This area is to help all of you realize that you aren’t alone in this search for truth. Tens of millions of people are going through the same thing. This page will feature use-submitted stories of journeys to understanding. Some grew up atheist. Others grew up in church then became “reformed” later in life. As you read these stories, you will find similarities to your own journey and we hope this helps you along the way.

For a very well-made video series on one man’s deconversion story, check out this playlist by Youtube user Evid3nc3.


If you would like to submit your own story to be put online or published by us, you can submit a story to and, if it’s right for us to use, we’ll publish it. You can use your name or remain anonymous. We just ask that you be honest and detailed.

Below are some of the favorites we have received…

AUTHOR: Anonymous, 24, Law School Student, Alabama – former Christian Submitted: 11/16/10

AUTHOR: Ian Weisberg, 43, Computer Operator, New Jersey – formerly Jewish Submitted: 11/16/10

AUTHOR: Frank Bailey, 29, Entrepreneur  - formerly Christian Submitted: 12/15/10

AUTHOR: Danny Ferguson, 30, Web Developer  - formerly a Baptist Youth Minister Submitted: 12/16/10

AUTHOR: DR (Anonymous), 23, Student/IT Clerk  - formerly a Jehovah’s Witness Submitted: 12/28/10

AUTHOR: Warren Senders, 52, Teacher, Massachusetts – always an atheist! Submitted: 12/31/10

AUTHOR: Adam Brown, 30, Event Planner / Founder – formerly a Christian (Assemblies of God / Baptist) Submitted: 01/31/11

More testimonies from former Christians at