The Harm in the Rapture

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The Daily Mail reports: A retired [Metropolitan Transportation Authority] employee has pumped his $140,000 life savings into an ad campaign...

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Revering Ministers, Failing Children.

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Another minister is finally on the precipice of facing justice for a decade of child abuse, and once again we’re witness to a chain...

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Ken Ham Fears Christian Colleges will be “the Next Generation Harvard”

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The Ken Ham-reality disconnect, as unwittingly reported by the Christian Post: While Ham recognizes that “there are a handful of...

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Poll Shows That Most Evangelicals Are Okay With God Being Sort Of A Dick

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A poll recently conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute has produced some interesting results: 38% of Americans believe natural...

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Polaris Financial Planning Issues Fundraising Challenge to Skepticon Donors

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For those of you who don’t know, Skepticon is the largest annual skeptic and atheist conference held in the Midwest. An estimated...

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