Christian program proselytizing while preaching abstinence-only and taking credit for Uganda’s declining HIV rates

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This is a guest post by Skepticon volunteer Katie Hartman. In recent decades, Uganda has seen an impressive shift in its HIV...

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It’s about freedom

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Guest post from Skepticon volunteer Katie Hartman. “Conscience clauses” have been a source of controversy ever since their debut in...

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Atheists: Spiritually unfit to serve?

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Guest post by Skepticon volunteer Katie Hartman. The U.S. Army’s Spiritual Fitness Test is exactly what it sounds like – an exam...

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WTF – The story of Jesus isn’t unique? Of course it isn’t.

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The originality of Jesus Who was the Son of the highest God, and the biggest healer in Antiquity? He healed the sick and even raised the...

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Christians just don’t seem to understand

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I really hope this guy isn’t representative of the modern Christian. I went to school with him a long time ago. He found me on...

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On proving a negative

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I saw a comment from a GRADY on my post the other day, in which he said my statement that we know people rising from the dead is impossible...

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