Indoctrination is a Friend of Power and Greed

I’ve never understood why the mega-organizations and some leaders of the faithful would be allowed to be in a position where they are sitting on literally billions of dollars or even have a net worth in those numbers.

Those that would claim to be followers of god or jesus or whatever the name of their god in other faiths is, should really be ‘power-less’ and more concerned with their flock; not to mention, living a life that would reflect what most of their followers have. But it seems money or the fact that so many good little followers continue to pad their churches’ wallets entitles the leaders to become less like who they preach they want to emulate. I’ve always firmly thought that any money collected on behalf of charitable organizations should come in and go out to those who the funds are being raised for, not the organizers; ensuring that any expenses are kept to zero or very little.

Billions – yes, billions is what they are taking (actually, raking) in and it doesn’t seem to stop. The other part is that it really doesn’t go anywhere either. It simply resides with those that command it be given to them to use in whichever way they choose. The current laws have been structured in their favor so we won’t know how corrupt their actions really are. It would seem it is just about power and greed, not about what is best for the people they serve. The people giving simply ‘believe’ that tithing is the right thing as they’ve been instructed to do. This is where not questioning gets you into trouble and why the moniker ‘sheep’ is a good description, as that is what sheep do – they follow rather than lead themselves.

People of faith who would blindly do as their pastor tells them, set themselves up to approach life and how they lead it from that same perspective. With a little over 83% of the people in this country having aligned with some form of religion, we can see how the indoctrination of ‘following’ rather than thinking for oneself, has contributed to this high of a percentage choosing a religious affiliation.

There is a mindset that goes along with being a person of faith and it doesn’t just happen all by itself. Faithful people in leadership positions within their religious organizations know that children will be the most willing to absorb the indoctrination. That is why they tell their congregations to school their children in the ways of the lord. Young minds are being molded to believe in fairy tales, to be submissive to, scared of, fearful of and generally abdicate thinking to someone in the church hierarchy who is doing the thinking for them. Well, them and the almighty god who knows better about everything than the lowly humans do. They grow up in an atmosphere that continually reinforces that mindset; no wonder they don’t deal any differently when they become adults.

Interestingly, as with anything in life, one of two things will happen in the indoctrination process. Those choosing to remain in the religious fold will either remain faithful to their upbringing and continue that cycle of indoctrination or they will think for themselves. When they do think for themselves they will understand being under the thumb of someone else is inappropriate for their life and will shed their religious upbringing. Those that remain in it – fully, wholeheartedly and aspiring to great notoriety – those will use it to their own advantage; having grasped the power and the financial gain that could come to them when they do. The first person who understood this concept of gaining power over others by creating followers is how religion became to be used by self-serving people. These people will continue to perpetuate this cycle of power and greed by becoming leaders in organized religion to control the followers. All under the guise of being a ‘believer’; all the while profiting and benefiting off those who would not think for themselves.

Luckily, we are seeing a shift in the hold that powerful and greedy people in organized religion have over the faithful; people have been leaving religion in droves and continue to even now. Those that are still faithful are revolting against the oppression that was built into the religious dynamic by speaking out against those who would want a status quo, as evidenced by all the scandals surrounding the Catholic Church and we are seeing this in the political arena as well with the Occupy Movement. The indoctrination of oppression is seeing the shackles falling off of those people who were held captive by them previously as they realize that those who would oppress them have only desired to maintain their own interests, not those of their followers. I look forward to a world where indoctrination is a dirty word.

Change can sometimes be a slow process, realizing only minimal gains for the better. But it is progress, never-the-less, when you witness people taking back their rights, their dignity, their intelligence, their humanity and, most importantly, their freedom.

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    Good post.

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    ペルー当局は、まだ具体的な死亡を発表していないとヘリが墜落事故の原因。第七オバマ米大統領は、国土安全保障大統領とCIAディレクターとしてテロ対策顧問ジョン·ブレナンを指名するために、国防長官の下でモンクレールダウン、元上院議員チャックヘーゲルを指名した。 アナリストらは、ヘーゲルとブレナンは、オバマの信頼を獲得している、と信じて、二人の男が、自分のアイデアに従った安全保障政策を推進するためにオバマを容易にするために軍事的ポジションを務めた。指名は、渡された、オバマはまだやるべき仕事がたくさんあることを確実にするために上院で抵抗が発生する場合がありますモンクレール。 ノミネートの信頼を獲得 共和党としてものの、ハーゲルが、イラク戦争やその他の問題についてオバマの景色が似ています。 2003年には、当時のアメリカ大統領ジョージ·W·ブッシュ大統領は、イラク戦争、ヘーゲルが徐々あの戦争を疑って、最も重要な共和党の戦争抵抗者の一つとなっていることを決めた。 指名が渡された場合は、ヘーゲルは、最初にベトナムのベテラン “元米国防長官となるであろうティンバーランド ブーツ。ベトナム戦争の経験に参加するには、戦争でヘーゲルの見解に影響を与えたが、彼は強く共和党、音に対する十字軍内でイラク戦争に反対している理由もある程度説明しています。 イラクでの戦争も重要オバマ。 2008年7月には、オバマ氏が大統領に立候補しており、チャックヘーゲル、イラク訪問に行くと、二人はそれ以来良好な関係を確立した。その年の8月には、オバマ氏はヘーゲルが “忠実な共和党員であるが、両者の”ほぼすべての外交政策上の問題では、同じ意見を保持されていることをインタビューで語ったティンバーランド 。就任後、オバマ大統領は、チャック·ヘーゲル、大統領のインテリジェンス諮問委員会の委員長を指名した。 ホワイトハウスでは、過去4年間のおかげで、オバマ、ブレナンのような重要なチームメンバーは、知性とテロ対策の仕事の経験、オバマ信頼を主宰。

  • Brian

    “…people have been leaving religion in droves and continue to even now…”

    Sadly friend, you are wrong. Check this out and do a little research on your own.