God doesn’t make you happy… going to church does!

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I read a great article just the other day by Emily Sohn about the link between religion and happiness. This is a subject I have read a lot...

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Science is better than religion

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There isn’t much more to say than just, “Watch this”. Share this video. I think it sums up many of our points of view...

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Skeptics should be atheists… here’s why.

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Skepticon 3 was amazing. Sorry I couldn’t blog from the event. I tried, but somehow the Convention and Visitors Bureau in Springfield...

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The God Virus – and how not to catch it

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The best way we have found to examine the psychology and sociology of religion is to examine it from the viewpoint of Darrel W. Ray,...

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New Survey is being spread to see if Religion should be incorporated into medicine!

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Short Answer: No. Long Answer… HELL NO! This is absurd. This woman (Read about her here) thinks.. Before the advent of modern...

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