The Atheist Civil War

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Being somewhat of a newcomer in the active atheist community, I have fresh in my mind the warm welcome I received from those I’ve reached...

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The 4 Personality Types of Believers in Debates

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Guest Author: The Thinking Atheist (reposted with permission from his website) In my quest to test the merits of Christianity over these...

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Christians just don’t seem to understand

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I really hope this guy isn’t representative of the modern Christian. I went to school with him a long time ago. He found me on...

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My requirements for talking god

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Since being home for the holidays, I’ve had three people from my high school class message me on facebook and ask if I’d like...

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Eberhard vs. Schuldt: Tactics

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This Tuesday in St. Louis I will be debating my long-time friend Ben Schuldt (who blogs over at War on Error) on the question of tactics in...

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