Science is better than religion

There isn’t much more to say than just, “Watch this”. Share this video. I think it sums up many of our points of view into one video.

Can mankind finally realize that science isn’t a gift from god? It isn’t a blessing bestowed upon us to show us his almighty form. It isn’t evidence of his existence. Quite the contrary. It is only through hard work, thousands of hypothesis, millions of man hours of scrutinizing data and looking at stars that we have been able to explain things in the modern cosmological field of science. We live at an amazing time. The understanding of the universe that the average 18 year high school graduate has is far more advanced that the most accepted scientific theory from 200 years ago.

Now, unfortunately, many “science deniers” use this to say, “See, science has been wrong before”. Well, this certainly is true… but not really much in the last 20 years.  Since the advent of DNA knowledge and super computers, our “guesses” are becoming more and more verifiably correct. And, when new evidence comes along to refine our understanding, we are happy to welcome it with open arms – unlike Christians who feel that they’re 2,000 storybook has all the answers in it already and needs no new information or addendums.

The more one takes the time to understand science and cosmology, the easier it is to see how primitive man, not privy to this knowledge, might have easily invented religion to explain these things. You can even see how these concepts could stick around a while after science has explained them simply because “tradition” is hard to get rid of.

But, how far does it have to go? How long do we have to keep fighting the blindness of religion to advance mankind’s understanding. We stop stem cell research because they think it’s morally wrong – even if they don’t really understand the process. It could lead to advancements in medical science once thought impossible and cure diseases that plague us now and cause millions to suffer… but not at the expense of  ”playing god” (as the religious right likes to put it). However, when you accept that THERE IS NO GOD, it’s ok to “play him”. The world is such an amazing place and to give credit for all we see around us to a toga-wearing hippie in the clouds is a slap in the face of the human race… and all that we have achieve, on our own, without divine intervention.

We mustn’t sit back and let “creationism” be taught in schools. We must encourage a broad understanding of science and math. We must fight intellectual tyranny and stop letting the religiosity in this country control the debate on science. I don’t pretend to know more about basketball than Michael Jordan… maybe it’s time that religious leaders and their cults stop pretending to know more about science than the scientists!

  • Tracy Hardin

    People dismiss their belief in God,because HE does not tolerate immorality.God denounces homosexuality and other abominations that are not acceptable unto Him.

    • EvolutionKills

      Right, and that’s why your God created homosexuality then? Or do you just like to hide your own bigotry behind your invisible sky-daddy so you can relabel your ‘intolerance’ as ‘religious freedom’?

  • dan

    This is really getting on my nerves !!

    Unfortunately, this video is not available in Germany because it may contain music for which GEMA has not granted the respective music rights.
    Sorry about that.

    • http://Youtubevs.GEMA LX

      I will absolutely not suggest that you google for “youtubeproxy”, as that would allow you to watch a video that the GEMA has rightfully censored.

      So don’t do that, you’re breaking the law (sure, one could argue that it’s a rather unreasonable law written by american lobbyists, but it’s law, nevertheless, so don’t meddle with it unless you’ve thought about it)!

      Regards, LX

  • Martin Nichols

    Wow!, this is exactly how I feel when I look at the stars, wondering if somewhere in this Universe another intelligent life form is doing the same thing.

    As far as I can remember, I never belived in any divinity. Science haven’t saved my soul from religion. But it’s for sure keeping it far away from me.

  • Kristofer

    I’ve listened to this so much I can almost recite it. It’s an amazing speech. The speaker sounds just like Ridley Scott.

  • morrso

    I’d like to know who wrote this and who’s speaking in the video? Is it Adam Brown? Also, who is the man at the end playing drums in slow motion?

  • Todd Switalski

    when was this published?

    • EvolutionKills

      The video was published on YouTube by ‘philhellens’ on November 1′st, 2010.

  • SavaSava

    This is absolutely beautiful! I like the part about “mindgasm”, I think I just had one:)

  • Max

    could someone post the sources where he got his information, or his background so I can use him as a credible source?

  • josh

    If you think religion cannot coexist with science and that it is hindering scientific advancement, tell that to Georges Lemaitres, a catholic priest and Physicist who created the big bang theory, or Gregor Mendel, a friar who is known as the father of genetics, or Jean-Baptist Lamark a priest who prefigured the theory of evolution years before Darwin and some of Darwin’s notions come from Lamark’s theory. I was once an atheist who believed that God did not exist and religion hindered scientific knowledge, yet science and inquiry came from the curiosity that man wanted to know the questions of the world, and how the world was created. This was brought on by man’s religion.