On eye witnesses testimony as evidence

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In the comments section of my post outlining my requirements for talking about god, someone by the name of Scott Rassbach left a question I...

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Why I’m Not a Christian

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Why I was a Christian I adopted belief in Christ when I was fifteen. I did so having never read a page of the bible. So why did I do it? I...

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Explain science…musician!

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It must be my birthday. I got an email at work today from a guy asking if we’d be willing to have his anti-evolution talk presented...

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Securing the chains of history

Posted by in Social Issues | 3 comments

I was perusing Dispatches from the Culture Wars this morning when I saw this image. This is Bryan Brown of the National Organization...

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Love the sinner to death…

Posted by in General Atheism, Social Issues | 3 comments

Just in case any esteem for humanity had crept into your skull since yesterday, there’s this asshole. Anti-gay bullying is not...

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