Upcoming debate

On March 6 I will be ‘debating’ (in a very conversational set up) Mario Melendez, Vice President of Purdue Episcopal Student Association at Purdue.

The Purdue Episcopal Student Association and the Purdue Non-Theists of the Secular Student Alliance, present an opportunity to hear an exchange of ideas between Christian and Atheist thought. Topics of the conversation will include, but are not limited to: morality, being good without god, and the need for god. There will be time set aside for the audience to ask questions of our discussants.

Representing the Christian school of thought is VP of the Episcopal Student Organization, Mario Melendez. Mario is a senior in Religious studies at Purdue, and plans to attend seminary in the Episcopal church after his graduation in December 2011.

Representing the Atheist school of thought is Secular Student Alliance High School Organizer, JT Eberhard. JT is also very well known for founding Skepticon, one of the largest annual atheist gatherings in Springfield, Missouri. He also blogs at Atheism resouce, http://www.atheismresource.com/author/jt.

The event will be taking place at 4pm in the Class of 1950 building, room 224.  It should be a real hoot.

  • Mario Melendez

    Hello everyone, this is Mario.

    I just wanted to point out (and we already made that change in the Purdue side of things) that to be fair, I will be representing "a" Christian school of thought. It is Not "THE" Christian school thought since my personal views and the views of the Episcopal Church are both similar AND different from other Christian school of thoughts.

    Looking forward to it, peace :)


  • http://theqspot.blogspot.com Quentin

    Will it be recorded in any way? I’d like to see this

  • http://rationalia.com Gawdzilla

    Have fun at Purdue. I got my MA in History there, ’04. Good bars within walking distance of Class of ’50.

  • Mario Melendez


    I heard that you are enjoying the fact that we are doing this on a Sunday ;)

  • http://politicsandpucks.blogspot.com Mike Brownstein

    Quentin, we’re working on getting video equipment. I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to record it!

  • Kevin Pettay

    Was there a YouTube of this? How about some follow up information, eh?