The God Who Wasn’t There


Dear Christian,

I’m not there. I wasn’t in the operating room when your mother had cancer, I wasn’t in the car when your best friend crashed into the median, I wasn’t there when your favorite sports team won the big game. I didn’t show up to your son’s baptism, nor was I present when he was born. I didn’t stop thousands of children from being abused in my supposed house of worship, I didn’t prevent the genocide against my own people at the hands of Adolf Hitler.

I have never been present in the most disease-infested, impoverished continent on the planet. I don’t make it rain, regardless of how many people put their hands together and beg for it. I’ve never been in your schools, your homes, your churches, or your workplaces. I wasn’t there when a maniacal young man killed 26 people, many of whom were toddlers.

I never stopped any leader, in any part of the world, from waging war against others. I don’t care about people being executed, or fetuses being aborted, or gays being allowed to marry. Did it ever bother you that when randomly good things happen to people who live in civilized parts of the world, I always get credit – but when bad things happen in underdeveloped countries, it’s apparently going toward some sort of master plan of mine? There is no master plan. There never has been.

Have you really been convinced that I, the alleged sculptor of this complex reality, care about what human beings do? Did you convince your feeble mind that I care who a person chooses to love? You really think that I created the vastly confusing world of sub-atomic particles, but it bothers me when a woman menstruates?

Do you think I’m petty enough to only care about people who worship me? If I created the entire Universe, and gravity, and atoms, do you truly believe I’m ignorant enough to not recognize the fallibility of my own biological creations? Do you really think I created you, a mere human, in my image? Do you truly believe you’re the best I could have come up with? Do you think a parent who loves his children would allow them to senselessly murder, rape, and hurt one another every single day just so I could give you the ability to choose whether or not you spend an afterlife with me?

“You cannot conceive, nor can I, the appalling nature of the mercy of God,” said Graham Greene.

Do you know why you cannot understand it? Because I simply do not exist. I’ve never existed. I have never been there with you. I have never intervened on behalf of you. I have never helped you acquire a job, or meet that perfect match, or find your car keys. Young children die every single day from starvation, cancer, AIDS, and a slew of other things. If I do not care about the most innocent among you, what makes you think I would care about someone perfectly capable of taking care of themselves?

There is no place for children to go when they die. They cease to exist, much like you, one day, will cease to exist. Your grandmother is not seated next to the human version of myself that I sacrificed to create a loophole for rules that I designed. You will never see your loved ones again. I do not welcome the people you care about into some otherworldly place where everyone gets to sit around and worship me for all of eternity.

I’m not there, dear believer. I never have been.

The truth is, you always ask me to do things for you, but the only person who has the power to make the world a better place is reading this letter right now.

If you want to live in a world that’s peaceful, harmonious, and just – then it’s on you and the rest of your species to make it happen.

I have never had any power to make the world better. But, you do.



The God Who Wasn’t There



  • Matt Begley


  • Sarah Masterson Eller


  • Blake

    Oh my goodness this is inspirational to me.

    • Alex

      How is this inspiring? This is depressing. This means there’s nothing to hope for after death. This article is saying there is no Judge, God, Author of our Life, etc. Are you kidding me?

      • Papapau

        Very inspirational to compassionate human beings.

        This means there are no judge that makes many people complacent, worse, being used to harm others. We should be responsible. If we are hoping for a better world, WE are the ones who should do something about it.

        I’m pretty sure there will be cynical people who will say things like, “So, no one will stop me from doing murder?”

        Yes there will be, aside from already making a law about that, the compassionate people who wants a better future for the next generations will always be here.

  • TheUnpopularOpinionGuy

    Wow. So basically you are saying that everyone should just give up their faith and hope? That is really tolerant of you.

    • Feminerd

      Faith, yes. Hope, no. He’s actually advocating that people hope for and work for a better world.

    • Gideon

      So basically you are saying that nobody should ever criticize others’ religious viewpoints? That is really tolerant of you.

    • JohnnieCanuck

      Hope for what? A better world for us and our fellow passengers on this planet? That’s the whole point here.

      How sad it is to promote the idea that more suffering in this world is the way to achieve a promisory state of eternal bliss. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. You can’t even recognise a con job when you see it?

      Bliss without end. What would that have to be like?

      • Qwertyy650

        Mark Twain penned a remarkable description of what heaven must be like in his “Letters from the Earth”. It will make you smile. He talks about how people can barely stand being in church for one hour a week, but gleefully look forward to an eternity of the same kind of crap.

        • Karnamay

          Qwertyy, you gave me my laugh for the day! Thanx!

          • Heidy Gomez

            Your welcome, thanks to you for letting me see why I shouldn’t be a believer. You guys have nothing but sadness anf misery to show. Sad life :(

        • Heidy Gomez

          I don’t go to church at all. I read the bible once a year, and I say bad words… tell me where in the bible it says that I can’t or have to do those things?

      • Heidy Gomez

        Obviously you have never opened a bible and had an opinion of your own, you guys just hear things here or there and make a conclusion, once again I would have loved one of u to have given me reasons of why I shouldn’t believe and I mean all I see in you guys is sadness, and the need to seek for anger and people to back up your conclusion so that youcan BELIEVE in something that someone can aprove of. So sad dudes

        • JohnnieCanuck

          Some of the things that are obvious to you, just aren’t so. You’re talking to a confirmed former altar and choir boy. Morning and evening services and choir practise on Thursday. They covered some of the nicer parts of the Bible with us when I went and tried to explain away some that weren’t so nice, but there are a few that I only had pointed out after I left. For instance:

          Can you explain the literal truth of Genesis 1 vs. Genesis 2? Just by comparing them, one or both of them is not true. That and both of them contradict what we know of the world.

          If you have the faith you claim, then why aren’t you a famous healer of thousands and immune to poison as all good Christians can according to Matt 16:18?

          As an atheist, I’m much happier not trying to lie to myself. I take joy in viewing and understanding some of this wonderful universe. Stars, mountains, plants and animals and how they got to be are all fascinating. No god myths necessary.

          I am sad though, to see so many so lost in the religious delusions taught to them by their parents that they will do the same to their own children.

          There are a few things some religious people do that make me upset. Watching their sick kids die while waiting for an imaginary father figure to heed their pleading is one. Shuffling pederast priests from one jurisdiction to another just to protect the church while increasing the harm, that’s another.

          Fortunately secularism is making steady gains everywhere, even in the faith soaked USA.

          I wish you well and hope you can free yourself.

          • JAA

            Your lack of understanding regarding the Bible is significantly obvious. How can you possibly make the judgments about others that you do without it? I find that anti-theists (people like yourself) are more interested in maligning others than in being a reasoned, intelligent, fair, & respectful human being.

        • sir_limpalot

          There’s plenty of reasons not to believe in fairy tales, but can you come up with one good reason to believe?
          Other than the equivalent of “the bible must be true because it says it is true”?
          And I’ve read the bible btw, has some good stories in it but I’ve read a lot of better books.
          For a more believable creation-myth, with a lot fewer contradictions and logical flaws, I’d recommend “The Silmarillion”.

          • JohnnieCanuck

            I think you are saying that without the Bible, one cannot judge others. There are a fair few Christians who use their Bibles to justify the judgements they make about others’ lives. Seems to me they like you, are forgetting Matthew 7:1-2.

            If you could separate criticism of your beliefs from criticism of yourself, perhaps you wouldn’t take personal offense like this. Unless you have let a child die while withholding medical help or helped hide a pederast priest, I can’t imagine how you should feel attacked in this comment.

            I find reading the Bible carefully helps to reinforce my Atheism. You should too.

          • jonathan Ramirez

            Humans were actually created, but not by the god that religions follow. The actual God that created the first humans was me. I have physical proof that I am God, because I actually have abilities that humans do not have. I am physically immortal, I can kill all the humans on earth, destroy this planet, and even destroy this entire universe simply by raising my energy level.

    • Anon

      If people accept that there is no giant omnipotent being who will step in at the last minute and fix things then it puts the accountability on people, rather than some imaginary god.

      It’s up to you and me, not Yahweh and Allah, to change this world for the better. Because we exist, they don’t.

    • Artor

      Do you expect children to keep believing in Santa even after they leave home & have their own kids? This is just pointing out that in the real world, where we base things on facts & evidence, there is no imaginary friend in the sky. Believing in one doesn’t make it so, and you’d be better off if you gave up your illusions and joined the reality-based community. But if you wish to keep on being delusional and confused, that’s up to you.

    • David Deal

      It means to quit wasting your time and efforts on silliness and deal with reality. Make things happen, do good deeds for the sake of goodness with no expectation of reward. Put your faith in your children, your spouse, your friends, and hope for the best but don’t sit around waiting for it to happen. Take action, be part of the solution instead of a bystander.
      Be pragmatic, rational and most of all generous within your means and compassionate and understanding of those less fortunate.

      • John

        So, I find it kind of funny that faithful Catholics agree with the commands of this comment entirely. They would just add on “and love God.”

        • Ron

          And what exactly is wrong with that John?

        • Ned Carter

          and eat human flesh, drink human blood, hide pedophiles and send trillions of dollars to the vatican to buy golden thrones while lying to everyone in Africa about condoms, aids and homosexuality… Yeah exactly the fucking same.

        • Heidy Gomez

          Yes because its a point of you every and each person believe in what they think it’s right and real, you don’t have to believe in the bible, you don’t have to believe in every word a pastor says, you don’t have to go to church, you are a Christian if u choose to be one, if you believe that jesus vhrist/god is real, I am because I believe that there is a god and I know that I feel him but that doesn’t mean that I have to be any certain way because I am my own unique person n that’s how god made me n that is what I BELIEVE

          • Morgan

            Way to take a stand for what you believe in Heidy! It’s the exact same reason most folks who believe in Bigfoot kinda stay home instead of going hunting for him all the time. Nice. Your faith is about as solid as the bulletproof glass on the pope-mobile.

    • Ned Carter

      Pointing out the obvious flaws in magic thinking is not intolerance. Much like pointing out the fact that gravity works, or electricity flows.. it isn’t intolerance, and if it hurts you to read this letter, maybe you should reevaluate how you spend your life.

      • Heidy Gomez

        It doesn’t hurt me more like bothers you, it’s my belief and like I thought none of you can explain what seems so obvious to all of you. Things happen for a reason honey, stop being so angry at the world.

        • Ned Carter

          No, things happen. There is no reason a child gets cancer, there is no reason a mother dies in a car wreck, there is no reason priests rape (other than worldly reasons, there is no cosmic god made plan). I am not angry at the world, I am however very angry at religious fanatics that think they are allowed some special place in society that is beyond reproach. That their ideas and ideals cannot be questioned or ridiculed. And all you have done is say how sad and angry and pathetic atheists must be. Atleast we accept reality, and don’t hide behind children’s stories.

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  • Gideon

    Epicurean Paradox. So simple yet always so effective and relevant.

  • JB

    Faith is believing in something that isn’t based on fact. It’s a cop out !

    • Marc

      Atheists have as much faith as any Christian

  • Andrew

    To be completely fair, while I agree with the letter, the Graham Greene quote does appear to be wrong, and perhaps a bit out of context, although I think the overall use of the quote would still stand if it was unaltered.

    The full quote, from “Brighton Rock”:
    “You can’t conceive, my child, nor can I or anyone the appalling…
    strangeness of the mercy of God… If he [Pinkie] loved you, surely… that
    shows there was some good.”

  • wyocowboy

    AWESOME :-)

  • Jeff Watson

    love it

  • DJL

    The most insightful, thought-provoking letter I’ve read in the longest time. It would be nice for others to understand this message and take responsibility for this world. A hint hint…

  • Larry Augustyn

    I believe this is true, and I sometimes wish I didn’t. I think people who believe in what is essentially a fantasy are happier and have an easier time of it in life. It’s very comforting to believe that something better awaits after death, both for oneself and for those we love. I’m not convinced that life does not continue in some form, not necessarily ‘better’ but in a different aspect of existence we can not yet understand. It has nothing to do with god or heaven or reward and punishment — just the nature of life and death and renewal. No one knows what awaits us, but I don’t believe in a personal god and angels and paradise and hell. One need not believe in all that to still consider the possibility that consciousness continues after physical death.

    • Pam Ryan

      Do you really think believers have more peace of mind when they perpetually torment themselves with the fear of eternal hell fire?

    • richy

      so true

  • Wasantha Morawaka

    I think it makes sense(the letter) although many people will pray for things they want to achieve.In south Italy due to an earth quake a church collapsed and many died a decade ago.One of the perished woman’s husband shot and killed the church priest saying that he did not pray well and therefore god did not stop the disaster!

  • Greg Siska

    This is brilliant, but could it be reduced or condensed to fit on one page?

    I think a one page letter would be brilliant to print and distribute.



    • SimbaLover

      Please look up Pascals Wager and why that is not a good reason for believing ANYTHING. Also there have been thousands of “gods” in recorded human history – how do you know you chose the right one?

    • EvolutionKills

      How do you know? Can you prove anything? Do you have any evidence (remember, that The Bible is not evidence, it’s the claim)?

      I didn’t think so. If a god does exist, then he made me with a brain incapable of believe crazy, stupid, unsupported bullshit. I am so made I cannot believe, because ‘belief’ is not a choice. It is a conclusion built upon our understanding of reality. So you don’t know enough about the universe to understand how everything can exist without a god, congratulations. Not all of us are as ignorant as you, get used to it.

      To quote Bertrand Russel, “And if there were a God, I think it very unlikely that He would have such an uneasy vanity as to be offended by those who doubt His existence”.

      You’re too afraid of death to think outside your box, I feel sorry for you.

    • Ned Carter

      I’d rather you do that too, quietly, in your home. And not try and teach it to my children. And not CAPS LOCK YELL IT ON THE INTERWEBS.

      Btw, god is a lie.

    • Bill Chambers

      Please don’t yell and scream! It only damages your argument — at least to me.

  • wog

    Wow! I am a woman of faith. I believe in God and his everlasting love.

    • Lizzy


  • Piet Vrijdenker

    Excellent. We are using this writing at our facebook and forum. Thank you!!

  • Táo Tāo

    1. God does not care about stopping shit like genocide, wars etc. because He believes this is our freedom as human beings. He created so authentic an image and loves us so much that He does not want to constrain our freedom as He Himself has indefinite freedom and completely not constrained.

    2. God does not care about curing your diseases, preventing people from dying etc. because first, all such shits are completely brought to us by human beings ourselves. If Eve did not eat that apple which proves her defiance to God, God will continue to protect us from Satan’s attack. Unfortunately, we ourselves chose not to listen to God and be on our own. So God would just let us be on our own because He believes this is our freedom to do so. Second, in God’s eyes, it is no use to cure your body as you will definitely continue to sin after you are cured, including most believers, which in God’s eyes doesn’t make any sense.

    3. God does not care about people die “innocently” because in His eyes, it doesn’t matter you die because technically everyone will resurrect, including sinners. You don’t like death because you are still attached to this world in some way which God completely doesn’t give a fuck because in His eyes, this world is just all sin.

    It is as simple as above. God exists and He is reasonable.

    • EvolutionKills

      1. How do you know?

      2. How do you know?

      3. How do you know?

      Presuppositionalism is not a valid argument.

    • Amelia Ellen C.

      “1. God does not care about stopping shit like genocide, wars etc. because He believes this is our freedom as human beings.”
      Holy crap! you believe the shite you say?!? Dude, that is totally messed up!

    • Ned Carter

      So.. dead infants chose? Man makes disease? People (who are faithful) killed in war deserve it..

      You are exactly the reason religion should be burned off the face of the planet.

    • Bill Chambers

      “It is as simple as above. God exists and He is reasonable.”

      Man, have you even read the friggin’ Bible? You might consider a spin through the Torah (or Pentateuch) — the so-called “five books of Moses” — for starters. I don’t know what you would call it, but the books of Exodus and Leviticus in particular are anything but “reasonable.” Indeed, I would consider them to be mentally deranged.

  • paul

    WOW….that was beautifully worded and pretty much says it all. Now if all the creationists out there would simply take the time to read this and let it sink in maybe a few would see how ridiculous worshipping a nonexistent ‘god’ really is.

  • Ron

    “If I created the entire Universe, and gravity, and atoms, do you truly
    believe I’m ignorant enough to not recognize the fallibility of my own
    biological creations?”

    God is well aware of our fallibility. From the beginning, we have been instilled with free will by Him. He was so aware of our failings and predisposition to sin, in fact, that he sent his only Son to shed his blood in atonement for them.

    • EvolutionKills

      So he’s aware of that, but entirely unaware that he could just FORGIVE everybody instead of killing himself as a sacrifice to himself to provide a loophole int he rules he created? His best plan is an elaborate Rube Goldbergh mechanism that results in a terrible human sacrifice?

      If this universe was created by some cosmic intelligence capable of creating everything, that being would be able to do better than that. For fuck’s sake, do you have any imagination or rational ability? How can you not see how terrible your mental enslavement is, that you can write that drivel with a straight face?

      You are a mental and emotional slave, wake up already!

    • Amelia Ellen C.

      Oh, give it a rest…

    • Ned Carter

      even the sacrifice is a cop out. It is not a sacrifice when you know it isn’t permanent. It isn’t martyrdom when you don’t stay dead. I doubt you even read the letter, and if you did.. you obviously do not understand that your god cannot be, simply because the world is the way it is. The 2 things cannot exist in the same universe.

  • Samantha Matas

    this is perfectly said.

  • Anonymous

    “I have never had any power to make the world better. But, you do.” This is so accurate. Instead of praying, why don’t we go out into the world and actually HELP people? Discovering a cure for cancer is going to do a lot more for the sick people than sitting in churches and praying!

  • joe garcia

    I feel bad for you people. U dont believe in anything. So some shit cant be explained big deal. Since when did anything in your life truely make sense anyway? And though it does or might why does it matter right? If this was all by accident then chalk it up to that. as for me i would rather have a god that i can pray too and trust in that dosent make complete sense. While having morals that i can live by, even though im not perfect. Its crazy to say thats why he loves me, but i dont care u can take fairness and throw it out the window because it just aint gona happen.

    • Icim Tooyy

      You didn’t read this article. Did you?

    • Bill Chambers

      How do you know that we don’t believe in anything? Just because we do not believe in your God or Jesus Christ does not mean that we don’t believe in anything. In fact, the fact that we do not believe in your God or Jesus Christ — or in a God totally different from your God — totally contradicts your statement — because we DO believe in SOMETHING!

    • sir_limpalot

      Your point is that we should all turn off our brains and do as we’re told?
      No thanks.

  • Eliot

    I have noticed at other times and during other atheist rants that one of the side effects of atheism seems to be Tourette’s Syndrome (and white hot anger directed at followers of the God who “isn’t there.”)
    What if it is as simple as this: from the time of the Lucifer rebellion until the time of the second coming of Christ, the disease afflicting the cosmos, sin, must simply run its course so that the new heaven and the new earth will never suffer from it again. Sure, there have been abuses by religious people whose behavior bears no resemblance to that of Jesus Christ. who “went about doing good…”
    So what? There would be no counterfeits of valuable things unless the valuable things were somehow worth counterfeiting…
    Somewhere, someone has surely made a list of the many hospitals, orphanages, cathedrals, and other benevolent institutions which evidence that God is loving mankind through his (unfortunately-few) obedient, loving followers. Is there anything that compares to such a list of similar such institutions contributed by atheists and God-haters?

    In case you wonder, i have little use for religion. Too many counterfeits. But I have unmistakeably encountered the Christian God–a God who hides himself from unbelief (about Whom Jesus prayed, “I thank You, Father, ruler of heaven and earth, for you have hidden these things from the [self-proclaimed] wise and intelligent and revealed them unto babes, for so it seemed good in your sight…”)
    P.S. Believers? Don’t stoop to lacing with profanity you replies to angry atheists. And learn to spell! But, even if you cannot spell, it is only proof that God gives grace to the humble and scarcely literate who call upon him for refuge…
    A Roswellian retired English Teacher

    • Icim Tooyy

      You didn’t really read this article. Did you?

    • Bill Chambers

      So Jesus Christ “went about doing good,” did he? Then how do you explain Matthew 10 and Luke 14:26 where he said that we had to hate — not “love less,” but HATE — the people on earth who mean the most to us in order to be his disciples? And how do you explain his calling non-Jews “dogs” during his encounter with the Canaanite woman as recorded in Matthew 15? Further, how do you explain Jesus’s railings against Judas Iscariot when he made the observation that the money spent on the ointment that Mary Magdalene poured on him would have been better used to tend to the needs of the poor? And yet again, how do you account for Jesus’s statement that he came to bring a sword — or war — to the earth instead of peace? And finally, how do you account for Jesus’s statement that he came to bring fire on the earth and that he wished that that fire had been kindled already?

      Jesus went about doing good? I think not.

      • lindsay

        Can’t forget about him cursing a fig tree to die because it wouldn’t produce fruit. (in the off season)

    • Lizzy

      Your anecdotal experience means very little to anyone other that yourself.

  • Icim Tooyy

    Beyond this point in the comment thread is Christian projection. Read on, if you must.

  • Brandon

    This is brilliant. My Christian mother always bothers me about being an atheist. She never wants to leave me alone about it. She says I’m “being led in the wrong direction and tries to give me reasons why I should believe. Whenever she starts an argument with me, she always has some kind of rebuttal to my points, most of which don’t even make logical sense. I’d had enough, and I found this article and read half of it to her. It was amazing in that it hit the nail on the head on every single reason as to why I’m atheist. It feels like something I could have written myself, but unlike myself, the author of this has a way of making his words so much more powerful than I ever could. It left an impact on even me.

    After reading it to her, she said nothing. In all our arguments and debates on the subject, for once, she was speechless. She didn’t seem upset, angry, confused, or anything like that. She just stared at me for a moment and got up and left.

    I couldn’t get a moment’s peace about my own beliefs, and enough was enough – this had to be said. I don’t think she’ll be bothering me any time soon.

    Thank you for this amazing article.

    • YourMomJustKidding

      She left you after you read that to her because she prayed for you. It wasn’t because her faith was shaken (not an inch) but because she doesn’t anymore know what to do with you. She knows she can’t change you and she respects that limit.

  • Heidy Gomez

    Than all of you are saying, you guys don’t love, hope, or pretty much have any feelings at all? Right? Because that is what my religion is, believing in something I Can not see but feel in my heart, in me.

    • Ned Carter

      What an ignorant cunt.

      • rhijulbec

        Here, here!

    • rhijulbec

      Will you PLEASE learn basic spelling and grammar!!!

    • sir_limpalot

      Because I don’t buy into your delusion I don’t love, hope or feel?
      Are you smoking something funny?

    • Morgan

      Your religion is empty, mindless, meaningless horse shit. It’s an excuse to get away with your blatant disrespect and lack of empathy for others. I’d have way more love, hope, and feeling than you if I were unconscious. Why are you even on this site in the first place? You’re only proving everyone else’s point with every narrow and unenlightened sentence you make. I hate to contradict myself for the sake of ironical humor, but thank god I’m an atheist! Poor empty thing that you are. Must be very difficult for you to be alive.

    • tory

      I don’t see that in the original posting at all. I see expression of annoyance at religious belief, but also hope that we can make the world better, and definitely a lot of love expressed for humanity in it mixed with anger at the terrible things that happen in the world.
      There is a ton of feeling expressed in the article.

  • Heidy Gomez

    And let say that this documentary were some what real, what is so confusing. Or hard to NOT believe about Christianity that even though he was brought up in church he most continue to go back and search for something that he says is so clear to him and a lot of you. And if so why is it that people continue to argue with it and simply when a Christian talks about religion you all don’t just say, NOT INTERESTED just like you all do to mormons? Why is it that the guy on the film interviewed people that weren’t truly christians and just call themselves that? And he clearly says that he doesn’t believe because jesus says that he will forgive everything exept for denying the spirit of god within you, but then again what is so insulting about that if you don’t believe it than it shouldn’t bother u in anyway because at the end of the day if u aren’t religious than you MOST not believe that yyou will have eternal life, in that case when you die, you die and thats it, there’s nothing more to you, so than what is the problem??

    • Ned Carter

      We want to leave a better world for our children, and the problem is the guilt, fear and outright lies that religion fuses into the brains of children.

    • rhijulbec

      Heidy…learn to string words together so you don’t sound so daft, Girl! Trying to read your scattered and ill written tirades makes my eyes bleed!!!!

    • Lizzy

      I hope English is not your first language, I really do. Because you sentence structure is bafflingly incomprehensible….

      • lindsday

        kind of like the bible.

  • Heidy Gomez

    All of you people are so miserable that it’s even sad, no one has absolutely anything positive to say and its simply sad, atleast if you don’t believe thn do it because it makes you happy or atleast have a reason to live. Very very very sad to see so many miserable people with pointless lives wanting to take away other individuals happiness because they cannot find their own. Spending your life searching for a reason to live isn’t life. Find something to live for not something to search for, I dare every one of you to kneel and pray n I promise all of you will be happy for life. I promise! But anyways it’s your choice and it’s my promise to you, I will pray for each one of you so god can touch your heart… I will never be back to ths source because I will be deleting my account I don’t use it much, but god bless all of you and may he take all the anger from your heart and make it into something beautiful.

    • Ned Carter

      If your only reason to live is to die and go to a better place, you aren’t living. And you pathetic, baseless attacks on the happiness of atheists is truly sad, and incorrect. We aren’t a group of emo’s cutting ourselves in the dark. We are productive people, happy people with families and lives just like you.

    • Bill Chambers

      What Ned Carter says is absolute truth. I actually tried the “Jesus” way for the first 55 years of my life, and all I knew was disappointment and grief, to say nothing about Christian attitudes towards me because of my disability. But once I decided to walk away from JC, I have known nothing but peace, contentment, and happiness. To quote a line from an old Gospel song: I am happy as a bird and just as free.

      I do believe in God, but he is as far removed from the pile of nonsense that is the Bible as it is possible for him to be. So I consider myself a theist in terms of God, but an atheist in terms of Jesus Christ and the Christian Bible.

      • Amanda W.

        Well that is just sad and I tell you with all due respect that if you say you have peace after walking away from Jesus Christ, you have a false sense of peace.
        You say you only knew disappointment and grief while following Jesus.

        You do know that Jesus said the RIGHTEOUS shall have many troubles but that God delivers us from all of them, right? I can testify to that, because I have gone through many troubles and God is faithful to His word and He has always delivered me from my troubles.
        Christians have a joy in the Lord ALL the time even through difficult times. Not that we walk around giddy all the time, but that inner joy. If you were truly born again, a child of God, you would know that.
        But you know what, Jesus is better than any human being, He is faithful and He still loves you. So come back to Him, ask His forgiveness, repent from your sins, I mean TRULY repent from your sins and God will receive you with open arms.
        Come back prodical, come back, Jesus loves you. The ONLY WAY to Father God in Heaven is through JESUS CHRIST. JESUS is the Way, the Truth and the Life. No other, only Jesus.♥

        • Bill Chamberss

          1. You say that I have a “false sense of peace.” How do you know that it is false? Frankly, I know how I feel in my heart better than you do, and the “peace” I knew when I followed Jesus Christ is NOTHING compared to the peace I have right now.

          2. You say that “Jesus is better than any human being, He is faithful and He still loves you.” But how do you know that “Jesus” loves me. Can you give me even one verse in the Bible where Jesus said the simple phrase “I love you”? I have looked for years, and I can’t find even one. If someone cannon or will not say “I love you” to me, then he doesn’t really love me, in my book.

          3. You say, “JESUS is the Way, the Truth and the Life. No other, only Jesus.” Is there any other religious text OUTSIDE CHRISTIANITY that says that “Jesus” is “the way, the truth, and the life” and the ONLY way to God? I haven’t found any.

          Sorry, Amanda, but I have found TRUE peace, and no “Jesus” is worth my giving that up. As Lowell Lundstrum said back around 60 years ago, “I like what I’m believing, and I’m not gonna quit.”

          • Amanda W.

            1. You’re right that I don’t know how you feel in your heart, only God knows your heart, but there is no peace greater than that which comes from the God of peace.

            I tell you again, you have a false sense of peace. There is no real peace apart from Jesus.

            “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;
            and THE PEACE OF GOD, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
            The things which you learned and received and heard and saw in me, these do, and THE GOD OF PEACE WILL BE WITH YOU.”
            •~Philippians 4:6,7,9

            PEACE I LEAVE WITH YOU, MY PEACE I GIVE TO YOU; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.
            •~John 14:27

            2. Jesus does love you Bill. Jesus is God in the flesh and He does tell you in the Bible that He loves you and He SHOWED you how much by dying on that cross for YOU and YOUR SINS, taking YOUR punishment. If that is not an act of love I do not know what will convince you of His love for you.

            Jesus says the following in John 3:16-20…
            “FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD that He gave His only begotten Son, that WHOEVER believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.
            17 For God did not send His Son into the world
            to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.
            18 He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.
            19 And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.
            20 For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed.”

            3. How can there be any religious text outside of the Bible telling you that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life? No other religion believes that! The Bible is God-breathed, written by men yes, but they were not just ordinary men sucking things out of their thumb, no, they were infilled with the Holy Spirit of the Living God, writing the Bible by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit!

            Why do you want to look for the truth about Jesus in other religious books when you have the Bible?

            You never knew Jesus. If you had, in those 55 years that you say you “tried the Jesus way”, you would know Him. It is all about our faith and trust in Jesus. Without faith it is impossible to please God. We do not “give Jesus a try”, we either believe or we don’t.

            You made up your mind. No one can change it. God won’t force you to love Him. You have free will. Just remember, our choices have consequences. Just because you reject Jesus, does not make Him disappear.

            God’s wrath remains on unbelievers. His law judges and condemns you, because you chose to reject Jesus. Yet, He will forgive you, He is patient! Come to God, Bill. He is your Heavenly Father who created you, who loves you.

            I know you disagree, you don’t believe it, but that does not make it any less true and I will never stop telling people that. Jesus is alive and He LOVES ALL PEOPLE!

            Finally, Jesus speaking again:
            “….”I am the resurrection and the life. He who BELIEVES in Me, though he may die, he shall live.
            26 And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?”•~John 11:25-26

    • sir_limpalot

      If you need an imaginary friend in the sky to feel happiness I’m not sure you’re the one who sho yould feel sorry for us.
      I’m perfectly happy without him, thank you very much. :)
      Why do you think all atheist are unhappy?
      Because you need your imaginary friend to be happy you assume everyone else does too?
      And where are your arguments?

    • Greg Rodriguez

      I am very happy with my life, and I read the bible a few times, and it was the biggest factor for turning me from a confirmed catholic to an atheist. I love fully, live freely, and am master of my own life and where it is headed. I was a much sadder person when I was a catholic.

      • JAA

        I’ve noticed that almost every person I’ve read about or heard from regarding their “losing my religion” scenario were former “Catholics”. The leaders in the RCC (which I believe NOT to be “Christian” & is actually evil) has a lot to answer for on Judgment Day.

        • Greg Rodriguez

          I don’t blame catholicism. It was the atrocities and contradictions in the bible. The bible was my turning point.

  • Heidy Gomez

    The happiest you all have being is getting a present happy or eating a cheese burger LOL

    • Ned Carter

      You need to work on stringing words together into coherent sentences.

      • Bill Chambers

        Amen, Brother!!

  • A. Sonofman

    Creation has always happened from within. Stop complaining and react.

    • EvolutionKills

      Empty meaningless platitudes, oh joy…

  • cjmybad

    excellent article!

  • Amberly

    you guys are going to regret this when you go to Hell. I just really wish you would understand that God wants us to try this on our own and see if we can try and learn about him. he needs prayers to help someone’s life. He cant just do anything without us praying. If prayers don’t work then your obviously not really thinking about him or you don’t really care what you are doing. If you actually try and learn about him and ask Jesus to save you, you will feel very different and like a new person. He is not going to respond if you want like super powers or anything cause you would think that you are the savior, only Jesus was. Why would 200 disciples and witnesses lie about what they all saw. They were not hallucinating either because they would have all stopped hallucinating at the same time. What they saw with Jesus is real. they saw him out of his tomb, they felt the Earth quakes after he died. Jesus said God will spilt the tom in half and right after he died, God did. Why would they all lie about that. Other religions would ask you to change your life and you can join them, But Jesus doesn’t care for perfect. He likes anyone on the Earth, everyone. If you join Him and follow him YOU will change. Pay attention in life and to the Bible. Look at all the details.
    Another reason Jesus is the son of God is because his mother and brothers and father all worshiped him because they knew he was. Mary heard the angel and saw the Angel tell her that she is going to have a holy baby and guess what she did because he preformed miracles and he loved helping people follow him. Only we can help ourselves now. its up to us to choose our ways. Only asking Jesus in our hearts will help. If we didn’t have Jesus we would have to kill lambs every time we did a sin. We only have to ask once for Jesus, and when you do you will change. So what is it people Heaven or Hell (by the way the reason you are getting these atheist thoughts is because Satan Is tempting you to). God bless you all!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lizzy

      Except we don’t have the testimonies of 200 disciples and witnesses do we? We have one book that claims there were 200 disciples and witnesses, not the same thing.
      Prove just one of the claims you’ve made to be true using an extra-biblical source and then we’ll talk.

      • amberly

        I was exaggerating when I said 200 (I meant 200 witnesses but I know it wasn’t 200 cause I was just saying that to exaggerate) people always say that everyone that saw Jesus raise were on LSD or something, which they didn’t have back then. true Christians would not lie about what they saw cause it was him from the dead, ALIVE! he had holes in his hand to change Thomas (didn’t believe in Jesus before he rose) because now since Thomas saw the nail torn hands he believed it was him. so he could tell Jesus was the son of the one true God because Jesus loves his father (GOD), Jesus rose from the dead, and casted miracles to the blind, the handicaps, the lepers, etc.. plus in fact some of Jesus’s disciples all at the same time spoke languages they never could do before (that’s how they brought people to Jesus that didn’t know Aramaic, they spoke in the people’s languages). so why would people believe they were on LSD. the reason there is evil on the earth is because Satan entered the earth and caused sin to happen Its not God’s fault. since man disobeyed him he must let them decide if they want to sin an be with Satan or be forgiven for your sins and be with him (GOD) in paradise God wants people to try and study about him, love him, to put him first, receive his son. God hates sin and hates that non forgiven sinners go to hell. he had to punish Satan and his demons and sinners. if people want to live with Satan and do wrong all the time God wont accept that from us he loves all of us humans dearly but if people don’t want him, Satan is the people’s new father. he wants our sins so that his son can forgive them he doesn’t want Satan to handle the sins cause every time someone does a sin, Satan laughs at God. and also if people say they are Christians but they never feel bad for the sins they do, they love to beat on people and love to hurt people, then don’t believe they are Christians cause sometimes people will say they are Christians and they decide to do lots of bad things so that they make others believe that Christians are jerks and that God must be a jerk to because of it. be with real true Christians, the ones that repent and call to Jesus for their mistakes, the ones that love and care for the poor, the unlovable, the un reachable, the sick, the dying souls, etc. and Christians sin too but at least we know we are saved because we feel the guiltiness build up in us for the sins we do and that causes us to repent and call to Jesus. so people please choose your live with Jesus and all true Christians and GOD and me promise you that if you are saved from Jesus, that you will live in paradise in heaven. you might think that you wont have fun being a Christian and not being able to have fun at clubs and party and have sex with a random strangers but once you are a Christian you will not want to have anything to do with those things, and plus I promise heaven will be a whole lot more fun than having sex, going to clubs, getting drunk, etc. cause you get to hang out with the one true father of all, creator, holy spirit, etc. so what is it having fun sinning and spending eternity in torture (Hell) or being forgiven for your sins and still having fun (in a good way) and spending eternity in paradise with your fellow Christians, angels, Jesus, and your one true father GOD!

      • Amanda W.

        Unbelievers come to Jesus Christ by God wooing you to Jesus through the preaching of the gospel. We go by no other word, no “extra biblical” sources. That’s not how you come to God.
        Faith comes by hearing, hearing by the word of God.
        We don’t prove anything, God works in your heart, we just “plant the seed in your heart”, someone else comes along “waters that seed” so to speak, but GOD makes it grow in your heart and amidst all of this there is satan lurking around, stealing the words planted in your hearts, so it does not grow. Yeah, he’s real, just as God is real. I know, I’ve experienced God’s ways and satan’s modus operandi.

        If you never come to God, the One True Living God, then you are one of those lost forever. But there is still hope for you, just don’t wait till it’s too late, like when you die suddenly and never knew Christ. :’(

  • murphy_of_reno

    I would like the author’s permission to quote the first 3 paragraphs from this post in a sermon I’m preaching soon. I’m a christian training to be a pastor, and I find this post SPOT ON regarding the feeling of not having a God who is 1) all-knowing 2) all-powerful and 3) all-good. Faced with this much pain and suffering such belief is nigh-impossible (if not plain foolish), but I would much rather deal with primary sources and address them than cower in fear of difficult questions. I would like to quote this and address how the Bible (specifically the book of Habakkuk) deals with such difficult questions.

    I realize this will probably be an inflammatory post seeing as how my faith puts me in the vast majority in the responders, but as a christian I do believe there are answers to the question of how in the world an all-knowing, all-powerful, all-good God could allow the sufferings and atrocities mentioned in this post, and the sufferings and atrocities which have occurred in all of our lives. Ultimately I believe that God is not okay with such things either, and although I cannot understand his reasoning in allowing each and ever instance, he does care enough to incarnate Himself as a man, live a life exhibiting his care and compassion, allow us to put Him on a cross and execute him, and come back from the dead 3 days later proving that he is bigger than any pain or suffering possible for us on this side of eternity.

    Once again, I would like permission to quote the first 3 paragraphs because I see this entire post as one of the most valid and honest indictments against God and I would like to use it in addressing these questions with my church. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  • Alex

    This is depressing. Haven’t you guys read the book of Job in the Bible?

  • Domingo Soria

    Thank you so much.

  • Harold Bouchard

    Someone said something about not believing that consciousness ends. Well could that not be your “spark of energy” according to Einstein energy can neither be created or destroyed only converted & your brain creates a lot of energy call it your consciousness so where’s it go transferred to the newborn? Is that reincarnation does it go to another plane/dimension? That could be heaven. I’m not saying that I believe but I have a hard time excepting that we just luckily mutated from something else.

  • Steve

    This is stupid, you’re all wrapped up in your “intelligence” which, compared to God, is ignorance. “The fool says in his heart, there is no God” how sad how blinded you all are.

    • disqus_ttsVa86t7v

      Oh I don’t know…after all if our ignorance or intelligence is from this ‘god’ that created everything, then god is as intelligent and ignorant as the fool’s heart and the fool that follows that created ‘god”.

  • ATHEISM is Mental sickness

    Pfft so pathetic I cant believe this hahaha
    Its tickling my stomach



    • JAA

      You are the one with the “mental sickness”. You malign & mock unbelievers, then laugh about it. God is shaking His head at you & really wishing you would learn something about Him, rather than being an enemy of the cross by turning others against Him.

  • ATHEISM is Mental sickness

    So Mental sick atheist

    You found this inspiring
    So a letter from a people who call him god
    but not the true god actually

    maybe another insane atheist

  • Linda Gerstmann

    Linda: I agree that the Bible is baloney, but I also think that ALL of life transitions , to what I don’t know. The universe wastes nothing. It gave us life. What that consists of is just as real, but is different somehow.

    • Greg Rodriguez

      Then use that curiosity to search for a true answer and always demand evidence.

  • TheFlash

    Haha!You seem so hopeless bro. You seriously need God. You see the world in like a seriously dark (closed) box, rooted from your anger towards the evilness of this world. Praying for you bro! I was once like you.haha! And then lets wait and see how God can turn that foolishness of your flesh into worship. I’m telling you He’s going to meet you. And when He does, you’ll go back to this comment (no matter how old this maybe) and realized that everything was, is and will forever be real.

    - From a child who has a mom bed ridden because of CANCER but who never thinks that God wasn’t,isn’t and will not be there for us, no matter how it may end.

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  • alHamdulillah

    hahaha…. the irony. Atheists claim to be “free-thinkers” yet have closed their minds to the slightest possibility that a God exists. Not very open or free thinking based on the definitions of the phrase

  • Jonathan Ramirez

    I’m not Christian, but I’m not atheist either, I believe I myself am God (in comparison to other humans) because I have physical supernatural abilities that humans cannot and will not have, such as physical immortality. I can kill all the billions of people on earth, destroy the earth, and destroy the entire Universe simply by raising the level of my energy.