For the Lulz: UFO Cult Buys ‘God is a Myth’ Billboards

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In a beautiful twist of irony, an alien-worshiping UFO cult has announced the purchase of “very high profile” billboard space...

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What the hell does “spiritual” mean anyway?!?

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By Steven Olsen, co-founder of Carl Sagan’s Dance Party “I am spiritual, but not religious” is a phrase used quite...

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Women and Religion: Breaking the chains that bind!

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With all the unrest in the Middle East going on right now, I’ve spent many hours in discussion lately about sub-topics surrounding...

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Embracing Christ… and other bad ideas.

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I got this e-mail the other day from a reader. I don’t normally post reader e-mails (although we do state on our site that we reserve...

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Replace “Jesus” with “The Wizard”… fun game!

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By Guest Author: Thomas Birdeno Here’s a fun activity! Take any bible story and replace the word “Jesus” with “the...

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“Dear Christian” by JT Eberhard at Skepticon 3

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Below is the transcript from my talk from Skepticon 3, Dear Christian.  THE VIDEOS ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE ARTICLE (and can BE SEEN...

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