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Indoctrination is a Friend of Power and Greed

Posted by in General Atheism | 4 comments

I’ve never understood why the mega-organizations and some leaders of the...

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The Borg is in my Church… resistance is futile!

Posted by in Featured, General Atheism | 7 comments

Welcome “Melissa”, our newest writer. She plays in the hand bell...

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I don’t think your bible means what you think it means

Posted by in Bible | 9 comments

I’ll set this long article up by saying this is based on a thread from...

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SEX & GOD: A New and Fascinating Book by Darrel Ray

Posted by in Psychology & Sociology | 4 comments

Our good friend and supporter, Darrel Ray, just published his new book. I also...

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Jacob Scribner responds to the hate being dished out at Jessica Ahlquist

Posted by in General Atheism | 5 comments

So, this article was posted the other day in response to Jessica Ahlquist win...

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Why is atheism better than theism? Our readers submit their thoughts.

Posted by in General Atheism | 3 comments

We asked our readers to answer that question. These were our favorite...

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Christopher Hitchens Memorial Portrait on sale now to help pay for ReasonFest 2012

Posted by in General Atheism | 2 comments

SOLD ON JANUARY 21st, for $2,750.10! Thanks everyone for helping spread the...

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Pro Women’s Basketball Player Comes Out as an Atheist

Posted by in Featured, Journeys | 18 comments

  I am often called a “Good Christian Woman.” Why does this bother me?...

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