Pray – Why?

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I can’t help it. Being an action driven person, I really think that praying is a complete and utter waste of time. What motivates...

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I Willingly Die Every Night…

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Death is scary to many people, religious or not, and I’ve always wondered… why? Outside of having to experience an...

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The best argument against Christianity…is the story of Christianity.

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This is a YouTube video from Theoretical Bullshit We think it’s one of the best compilations of the things we find ridiculous,...

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Indoctrination is a Friend of Power and Greed

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I’ve never understood why the mega-organizations and some leaders of the faithful would be allowed to be in a position where they are...

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The harder you search for god, the more you realize he isn’t there!

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By Guest Author: Don Severs I am a religious atheist. I share the ultimate concerns of religious people, but my search for God has led me...

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