A 15 year old shows us “How to tell people you do not believe in god”

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Guest Author: Cassie Huye As a 15 year old, I might not be the best person to give advice on this, but I think I have a few helpful...

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Living in Faith v.s. Living Together

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Guest Author: Don Severs (reposted due to server errors) Have you ever had a friend in an abusive relationship?  We feel love and...

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Belief in god v.s. Belief in the bible – Why do they have to be associated?

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So, I read a post recently from the President of the American Humanist Association, the USA’s oldest and largest humanist...

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Heaven would suck… if it were real.

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Such a big topic, so little time. But, I’ll try… It hit me last night while watching an interview with Richard Carrier, that...

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Belief, Cognitive Dissonance and Darrel Ray

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Last year, against all kinds of odds, I became good friends with a very conservative Christian engineering student from the middle of...

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