SEX & GOD: A New and Fascinating Book by Darrel Ray

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Our good friend and supporter, Darrel Ray, just published his new book. I also made the cover art for it and my wife helped write part of...

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Religious Intolerance

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I was sent this image from a reader on our sister site, I don’t know who to attribute it to… but thank you...

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Jacob Scribner responds to the hate being dished out at Jessica Ahlquist

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So, this article was posted the other day in response to Jessica Ahlquist win in Rhode Island:...

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Why is atheism better than theism? Our readers submit their thoughts.

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We asked our readers to answer that question. These were our favorite responses. The top three (as chosen by us) received a free copy of...

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Christopher Hitchens Memorial Portrait on sale now to help pay for ReasonFest 2012

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SOLD ON JANUARY 21st, for $2,750.10! Thanks everyone for helping spread the word! I own this website, am an atheist activist, help run the...

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