The Sex Prayer to the Flying Spaghetti Monster

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 Pastafarian Sex Prayer by Dr. Darrel Ray   Dear Flying Spaghetti Monster, we thank you for giving us sex and sexuality, whether Homo or...

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“Dear Christian” by JT Eberhard at Skepticon 3

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Below is the transcript from my talk from Skepticon 3, Dear Christian.  THE VIDEOS ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE ARTICLE (and can BE SEEN...

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David Fitzgerald at Skepticon 3

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David Fitzgerald, who was wisely acquired as a contributor to Atheism Resource, has burst onto the scene as a prominent skeptic.  He has...

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Reflections on Skepticon 3

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wrote an article for the most recent issue of the Empirical in which I discuss the societal implications of Skepticon 3.  It was published...

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Skepticon 3 talks are rolling out

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Thanks to Rob Lehr, Skepticon‘s filmographer, and Hambone Productions, videos of the Skepticon 3 are beginning to roll out.  John...

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