This site is designed to give easy access to loads of information on the subject of atheism from a historical, cultural, political, psychological, sociological, and scientific perspective. We cover a wide range of issues and present opinions through analysis of articles, books, and videos, as well as present some original thoughts. We don’t force our ideas on anyone and respect free-speech and the right to believe what you want. Our goal is to help educate the masses and end the oppression that religion places on those that don’t abide by it’s system of living. Faith by definition is the suspension of critical thinking. We want people to believe things based on verifiable evidence, not blind faith.

How this started…(by Adam Brown, co-founder of Atheism Resource)
Many of us were frustrated to see the Christian right control the conversation in this country, morally and politically. You may not agree with our politics… that’s ok. We have Democrats, Republicans, and Independents as part of this group. We welcome everyone (unless you are in the Tea Party – lol). We have seen gay rights left for “someone else” to work on. We have seen the separation of church and state be questioned. We have seen school textbooks be edited to uphold “Christian perspectives” of history. All of this in a country that was clearly founded with the intention of there not being any “law respecting an establishment of religion” – which has been violated and is at risk of being ignored by future fundamental generations.

This didn’t work for me. I asked many of my atheist friends what they thought and it seemed like they didn’t care, or cared, but didn’t know what to do about it. They were as ignorant as to why they didn’t believe in religion as many religious people are to why they believe in god! I quickly realized, that it wasn’t entirely their fault. Christians have churches and groups that help them better understand their faith. Atheists don’t. The internet is becoming our church. I didn’t want young atheists (like me) to spend 10 years (like I did) researching all these topics so they had a firm understanding of them.

So, while I am still learning everyday and helping to spread the word of truth, intelligence, and logic… I decided to create a place where atheists can meet online and learn things they don’t already know. I want a site where, in one place, you have summaries and analysis of all the topics that surround atheism v.s. theism and be able to arm yourself with the weapons of knowledge. This site will contain links to the best places on the web if you want more detail on a topic. However, it will also give you summaries and overviews of all of them too, so you can still learn – even if you don’t have tons of time (we are all busy).

Help keep this site alive. How? Well, three ways.

1) Spread the word. The more subscribers we have to this site, our Facebook page, and our Twitter account, the more we can provide.

2) Tell us what you need to know. If you disagree with something on here or have better information… let us know.  Contact us

3) Buy things from our stores. We will be offering links to great books, dvds, and apparel. We don’t make much on them, but the more we do, the more time we will have to provide you with new and interesting content. This isn’t a business for us. We all have other careers. But, this is a passion and something we find very important. We hope you do too.

Thanks so much for your support. Share this site. We want this to be the “go to” place for interested atheists or people thinking about ditching religion like we did. Have a friend or family member confused on what you believe? Just tell them to, “Go to AtheismReource.com… it’s all right there!”