Ken Ham Fears Christian Colleges will be “the Next Generation Harvard”

...but how doez one ried it!?The Ken Ham-reality disconnect, as unwittingly reported by the Christian Post:

While Ham recognizes that “there are a handful of colleges that will take a stand,” he told CP that Christian colleges are on the path to becoming the next generation Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth and Princeton.

Oh, Ken. No. There’s no risk of that.

The point Ham is trying to make is that Christian colleges are becoming altogether too secular to raise God’s chosen. Just look at this data from a survey of faculty from 200 Christian campuses:

While nearly all respondents expressed their belief in the inspiration of the Scriptures (98.1 percent), less than three quarters of respondents (74 percent) affirmed their belief in the inerrancy, or total accuracy, of the Bible. Nearly 19 percent of respondents rejected the belief that the Scriptures are infallible or incapable of failing.

See? A full quarter of these institutions believe the Bible may not be completely accurate! Nearly a fifth reject the idea of biblical infallibility! Utter madness. Some of these schools may even have fully-functioning Biology departments!

Ham’s big fear is that rejecting the inherently ridiculous and easily disproven claims of young earth creationists will lead the innocent youth to “accommodate other beliefs such as homosexuality and abortion.” That’s right, kids – science is a gateway drug to other radical reality-based thinking. Just say no!

(Also: rabbits do so chew cud!)

  • jimbo

    With Liberty University teaching the earth is 6,000 years old Christian colleges are still the laughing stock of the country.

  • Azkyroth

    Maybe he means in terms of price…

  • Harold

    Yes, rabbits do chew curd. Jonathan Sarfati shares that rabbits have a special pouch called the caecum, containing bacteria, at the beginning of the large intestine. These bacteria aid digestion as the bacteria in the rumen of cattle and sheep aid digestion. The rabbit produces two types of fecal pellet, a hard one and a special soft one coming from the caecum. It is only the latter that is eaten to enrich the diet with the nutrients produced by the bacteria in the caecum.

  • Luis Guembes

    My grand mother was russian ortodox, my mother and father were Catholics, I was educated in a catholic school and science or evolution in particular, were not teached as opposed to the bible. The main reason to do so was the simple evidence that science is far younger than the compilatiion of the bible, and the bible does not contain scientific evidence at all. This scenario served me to understand early that science had to be my method to understand myself, the world and my fellows. I think, therefore, I exist was the torch that enlightened the path out of the religious cave and still prevent cavemen to drag me back. Ken Ham can only exists in a cave: Why do americans let him go out and drag minds to the stone age without punishment?