The God Who Wasn’t There

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  Dear Christian, I’m not there. I wasn’t in the operating room when your mother had cancer, I wasn’t in the car...

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I Willingly Die Every Night…

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Death is scary to many people, religious or not, and I’ve always wondered… why? Outside of having to experience an...

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I don’t think your bible means what you think it means

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I’ll set this long article up by saying this is based on a thread from our facebook page. I posted the picture you see below and it...

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Ken Ham Fears Christian Colleges will be “the Next Generation Harvard”

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The Ken Ham-reality disconnect, as unwittingly reported by the Christian Post: While Ham recognizes that “there are a handful of...

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“Dear Christian” video

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Adam Brown has posted my talk from Skepticon 3 to the Atheism Resource youtube channel.  Rob Lehr, Skepticon’s filmographer, has...

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“Hey, Christian, have you read the bible?” – a 15 year old atheist in a Christian School speaks out!

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Bio: Cassie Huye is a fifteen year old girl living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with her parents and two siblings. She attends a private...

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