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Here is a *HUGE* collection of the Youtube videos on various atheism-related topics.

The Web’s Best Videos on Evolution, Creationism, Atheism, and More!

This video series meant a lot to me. The author is a Project Reason award winner and a friend. His story will resonate with anyone struggling to believe in the myth of the bible.


Here is a wonderful site with links to 600 debates between atheists and theists. Some are videos and others are in text only. We have watched and read many of these and have yet to find one where the theist wins (although they always win in their own minds). If you find one, let us know.

600+ Atheism Theism Debates


Some of our favorite videos..

A concise indictment of Christianity by Christopher Hitchens

New Testament scholar Dr. Bart Ehrman explains problems with the resurrection accounts from a historical perspective.

The Problem of Divine Hiddenness – One of the most powerful arguments against the Christian god.

Sam Harris demonstrates why morality cannot be dependent on the Christian god.

Why Scientists don’t believe in hell… or god.

Dan Barker shows how religion twists the moral compass of Christians using a simple thought experiment.

A brief summary of why the bible should not be taken seriously.

“Atheists, what if you’re wrong??” Here is a brilliant answer to that old question.

Why miracle stories should not be taken seriously.

Is morality under atheism a leap of faith? Richard Dawkins gives an answer.

What’s so bad about religion?

Some timeless wisdom from atheist philosopher Bertrand Russell

Critical Thinking (excellent video that covers the basics)

Open-Mindedness (A look at some of the flawed thinking that is common in people who believe in certain non-scientific concepts.)

A great series pointing out some of the less known parts of the bible… may surprise you.

An conversation between Matt Dillahunty (of The Atheist Experience) and a Christian, illustrating perfectly why faith is NOT a virtue.

A few great thinkers speaking about religion.

Why rational people should never believe in miracles (a modern retelling of David Hume’s famous argument)

Irreducible Complexity Explained (Don’t let Creationists use this stupid argument against you)

Christopher Hitchens speaks on awe and wonder in a godless universe.

Atheists often hear the question, “How can you be moral without God?” The real question is, “How can a moral person accept God?” If the scriptures are true, God sets a terrible example for Goodness.

Carl Sagan speaking about God.

A brief documentary which critically examines the ethics of Jesus (highly recommended!)

Some good stuff worth remembering the next time you hear a believer invoke “common sense” in a debate.

Bart Ehrman makes a devastating case against Biblical inerrancy

Explaining Christianity to a Newborn Child (heartbreaking)

Hitchens vs. the Catholic Church (hint: the church loses)

A disturbing (but accurate) portrayal of the Christian god.

David Fitzgerald Shows You Why Jesus Never Existed

This is an excellent lecture from physicist Lawrence Krauss in which he lays out our current picture of the cosmos and explains why the universe does not require a god.

Dr. Andy Thomson, author of “Why We Believe in Gods” explains the psychological mechanisms behind god belief. (fascinating).

The Baloney Detection Kit by Michael Shermer, another excellent video on critical thinking.

This video highlights some of the major lines of evidence against young earth creationism.

Jerry Coyne, author of the excellent Why Evolution is True gives a quick overview of the evidence for evolution. This is essential knowledge for anyone interested in how we came to be.

For an more detailed summary of the facts of evolution, we highly recommend this video from the Cassiopeia Project.