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Before you start to send us any hateful or hurtful e-mails, please know that we don’t hate you for how you believe, so don’t hate us. If you threaten us in any way, we have the right to post any and all information about you online including your IP address, physical address, and name. this site is here to spread information and the message of seeking truth. Any threatening messages will be sent directly to the authorities for criminal harassment.

If you would like to pray for us, you are welcome to (although we don’t think it will do any good HERE’S WHY) but please don’t send us e-mails about how we are going to hell unless we repent. Remember, Jesus and Satan are a package deal… we don’t believe in either and neither should you. We won’t respond to e-mails trying to save our souls, so don’t waste your time or ours. If you are a religious person and have a serious question, we WILL read your e-mail and respond honestly (time permitting). Please keep your dialog civil as we try and do the same.

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