Polaris Financial Planning Issues Fundraising Challenge to Skepticon Donors

For those of you who don’t know, Skepticon is the largest annual skeptic and atheist conference held in the Midwest. An estimated 1,000 attendees showed up last year to listen to such speakers as PZ MyersJames Randi, and Rebecca WatsonJT and I are both working on planning the event this year, and we just about lost it when we heard the good news: Polaris Financial Planning has offered to match our $2,800 March fundraising goal. The catch? We have to raise the full $2,800 by March 31st, or we won’t see a dime of matching money. $0.

Skepticon is held in Springfield, Missouri, which also happens to be home to the Assembles of God headquarters. It’s an extremely religious area. Articles like this one, written about last year’s event, highlight the need for skeptic activism in the community:

Springfield’s large concentration of churches and Christian colleges is part of the reason atheists decided to hold a convention here.

“The most frequent e-mail I get as the organizer of Skepticon is, ‘oh wow, something finally close enough I can go to,’” says J.T. Ebergard, Skepticon producer. “So if there’s an area of the country that needs it and doesn’t have it, it’s here, and I think that brings a lot of them in.”

$533.39 has been donated so far! Please consider learning more about Skepticon and possibly making a donation. If you’re a little too strapped for that, you might still consider volunteering or simply attending!

  • http://www.isakovgroup.com financial advisors

    seems like an interesting event to attend.

  • http://theqspot.blogspot.com Quentin

    If you haven't been to Skepticon before, it's a must. I'm happy to throw some cash in the pot.