De-Conversion “Double-Takes” & Rational Reminders

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  I used to be a Witch. I used to celebrate sabbats and esbats. I used to be in a coven, and I used to work “magick.” That still...

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Pro Women’s Basketball Player Comes Out as an Atheist

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  I am often called a “Good Christian Woman.” Why does this bother me? I am not Christian.   (Kristin Turk (Des Moines,...

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Why I’m Not a Christian

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Why I was a Christian I adopted belief in Christ when I was fifteen. I did so having never read a page of the bible. So why did I do it? I...

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David Silverman like you’ve never seen him before.

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David Silverman, president of American Atheists, just shared his story with our sister site, I found what he had to say...

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The rumor is true… the “We Are Atheism” campaign has officially been launched!

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You may have heard about it already… the internet has been quietly buzzing about this for the last two weeks. Well, the wait is over....

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