Parents. The Anti-God

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I’ve been expecting you. My son Henry (he’ll be six soon) and I were taking a walk last night. We live on a quiet street with...

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Hell is repugnant, good thing it’s ridiculous

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Hell, the Christian concept of unbearable torture for all time beginning after death for anyone who doesn’t make the grade of...

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It’s their special brand of Jesus love

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The CNN Religion blog has a piece up by Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family, titled: “My Take: ‘Hate’ is too big...

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Blasphemers Wanted!

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Blasphemy Day is marked every year on September 30th, the anniversary of the publication in 2005 of 12 cartoons representing or...

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If it quacks like a duck it’s probably Daffy

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American shock jock Pat Robertson has stirred up another bit of controversy by saying on his show, the 700 Club (I think 700 refers to the...

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