Christopher Hitchens Memorial Portrait on sale now to help pay for ReasonFest 2012

SOLD ON JANUARY 21st, for $2,750.10! Thanks everyone for helping spread the word!

I own this website, am an atheist activist, help run the Kansas City Atheist Coalition, co-own, and help with the Society of Open-Minded Atheists and Agnostics as their Marketing Director. But, I’m also a husband, dad, speaker, and… an artist. Prior to tonight, the two sides of me (personal and public) have never met (except in my graphic design and marketing company that makes a lot of marketing material for atheist groups across the country). I love to paint. I haven’t done a portrait in over 12 years. But, in honor of Christopher Hitchens, I started painting the portrait you see here portrait a little over a month ago… before he died.

I just finished it. It is up for auction on ebay. In honor of how important Hitchens was in my life I am donating the proceeds to ReasonFest, the FREE event that SOMA (the Society of Open-Minded Atheists and Agnostics)  will put on at the University of Kansas next month (Feb 11th and 12th). This will be our second conference. The first brought in over 600 people to see a debate between Dan Barker (FFRF) and John-Mark Miravalle (theist) on the topic of “Does God Exist?”. We hope this years’ line up of over 11 speakers and debates over two days will draw a HUGE crowd!

It’s a great event (please try and attend if you can). I know you  probably love great art, atheism, and charity. Well, I’m hoping you’ll find it in your heart to help me here and fulfill all three loves. I have the painting on Ebay until next Sunday night (just went live minutes ago). Click on the big , red button below to go to the page on ebay where the auction is being held… and be generous if you can.



SIZE: 24″ x 24″
RESERVE: $500 (won’t sell it for less than $500)
TYPE: Black and White Acryllic on oak veneer on top of wood frame… ready to hang on a wall.
WHO IT HELPS: Proceeds will be donated to The University of Kansas’s Society of Open Minded Atheists and Agnostics to help them pay for ReasonFest 2012, a free secular conference in Lawrence, KS. See info here:
SPECIAL DETAIL: Hitchen’s favorite drink, Johnnie Walker Black Label, was mixed in with some of the paint to add a special homage to Hitch. Cheers!
PAINTED BY: Adam Brown, Co-Owner of Voss Visuals,, and Adam also serves as the Marrketing Director for SOMA and the Kansas City Atheist Coalition. 


It has a $500 reserve on it, but our event is still $3,000 short… so I’m hoping to get a “little” bit more than $500 for this. It really is a fine painting of HITCH, and a great piece to own regardless… but helping ReasonFest happen will mean the world to me.

 Learn more about the event and our 11 speakers here: