Here is a list of sites that we have found useful information on and hope you do to. Many subjects covered by these sites have been discussed by us or used as a reference.

Please email us if you know of a great site or educational resource so we can make it available to more people. Keep in mind that things get added to these sites all the time and we might not agree with all the content we link to here, but we know you’ll find tons of it useful. Happy reading!

THE TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR ATHEISM ONLINE! provides the best streams fro the best sites, facebook pages, YouTube channels, and twitter accounts from your favorite atheists!



Christianity Disproved – This site has done what we originally set out to do and is now one of the BEST sources of research and info on the world’s most prominent “god” and why it’s all rubbish. – A fantastic all-around resource. There are many great arguments and articles here.

Talk Reason – Many well-written articles covering a variety of topics on faith vs reason. Definitely worth a bookmark. page on critical thinking and logical reasoning – Another great resource that lists many of the common fallacies and other errors in reasoning that everyone should be aware of.

Reddit Resource – You have to have a Reddit account if you want to comment on these. I will break it down later and post some of the best sites we find in here… but this is the most overwhelming (in a good way) list of atheism sites I have yet found. Thank you AtheistGems for sharing this with us!

God is Imaginary – A great resource of straight forward questions about Christianity and logical proofs supporting the claim that “God is imaginary”.

Why Won’t God Heal Amputees? - A sister site to the one above. More questions and logical responses to them. All Christians should be asked these things and be able to answer them… if not, then they need to seriously question their faith. Definitely check out their VIDEOS SECTION – they are slow and simple but very clearly present the points that many of us atheists often don’t say as clearly. – This site contains a huge library of recent and historical writings on atheism. Commentaries, lectures, and even entire books are available for free. A great place to dig in your heels and find what some great minds of the past have had to say on these issues.

Talk Origins – Fantastic resource where you can get strong, undeniable evidence for evolution, “intelligent” design, and a host of other topics to make you a more knowledgeable skeptic.

Iron Chariots – A site dedicated exclusively to refuting the arguments made by Christian apologists.

The Thinking Atheist - Lots of quality videos, podcast episodes, a biblical debunking page, and more!

Atheism: Proving the Negative – Blog by philosophy professor Matt Mccormick with many great articles covering God beliefs, atheism, religion, faith, miracles, evidence for religious claims, arguments for and against God, agnosticism, the role of religion in society, and related issues.

The Atheist Experience – Great radio call in show with ons of YouTube videos. These guys cover all sorts of topics. You could spend hours watching them… we have.

Evil Bible – This is an excellent resource where they have listed out hundreds of bible verses on things like Ritual Human Sacrifice, Rape in the Bible, Murder in the Bible, Slavery in the Bible and much more. It isn’t pretty, but it does arm you with the knowledge that the bible is a sick, twisted book. Many Christians cherry pick from and choose just to believe the “good stuff” while ignoring the rest… this is THE REST. Enjoy.

Skeptic’s Annotated Bible - Similar to the EVIL BIBLE page also listed here, this site is an amazing compilation of idiotic verses from the bible, the Quran, and the Book of Mormon. It covers things like Absurdity, Injustice, Cruelty and Violence, Intolerance, Contradictions, Family Values, Women, Interpretation, Science and History, Good Stuff, Sex, Prophecy, Language, and Homosexuality. It shows many, many Contradictions in the bible – which is probably our favorite part.

Wiki for New Atheists – It’s a Wiki Site so things change on here, but it’s still a good list of questions and answers for the newly de-converted. Check it out. We especially like the “What to do with my tithe” section.

Ancient Gods of the World - Ever wondered about the nearly 5,000 gods that man has created over time to explain the mysteries around him that science now explains? Well, here is a pretty full list of those god with links to pages explaining who each was, what culture they were from, and what they were supposed to do. It’s amazing that we can think of all of these as myths… but people still think that their one god is unique… and real!

The God Question – This is an online book by a friend of ours, named William Alexander. It covers a wide variety of topics like Does God Exist, Biblical Proofs, the Fatherhood of Jesus, and more. Check it out.

Bible is Crap – One of our favorites. For those of you that know that the bible is complete bullshit, there is plenty of evidence. If you want a more fun explanation, here is PENN & TELLER explaining it.

Evidence Jesus Never Existed – This is a great evidence based site that explains how much of what we are told about Jesus has to be a myth. The author then goes on to explain Solar Mythology and the Jesus Story. It isn’t really “condensed” but it also isn’t easy to explain a myth that is so big. It also shows how the Christian Cross is really a sign of the zodiac!

New Testament Contradictions – It’s not hard to find contradictions in the Old Testament of the bible. It’s riddled with them. But, many Christians blow that off by saying, “Well, that was before Jesus. We live in New Testament times!”  Well, if you want to show them how full of shit the New Testament is too, check this site out.

Richard Dawkins – Kind of a standard. Richard Dawkins has done more for the Humanist/Atheist movement than anyone currently alive. Support his efforts, check out his “Out Campaign”, and buy a red “A” to show you are an atheist!

The Will of God… is messed up! - If you haven’t read anything by Dr. Richard Carrier before, you should. He is the author of Sense and Goodness without God and Not the Impossible Faith, as well as numerous articles online and in print. He received his Ph.D. in ancient history from Columbia University in 2008, and now specializes in the modern philosophy of naturalism, the origins of Christianity, and the intellectual history of Greece and Rome. He has assembled a great list of biblical verses here that really highlight the GOD DELUSION!

Debunking Christianity – Great blog by former preacher and Christian apologist John Loftus. He is the author of Why I Became an Atheist: A Former Preacher Rejects Christianity, The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails, and The End of Christianity.

Our Founding Fathers Were Not Christians – Do you get tired of hearing people say that we are a “Christian Nation” and listening to them say that our founding fathers were religious men? This site explains how our founding fathers felt about god and religion and gives great evidence and quotes from the men themselves. Most people don’t even know that “Under God” wasn’t even added until the 1950′s to the Pledge of Allegiance (Full Article) and the original author, Francis Bellamy was a baptist minister (and a socialist) that didn’t want “god” in the pledge…he appreciated the separation of church and state. His granddaughter was later quoted as saying that her ancestor would have been “disgusted” with the addition. We AREN’T a Christian Nation and don’t let people bully you into thinking we are.

Atheist CartoonsNeed a good laugh at the expense of religion? This site can help with that.

Atheist Songs - Ever wonder what artists have made songs with an atheist theme to them? Well, our friend Russell Martin has created a collection of lyrics and videos for you curious atheists to enjoy. Who needs Christian music when we have artists like John Lennon, Depeche Mode, INXS, REM, and The Cure?

Daylight Atheism – Another great blog from friends. Check it out – great resource of articles like ours… but different.

Discovering Religion Youtube Series – An excellent playlist of videos covering a variety of concepts surrounding science, religion, morality, and the Bible.