Adam Brown, founder, finally shares his story

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Author: Adam Brown / Age: 30 / Sex: Male / Occupation: Event Planner/Marketing Director It’s hard to tell a story that doesn’t...

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A 15 year old shows us “How to tell people you do not believe in god”

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Guest Author: Cassie Huye As a 15 year old, I might not be the best person to give advice on this, but I think I have a few helpful...

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D.R.’s Deconversion Story – thanks to Jehovah’s Witnesses!

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Author: DR (Anonymous) / Age: 23 / Sex: Male / Occupation: Student/IT Clerk I guess I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to tell my...

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Danny Ferguson’s Deconversion Story

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Author: Danny Ferguson / Age: 30 / Sex: Male / Occupation: Web Developer 1980-1998 – Growing up in a fundamentalist church My mother...

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Our First De-Conversion Story

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Author: (Requested Anonymous) / Age: 24 / Sex: Male / Occupation: Law Student Growing up a Conservative Christian My parents are...

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