further, a book titled “The Apple Experience: Secrets to Building Insanely Great Customer Loyalty” by author “Carmine Gallo” (not an Apple fan btw, it’s a book about business practice/success) makes reference to this research, and references their own research conducted on Apple fans whereby the MRI scans show the same areas of the brain become more active when being shown Apple branding, and even went further to state the activity was generally greater in religious Apple fans – possibly because their brain is more developed in these areas already.

                    What this is implying, this is induction not deduction by the way (correlation does not = causation), is that religious persons have grown to be more receptive or susceptible (depending on how you look at it) to these type of stimuli that are kinda too broad to discuss in any detail or accuracy here. It also suggests why both religion and companies with a strong branding image both target younger persons as the brain is still under development and more ‘plastic’ as it is often put – which describes how the brain physically adapts and changes to external stimuli over time (and can revert back again easily in the absence of that stimuli).

                    It is currently generalised on average the brain is most plastic (being that it is developed enough to react to external stimuli, but not yet stimulated enough to slow/hamper change) between the ages of 11 – 14, and as the brain gets older it’s ability to adapt and change to external stimuli is reduced greatly. Such statistics are greatly subject to change when taking into account what external stimuli (and how extreme they are, like life threatening for example[which is a common conduit for non-religious people becoming religious]) is present, damage to the brain and circulatory system, and nutrition to the brain especially when it was younger.
                    It does help understand though why younger people may flit through different beliefs whilst older people do not, and also why it is so so SO difficult to reason with older (16 years +) people about their beliefs, religious or not (as an example of it in a non religious situation would be how a whole range of physicians at Oxford University will absolutely not even entertain the idea of Bell’s theorem, partly because it invalidates their own established theories and partly because other physicians in that circle of scientists are not prepared to. They will not even talk about it, just flat out refuse to acknowledge it which is very similar to how some religious and political persons react to questioning their point of view).

                    A final thought on this aspect of the deep discussion as to why some people believe and some do not is directed at those who refuse to challenge their current beliefs under any circumstances (IE the people who would say ‘God DOES exist’ or ‘God DOES NOT exist’ but are never prepared to discuss how or why), and how we currently understand recalling memories and association work.
                    Generally speaking when we recall something, the pathway the brain used to recall that memory is strengthened, and we remember the pathway that was used so it can be used next time. This means we are not necessarily recalling the memory, but recalling the pathway of the memory which is a web of sensory information the brain has recorded and associated with that particular memory – This is why some memories are more notions, emotions, gut feelings etc.. and why sometimes we can almost taste, hear or feel a memory but maybe not directly recall it in a linear format. This mechanic means that someone (again a generalisation) who does not question his beliefs for better or worse, who essentially does not try and pick apart their deep set associations with something in order to renew and rebuild those brain pathways will for in a sense have a warped, decayed recollection of their memories, due to as I understand it the process of recalling specific events, notions/emotions and recent relevant circumstances. A partial recolection of something that is then coloured/biased by the current or recent relevant circumstances of that person can lead to perversion of the initial memory.

                    So essentially what I am suggesting is by refusing to re-explore an existing point of view, that point of view can become perverted. This is extremely bad in the case of religion whose teachings can vary in personal interpretation greatly between two people, and could easily explain certain inflexible proceedings in religion such as for example the stance on gay marriage or using condoms (my point being such things are condemned, but pretty much every Christian practitioner aside local Vickers I have spoken to about them does not feel it is vital to adhere to in order to practice Christianity) coming into existence through perversion of an important individuals ideals of the religion, who had the power to enact it into modern practice.

                    Whilst it can be argued at it’s core all teachings of the bible are pure, not evil, or whatever it has been argued about in other comments here – unfortunately modern religion is in my opinion clearly not the same as what was laid out in the original bible, as I had previously mentioned earlier in this post – So therefore it should not be correct to argue the bible is pure at it’s core and is not responsible for wars and suffering because wars did happen as a direct interpretation of it’s meaning and the vast majority of people follow the teachings from agents of the bible rather than simply reading it themselves, deciding on aspects for themselves, discussing and drawing conclusions about the bibles teachings themselves – They allow a third party to feed them this, hence perversion of the teachings of the bible.

                    So full circle, we should really continue to discuss the validity of the passages as this post initially started doing and disregard any prior teachings for or against we had – That way a new and personal meaning can be discovered, and due to the nature of how belief operates, you should go by personal interpretation of the teachings of the bible itself over being part of the Christian religion especially since your own interpretation is not going to fit the interpretation of another. You are two different people it doesn’t work like that.

                    Oh right, it would if you could predict, verify and reproduce like in science since two people could then come up with the same results. But as I had mentioned in an earlier post, religion and science are not similar at their cores, and should not be compared to one and other.

            • http://twitter.com/Agoraks Sav Bard

              That’s what Peter says…

              • http://intheseason.weebly.com Amanda W.

                All scripture is God-breathed/inspired by God.

            • StOoPiD_MoNkEy

              Niice. Keep your Paulistic faith to yourself. Should be called Christianity. It should be called, Jewish Paulism. LMAO.

            • StEwPiD_MoNkEy

              you do know that using the bible to prove the bible is circular reasoning and faulty logic. lmao. Of course the bible speaks about unblievers. All of Israel, who by the way made the prophecies in the first place, didn’t by yeshua bin yosifs nonsense back then either.

          • http://people.ign.com/itaruga Itaruga

            By faith. I know.

            • StEwPiD_MoNkEy

              oh okay! Great we have nothing to discuss then. I know things because they are tested and provable. You just “hope” what you believe is true. As hebrews 11 states, faith is the things hoped for yet unseen. Thanks for admitting that you have no clue what you are talking about and if your deity is even real. You have faith. Not truth. Lol.

        • http://www.williebrownblues.com Uwe Bartsch

          Well I could answer this one if I may… This might be a little tough for some of you folk to swallow and digest, but nobody has actually ever read the whole bible, because it has been edited over so many thousand times over the centuries, and it was originally translated from the ancient aramaeic language which nobody today speaks, to greek, so it is fair to say that the bible as you or we know it is by definition “inaccurate”!

          • Sharon Smith

            Not if it is read in the Spirit.

        • Sean Lee Walthour

          Here is one example how we know the bible is inaccurate…. Genesis 1:29 states (God himself) that EVERY SEED BEARING PLANT IS EDIBLE… Now, Poison ivy, Poison oak, etc. ARE SEED BEARING PLANTS. Unless YOU are willing to eat any of those plants, it would be wise to admit genesis 1:29 is “INACCURATE. … (There’s plenty more proof too)

          • Chris

            I believe everyone is entitled to their beliefs/views so I’m not attacking anyone, just giving insight into my beliefs as a Christian in regards to your statement:

            Actually, that statement was before the fall of man (Adam’s sin). Once sin was brought into the world, that paved the way for sickness, disease, catastrophic events, a deteriorating planet, and these inedible plants. All of creation (including plants, animals, planets, stars, etc.) groans because of it, waiting for “the manifestation of the sons of God”. (This is from the Lamsa Bible – translated from original Aramaic.)

            Romans 8:19-22:
            “19 For the earnest expectation of all mankind waits for the manifestation of the sons of God.
            20 For man was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who gave him free will in the hope he would choose rightly,
            21 Because man himself shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.
            22 For we know that the whole creation groans and labors in pain to this day.”

          • Smart

            You are really basing this off of poison ivy? That is why you don’t believe are you serious!?

          • Smart

            By the way it was talking about the Garden Of Eden.

          • Sharon Smith

            Are you serious..were those plants even around thousands of years ago?? Pfffttt!!

        • whatsisface

          The stupid… it burns… If you weren’t there, then how the hell (yes, I appreciate the irony) could you claim your imaginary friend did it? It’s the old teapot fallacy. You can’t confirm the negative. And we don’t call people who said the world was going to end scientists. We call those random people on the internet. In short, if no one can confirm it, then I have no reason to compromise my beliefs and bend to yours. Not to mention, I still hold by the old belief an omnipotent being cannot also be benevolent. So take your pick, either your god’s about as useful as the hobo down the street, or he’s an asshole. Stew on that.

        • Guestisimo


          It is my understanding the bible has been deemed inaccurate when measuring it using a scientific approach of predict, verify, reproduce. This process is reliable when reproducing it between different people if they follow the exact same method, whereas a personal or spiritual interpretation of the same textual or verbal passage can vary greatly depending on a person’s age, prior teaching and recent relevant circumstances.

          Additionally, if the Bible is to be verified as correct, then logically, someone on this earth has to have been there for all, if not part of it in order to chronicle the events in a book. Maybe they could have compiled it from various sources which is more than acceptable as comparable scientific documents often do the same, the point is this claim that nobody was there to verify the bible’s initial accuracy is untrue, and would also lend to its potential inaccuracy if you think about it anyway.

          Let’s suppose the original passages of the bible came into being through divine means, that is to say they were dictated or engraved into something as the 10 commandments were. Whilst this could argue some validity to the passages as they are being defined by the entity they primarily make reference to; modern day bible’s are not a direct translation of this, and not all modern translations of the bible even contain exactly the same passages.
          The problem here, and where this would differ from how a science changes over time is that these bibles are supposed to reflect teachings originating from thousands of years ago, and as we learn more about the world we live in these teachings remain the same. Science however is in constant change as our scientific laws are built on current understanding, so as that changes so do our scientific understanding.

          Lastly, a single scientist does not represent an entire science community, who very likely include a range of religious and non-religious persons amongst their ranks – It’s not the same as a single book that acts as the root of all teaching so there really cant be any comparison drawn between the inaccuracy of the bible and the inaccuracy of a single person who may or may not be a scientist, they could be a historian for example looking at the Mayan long calendar, and they may be making such a claim to raise funding for their research, its common and accounted for in the scientific world.

      • Truth

        A claim is not a cause. If a sociopath murders in the name of democracy all that has been proven is that je is a sociopathic murderer.

        Logic = invalid

      • Sharon Smith

        Contradictions?? If one doesn’t have TRUE understanding of the Bible and not having read it in the Spirit, then how could you possibly say that it has contradictions?? Let me just put one small verse to you…’He BOWED the heavens and come down…’. How many Times have you read that thinking that you have understanding?? To ‘BOW” is to bend, the ‘HEAVENS’ is space. That verse is speaking of SPACE BENDING!! Did you even know that?? That one small verse (if understood in the Spirit) will then open up the meaning of other verses..ie..’with the Lord a day can be a thousand years and a thousand years can be a day..’ That is Time manipulation!! Another..’a thousand years with the Lordis like a watch in the night’ ..another Time reference. When Jesus spoke of what was to come, He said ‘it is ALREADY DONE’..ie..He has already seen it. Then the statement ‘I am the LIGHT’ doesn’t need much more explanation at this stage. It seems that atheists are so busy trying to disprove it all that they are missing out on what many are being ‘shown’. It is written that there will be some that will NOT have their ‘eyes and ears’ opened in the end Times, that they will not ‘see’ what the True meanings are…come on..CATCH UP before you miss out.
        Do you believe in OBE’s..ie..outer body experiences?? What do you think the prophets were having. Being ‘taken in the Spirit’ is just an old fashioned way of explaining OBE’s.
        What about all these shows on TV now that speak of ‘hosting’. Here are a couple of verses that speak of that also…’satan entered judas and Jesus spoke to satan then’. This one is a doozie…’after Jesus was killed, He walked up beside the two men that knew Him but they didn’t recognise Him as He was in a ‘DIFFERENT FORM’!! Why do you think Mary ‘thought He was the gardener’??!!
        Now tell me you have enough understanding to say that there are contradictions…or etter still..God Himself wrote that those who think there are contradictions…’prove it’!!


          awesome post

        • Sionainne

          The bible also says bats are birds, insects have only four legs and rabbits chew cud.

      • Jay Standridge

        Sam, there are countless scientists who confidently hold to intelligent design. Science and faith do not contradict. I believe that science is basically man’s way of interpreting God’s creation. Anyways, let’s try to have some solid conversations rather than trying to disprove everything in one paragraph or two. Side note, the holocaust was more so grounded in darwinian theory than anything else from my understanding.

        • whatsisface

          Okay, but science isn’t as simple as that. Were they physicists, who don’t understand biology? Were they people who were fired for wasting everyone’s time with theories that have been disproven countless times? I hate it when people say scientist like you go to school, get a piece of paper on it that says [insert name here] is scientist, and is suddenly Reed Richards or something.

      • AugustineThomas

        Buddha’s followers didn’t build modernity and the country you live in.

        Why don’t you move to North Korea or China so you don’t have to worry about all the Christians? (Although Christians seem to be taking over China, so you better hurry.)

      • ChrisIsLord

        In the case of Christianity being a murder weapon this is simply not true. I am a 15 year old boy who grew up in Arkansas in a small town where most people are Christians. In my very short Christian life style I have learned a few key lessons on Christianity. 1. If we do not have faith in God we are not truly living to our potential. I am not sure what verse it is but “I can do all things through Christ who set me free”
        2. If men were perfect then we wouldn’t need God. People always say that since we are Christians we cant mess up, but when we do, we disgrace the name of God. but what yall do not understand is that we are human just like you…. we mess up and we accept that. the difference is that when we mess up we don’t look to other people for forgiveness first, we look to our Holy Father to forgive us which he has done through his son, Jesus Christ. God knew in advance what all sin we would do, but he let is son die on the cross so that our sin, all of our sins, be washed away.
        3. Gods forgiveness is not earned, but given. If we had to earn God and his love and compassion, well Heaven would be quite empty. Nobody is perfect, that is why God is so amazing, he loves me even when I go against his will. There is nothing I can do that wont make Him love me. But that doesn’t mean I can do whatever I want.
        4. God doesn’t want slaves to him, he wants sons and daughters who have a relationship with Him.
        5. (This I am sure Atheist will agree with) The Christian Church is not what it used to be, it has fallen greatly from what it used to be. We as Christians have let the culture of today influence us to much. I have friends that party the night before they go to church. I myself am in this as well, I may not drink or do drugs, I don’t smoke or any of that but I do have vulgar language, I do have lust in me, and many other things, I am not proud of the things I do, but the culture today would say its ok. The fact is, if we would not let the culture dictate what our God says, we would be well off. Our God will not change, his rules are there to protect us even if our culture says the rules are lame.
        6. to conclude, I believe the church today is to separated to do much good, we have all our denominations trying to prove they are the best instead of God, I myself am a non-denomination (not to say that I am in the best as that is contradictory) If we would stop competing against each other, we could work together and save lost souls who wish to have a relationship with a Loving God who cares about everyone and is always there for you. But I do know that not everyone is going to change, we are human after all. Some people think us to be naïve, God told us from the beginning of this religion, that it will be hard, that we will be persecuted, be made fun of, be killed. But, he also said that if we are going through hard times due to our faith then we are doing the right things, that we are honoring Him.

    • J_watson2000

      Katy, you say you are Catholic, have you any idea of the crimes against humanity that your precious church have committed?  Study the Inquisition and see how many people, men, women and children were murdered in the name of “God”.  ”He spoke to crowds of thousands about forgiveness, love and peace.”  I suggest you really read about forgiveness and love in the “Bible”.  Ordering Abraham to sacrifice his son, ordering Moses to murder over 3000 as soon as God gives him the 10 commandment.  ”God” gave us free will but punishes us for using it.  Not much of a gift.  He sacrificed his son which was actually himself, He was “dead” for 3 days and returned.  Not much of a sacrifice. Majority of Christianity is stolen from ancient religions and beliefs, The virginal birth is same in at least 10 other religions.  There are so many contradictions in the bible that it makes itself unbelievable.  I will say that as a 16 year old that your article is well written and a very respectable reply to Cassie’s article.  All i ask is that you really read the bible and understand all the falsehoods that are there.  There is no proof that god exists just as there is no proof of Bigfoot, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny but people still believe in them.  Just because there is belief does not mean they are real.  Life is too precious to waste living your life just to be given a life in a heaven that will not be there for you.  Do what is moral, be good to yourself and others and you will be happy.  We as human beings know what is right and wrong without having it written, whether we choose to live that way or not is up to us.  Please keep writing, it is nice to see young people that write like you and have something to say.  

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jason-Rowsey/100002574824726 Jason Rowsey

        pro tip much larger atrocities have been done in the name of atheism than catholic religion.   Stalin killed over 40 million of his own people and you could also make the argument that Hitler acted with very atheist beliefs.  To deny that a theme of love is not a core belief in the new testament, which was what her post focused on, is kinda of ignorant.

        • rafrey

          It’s true that Stalin killed many people and was a terrible person, but he did not commit atrocities in the name of atheism or because of atheism, he just happened to be an asshole with power. However, when a religious person commits atrocities, it is almost always FOR their religion, or in the name of their religion. Atheism has no such link. Also Hitler was a Roman Catholic, This is a fact.

          • Comments

            While everyone is arguing over whether a Christian is worse than an Atheist, or vice versa, you’re all missing the point that Christians and Atheists should both be combatting their – the world’s common enemy: Muslims. They plagiarized the Old and New testaments and then insulted and threatened the same people they robbed ideas from in their own totally non-original ultra violent book that has been used to kill more people than any other religion combined. There are more Muslim terrorists attacks each day than there are times you visit the bathroom. Christians have reformed their religion a lot. Hardcore Christians still exist, but even the most hardcore Christians are harmless compared to the helplessly devout soldiers of Mohammed who stone their wives to death, rape pre-teen girls all over Europe, and kill all non-believers, all throughout the western world.

            • Rachel

              You are implying that every single muslim is a horrible terrorist, which is untrue and I (though I am an atheist) find it incredibly offensive.

              • Rusty

                lol i like the irony “non-original ultra violent book”

            • Guestisimo


              Looking at history I believe you will find a similar state of affairs for Christianity during its infancy. Islam is a much newer religion by comparison and is still undergoing revolution and wars that Christianity had seen over nearly 2500 years (I have not verified the specific time span) of documented history to bring it to where it is today.

              A key factor as to reform for Christianity is due to the intertwined developments of political systems such as the feudal system, democracy and fascism and the power struggle between empires being ruled by the Church, by the state and by a monarch.

              I see violence in all three domains, however due to how intertwined the church and monarchs were, I guess to maintain the concept that a monarch is selected by god, a power greater than any comprehension, monarch’s would often abuse their righteous claim to rule charged by god as a means to pursue personal interests such as conquest, or to protect their position of power. Islam still exhibits these traits, there’s nothing wrong with its religion though, just time is all.

      • ♥Amanda♥

        God was testing Abraham’s faith in Him! God gives us free will, but if you choose to use your free will to do evil or even be a good person, but shun your Creator, not believe in Him who made you with His own hands, do you expect Him to bless you and pat you on the head for that?! No! Our decisions here on earth have consequences, even unto eternity! But you know what, God is good, He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. You can’t ignore Him forever, one day you are going to stand before His judgment seat. For He is loving and good, but He is also righteous and just. When people think He is being unjust, it’s because they don’t see the bigger picture! God’s ways are not, our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts.

        • JF

          Because that’s what loving gods do, right? They torment their subjects. Ordering a father to kill his son, mental torture for both, is a heinous, sadistic act betraying his jealousy and insecurity, even if he ends with with “Ha ha, you know what Abe? You don’t really have to slit his throat, I was just testing!”.

          • http://intheseason.weebly.com Amanda W.

            No! That just shows you how MUCH God wants us to totally put our TRUST in Him and Him alone! That’s what Abraham did, He trusted God, that’s why he was willing to do that!

            • Artor

              Okay, assuming that’s correct, what went on in this story? This horrible woman trusted her god, and now an innocent child is dead, and another one scarred for life. To me that sounds more like severe mental problems, just like in the case of Abraham. This is a sign of major problems, not of faith & piety.

        • Artor

          Why does God need to test anyone if he’s all-knowing? Why is he so awful to Job, when he knows from the start how Job will react? Why does he have to harden Pharaoh’s heart as an excuse to smite Egypt with plagues? (plagues that appear nowhere in the actual historical record. You’d think somebody would notice things like that)
          My conclusion is that your Bible is just a book of made-up stories, and your god is a bundle of contradictions and horrible bronze-age superstitions.

          • http://intheseason.weebly.com Amanda W.

            I can honestly say I don’t have all the answers, but about hardening Pharaoh’s heart, HE CAN DO WHAT HE WANTS, He is our Creator. The Potter can do whatever He wants with the clay! HE IS GOD. Let’s see what God Himself says why He hardened Pharaoh’s heart:”But I have let you live for this reason — that you might see my power and that my fame might spread throughout the earth.”(Exodus 9:16) :)

            • Artor

              Yes, we already know your god is petty and insecure. That comes out clearly in the book, as well as his psychopathic tendencies. The mystery is why people like you think this is a good thing. Can’t you realize that the thing you’re worshiping is evil, or would be if it really existed?

            • Sherman Monroe

              honey pharaoh who? all you kno is pharaoh its actully Ramsey the lll and his heart was hardening because he was fed the hell up from europeans stealing their culyurrs and ideas he didnt drown in the red sea but he did run a lotta white folks off

              • http://intheseason.weebly.com Amanda W.

                Huh????? You sound confused. Confusion is not from God, it’s from the evil one.

                • Sherman Monroe

                  no im not confused thats what christianity anf other religion teach the fact is the sun and not the son is the essence of life. you arr confused with what your teaching stole look it up kemet teaching and get the real and bu the way lisyen to stevie wonder superstition

                  • http://intheseason.weebly.com Amanda W.

                    Absolute nonsense! Goodness gracious but you are confused. The sun can’t give you eternal life, only Jesus the only begotten Son of God can.

        • Rachel

          If God is truly all knowing like the bible says, why does he need to test us? And why do people claim they have free will if God already knows what is going to happen?

          • PC

            JUST think u were a born baby..u dont KNOW A FUCKING THING man..A FUCKING THING..u dont know shiT..soo u just go with what ur mind say..even if its doing something bad..u tell ur self..its gonna be ok…example( stealing parents money..is a very bad sin..but before i used to tell my self…they dont give me enough so ill take from their wallet cause they didn’t give me enough..it made sense to me that time..BUT NOW I REALIZE ITS A FUCKING SIN..ever since i believed in god..and did the right things..the things we are ment to do..im not even asking for things..and im getting all of em :) .. god put us on this earth to see if we strand off away from him..even if we strand off away from him, he will always accpte us with a owh so loving open arms (Y)

            • Guestisimo

              Thanks for clarifying that.

              All one would need to do, by your teachings, is to ask for forgiveness on the day of judgement and it’s all cool.

              With this in mind it would make sense for you to stop trying to convert people, stop telling them what can and cannot be done, what is right and wrong. Because God loves them, and god will accept them into his kingdom in end of it all.

              Or won’t he? But if it wont, why bother saying he loves us all and will always accept us. It’s really just a ploy to convert new people to your religion as that extra headcount = money. All of the spiritual side of penance etc etc cannot be dealt with in our material world as it will happen on the day of judgement, long after death.

              I can convert on my deathbed should I want to and still be received by him, according to you people. Why is that? Don’t just repeat yourself if you’re going to bother answering me – answer my observations directly or don’t waste time in the first place.

          • http://intheseason.weebly.com Amanda W.

            We do have free will, God knows the end from the beginning. Why does he do all these things?…because He is GOD, He can do whatever pleases Him! Dare the clay tell the Potter what to do? Dare the clay ask the Potter why did you do this or that? God is love, that’s all I know and all I need to know. He came to put on flesh and die on a cross for my sins. That’s how much He loves me and you. That’s enough for me to put all my trust in Him.

            • Guestisimo


              You give the argument:

              “He is GOD, He can do whatever pleases Him! Dare the clay tell the Potter what to do? Dare the clay ask the Potter why did you do this or that?”

              I contest this, and I will give you a similar statement that explains as little as yours had attempted to but is abstract enough that it can be interpreted in various ways to prove itself.

              **The potter sculpts clay, but the potter may not choose how the clay allows itself to be sculpted save for size, shape, colour and consistency for the clay has total dominion over its own existence. One hot day the clay ornament cracks, and in dispair the potter asks the clay why it sullied the potters grand design without permission from its creator. The clay responds “because I was compelled to do so”.**

              Doesnt work?

              Well fuck you, clay isn’t sentient so of course it isnt going ‘dare ask the potter why’ – What we are dealing with here is a simple case of not understanding all the variables. It was hot, so the clay expanded and cracked. But it did it on it’s own so the foolish potter assumes it was a divine act of some form of intelligent design. Same with that bullshit pocketwatch in a forest intelligent deisgn quote – winning an argument by stating ‘I cannot explain it so it must be an act of god’ holds no weight. It actually discredits you and the validity of any further opinions you have.

              • http://intheseason.weebly.com Amanda W.

                Guestisimo, please don’t swear at me. The mouth speaks what the heart is full of.
                God tests us to build our faith in Him and to build our character. Without faith it is impossible to please God.
                The Bible says > “These trials are only to test your faith, to show that it is strong and pure.
                It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold — and your faith is far more precious to God than mere gold. So if your faith remains strong after being tried by fiery trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world.”
                You have a choice to make, follow God or not. God already knows what choice you are going to make, but YOU are the one making the choice.
                That’s free will.

                • Guestisimo

                  The whole argument you brought up, I mocked for it’s stereotypical approach to defending the belief and that you brought up again is a convenient paradox:

                  You cant prove what will happen when you die, because you’re dead and the dead cannot speak to the living.

                  Ergo, there is uncertainty to the longevity of conciousness beyond the physical limits of the living body which instils fear and dread in most people.

                  Then you throw in the concept of hope, a hope built on self driven desire for self-preservation (of the conciousness) that there is still life after death.

                  But somehow passage from life we know and can measure to death currently unknown and immeasurable to anyone is determined by an entity entirely represented by books created by people who were still living as they had written them, who judges you on a narrow set of achievements that are either related to servitude to a sect and/or are entirely subjective (as in my beliefs could put me in heaven when I die, and so could yours, but our beliefs are not the same, unless we both serve the same sect, for example a methodist church, so this suggests both our beliefs are subjective, not fixed, not measurable, and therefore potentially a figment of imagination that appears it is truth simply because enough people have described a vaguely similar notion, or were forced to under various fair or unfair circumstances).

                  The above doesn’t even take into account the possibility that early modern humans (10,000~4,000bc lets say) used mysticism and eventually a structured religion to create order in early tribes similar to the laws we have today, which we only follow today because there are consequences if we don’t such as prison or financial penalty. An omnipotent entity that exist beyond the realms of material comprehension is the perfect way to impose order between people who would otherwise operate on the basis of survival of the fittest.

                  Wise men used to be described missionaries who would claim the mysteries of life as acts of god. Nowadays wise men are scientists and philosophers, why do you think that is?

                  So back to your paradox, here is a way of summing it up:

                  “I can’t explain __________ (fill in the blank with mystery of your choice), so it proves that God exists.”

                  I read your biblical passage – much to my disdain for what I consider psychological bullying over things nobody understands.. So if you are as fair as you try to portray then you will do me the service of watching this Youtube video below. To the end (its 4:21 so not much of your time and it is comedy, but carries with it a powerful message).


                  • Guestisimo


                    I hope you did indeed watch the Youtube video in my previous post.


                    The comedian Bo Burnham focuses quite a lot on parts of the bible which insinuate you will be rewarded admittance to heaven by practising specific rules set out by god, such as abiding the 10 commandments.

                    He sets the scene, acting in as god’s voice by stating nobody is actually going to go to heaven, although god can, god is not watching peoples actions, and that one shouldn’t be living by a principal such as not raping another person so they can gain god’s favour, but simply because it’s a horrible thing and people should just get along with one and other.

                    It questions the intentions of such believers and challenges them to choose to live that way out of love for other people, which is why god announces that nobody will be going to heaven, there is no incentive other than the love you would give and receive from others by being civil to one and other.

                    I believe Jesus was introduced to the testament for this kind of reasoning, though by the time he is crucified the message is somewhat lost behind a series of fairly pointless shows of power which could, in my opinion in the bigger scheme of things cause people to worship god again out of fear or belief of personal gain.

                    Leading on from god announcing that nobody is going to heaven, Bo Burnham suggests that life now, and living on Earth *is* heaven. Personally I could buy this – We have the will to do what we would consider right or wrong, and we even have the will to take our own lives. From a theological point of view, why would we even be allowed to be able to do that?

                    Finally Bo Burnham reinforces this message of unincentivised love towards others again by singing that once you have earn’t the love of god, you will not need it as you will be able to do so without need for gods love, kind of like Buddhist Enlightenment in a sense.

                    Here is a quote from his song:

                    (Bo singing as if he were god’s voice) “I’m not gonna give you my love, just because I know that you want me to. If you want love, then the love has gotta come from you”.

          • http://intheseason.weebly.com Amanda W.

            God tests us to build our faith in Him and to build our character. Without faith it is impossible to please God.
            The Bible says > “These trials are only to test your faith, to show that it is strong and pure.
            It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold — and your faith is far more precious to God than mere gold. So if your faith remains strong after being tried by fiery trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world.”
            You have a choice to make, follow God or not. God already knows what choice you are going to make, but YOU are the one making the choice.
            That’s free will.

        • PC

          Amanda ..i love u .. (Y) lol..dont know if u know this or not..dont ever get bored of helping people aite.. (Y) ..alot of em are stranding off …ill try to bring evey single one of em till my dieing day..if i even have one ;) .. haha

    • Daniell

      You go on about how good jesus’ teachings are even though he doesnt exist. A fictional character can be a good person but that doesnt mean that it is real

      • ♥Amanda♥

        Dear Daniell, just because YOU say He is a fictional character and does not exist, does not make that true. :) May God bless you and may He remove your spiritual blindness.

        • Artor

          Historical proof would indicate that he existed, but there isn’t any. Just because YOU say he exists doesn’t make it true.

        • QuantumCat

          You only believe his real, because you were indoctrinated. The only blurry evidence of Jesus is a book from the iron age. The cosmos is so magnicent that I really don’t need a god who wants to send me to hell to enjoy me life. I have faith in humanity. I do not put my faith in something as significant as religion. I aspire to become a physicist and advance science. I believe in logic now and I now feel more in control and one with the cosmos.

        • StOoPiD_MoNkEy

          Dear Amanda, just because YOU say he is a real character and does exist, does not make that true. :)
          May the FSM bring you into his noodley embrace and hold you close to his meaty balls. RA-men!

        • human

          You forgot to say youre going to burn in hell forever!!!! because you dont believe what i believe and im right and youre wrong!! Typical christian!!
          Your god is so loving that he made a book that doesnt make any sense and everyone (usually thinking smart people) who wouldnt believe in it, not because of rebellion or anything like that, but because it really doesnt make any sense is going to hell. come on!!!! seriously!!!! this god of the bible is all knowing, all powerful and he knows everything, so he knows beforehand that when i grow up and i start thinking a little bit that im not going to believe in this because for me its all a bunch of nonsense. so i think it would have been kinder from this god to just stop me from being born because he already knows that im going to hell just because of not believing in a book that has talking snakes and sister mating with brother to populate the earth, lol!! he could have made up a better story at least!!!! he knows which path people are going to take to take beforehand so why have people that are going to hell be born at all??????. What a bunch of nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Why did he send a flood to kill everyone if he knew it wasnt going to work. after the flood i bet he tought “damn, this didnt work!!!” theyr back to square one, lol!!!! “now im going to make up another story, i know whats going to happen but just for fun, im going to impregnate a virgin, yeah thats a good one, i like that one, this will impress them, and then i will destroy the world again, i hope this time it works, o wait i know whats going to happen already!!! lol!!!!!!!!
          sorry for my english, its not my first language.

          • http://intheseason.weebly.com Amanda W.

            “Hearing you will hear and shall not
            understand, And seeing you will see and not perceive; For the hearts of
            this people have grown dull. Their ears are hard of hearing, And their
            eyes they have closed, Lest they should see with their eyes and hear
            with their ears, Lest they should understand with their hearts and turn,
            So that I should heal them.”
            If you continue to reject the message of the gospel, you will be left in your spiritual blindness.
            REPENT! Yes, I am shouting, because God says to SHOUT! WITH THE VOICE OF A TRUMPET BLAST! TELL MY PEOPLE OF THEIR SINS! Again I say REPENT!


        Nice try but tell me something did you ever hear of anyone against the wicked witch in OZ? No of course not. Because she is fictional, so if GOD is fictional then why must Atheist stand up and state a fictional GOD does not exist? Ah, because he does and those without Christ as their savior will die in their sins and go directly to HELL when they die.
        Proof GOD exists:
        1. Ark at Mt Ararat
        2. Israel as a nation
        3. Prophecies in the King James Bible which have come to pass. (READ IT)
        4. The Jewish historians have stated that JESUS did indeed exist.
        5. People cuss they say GODs name in vain, why because he exists. (try saying Buddah Dam, Allah dam, or OZ dam and watch the crazy stares.)
        6. If GOD does not exist, just once pray and ask GOD to send Satan to teach you a lesson. (have fun)
        GOD BLESS

        • Flying Spaghetti Monster

          1. And ship wrecks are a proof that ghosts exist?
          2. Is India proof of Quran?
          3. For one, prophecies that are fullfilled in the book itself proves nothing. And two, what about the prophecies that weren’t fullfilled? What, God was having his Saturday nap at that moment? (and if one day is indeed a thousand years for him, then it’s not a surprise, lol)
          4. Cool story, say it again when an unbiased historian with credentials publishes an article about that.
          5. American pop culture is/was based around the god whose name is “God,” not a different name, and that culture made that curse technique popular.
          6. Nothing happened. Another perk of being a prophet: curse whoever, he dies, wish for whatever, it happens. (Yeah, as if..)

          • Guestisimo

            In addition the prophecies are similar to the study of cold reading and tarot card reading.

            The principal is simple:

            >Pick something generic enough that multiple people can either attach personal meaning to it or that it simply applies to enough people.
            >Make a vague prediction based on prior knowledge/understanding of the probability it may be fulfilled at some point.

            Im going to play prophet now.

            **Everyone who has posted on this board will eventually grow old and die**

            And Im pretty sure I will be right, unless you die before you grow old ;) but *old* could mean 30 in some parts of the world, and 90 in others.

            Another example:

            **Take the lords name three times and praise him, and you will find happiness**.

            Ok so, what are the chances at some point in the many many years to come you will at some point find yourself happy. Because I made the initial association between praising the lord and finding happiness, suddenly they appear connected.

            As Neil Tyson Degrasse said:

            Correlation does not mean causation.

            That would be like me saying:

            “Eating fast food increases school grades in the USA because over the last 20 years there has been a steady increase in the amount of fast food eaten, and the average grade of a highschool graduate”.

            GADHOUSER came across pretty stupid with their post, so I will tell you now, fast food is not proved to increase school grades. Don’t go telling everyone like what happened with that rumour that the flu vaccine causes autism.

        • whatsisface

          Because we don’t stand against god. That’s a satanist. We stand against stupid religious people trying to shove their beliefs down our throats, and therein reply in kind. Imaginary Friend bless.

    • http://twitter.com/Agoraks Sav Bard

      Well I guess how do you know that Lord of the Ring book is not accurate, hum ? and you should not also just read Lord of Rings you should consider the deeper meaning of the words. Gandalf did many miracles and was incredible teacher. And besides you Christians are responsible for the greatest evils on this planet..

    • StOoPiD_MoNkEy

      A few things wrong with your post.

      1. Jesus was NOT an incredible teacher. Actually he taught was exactly in the Jewish Torah. Not only that, but most of what he said wasn’t new to other societies in the world. Jesus was NOT unique.

      2. Not understanding the bible. Okay, as yourself this, then ask your priest this.

      In what context is it ever okay to kill unborn babies, children and women?

      Does gods might make right? If you agree with biblical interpretation then you are an immoral person per societies standards.

    • Rachel

      Do you seriously think that everything in the bible is a metaphore that has deeper meaning? If you think there is some sort of intellectual moral to bears mawling people to death I’m afraid you are too far deep in brainwash and bullcrap that some households do to people.

    • Jolly Ranchers :)

      Obviously The Holy Bible is not the book that you’re living by if you have “friends” of all sorts of religions. You say that “you’re not here to try to change their minds”, but if you were really a Christian then you would try your best to change their minds as God wants. & before everyone brings up the judge not verse, I do not always follow the Bible, but I do know a little bit about it :) :) :)

    • Davy Goossens

      deeper meaning. it’s like those defending marx or foucault “that wasn’t what he meant”. why can’t he then be more clear?
      you should lookup mother theresa by hitchens. she wasn’t a saint. she was a worshipper of poverty and pain. have you read the bible in its entirety? it actually encourages war intolerance violence slavery in numerous passages.

    • Jay Standridge

      Bravo Katy. I can admit that we as Christians often do a horrible job of representing our message. I too encourage everyone to get to know God yourself. We Christians make many mistakes so please do not judge our ‘book’ by the cover we create. It is sad these days that Christianity is being viewed as a ‘hate & judge’ message rather than a message of God’s love.

    • James Barkeep

      The bullshit is strong in this one. Also, Mother Teresa’s letters seem to indicate she had became an atheist. But don’t believe me, look it up.


      Amen sis!

  • http://www.thewarfareismental.net/b Thewarfareismental

    The reason we cannot even legally drink until we 21 is because children’s brains are not even totally developed until they are 21. ”

    So all your reasons for being an atheist come from an underdeveloped brain? 

    • J_watson2000

      if you read the whole article you will learn why she is an atheist.  You take one sentence and conclude that is her entire reason?  Sounds like a Christian response to me.

      • guest

        It says “all your reasons” not your reason. Sounds like an undeveloped brain to me!

        • whatsisface

          If you can be outdebated by a person with an underdeveloped brain, then what does that make you?

  • http://www.facebook.com/gphua1 Gary Phua

    Oh dear the “even though you’ve read the whole thing you are clearly missing the point/ taking things out of context” defense.

    Let me put it to you miss. Surely if this was the word of the one true omnipotent and omniscient God it would be simply impossible to read it out of context because He would have created it so.

    If God is not powerful enough to do even this where imperfect beings like us are able to do so ie: ikea instruction manuals, warranty clauses, insurance clauses, malpractice insurance exact coverage etc

    You could say that the authors are human and tend to err so the translation or the original meaning is lost so we atheist are able to viciously attack it as it lay helpless to unwarranted criticism. Alright then what ELSE would they have mistranslated/misrepresented? 

    Wait hold on wasn’t the bible the words of God ? So the very fact that He allows it to be translated such means he approves right? So the fact that on the first read we couldn’t understand as the way you want us to it is the Author’s fault no?

    Or was it the veil of our sins covering our eyes and clouding our understanding? Ok then Omnipotent God in heaven would have known this and if He was truly interested in saving us from the fiery pit then won’t He have made sure the bible could never be taken out of context or misunderstood?

    Too hard to accept? Shaking your head ?

    Well think how about a parable then? 

    Suppose a doctor was angry at two persons who took some of his papers, read them and became wiser despite explicit and dire warnings not to do so. He proceeds to infect them with a horrific disease of which there only he has the cure. Such a disease will at one’s point of death cause one to experience pain similar to being burnt alive while hemorrhaging from every orifice imaginable. The person survives for another 10 days after frank symptoms undergoing this agony. To make matters worst, the disease releases chemicals which heightens the infected’s awareness and thus every second feels like a 100 years. In short a horrible way to die. This particular disease he tells them is also 100% hereditary and all their children would be infected too. Suffering the same fate till their eventual death. Now after a while the descendants of the afflicted pair number a large village. The suffering is great but life had to go on. The doctor, for reasons known only to himself chooses a particular family and told them that they could be cured if only they followed his instructions to the letter.  The doctor sent emissaries with detailed instructions to this family. Only through a life time of following these instructions will you be rid yourself of the disease the doctor tells them. However the instructions given were too arbitrary and were impossible to follow and serve only to illustrate how inadequate the infected are in fulfilling the conditions set forth. The doctor himself knows this as he himself had set such instructions. Time passes and very few were able to rid themselves of this plague. The village has now grown into a city. Countless millions have died to this plague. Though it was in his power all the time this doctor does not release the cure.  The doctor now visits this city. His heart fills with compassion at the amount of suffering and resolves to make sure everyone is cured. He appears and speaks out in public podiums that he has the cure and is willing to give it to everyone and anyone.  There’s but a few conditions . They must each acknowledge firstly that they truly deserved this disease and were in the wrong for transgressions against the doctor. Not living according to the impossible instruction set counts as transgressions too because its turning away from the wisdom of the doctor. They must also acknowledge that no other doctor is capable or powerful enough to rival this doctor and in fact this doctor was the only one around. They must seek also to live their lives according to what would make the doctor pleased that they might in turn be rewarded. To these who swear fealty he would bestow the cure. This doctor expects the people to be glad that he is compassionate and spread the news. He also expects that the population would be so grateful that it becomes natural to want to praise his great medical skills and kind heart. To revere him and make him the central focus of their lives. Of course to those who choose to not do so don’t get cured.This is why some atheists hold the bible in such contempt. If you cannot see the parallel I suggest YOU read the bible. I believe in the goodness of most Christians and what they preach then in the biblical God who is not worthy of its followers. 


  • roofy

    how hard were pharoahs dreams to interpret . flooding of nile , crops growing bcoz of that was well known . what was so hard that the best wise men could not see that . hint cows coming out of the nile river.

    • Truth

      Ever watched a video with white noise that had subtitles on it showing what, it is supposed to sound like?

      Then that becomes what you hear.

      Thus said, it is easy to comment after seeing the outcome.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ephah.englin Ephah Josephine Englin

    Sweetie, you’re an inspiration.  Like you I read the bible cover to cover and like you I could not find a single thing in it to convince me that it was true.  I was raised in the church 24/7/365 and even with all the indoctrination and finger-pointing I still walked away shaking my head at the overwhelming nonsense.  So you go girl and don’t let anyone tell you that you are wrong without some hardcore evidence to back them up.

    • PC

      Seriously..when u read the bible..u gotta pray first before u read it..if u are here posting question and answers ..meaning u still haven’t found the answers u seek…u gotta read the bible as if its something u have been through..and question ur self why did god did this..why why why..and u will find the answers ur self..dont always believe what ur mind say its right..but if its about god..u can never go wrong..when god is with u, who THE FUCK CAN BE AGAINTS U? ..no one bitch ..no one

      • Guestisimo

        You are describing the scientific theory of a biocentric universe.

        That is, that the universe was not created by a single entity, and did not exist before conciousness, but that conciousness created and actively creates the universe.

        In some ways, you can argue with this line of thinking that god is in every persons head as an extension of their psyche. However it does invalidate most of the teachings about god from the bible, so the similarity ends here.

        By this theory, we exist within eachother’s biocentric universes through quantum entanglement.

        As for how you are describing reading the Bible, you are saying you need to believe it is real before you can read it. Well you can do the same thing with almost any well created novel, documentary, conspiracy theory or political viewpoint if you already buy into its teachings before lending it your attention and time. That does not quantify it’s correctness or your understanding of it in any way, in fact it makes what you are reading less reliable as you are more susceptible to the authors bias when they were writing the book.

        • ChristisLord

          If you want to make this scientific then let me make an argument. If you are trying to say that science disproves OUR Lord and Savior, then let me prove how He disproves science. Without God then you must believe in the theory of evolution, the problem with that is that evolution has never been recorded and proven. Also, the Law of Thermodynamics says that chaos can not create order. So how can say the big bang theory be correct? an explosion is chaos I’d say, so how did it make a planet so perfect for us to live on? so beautiful for us to marvel at? so intricate that we cant comprehend? And how did we get made from an explosion? with our intricate bodies and complex mind and our emotions? where did our ancestors come from? did science just skip over the part where something randomly was made alive from an explosion? It would take more faith to believe in the science of man, then the faith it takes to believe in The Only God of the Universe.

          • Guestisimo

            Hello Christis,

            Thank you for raising a well constructed counterargument, though I would like to point out that not believing in an omnipotent entity such as God does not automatically mean one would believe in the theory of Evolution, as this is currently just the most popular alternative deduction based on evidence experts in various fields of the sciences have agreed on.

            Unfortunately I am inclined to disagree with your argument of thermodynamics and chaos as I can induce that the perceived chaos is a symptom of the observer (you in this case) being unable to quantify all measurements that are happening and acting on each other at any given point in localised time, so therefore what unfolds appears to be random and too intricate to perceive, which is surely true as the observer does not posses the instruments to fully comprehend what is happening.

            Take Ignaz Semmelweis as a good example of this – Before we knew about micro organisms, that is bacteria and virus, disease too small to observer with the naked human eye; It was thought that disease spread amongst living creatures at random, perhaps even as an act of God. It was only when Semmelweis observed that washing hands after an operation would stop the spread of fever from one patient to the next, and when instruments were developed to assist humans with observing things on a microscopic scale that we as a whole were able to understand and accept that there was in fact a predictable pattern to infection and disease, that it was not just chaos or an act of God.

            At this point I would also like to point out that God or religion should not exist to disprove science – science is not a system of belief but an ongoing process of study of the world around us and its mechanics. therefore it *should* stand to reason that if God has created the world and universe we live in, all science is doing is allowing us to explore and understand it better. The problem I personally think arises here is that there has been no conclusive evidence in the scientific studies that God as the Bible puts it does indeed exist – This in no way invalidates Gods existence, just that the Bible has no, none, zero scientific credibility.

            And dammit, scientists who are condemned by influential religious folk have tried for centuries (yes, hundreds of years!) to prove the Bible right, even good Sir Issac Newton spent half his life doing so, to no avail.

            Look forward to your thoughts on this, Christ is Lord.

      • lilbit

        I made myself believe in Harry Potter before reading it too. I am now convinced, based off the writings of the truth, that there is a magical world hidden from me that contains peoples of superior abilities that are hiding themselves from us muggles becaue the power of the experience would be too much for our inferior human souls. I believe that they are our salvation from the one who fell from grace because he wanted to be the greatest wizard and thought he was above muggles. I know that if I put my faith in the wizarding world that I will be saved. And to the people who need proof I will simply hand them the cannons of Harry Potter and tell them here is all the proof you need! And when they tell me that the books aren’t enoug proof and that there is no physical proof that wizards actually exist I tell them that you could have met one and not even know because they have the power to manipulate your memories or take them away all together. You can’t prove that they aren’t real and I can, with the cannons of truth that are harry potter, prove that they are in fact very real, just read harry potter and you will see!

    • AugustineThomas

      I was raised atheist and it didn’t take me long to see how miserable most atheists are and reject the teachings of my childhood.

      • Ephah Josephine Englin

        Question: Would you rather be happy and ignorant or unhappy with the truth?

        I know which one I would rather be, but I can’t speak for someone else. As a black woman raised to believe I was evil, wicked and a sinner I knew something was wrong with Christianity as a child. I came to my conclusions after much thought and tried every possible way to prove that Christianity was true. Christianity failed. I investigated other religions from Judaism to Buddhism and they all failed. I could be miserable because I am an atheist or I could be miserable because I am human. I know people who have a lot of faith who are miserable human beings and I’m not just talking about being depressed. I’ve also met KKK members who were some of the happiest people in the world. Just because you are happy doesn’t make you or your beliefs right.

        • AugustineThomas

          You’re right. The saints were the most right and they have often been tortured for it.
          You’re equating the One True Church with the racists who perverted Christianity. You should notice that the KKK was a Protestant organization and hated Catholics. The first churches in North America to deny ugly racism were Catholic churches.
          If you truly think the Christian religion has failed you, you must move to North Korea. It’s dubious to live in a society founded on Christianity and say that it has failed.

          • jondrake

            Every Officially Atheistic Society has failed or is failing, and all are totalitarian.

            And no…Secular is not equal to Atheist.

        • lilbit

          They’d rather be happy and ignorant..
          That’s why they call them sheep!
          So here’s my theory.
          god is “real”. there is a planet inhabited with superior beings (aliens) and they sent down this book that humans called the bible with a bunch of outlandish claims that go against reason. This books asked things of people as a test to see whether humans had the critical thinking skills necessary to make their own conclusions or whether they would accept blindly what was said in the bible as truth and in doing also blindly accept any request made of them by their new god.
          Here’s why:
          The aliens need slaves to mine their newly discovered planet. They don’t want to use their own people because they see this as inhumane (or inalien?). They found this planet and decide to populate it with hybrid inhabitants in order to mine their land. But first they had to see how much they could manipulate these beings into doing their deeds without question. Hence the bible was sent down so they could get people to believe, trust and love god that they would do anything for him without question (say, mine minerals?). The bible was written to encourage sheep like behavior. when there is enough of a population, the end of days will come. The sheep knew they would be taken from this place called earth and brought to heaven to live with god in harmony/happiness. And then there are the non believers. the ones that decided to think for themselves and come to their own conclusions and not blindly accept everything the bible has to say.
          The first group is taken from earth and brought to the alien’s new planet. They are told it is heaven and that mining is their reward for their belief! no one who truly loved and believed in god would question that slaving away at the mines was punishment but reward, because their god told them so. The humans are happily slaving away to create a new world on this newly discovered planet thinking that they have finally made it to heaven (it doesn’t seem like the heaven most were expecting, but who are they to question god!) they are to obey god and not question him, and be content in doing so – the bible says so.
          The second group, who was seen as having the critical thinking skill and mind strong enough not to blindly accept things at face value, were kept on earth to repopulate. The aliens call it: Earth 2.0

  • Truth

    Atheists don’t understand the Bible just like the KKK and Nazi’s.  Generously, 15% of America that is atheist think they are the ones that got it right, whereas 75% of the county that is Christian do not agree. Sorry atheists, you are still the minority. On the bright side, the recent growth in atheists/decline in church attendance correlates with the decline of the economy so you can moan about that too. Don’t worry though,  when you die nothing happens ergo your life is meaningless. Understanding comes from God and glancing over the Bible or reading it and applying your own human understanding will not get you anywhere. SUP… Shut Up & Pray

    • Matt

      Finally, a Christian who will admit that “glancing over the Bible or reading it and applying your own human understanding will not get you anywhere”.  It is better understood as literature than as a guidebook for life.  

      As for understanding coming from God, how do you know the voices in your head are God?  Where does your concept of God come from, if not from scripture?  If you maintain that God revealed himself to you as God through personal revelation then you just sound, …well… crazy.    

  • Julian Szlufcik

    Maybe you do not know but at the time, the environment was very hostile and children were as adults as true adults. If God did, it was to protect his prophets and his people.

    God is often accused of being violent, but there were people who made human sacrifices, we do not react the same way by trying to destroy these people? I think so.Before judging the Bible, then read and understand the meaning, young girl.

  • Todd Arrant

    Many read the WORD,but in order to understand the WORD you must do what it tells you to do…Most peoples problem is that they are readers but not does of the WORD,and the WORD tells us to be doers of the WORD of GOD…A true Christian life is one of surrender,and obedience.When man put his two sense in it corrupts the WORD of GOD…Thats is why we see people not living their lives truly for the LORD…Repentance is the key,to walk in it daily…

  • RationalThinker

    “2.Evidence is evidence. The bible counts. After all we don’t make you prove that you have to air to breathe.”

    What? What does that mean? You have to air to breathe? You mean “need air to breathe?” Because there is proof that air exists and that we breath it. The air of Earth consists of 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, 1% Argon, and small amount of many other gases. These gases exist. They can be detected. Identified. Isolated. Analyzed. It is a known fact that we need oxygen to live. That is why we breathe air.

    Evidence is studying and gathering facts through observation in order to support or reject a hypothesis. Sorry but the Bible does not count.(can’t believe you didnt cap Bible, you sure you are Christian, or was that Satan causing a mistype?). A book is not evidence. A book can contain evidence. And the Bible does not do that. All the Bible does it state random things about creation, gigantic floods whose water has mysteriously vanished, and a giant cyclops whose skull was most likely a wooly mammoths that was discovered by ignorant people who killed people for saying the earth was not the center of the world even with this so called evidence. The Bible does not explain why and how. Just says:
    “In the beginning God created the heavens and
    the earth. 2 Now
    the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of
    the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.”

    Why? How? Proof?

    Also, there is already a false statement. Science has proven it with evidence through the gathering of information and analyzing it with rational thoughts. The water on earth has not been here since the Earth was formed. Actually, there was no water on Earth. All the water on Earth has come from comets and other foreign objects penetrating our atmosphere over billions of years. And of course….the sun was formed ,03 billion years before the earth. So there actually was light, not darkness. But the people who wrote this Bible didn’t know that. There was no way for anyone at that time to know that. So of course there was no one to say hey, wait, uh, you are wrong because: “states evidence”. Of course he would have been killed but that will be a regular occurence over the next 2000 years so no big deal. What? He has no faith in this God? He thinks rationally? He has that Satan in him. Kill it with fire!

    So sorry you are wrong. Evidence is not evidence. I hope your irrational thought process and blind believing with no evidence brain can actually read this, analyze it, and come up with a rational response. But I am sure that it will be: ” I don’t need evidence or proof. I have faith.”

    Arguing with religious people(actual pictures of brain similar to that of brain with mental illness. Yes. There is evidence.) is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good you are at chess, the pigeon with shit on the board and strut around like its victorious.

  • Guest

    Stop this right now. We Christians do not believe in magic. Because God is not magic. And God is magic. I have read the Bible Forwards and Backwards and there are many historical events that took place after Jesus went back to heaven. Like the fall of Troy that was predicted in the Bible. We are trying to show where you are wrong. I’m not saying that we are. sometimes we are no better than you. But we are trying to be and trying to help you all. To me this is just sad. I can’t believe that after all this evidence you still don’t believe. But in 2nd Thessalonians 3:11 all of you will believe in a delusion a lie. I really hope you all come to your sense before you die. I’m praying for you all. And Bald man does not mean that they are bald it was an insult back in the Biblical times. Guess what i’m only a seventh grader. Yet I know all this. I may not know it all but you know what they say “Knowledge is power. Which can only come from God.

    • http://www.facebook.com/robert.goodwin.1614 Robert Goodwin

      Knowledge comes from testing observable phenomena… not from god, the bible, or any other religious text. Please show one verifiable occurrence where you gained knowledge from god without having to study something yourself… if you can’t do this then your argument is invalid. Also by knowledge I mean something I could corroborate by testing the idea myself… not some personal feeling that is only felt by you.

      • Truth

        That is most certainly true. However, fact is distinct and separate from knowledge. Since knowledge can expand and change and then some day you will find that the earth is no longer flat.

        Knowledge is merely what is known, not what is.

      • Amberly

        ugh, atheist always have something to back their selves up. Its all lies that you are saying your just trying to be smart so you can make a Christian feel bad. Please actually understand and read the Bible and ask Jesus to come inside of you. you will change!!!

  • Devon

    Hi. I browsed over a bit of what was said in the comments. I would just like to say that everyone is entitled to their belief and no post on a website is going to change anybody’s opinion, so all of the hate that is being directed towards people who have stated their opinions is quite ridiculous and silly.

    UHM ANYWAY I’m a Christian, I have been for a year. Started off agnostic in life because I knew that everything could not have just come from nothing. There had to be some kind of influential force. Maybe something existing in a different dimension. That would explain ghosts. They’re just things existing in a different dimension. That was my belief until a little over a year ago, lol.

    But then I became depressed! Suicidal thoughts, attempts at cutting myself, running away, going to bed crying, etc, etc, and even though I knew life was amazing, I was never happy. Later on, a domino effect occurred where I used a friend to hang out with people I thought were cool at churchy things. So I ended up participating in stuff like that. One day I started actually listening to what was being said. I began to worship and pour my heart out, and it was like all of a sudden I understood that God is there, and has always been there, blessing me day after day.

    Soon after, I defeated my depression. I stopped drinking and smoking weed and got on the right track in life! Heck, it wasn’t easy, but it’s not supposed to be easy or everybody would already be doing it, lol.

    Anyway, the reason I’m posting here today is because I feel like there is too much hate in these comments. Everybody just needs to love everybody. There’s terrible people that claim to be Christian, and there’s also terrible people who claim to be atheist, or Muslim, or Jewish, etc etc. There is bound to be those kinds of people in any group, it’s just the way things are.

    To the people who are taking the bible literally, here’s my opinion: the Old Testament is more of a storybook where you should pay more attention to the morals they are trying to tell than anything. The Bible is considered the Holy Book, according to Christians, but it has been translated so many times and passed through so many hands that it’s hard to really know. I would love to say that it’s all true, but frankly, I just can’t. Even though I’m a Christian, I’m also a firm believer in science, and that God gave us science to understand the world He gave for us, and there are too many conflicting things that, to me, seems like “That seems a little too extreme for me…” The Earth being created in 6 days? Highly unlikely, especially because there were no days before the Earth, and the Earth’s day is continuously, although slowly, getting longer. An entire world flooded in 40 days and 40 nights? Wouldn’t it be more likely that just the area Noah lived flooded, and that he saved the animals in that area, but some translation or something caused the text to say the world flooded instead of the world as Noah knew it? I believe that was some sort of translational error that occurred. Or something like that.

    I like to believe that the New Testament is the most reliable and true textual reference we should look at, if we are arguing about Christianity. There has been over 2000 years for there to be translation errors, but that is substantially less than the thousands upon thousands of years that the old testament has been through. Yes, there is probably some extreme and exaggerated accounts in the New Testament, but I don’t believe there are as many.

    Yes, yes, the Bible is supposed to be the Holy Text. If it was God’s will for us to read it, then it would remain the same and not have changed when passed from hand to hand like a thousand year long telephone game.

    God also intended for the world to be paradise and lack any dilemmas or conflicts. But then sin entered the world through the enticement by the evil snake (who may or may not have been Satan, I’m really not sure right now). Sin is powerful, and as humans, we have a tendency to sin because the knowledge of good and evil entered our lives, presenting us with choices each and every day. Instead of being aware of only the good choice, we are also aware of the bad choice (and the moderate choices, for nothing is ever black and white). And each time we need to make a choice, there is Satan, using the fact we also have the knowledge of evil, whispering into our minds, trying to tempt us to do the wrong things that will ultimately lead us to the poorer decision, although we are fully aware of what the consequences may be.

    Hi. Still with me? Hopefully I’m not upsetting anybody with what I’m saying. xD I’m kinda being Devi’s Advocate against both sides. Lol, see what I did there? Since we are talking about Christianity?

    OKAY SO, one thing, one very simple thing has bothered me since become a Christian, more than anything else in this crazy religion that I love. Why the heck can people only get into heaven through Jesus? I know he’s awesome and all, but before Jesus, how did people get in? Did they just believe in God? It was so confusing for me. But then I realized one day when I had an epiphany.

    The bible say in John 14:6, “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

    In several other verses, it hints that Jesus is God. John 10:30 “I and the Father are one.”

    And then there is a verse, and probably more, saying that God is, in fact, love. 1 John 4:16 “And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him.”

    After seeing all of these connections come into place, I feel as though as long as you believe in love, and act in it, you can be saved and go to heaven. And you really have to believe in it, and not just man and woman kind of love. It has to be ALL kinds of love, people. Because the greatest commandment still is what should always be obeyed.

    Matthew 22:37-4037 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[a] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b] 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

    So, love love, live to love, love your neighbor as yourself (and your neighbor is anyone who also loves his neighbor, and so on and so forth. I don’t really wanna get too into it.) and you will be all set! Love the world and the many blessings that are in your life.

    But wait! There’s more!

    I just wanted to say that, ever since I became a Christian, everything has just made more sense. I never believed in coincidences, and now things line up in ways that just work. And the many miracles that happen and people talk about or the miracles that get documented make sense too. And the numerous reportings of ghosts and angels and possessions and stuff make sense too.

    OH and one last thing!

    When asked, “Is it wrong to kill someone?”, most people will answer “Yes!”

    That has to be proof that something, even if you don’t want to admit that it’s God, plays a role in our souls and spirits! Yes, you could argue that it is an instinctual trait among our species because killing is automatically thought up as detrimental to our species survival capabilities…

    BUT how many people are against the death penalty? And how many people are against killing off, or letting die, the people that would be detrimental to our population, who, if we lived completely by the instinct of species survival, if left alive? The people with harmful genes, the people who can’t survive on their own, the old people who need assistance to live. If we lived completely by nature, we would not be so against the death of even the most detrimental members of our species.

    Now that just doesn’t make sense.

    NO ONE here is a moron. Unless you are hating on someone because of your close-minded brains that won’t accept other people’s beliefs. I LOVE EVERYBODY, and while I believe Christianity done right is the best way to live a life to its fullest and most rewarding way possible, anyone who loves knows God and knows Jesus, in my opinion. Anyone willing (the key word is willing) to love their neighbor and live a life where others will always come first has a place in heaven, if you ask me.

    If I wanted to be totally honest, I would prefer it if atheists believed in SOMETHING with ideals and morals. Doesn’t matter what. There’s just too many unexplained things in the world for you to believe in nothing! Ghosts, angels, miracles, LOVE, etc, etc. Just too much, lol.

    Uhm, so yeah, have a good evening to you all! God bless you, and please please please stay classy.

    • Amberly

      ghost are rally either demons or angels taking shape of a loved one so they can get your attention. My youth camp leader proved that to me. If their is a demon inside or that haunts someone you love or just anyone, please go to them and let them ask Jesus into their hearts. They cant really control their selves if they are possessed, so you should call an exorcist then. God bless you too!!!

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  • pancakes183

    Even Satan knows the Bible from cover to cover. There is a difference between the word “read” and “study.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/brave.athiest Brave Athiest

    You are effing kidding right? Some of the responses on this board are SOOOO pitiful! THERE IS NOT ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE FOR GOD OR GODS-PERIOD!! Get thru your skull! You cannot prove something without proof, especially the Bronze-age myth of GAWD! If your Catholic then you might as well let it go! Your church has more pedophiles per capita than the typical prison!

  • http://www.facebook.com/brave.athiest Brave Athiest

    Catholics-Your Pope and his cardinals sit on high with a Vatican worth untold billions while millions of children starve! Good example coming from the followers of a poor carpenter!

  • Honesty

    Haha! You haven’t read the bible! You wouldn’t be an atheist if you truly had…

    • Jessie

      Retarded and unfounded statement. Read it many times. Even purchased the Skeptic’s Annotated Bible which shows all the lies, contradictions, misogynistic things that are in the bible, and much much more. Get over yourself and actually read with an open mind, not sucking on your make believe god’s dear old cock while reading the trash you call the bible. Stop making excuses for yourself.

  • http://www.facebook.com/TRJTRY Ryan Tennyson

    I want to read that book she wrote

  • chuck from Az.

    Good for you.I find it impossible to read the bible and not be distressed that I share a country and planet with people who can rationalise that book into their lives.It is a difficult read and as ridiculous as can be.To be told you have to inteprit it yet accept it is irrational.The deeper meaning????? well what about THE meaning as at no point does it say okay these bits are weird but think about them untill you can create a message from them that is unfalsifiable.I love being told to prove god does not exist.Well look around this is how the world looks without any gods exising.Good luck and P.S. at some point just vote .That is your only recourse.Arguing or trying to cure someone of their delusion is not worth it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/DaveTheTramp Dave A Smitty

    WHERE CAN I FIND THIS atheist bible

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get your reason to see that the Bible contradicts itself. You referenced 2 Kings 2:23-24. Did you even bother to realize what those youths were doing? They were mocking God’s prophet. You see it’s just like going up to an older person and making fun of them. It’s not God’s fault that they died. Have you ever heard of an adult fully developed coming out of the womb? We have morals built into us and we have parents that teach us these morals, like it’s wrong to lie, steal, and kill. Jesus said in John 20:29, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

  • Satan

    Drinking age has nothing to do with brain development. The brain isn’t completely developed. If you are 15, you have 10 years to go. When your brain is developed, read the bible again.

    • whatsisface

      And realize it’s even more ass-backwards than you first thought. That is what you were getting at, right?

  • facebook Robert Roop 14

    Ok so she read the bible, big deal. Got news for some of ya…..the bible isn’t for the world. In other words it isn’t for the unsaved.

  • facebook Robert Roop 14

    Also Catholics are not Christians and yes they killed a lot of Christians when the Catholics were under Jesuit popes….

  • Lamarice

    The statement is incorrect again coming from an underdeveloped brain of a fifteen year old girl that has estrogen problems and endorphin problems she’s scared to express to her parents out of do reality. Theologically people were in the era where God’s presence and principles were more instructed from parents….if back then God said the poor are mine, the fatherless, the motherless, and the foolish. Then common sense tells you that trying to give any affliction or attention of harm to these type of people( with offense like purposes) then there are consequences Psalms 105:5 Thou shall not touch thy anointed and do thy prophets no harm…..if you have your own intelligence as an athiest use yours. Don’t support a fifteen year olds words and in a contradicting manner she just stated she has an underdeveloped brain…..From Yours Truly A REAL CHILD OF GOD.

  • hasan al farisi.

    it’s great youre an atheist. but why are you not in the public schools??eXtremely hypocritical to be an atheisit in a xtian school. Does it make you feel different or special to be an atheist in a xtian school?? You really should be in the public school system, supporting it rather than paying tuition to the xtians.

  • Amy Lee

    I’m an atheist. I’m 23 and have been an atheist since I was self aware. I just started reading the bible for the first time.. not just reading but full on note taking, highlighting, calling people for explanations and researching. I am only on page twenty but I am fascinated. I’m even more fascinated as to how anybody buys into this as anything but fiction! Also, I thought a lot today about how almost no believer of God I have ever asked has actually read the bible, not just passages. I find that strange. I have decided to dabble in church just to see what it’s all about as I haven’t been since I was about twelve. I’ll tell you though, the more I’m learning about all of this the more my atheism has been backed up.

  • andriana constandinou

    Sweetheart I am a 29 year old mother of two. I have believed , in the past, that the Bible was not true. However, September 2012 the Lord transformed me, unblinded me from the deceitfulness of the lies of this world. I am a born again check the chapter in John 3.
    I also challenge you to speak to the Lord, its free . If you truly believe what you are saying seek him and ask. And if your afraid to do it ask yourself why, are you , maybe wrong? Perhaps you are and perhaps you are not. I know you are wrong the Lord Our maker is beautiful and real. I want you to go to heaven not hell. I want you to know what I know now.

    He made you as beautiful, dedicated, loving and smart as you are. I dont know who you are but the Lord does know more than anyone, he made you. I challenge you and email me. Trust me I was like you before and he through His grace loved me enough even though I am a sinner. That’s who he is. He loves you too. Paul Tarsus was persecuting Christians in the New Testament and the Lord transformed him and he became a Christian. How is that?

    I challenge you to ask him, like I said it’ s free and you will loose nothing if you just ask him. May the Lord Bless your soul. You are precious and don’t forget that.:)

  • Gabriel

    The thing with being a Christian, as I am, is this. If you can make it past Genesis 1:1 without closing the Bible, then you should have no problem believing the rest. If you can believe God created EVERYTHING in existence, everything else comes very easy. And I believe it with everything I am.

  • anonymous

    You’re 15? So that means your brain is still not developed? So any of your comments or opinions we adults can take with a grain of salt then.

  • Becky

    I want you to post the whole scripture in these comments and you have a week to do it. Go ahead! You claim you read it after all. And FYI, Your brain fully develops either ages 23 or 24. I’ll go find the citatoon for my proof while you write your proof.

  • Cristy

    people are crazy now a days. I came out and said I was an atheist and my parents went nuts saying I was gonna ruin my life. I, too, am only 15 and I argued back, stating how everything is just fake stories. I mean, this was written CENTURIES ago! They probably got the names wrong, too! I mean haven’t you ever heard of the game telephone? Also like Cinderella, the real story is much more brutal, but almost everyone knows the one Disney wrote, the fake one.

    Also, do you really believe God watches over us? Theres too many people in the world! Even he flew around watched for 1 minute each, it’ll take years before he finishes. Also, how come back then so much magical shit went on, but now in 2013 theres nothing. It’s all fake. Made up stories.

    There is not god and the bible is full of lies.

    I mean after my argument my mom stood strong, unlike my dad. Haha, I can see it in his eyes, he’s starting to doubt. Science is more logical.

    • Diane

      Trust me you will not change your parents. People aren’t going to stop believing just because you don’t. Your parents were there once. They had to come to the belief also and they know what you are going through. They love you and want you to experience the happiness they have found in Christ and they also know the struggles people go throught without Christ.
      It is funny how people won’t believe the two people who love them the most and want the best for them but they will believe perfect strangers that don’t care anything about them.
      There are miracles that happen today. They happen all the time. You can’t know about them if you are away from the Church. How can science be more logical. We wouldn’t have science if it wasn’t for God. Did science create itself? I am a nurse and believe me I have watched science change its mind so many times and we constantly have to change the way we practice medicine because they can’t keep the story straight on science.

  • #hodgster – KK4NWA

    The interesting thing about atheism is that it makes teenagers suddenly the authority an all things religious. 42 young men (to use the correct Hebrew translation) were killed by the bears for mocking Elisha. Atheists should acknowledge that Stalin’s “militant atheists” sent millions of religious to the gulag or death.

  • Jarhead6541

    It would seem you have your faculties in order, as so many humans in this world obviously do not. Carl Sagan may have said it best; “You can’t convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it’s based on a deep seated need to believe.”
    Discouraging as it is, no amount of fact, logic or reasoning is apt to change a believers thoughts. One would think the gross absurdity of most mainstream religions should be enough for any semi-intelligent being to refuse outright. Alas, the more absurd the belief, the stronger it seems to be.
    My advice…stay true to your own realizations that our world is not powered by magic or supernatural spirits bent on destroying us for not following cryptic words of ambiguity written by delusional barbarians of centuries past.
    What will be will be, regardless of the chants and prayers of those who choose to live in fear.

  • Layton Holcombe

    Hello, #1 the kids were mauled, not killed. #2 the “bald man” was a blameless man of God, who was God’s messenger for all at the time he lived. The Holy Spirit of your Creator offers you the opportunity to accept the Word of God and the death of Jesus for your inherited sin nature. If you will humble yourself and accept Jesus as your redeemer He will adopt you as His child and you will dwell with Him in peace forever.
    If you choose to reject God’s Love…you will be separated from His love and dwell in misery forever with all of those who despise our Creator.

  • Guest

    Theres more to “reading” the Bible, you have to asjk God to help you read it and understand it. When one is “spirit filled” then one can understand its “meaning” otherwise its just a book to most. I did that for 40 years under I read it with “new eyes!” New spirit filled eyes!

  • Marie OJibway Pinto

    Theres more to “reading” the Bible, you have to ask God to help you read it and understand it. When one is “spirit filled” then one can understand its “meaning” otherwise its just a book to most. I did that for 40 years under I read it with “new eyes!” New spirit filled eyes!

  • Ali

    Knowledge is power. Say that to God when you meet.

  • Ali

    The religion of Christianity being banned from institutions but the religion of atheism isn’t? Cmon.

    • whatsisface

      Atheism isn’t a religion, any more than an empty pan is a type of pie.

  • william

    I just wonder how all of the fullfilled prophecy can be explained away…thats all.

    • Nemo

      You mean like the Nile River drying up? Or Egypt being desolate for 40 years? Or Egypt converting to Judaism? Or the Messiah peacefully leading the world to worship Yahweh(as opposed to the Book of Revelations, where the Messiah violently kills everybody except for his small circle of worshippers)?

      • Diane

        I believe his means the 351 prophecies that Jesus fulfilled.

        • Nemo

          And what would those be? Nearly every one of them falls into one or more of the following categories:
          - not actually a prophecy. In Sunday School, I learned about Mary and Joseph hiding in Egypt from Herod for a while, with this being “prophecy”. In reality “from out of Egypt I called my son” was part of a poetic verse recounting the history of Israel. There is no indication of it being Messianic prophecy. Similarly, the Psalm mentioning pierced hands and gambling over clothes was a poetic verse where the speaker was talking about stuff that happened to him. No indication of it being prophecy at all. That was an interpretation imposed centuries later. In other words, a retcon. This also overlaps with vague prophecies, much like those of Nostradamus.
          - hearsay; outside of two Gospels, are there any sources for Jesus being born of a virgin? If not, it is as impressive as the fulfilled prophecy of the Harry Potter books.
          - easy to fulfill; remember how it was “prophesied” that the Messiah would enter Jerusalem on a donkey? See my first bullet point, but even if interpreted that way, the writers of the Gospels would know it had to be fulfilled. Any person claiming to be the Messiah would be sure to strike that one off their checksheet. Also, the Messiah would be called Prince of Peace. Well, someone call Jesus that, so we can check off another one.

  • Diane

    I have read the Bible many times. First of all it is not a book, it is a group of books put together. It is hard to understand it after studying it many times, I can’t see how one can say they understand it after reading it once. First let me say to you that God is love, God loves you and created you for a purpose. Your life here means something and don’t pass off happiness one day. Get to know the person of Jesus Christ and everything else will fall in to place. Things are probably going pretty good for you right now but know that they won’t always and there will come a time when you will need help, supernatural help. Help that won’t come from another human being. Help that won’t come from even inside yourself but from the love of God alone. Know that He will be there. Know that He is always there with His loving arms out reached for you, ready to give you the best love you can imagine. You might think this is nonsense now but just keep it in the back of your mind and believe me, there will come a time in life when you will need to turn to someone and trust me God will be there. He will never leave you. He will be the best friend you have ever had and He will lead you to peace and fulfillment and love.

  • Lydia

    The kingdom of God is not in word, but in power. I have also read the bible from cover to cover. Some of the things threw me, especially the contradictions. Once the bible becomes an experience, you will see things differently. The Holy Spirit is real, you receive it when once Christ’s words hit you in the heart, which will cause you to surrender to His lordship. It is a passionate experience.

    For he that hath, to him shall be given: and he that hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he hath Mark 4:25 (don’t let this apply to you)

  • Guest

    Hebrews 11:1 Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

  • Guest

    Hebrews 11:1 Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we don’t see.

  • Smart

    Psalm 119:42 then I shall have an answer for him who taunts me, for I trust in your word. (Esv)

  • Kate

    I take the Christian viewpoint all the way. If anyone feels the need to discuss this further, my blog is http://majesticgoldenrose.weebly.com- you can email me from there.

  • Bemused

    Presumably you are using your 15 year old underdeveloped brain to poke fun at something you can’t fathom or understand at this stage??

    • Mellin

      No, presumably you use your 2 years old brainwashed brain that somehow believes (if you actually ever read the bible) that god says to people to murder, rape, oppress and enslave other people, that the creator of the earth doesn’t know that his creation is not flat, that leprosy has nothing to do with sacrificing animals and many many other absolutely crazy things.
      It is not coincidence that those who believe the bible never read it and that those who read it don’t believe it.

  • Anna

    oh this makes my heart so sad for you. perhaps you should re-read the Bible….or at least start with John and just read that book surly your eyes will be opened to the undeniable proof that God is your creator and Jesus died out of an amazing love for you!

    • Dave A Smitty

      i’ve read the bible , that is why i’m a agnostic .. the bible is just a old as wize tale, don’t believe everything you hear or read ,, come on use your head for more then a foot ball.

    • Dave A Smitty

      the bible is just a wise tale … you will soon learn

  • Amberly

    There is a lot of sin out there. only one person was sin-free and it was Jesus. God sent him here to save us from all the sin we have because he loves us. Christians still sin too but they have all ready been forgiven. if you are a true Christian you would feel the guilt inside when you do a sin.
    Hell exist because God put it there for one Satan, and for two us. If there was only a heaven no one would even try to read about him or study his glory. God wants people to try to reach him instead of having laziness. He said people would reject it and Christianity would be more of a fantasy, which leads to judgment day. He wants us to really care/love others instead of showing them hate. Atheist believe that Christians are showing hate to them because some Christians would force it upon a atheist. God doesn’t want it to be like that . So if you are a true Christian please show love to an atheist or they would reject Christianity.

  • Bog&Hitler

    Sweet young intelligent Girl, and she talking about Criminality of the Bible!
    She is an Atheist, very young american Atheist, because she think first!
    And she said something about violence in the Bible, to much violence,
    and this is a truth!

  • Bog&Hitler

    “Holy” Bible is a most criminal book the World!

  • Bog&Hitler

    Look this!!!

    16 All the nations the Lord means thee to conquer shall fall an easy prey to thee; and for these thou shalt have no glance of pity; beware of worshipping their gods, to thy sure destruction.

    22 Little by little, now here, now there, he will dispossess these nations; thou couldst not destroy them all at once without letting the wild beasts breed, to thy hurt.

    24 leaving all their kings at thy mercy, till at last the very names of them are forgotten on earth; none shall be able to resist thy victorious onset.

    29 When the Lord thy God has routed the nations thou art to dispossess, and they give way before thee, and thou art dwelling in the land that once was theirs,

    1 When the Lord thy God has dispossessed those other nations, and thou hast overspread their country, and all its cities and houses are thine,

  • Bog&Hitler

    17 All the males must be killed, even the children, and all the women that have had commerce with man;

    18 the young girls and all the women that are still virgins you may keep for yourselves.

  • Bog&Hitler

    21 All that was in it they slew, sparing neither man nor woman, neither youth nor age; even cattle and sheep and asses were put to the sword.

    10 Then he turned back to Asor, which in old days was paramount among all these kingdoms; he put Jabin to the sword,

    11 and destroyed every living thing that dwelt there; no trace of them was left, all must be exterminated, and the city itself burned down.

    Atheist 100% !!!

  • Jordan

    I am a Christian and Jesus is our lord and savior! He died for all of your sins and wants all of you to be with him in heaven! Atheist are wrong! I have hardcore evidence Ephah Josephine Englin! Who created the world? Someone had to make something! God made everything!

  • Mellin

    “It’s the old testament”,”those were different times”,”it’s symbolic”,”that wasn’t trully god’s will”,”why do you want to change my faith? (what i hear: please let me believe that the earth is flat and the center of the universe, i like it better that way)” and other crazy rationalizations for the unable and/or unwilling to accept reality.

  • maddy

    way to make fun of people’s religion…

  • Guest

    I have to admit some of the passages in the bible are stupid, I’m reading the bible through for the first time, and some of it was pretty out their, I didn’t have a problem with Adam being made from dirt or eve coming from his rib, or the flood etc. But the part about the talking donkey was stupid and the part about Elisha with his magic abracadabra cape was pretty silly.

    I have a hard time believing a guy like this


    Is walking around throwing his cape into a river and making an axe at the bottom fly to the surface, it just sounded to silly to believe.

  • Kenny

    You don’t understand the bible. I also think it is arrogant for a fifteen year old to think they understand all the nuances to the point of having it all figured out on whether there is a god. It reminds me of philosophy classes where the freshmen would act like they have it all figured out. Read some Margaret barker. In particular read her book the great angel a history of Israels second god. It would have helped if you gave me some cultural context, looked at those verses in the. Original Hebrew, etc.

  • Jamie Goodlet

    Wow! All I have to say is that if you have no idea what Hermeneutics is, and have never studied Hermeneutics you have no business interpreting the Bible the way she does in this article. Uninformed, ignorant atheist!

  • guest

    Girl … Stfu Jesus did not die for your stupid ass Neanderthalic self he died for are sinc and for u to repent also I know most of y’all that say y’all read the bible bitch no u havent and if u have u must not understand it nd ast time I checked a niqqa in prison or the streets changing his life thx to the bible and u come out and say this stupid shit ain’t no one ask for or opinion and get the fuc out that school since. They ain’t doing shit right smh what has the world come to .. Since when can a 15 year old girl understand what the bible saying when she worried about other shit u know this jst a poblisity stunt nun else and y’all ethics no dis. But on the cool if y’all say y’all don’t believed in god well u don’t got to but I sure believed in a higher power then us reading the bible using the same as understanding it fukken little girl if u gonna disc on the book that helped me I ain’t got nun stopping me from capping on u now get bac to your Facebook or sum and say u ain’t doing this for the fame or for sum gain smh u disappoint

  • guest

    Y’all ppl Need Christ more then anyone

  • Bongo

    I’ve considered becoming a Christian for a while as many, but not all, Christians I know seem lovely!! So I decided to read the bible and I’m curious about is don’t understand about Christians is how they all preach about love and peace and forgiveness and yet do they even realize that the bible tells them that they should be stoning people to death?

    Remember the sabbath day, and keep it holy. For six days you shall labour and do all your work. But the seventh day is a sabbath to the Lord your God; you shall not do any work—you, your son or your daughter, your male or female slave, your livestock, or the alien resident in your towns. [Exodus 20: 8-9]

    So don’t work on Sunday, okay I’ve done that and I know others who have but I can stop….

    For six days, work is to be done, but the seventh day is a Sabbath of rest, holy to the LORD. Whoever does any work on the Sabbath day must be put to death. [ Exodus 31 verse 15]
    So now I must DIE?? WHAT?? This is the same religion right??

    Anyone who blasphemes the name of the LORD must be put to death. The entire assembly must stone him. [Lev 24:16]

    So all of you who have ever sworn in your life are going to be murdered by having rocks thrown at you.

    All who curse their father or mother must be put to death. [Leviticus 20:9]

    Ever got angry at your parents and wished bad things upon them?? Yea your gonna die.

    Let a woman learn in silence with all submissiveness. I permit no woman to teach or to have authority over men; she is to keep silent. [1 Tim 2]

    Who said the bible was sexist? No one here that I’ve seen that’s for sure.

    And I understand that may Christians done take the bible literally, that’s fine as long as you can find a metaphor or meaning to…

    They entered into a covenant to seek the Lord, the God of their fathers, with all their heart and soul; and everyone who would not seek the Lord, the God of Israel, was to be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman. [2 Chron 15:12-13]

    Does it mean murder everyone who isn’t devoutly Christian?? Or is there a deeper understanding that I don’t get??

    I’m not saying that there is or isn’t a Christian God, but I like to think that if there is then he would have made it harder for Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit…
    Or not made Archangel Lucifer who would go on to hate humanity and create evil for us, as you know, God is all-knowing.

    If you had all of the Lord’s power, wouldn’t you save humanity from suffering? remove cancer and AIDS? I’m not saying I’m perfect, because I see I have faults, but I don’t want everyone I know and everyone I don’t to suffer because I like to believe that if anyone else had the power to save us, they would. Isn’t it funny how someone with the power and love to do just that lets unfairness continue?

    Sorry for the ramble, I just wish everyone can make their own informed decisions.
    To Christians, I respect you for dedication to your faith, even if I don’t understand why.

  • Jason Barrett

    Cassie, I really and truly love your story and I can so see how you would feel this way.. When I was your age I went through this season for 8 years where I made a Declaration of Independence from the way I was raised and i decided to explore things to find what was true for me..
    What I didn’t completely understand at the time is something that you have full understanding of based on your comments regarding the story of the Prophet who called a curse down on the rebellious children.. Just like your 15 year old mind is not fully developed, neither was mine.. I had a gift of convincing people to go my way and I used it for many years to damage the faith that some had developed.. I was so good at picking holes in the knowledge that others had in the Bible because I knew they had no clue.. They were always quoting what someone else had told them..
    Now I was in the Air Force as a 21 year old when I had a rededication experience with God.. There was no church involved.. I was laying on my couch in Germany on an AFB and I was so empty feeling.. I started asking God “Are you real?” “Are you there?” I didn’t know how to approach Him because I had not really spoken to Him in so long.. I was so frustrated when that conversation was interrupted by my doorbell ringing.. I thought “Great!!” “Why would you allow my conversation with you to be interrupted when I am being vulnerable to you”!!! I literally thought maybe that’s my answer about Him being there or not.. But when I opened the door (I was expecting friends who were supposed to help me clean up after a party from the night before)… But on my door step was a German Pastor who was soaking wet.. He showed up looking for my room mate who had gone for the weekend.. He explained that out of no where a monsoon rain fell and he immediately turned up my stairwell.. I was so overwhelmed with remorse because now I realized that this timing was too coincidental.. Literally is interrupted my 10 min prayer for the first time in years.. I wept like a baby.. I was surprised at myself. Years of bottled up remorse flooded out.. I’m 40 years old now and I painfully regret everyday some of those people in my youth that I systematically dismantled their faith.. Some of them are still lost.. I’m a Pastor now.. I have to look back and think about how little I realized at the time with my undeveloped mind that was just seeking for something real.. It was there all along.. If any of you reading this are struggling for answers, I don’t have them all, but I may have what you need.. Email me if there are difficult questions that you need help to overcome. God is Love.. When you have a full understanding of things in this Universe and how our existence is really looked at in the big scheme of things, it all becomes much more clear and much more simple… I’m not out to win any arguments.. In fact I won’t because it cheapens God.. Who am I that I should need to defend or explain Him.. All I can do is share my knowledge and personal experiences.. It’s not about me being right.. It’s just about you and I remaining open and not closing the door to God if He wants to show Himself to you. Lifeelevationchurchemail@gmail.com
    Cassie, I hope you understand that I am not against you nor am I disqualifying your beliefs and what you have come to feel deeply about.. But one day you will give birth to baby’s and have a family and you will understand God in a way that is impossible at this stage in life. I think you are a wonderful person and that you have amazing potential to do great things in life.. If you ever want someone who has been where you are at to discuss something’s with, please feel free to use that email address..

  • Ben knows

    You are an immature idiot. Grow up, read the bible again, and look at history books. It will all be revealed to you in time that God created you.

  • james bensel

    fun fact an atheist is more likely to know things in the bible than a christian

  • Julie

    I don’t know much about any religion, but my question is, where did God come from? Who created this man who created the world and all the people in it and all the original animals and plants etc. SOMETHING had to create him? He couldn’t just appear out of thin air?? So WHO created him.

  • Yusti

    I was raised in a catholic family, my dad could care less about religion but my mom was one of those who told us to pray and all that stuff. When I was about 10 I read stuff online about exorsisms and I became deathly afraid of the devil. I wouldn’t sleep, I prayed a billion times a day begging god to forgive me an to rpotect me from Satan. When I was about 13 my fear was gone and I began to question my faith. If I was Catholic bcause I really believed in God or if I was a Catholic because that’s what society had taight me. I began investigating and reading about other religions and my own. I began to read the bible and every sentence I read, I became less and less religous. It’s not that I wanted to be Atheist, it’s just that the whole bible/god/jesus thing felt kind of like a joke in my mind. And I tried to be religous, I really did. But I couldn’t. Then I started reading the bible with more detail and paying more atention and I was horrified by what It said Noah killed the animals he saved for God, Abraham’s daughter had sex with her father to get regnant because God said so. And don’t even get me started on the fact that God sacrificed his son for humanity? He let Jesus suffer the way he did for us “sinners”? DAFUQ? I’ve been an theist since I was 16! I’m 19 now and I don’t for one second regret my decition. I’m proud of you girl, you’re an example to all of us.!

  • Pastor Tony

    If you can’t really believe in any of the miracles of the Bible and you say your an Atheist, can you explain how the universe started? Was it that little miracle you believe in called the “Big Bang” or how about the miracle of evolution? Would you consider either of these miracles?