The rumor is true… the “We Are Atheism” campaign has officially been launched!

We Are Atheism SymbolYou may have heard about it already… the internet has been quietly buzzing about this for the last two weeks. Well, the wait is over. is officially open and wants you to share your videos and stories with them and the rest of the world. Come and check out popular atheist speakers like Hemant Mehta (The Friendly Atheist), JT Eberhard (SSA –, Greta Christina (AlterNet), and Jen McCreight ( tell their stories about atheism and how it’s changed their lives for the better.

This is your chance to finally be heard. This is our chance to stand up, speak out, and be counted. We want to provide a platform for atheists around the globe to see that they are not alone. Atheists come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds. The only thing that we all have in common is that we don’t see any credible evidence to believe  in a god. It’s ok to be an atheist, and we want the world to know.

  • Provide an outlet for atheists to feel comfortable to come out o the closet.
  • Always let visitors know there are other people out there that are non-believers.
  • Help people find other atheists like them in their state, city, and even neighborhood.
  • Give access to local, national, and international organization to become involved in the secular community.
  • Empower people to start their own organization in areas that does not already have one.

We are not just here to let you watch movies; these are real people living real lives as atheists. We want
the world to know we exist and we will not be ignored. We will stand up, speak out, and be counted.

Who are the We Are Atheism Team?

Amanda Brown

Amanda Brown We Are AtheismAmanda Brown, Co-Founder of We Are Atheism

This entire idea and website was Amanda’s idea.  It dawned on her at the Secular Student Alliance Conference in 2011 that is was time to “Stand up, Speak out, and Be Counted” and she knew that there was this need for a place or website like this in the secular community after hearing Jessica Albeit’s plight in her community and feeling alone in her area.  So after talking to a lot of people at the conference about this idea she knew she had to find a way to make it a reality.  She came home and immediately went to work with Kyle and Adam to make this idea become a reality.  She knows this website and its resources will help build a united community that will be able to support each other.

Amanda is a 25-year-old Psychology major with an emphasis in human sexuality undergrad at the University of Kansas (KU). She is the Director of Recruitment for the student campus organization Society of Open-Minded Atheists and agnostics (SOMA) and the Director of Philanthropy for the Kansas City Atheist Coalition. She was also the co-researcher for the Sex and Secularism survey with Dr. Darrel Ray, author of “The God Virus”. She plans to use this research and her education in order to become a sex therapist who is centered on the atheist community and alternative lifestyles.

Amanda is more than just her involvement in the atheist movement. She has a 3-year-old daughter, Lily, who has been the biggest motivating factor in her life to create change and be an example of how someone can truly be “good” without god. Through the philanthropic efforts with KCAC and her drive to build community with SOMA, along with living life as openly and honestly as possible she feels she I now setting the best example possible of what it means to be an atheist. Which to her is as simple as saying the words “I don’t know”. She understand that she doesn’t know everything and will never profess to, but with the ability to think critically, reason out what is the most probable answer, and see if that answer is supported by evidence that people who are experts in that field and have scientifically and methodically proven. Then she can come to a good conclusion about what is and isn’t. So… God/Allah/Yahweh/Thor/Zeus/Aphrodite/etc. have no evidence or proof of their existence therefore the default says, There is no god. And that is why she’s an atheist.


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    proud to say that all my friends are visible, and they return my calls when i need them!!!!

  • Alfreda

    We just want to be treated the way you treat everyone else.

  • Heather

    I love the idea behind We Are Atheism! I liked Greta Christina’s vid the most because our stories are a lot alike.

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  • Steve Weeks, DDS

    Take a look at a video clip of Christopher Hitchens, and hope (or pray) you don’t engage in a debate with him or anyone half so gifted.