National Day of Prayer…sucks

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(I have a new personal blog, What Would JT Do, which you should all check out ) I’ll be honest.  To me, prayer in general seems...

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A Legacy of Death While Claiming the Moral High Ground

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I have been absent for far too long.  I apologize for that. As many of you know I have been struck by a relapsing illness in the last few...

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Help JT beat PZ Myers and help the children!

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UPDATE: IF OUR SIDE WINS, PZ HAS TO SHAVE HIS BEARD!!!!* I can’t seem to get the widget to work on this blog, so go over here to my...

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SSA’s Annual Conference announced!

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Hey everybody!  I’m sorry I’ve been conspicuously absent for the last few months.  I’ve been very sick and have been in...

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Politicians get it right!

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Oregon has taken a gigantic step forward.  Now if you just pray, and do not take your kid to the doctor, the law does not protect you...

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