Hell is repugnant, good thing it’s ridiculous

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Hell, the Christian concept of unbearable torture for all time beginning after death for anyone who doesn’t make the grade of...

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Change again or be left behind

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“Why can’t Christians just join the revolution?” Asks Albert Mohler, President¬†of Southern Baptist Theological...

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“Dear Christian” by JT Eberhard at Skepticon 3

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Below is the transcript from my talk from Skepticon 3, Dear Christian.  THE VIDEOS ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE ARTICLE (and can BE SEEN...

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“Hey, Christian, have you read the bible?” – a 15 year old atheist in a Christian School speaks out!

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Bio: Cassie Huye is a fifteen year old girl living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with her parents and two siblings. She attends a private...

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Religion is losing it’s footing on the ‘moral high ground’

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“Religious believers, once in the public domain, must subject their moral principles and standards to the political test of scrutiny...

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