On eye witnesses testimony as evidence

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In the comments section of my post outlining my requirements for talking about god, someone by the name of Scott Rassbach left a question I...

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Science is better than religion

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There isn’t much more to say than just, “Watch this”. Share this video. I think it sums up many of our points of view...

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The deep end of the intangible pool

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  With a cry of “Atheism and Neuroscience be damned!” Theologian Frank Cronin loosed a two part broadside upon godlessness...

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Explain science…musician!

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It must be my birthday. I got an email at work today from a guy asking if we’d be willing to have his anti-evolution talk presented...

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Top 10 Myths About Evolution – with Downloadable PDF

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If you have been looking for a simple, easy to follow quick guide to evolution… we’ve got it. Our friends at the Skeptics...

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The twelve basic arguments for god #3: Argument to Design

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PREVIOUS BASIC ARGUMENT… This argument usually claims that life on Earth or some other aspect of nature is too well designed for...

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