Deconstructing the Gender Binary: How Religion and Society Dismiss the Intersexed

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By Guest Author: Amanda Brown Religion, especially the Abrahamic religions, has pervaded western society for centuries.  Majority of...

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A Call To Action for Adult Atheists… from a 15 year old.

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Guest Author: Cassie Huye HEY GOD, LISTEN UP… You are consistently inconsistent, forcing us to struggle to coexist in thoughts. Your...

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Religion is losing it’s footing on the ‘moral high ground’

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“Religious believers, once in the public domain, must subject their moral principles and standards to the political test of scrutiny...

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The Harms of Religion

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THE  HARM  OF  RELIGION (originally submitted by Todd Peissig) ____________________________ To those who say that religion should not be...

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The God Virus – and how not to catch it

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The best way we have found to examine the psychology and sociology of religion is to examine it from the viewpoint of Darrel W. Ray,...

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