Religious Intolerance

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I was sent this image from a reader on our sister site, I don’t know who to attribute it to… but thank you...

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Theocracy Is The Enemy Of Democracy

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By Matthew Desmond AddictingInfo.Org The political system that our Founding Fathers put in place is eroding because theocrats want America...

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Santa v.s. Jesus: why believing in one is good and the other is harmful.

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It’s come to my attention recently after writing a blog about stealing Christmas back from Christians that many atheists support the...

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The happiest countries have the lowest rates of religiosity

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It dawned on me recently, thanks to a reader’s question, that I wanted to know happy atheists are and is a country full of mostly...

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Religionized Democracy: Current State of Affairs

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Guest Author: Susi Bocks Can we truly be a Democratic society if we run our country based on religious concepts and not a country based on...

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It’s their special brand of Jesus love

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The CNN Religion blog has a piece up by Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family, titled: “My Take: ‘Hate’ is too big...

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