The harder you search for god, the more you realize he isn’t there!

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By Guest Author: Don Severs I am a religious atheist. I share the ultimate concerns of religious people, but my search for God has led me...

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Being offensive: a religious double standard

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By Don Severs Last Christmas, the American Atheists put up a billboard by the Lincoln Tunnel that said, “You know it’s a myth”.  In...

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Living in Faith v.s. Living Together

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Guest Author: Don Severs (reposted due to server errors) Have you ever had a friend in an abusive relationship?  We feel love and...

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Objecting in Silence Never Changed Anything

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Guest Author: Don Severs If I were black in 1850, I’d be uppity.  If I were gay in 1980, it would show.  But it wouldn’t have to be...

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With God, All Things are Possible… and that’s the problem.

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Guest Author: Don Severs I just spoke with a dear friend who assured me that God has a purpose for everything. I told her that that would...

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