We Must Come Out

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Ahmed Rajib Haider, a 30-year-old Bangladeshi architect and blogger, was hacked to death with a machete six feet from his front gate in...

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Why Atheists Align with Democrats

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By: Adam Brown (Founder of AtheismResource.com) Yes, this is a long article… but it has good research and is worth your time to read....

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Theocracy Is The Enemy Of Democracy

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By Matthew Desmond AddictingInfo.Org The political system that our Founding Fathers put in place is eroding because theocrats want America...

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Religionized Democracy: Current State of Affairs

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Guest Author: Susi Bocks Can we truly be a Democratic society if we run our country based on religious concepts and not a country based on...

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Supporting Inclusion at the 9-11 Memorial and Museum

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Many Americans can point to September 11,2001 as a day that changed their view of the world, others, or themselves. People from an array of...

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