The God Who Wasn’t There

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  Dear Christian, I’m not there. I wasn’t in the operating room when your mother had cancer, I wasn’t in the car...

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Why Atheists Align with Democrats

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By: Adam Brown (Founder of Yes, this is a long article… but it has good research and is worth your time to read....

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The best argument against Christianity…is the story of Christianity.

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This is a YouTube video from Theoretical Bullshit We think it’s one of the best compilations of the things we find ridiculous,...

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The Borg is in my Church… resistance is futile!

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Welcome “Melissa”, our newest writer. She plays in the hand bell choir at her church, because she loves the art form and the...

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Pro Women’s Basketball Player Comes Out as an Atheist

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  I am often called a “Good Christian Woman.” Why does this bother me? I am not Christian.   (Kristin Turk (Des Moines,...

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Are We a Christian Nation?

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Are We a Christian Nation?   Yes, and no.   Ever since Native Americans were outnumbered by the white man, the United States has...

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