3 Easy Tips for Attracting Atheist Women to Your Groups

  • Adam

    Homerun Katie… I almost deleted this after submitting it to Reddit. I thought, “Shit, pink… this is going to offend women!” Then I watched the rest and laughed my ass off. You just earned a permanent spot with us!

  • http://www.atheismresource.com Kyle

    I love the shit out of ponies too! Hilarious video. We look forward to more.

  • Vincent

    Katie, I'm glad you didn't suggest a pink, pony shaped dessert, positioned strategically on a doily in the corner of a room where glittery scrap booking is taking place, as it would surely be a catastrophic traffic situation for passing vehicles driven by women on their way to the mall, or their children's soccer games.

    Really clever clip, and brilliant commentary;)

  • http://www.morganart.net morgan

    funny stuff. i liked the pony shtick and you delivered it well. a wee tad deceptive to lay a bomb and split… comedically it would be less deceptive to soften it with an implication that not all are like that… for instance, you could say “you could actually treat people…” since equality is what we’re after… but talking about comedy is like dancing about architecture. i hope i’m not that unique in that sexism isn’t a part of my reality. people without prejudice are a joy to be around, creative and perceptive. i actually haven’t been to any atheist groups yet. do the groups actually think of women like that?

  • Candice

    I love it! Ponies, ponies, ponies! Pink things (NOT mauve)! Scrapbooking! I don’t know how I feel about the last part, though. Seems a bit eccentric.

  • http://macxvx.blogspot.com Mac

    Sarcastic, hilarious, feminist, awesome.

    Marry me?

  • Wailly

    How to get 13 year old girls to join your ideological group.

  • shannon

    lmao. “we just love the shit out of ponies.”

    i almost didn’t watch this after the beginning of the ‘pink’ spiel, but i finally got the humor. good stuff.