Poll Shows That Most Evangelicals Are Okay With God Being Sort Of A Dick

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A poll recently conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute has produced some interesting results: 38% of Americans believe natural...

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The class war has been declared – if you’re not pissed off, you’re not paying attention

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The situation in Wisconsin has been all over the news recently.  Newly elected Governor Scott Walker has brought forward legislation that...

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South Dakota Ups the Ante on Abortion: Death for the Doctors, Chiding for the Women?

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Behold – the latest attempt by South Dakota’s legislature to intimidate any doctors who might consider performing abortions...

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Women’s Reproductive Rights are an Atheist Issue

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“Atheism is simply a lack of belief in god. That’s all. This is not an atheist issue.” Enter my favorite pet peeve: the...

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Atheist high school groups on the rise!

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As readers of this site know, on Jan. 3 I began working with the Secular Student Alliance, an international organization which supports...

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Christian Pastors Rally To… Keep Gay Kids Bullied?

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Earlier this month, New Jersey governor Chris Christie signed into law a bill aimed at protecting youth – including gay youth – from...

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