Politicians get it right!

Oregon has taken a gigantic step forward.  Now if you just pray, and do not take your kid to the doctor, the law does not protect you from homicide charges when things turn pear-shaped.

The bill passed unanimously, though two Republican representatives raised concerns that the legislation was taking the issue away from juries and sending the state down a slippery slope.

The legislation comes in response to an Oregon City church, the Followers of Christ, that has a long history of child deaths even though the conditions from which the children died were medically treatable.

Currently, spiritual treatment can be used as a defense against some* homicide charges. The bill would eliminate that defense and subject parents who chose faith healing over medical treatment at the expense of their child’s life to mandatory sentencing under Measure 11.

Good for them.  So to recap:

  • Medicine: gets the job done.
  • Prayer alone: criminal negligence.
  • Both:  job gets done and, in the eyes of believers, prayer is now magically responsible rather than negligent.

Somebody’s piggybacking on science again!  As Dan Barker says/sings, nothing fails like prayer…

  • Doug

    Now if we could only get this passed nationally…..

  • Lacey Davenport

    Dan Barker is full of awesome & win. I wish he was my uncle.

  • spatchattack

    pray if you want, but you'll wear your knees out praying to the god in heaven for heat. Pray to the piece of God in you and start a fire. It is so sad to see an infant (who has not decided to be christian, jewish, ahteist, etc) die because their parents dont seek 21st century treatment. If god didnt want us to use our brain to advance science, he wouldnt have given it to us.